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>> No. 416056 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 10:05 am
416056 spacer
New weekend thread? New weekend thread.

How's it going, ladmates?
Expand all images.
>> No. 416057 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 11:05 am
416057 spacer
It's mother's day this weekend.
>> No. 416058 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 11:15 am
416058 spacer

Fucksake. Thanks.
>> No. 416059 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 11:18 am
416059 spacer

I had a go at this. My response rate approaches zero. I don't know if that's down to autism or to me being hideous. The stream of pseudo-rejection doesn't even sting, I suppose this is just how I expect things to be.

I still wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I've been a bit more deflated than usual since starting.
>> No. 416060 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 11:27 am
416060 spacer
Let's have a look a your profile, lad. We'll give you some tip-top tips.
>> No. 416061 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 11:48 am
416061 spacer
God I hate that image. Life is miserable and unrewarding.
>> No. 416062 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 11:59 am
416062 spacer

>My response rate approaches zero. I don't know if that's down to autism or to me being hideous.

That is normal it isn't you. I met my partner through OK Cupid and even I wouldn't recommend the experience. You need to not wear your heart on your sleeve and develop a thick skin to rejection/being ignored, because it will happen during online dating a lot.
>> No. 416063 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 12:03 pm
416063 spacer
Don't take the lack of responses personally. Assuming you're a guy looking for a girl, it's almost impossible to stand out. I've seen girls OKCupids, and they get literally dozens of messages a day. It's hard to stand out when you're one of 50 people messaging her that day.

OKCupid worked out quite well for me. A girl messaged me first (which is surprising as I'm not much of a looker), and I've been with her three years in a couple of months. So it can work out.
>> No. 416064 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 12:13 pm
416064 spacer

I started playing the Discworld MUD again, I just remembered it in a flash of childhood nostalgia. To my surprise, my character still exists.

It's still sort of going. There's about 100 people on at any one time, which is a fair amount to still be playing something like this. I wonder how many more muds still exist.
>> No. 416065 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 1:15 pm
416065 spacer
Having a storming weekend.

Got my new job offer through the post and just went for a lovely 9 mile walk over the heath. Back home to a sausage sandwich (not a euphemism).
>> No. 416066 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 1:19 pm
416066 spacer
I've had an account for 5 years. I'm a hideous autist, so I don't even know why I try.
>> No. 416067 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 1:30 pm
416067 spacer
Ah that fucking thing. It's too complex to get my head round. I joined the Thieves Guild and tried to steal things but just ended up getting killed by NPCs all the time, and levelling up was far too slow. So I packed it in.
>> No. 416068 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 3:28 pm
416068 spacer

Didn't they change it so that users could only see your messages if they'd 'liked' you first? Perhaps that's why your response rate is so low - they're not seeing your messages.
>> No. 416069 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 3:45 pm
416069 spacer

Online dating is absolutely toxic. It creates the illusion of infinite choice for women. It desensitises men to rejection and turns them into cynical dickpic spammers. It frames your romantic and sexual life as a tedious numbers game, about as exciting as being a social media strategist for a company with one employee.

My only advice is to get off it as soon as possible and work on being more social in real life. Get a job you're genuinely interested in, volunteer, find a hobby. The actual struggle to finding satisfying relationships is building a satisfying life. You'll meet likeminded people in the process.


It makes me picture the manchild that drew it having a good day, like they've just captured an ultrashiny Charizard in Pokemon Go or something.
>> No. 416070 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 3:58 pm
416070 spacer

It's one of those that you need to constantly ask people how to do stuff at the start, or wiki everything. You have to spend days working out how the levelling systems work, and once you do you can fly through it, but it's definitely rough at the start. As I learned the ropes as a bored youth it was great, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to put that sort of time in now.

It was amazing how many people are still playing that I remember from nearly a decade ago.
>> No. 416071 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 7:02 pm
416071 spacer

I've been trying out Fortnite but I really don't see what the fuss is about; I think the only thing going for it is that it's quite cartoony so parents won't mind their kids playing it as it doesn't seem overly violent.
>> No. 416072 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 7:31 pm
416072 spacer
I have no intention of ever using online dating. I imagine only the dregs of society use it, male or female, and whilst I may be one of those, I do not want to find the corresponding me of the opposite sex.
>> No. 416073 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 7:37 pm
416073 spacer

You might have been right a decade ago but it's very normalised now, and even tinder has become a more socially acceptable way to find a shag than even trying to pull in a club.
>> No. 416074 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 7:50 pm
416074 spacer
People like it so much because it's fun and isn't buggy, with practically no cheaters. China is also region locked (I think this sells it for most).

All issues PUBG has, which is why it is bleeding players so quickly. No one wants to play against Chinks using hacks. I get that over there, culturally, they don't see an issue with cheating and if everyone is doing it no one is. Introducing those players into the international servers was a recipe for disaster that hasn't been resolved by ping based match making. There are still Chinese lads with 400 ping and invincibility shooting through cover.
>> No. 416075 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 9:19 pm
416075 spacer
It's largely just me, as I prefer shooters where you respawn over battle royale type games, but the accuracy of the aiming leaves a fair bit to be desired and there's much of a muchness between the weapons.
>> No. 416076 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 10:05 pm
416076 spacer
"The British" might the daftest fucking show I've ever seen.
>> No. 416077 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 10:17 pm
416077 spacer
I just made an OKCupid account because I found the gay-for-pay porn star JJ Swift AKA Fratmen Jonah on there and it wouldn't let me look at his details with no account. I said I was female, late 30s, put no photo and I think it made me write a brief description of myself and I wrote ".", that looks like a strange emoticon, I mean just dot.

I got bombarded with messages from nearby guys. I deleted the account.
>> No. 416078 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 10:48 pm
416078 spacer
You utter cocktease.
>> No. 416079 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 4:02 am
416079 spacer
The fuss about Fortnite is that its been available on PS4 for ages and is way less buggy than PUBG. You're entirely right, my kids fucking love it.
>> No. 416082 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 8:47 am
416082 spacer
How pathetically desperate. For a start I wouldn't contact a profile with no photo - how I would I even know if I was attracted to her?
>> No. 416084 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 12:02 pm
416084 spacer
The ladmate doth protest too much, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 416085 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 12:07 pm
416085 spacer
Any hole's a goal, lad.
>> No. 416086 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 1:41 pm
416086 spacer
I don't.
>> No. 416087 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 7:29 pm
416087 spacer
You forget just how God awful Windows 8 was, but it really is the kind of shite to make a man wind up in a true crime podcast.
>> No. 416088 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 8:01 pm
416088 spacer
I'm trying to convince my friend to apply for the Civil Service Fast Track apprenticeship scheme but she seems to think it's beneath her.

Technically she is eligible to apply for the Fast Stream (graduate scheme) as she has a degree. However, she applied for that five years ago, made it to Whitehall but was unsuccessful and all she's done in the time since is about one year of low level admin work in between squeezing out kids.

I've tried hinting that someone with a sociology degree who has spent most of the time since graduating not working isn't going to be in high demand in the job market, but she's seen the word "apprenticeship" and thinks she's overqualified and the only benefit at the end of the scheme is being eligible for the Fast Stream whereas it'd mean she'd be able to get her foot in the door and the pay isn't too bad.

I don't know how else to reason to her. Are most graduates a bit entitled, even if their degree is a bit Mickey Mouse and they haven't been able to secure a decent job?
>> No. 416089 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 8:07 pm
416089 spacer

Doesn't really sound like your problem mate. It seems like she's happy doing what she's doing, unless she's expressed otherwise and you haven't mentioned it here.

Is it as shite paying as most apprenticeships?

I personally couldn't think of anything more abhorrent than being a civil servant, so maybe that's it. It's not exactly glamorous, and if she's not that bothered career wise then she has little reason to go through that.
>> No. 416090 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 8:16 pm
416090 spacer
The website hasn't been updated since last year, but that says the starting salary is between £19,500 and £27,000.

She wants to be a social researcher, but she doesn't really seem that switched on about making that into a career; my logic is that the apprenticeship scheme would get her foot in the door with the civil service and then she'd have to opportunity to apply for any internal vacancies
>> No. 416091 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 9:04 pm
416091 spacer

I thought it was fine with Classic Shell, and after you stop it doing that thing of clumping everything up on the taskbar, and stop it showing zip files as folders in the tree view, and stop it snapping things to the edge of the screen, and some tweaks to stop it being annoying with graphics tablets. I agree it was unbearable prior to that.
>> No. 416092 Anonymous
11th March 2018
Sunday 9:28 pm
416092 spacer

Exactly! It's like buying a brand new Ford Fiesta and realising you need the Red Bull F1 pit crew to get it to stop doing loopty loops!
>> No. 416093 Anonymous
12th March 2018
Monday 1:19 am
416093 spacer
8 is just a fucking ballache, OS is supposed to be plug and play with minor tweaking like manufacturer's drivers not downloading a new shell from a dodgy Indian software engineer's hastily cobbled together webpage.

Ubuntu is easier to use that Win8.
>> No. 416098 Anonymous
12th March 2018
Monday 10:24 am
416098 spacer

>Ubuntu is easier to use than Win8

Ubuntu is easy to use full stop, though. It's got an app store and everything.
>> No. 416422 Anonymous
23rd March 2018
Friday 7:41 pm
416422 spacer
Went for a wander around Toys R Us earlier. I'm guessing all of the good loot as already been taken as almost the entire video games section had been cleared.

Being in there reminded me of vultures picking over a carcass.
>> No. 416427 Anonymous
23rd March 2018
Friday 11:51 pm
416427 spacer
There's an interesting movie on Channel4 in 25 minutes. "The Net" with Sandra Bullock, from 1995.

On the face of it, it's a naive mish mash of dawn of the Internet age semi-tall tales about what computers couldn't quite yet actually do on the one hand, and the dumbing down of computer technology to appeal to the average viewer who was expecting a low-brow popcorn cinema spy thriller on the other hand. But it's not without its merits because it asks certain questions about data privacy and security a few years before their time.

A document of its age, when the possibilities of the Internet seemed as endless in theory as they were limited in practice.
>> No. 416956 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 8:20 pm
416956 spacer

classic, already for the heroes of movies fun shooting an Apple on the head

>> No. 416957 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 8:26 pm
416957 spacer
Whoa, I think the new YouTube embed code is a bit wonky.
>> No. 416965 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 10:30 pm
416965 spacer
>>416956 >>416957
You can hardly expect me to have accounted for people attaching images.
>> No. 416975 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 1:42 pm
416975 spacer
What do you do for a living, again?
>> No. 416976 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 2:04 pm
416976 spacer
I'm a software tester.
>> No. 417008 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 7:56 pm
417008 spacer
I quite like it.
>> No. 417012 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 8:58 pm
417012 spacer
No plans. I need to sort that before tomorrow. Something in London maybe. Had a cider on a park bench this evening, which is way off-piste for me.
>> No. 417026 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 10:10 pm
417026 spacer
I will be doing fuck all this weekend. Just sitting on my sofa watching TV and playing video games. and the odd wank between rounds
>> No. 417032 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 4:03 am
417032 spacer

I recently went for a couple of cans with my pals on the beach, and when the british weather kicked in we retreated to the park. There's something about drinking in the park nature, in the sun, with some friends that made it great.

I'm sure anyone else looking at us was thinking of Broken Britain though.
>> No. 417036 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 2:01 pm
417036 spacer
Going to buy some bread and a Curly Wurly. God, I love bread and Curly Wurlys.
>> No. 417039 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 4:13 pm
417039 spacer

I always found it odd that sitting on a blanket with two friends and drink a few cans and you're having summer fun, sit on a bench with a friend 10 yards away and do the same thing and you're a pair of fucking jakies. I'll never get the dichotomy. one of the purest examples of form over function.
>> No. 417040 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 4:22 pm
417040 spacer

It's the perceived frequency of each.

A picnic type thing maybe happens a couple of times a year, but you'd assume the jakies on the bench are there every day. That may not be true, but it's how it looks.

Though if I saw someone every day down the beach on their blanket I'd still assume they were homeless.
>> No. 417050 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 10:33 pm
417050 spacer

Watching 8 Out Of 10 Cunts Cats Does Countdown.

Did any of you lads ever notice that Rachel Riley, despite her Oxford maths degree, has really quite a dumb laugh? When she laughs, she reminds me of an (equally blonde) ex girlfriend who was really kind of dumb as a door knob and very nearly had the same laugh.

I would still wreck her from here to next Tuesday IYKWIM
>> No. 417054 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 11:10 pm
417054 spacer
I bought a wedge of gorgonzola because it was reduced to about 70p in Co-op. Would it work as a lasagna topping? I'm not entirely sure what to do with it.
>> No. 417055 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 2:52 am
417055 spacer

She looks like the final pokemon style evolution of the kind of lass who drinks cheap sparkling wine in an All Bar One after work with the other girls from her office, who are all called Becky, all have 30+ stamps in their passport, and yet none of them have any idea of what they're even trying to do with their lives.

I'd still beat her arse with a table tennis bat until it was as marple as the speculumed anal cavity I was filling with scrabble tiles and piss. "Fart you fucking whore, now make a five letter world out of that or I'm putting the Richard Whiteley mask back on".

Anyway, yes, lovely filly and all that.


Blue cheese is already off. It's blue because of fungus. Just keep eating it. If anything that looks like real proper penicillin mold crops up then just chop that bit off and keep going. Do you realize how long things like Jamon Serrano and Dutch Cheese wheels are aged for? Years mate. A few days over the arbitrary H&S 'best before' date isn't going to kill you. Let us know if you need to us to call you an ambulance ffs.
>> No. 417057 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 3:25 am
417057 spacer

Idiot who just jumped the gun and posted here.

If you're looking for things to do with it period, not how to use it up because it's best before date is coming up, I have the following suggestions:

- Banging cheese sauce; Cauliflower cheese, butterflied chicken breasts filled with gorgonzola slices and wrapped in parma ham before going in the oven

- mix 10-15% gorgonzola (so 100mg mince to 15g cheese for a standard 1/4 lbr) into your mince for a fantastic cheeky wee burger if that's your thing. Avoid over saucing the rest., maybe a wee bit of mayonnaise if you swing that way on top of the bottom-bun protective lettuce. Thinly sliced avocado as your top dressing. Perfecto my man.

- If you can't be fucked doing anything else either get a decent box of crackers and eat the fucking stuff or use it as lube up the missus' box. Then make a sandwich out of that. You dirty fuck.

Sage for obvious reasons.
>> No. 417059 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 6:40 am
417059 spacer

Are you the lad who made the Danny Dyer Olympics post five years back? Please post more descriptive writing as I would read again.
>> No. 417061 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 10:51 am
417061 spacer

>Blue cheese is already off. It's blue because of fungus. Just keep eating it. If anything that looks like real proper penicillin mold crops up then just chop that bit off and keep going. Do you realize how long things like Jamon Serrano and Dutch Cheese wheels are aged for? Years mate. A few days over the arbitrary H&S 'best before' date isn't going to kill you. Let us know if you need to us to call you an ambulance ffs.

This is one of my favourite ways in which I like to "awaken" people. You know, like, bring them out of their sheeple Matrix slumber and realise how the world lies to them constantly.

You don't need acid or dreds to start thinking outside the box, you just need to pose the simple conundrum of why a lump of chorizo goes off in three days when it's in your fridge at home instead of hung up in the shed it had been in for weeks prior. Then their eyes are opened and they realise how Big Fridge has been putting food-perishing rays in our fridges for years, supporting the food industry by forcing you to buy more ham slices before they've even gone bad.
>> No. 417062 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 11:16 am
417062 spacer
>how Big Fridge has been putting food-perishing rays in our fridges for years, supporting the food industry by forcing you to buy more ham slices before they've even gone bad.

Big Fridge is not a thing. Please tell me it's not actually a thing.
>> No. 417063 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 11:21 am
417063 spacer


Going by Rachel Riley's recent promotional pics for autotrader.co.uk, there is an indication that she will age quite badly.

Maybe this is a bad picture, but you can kind of see where things will be headed for her.
>> No. 417065 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 11:23 am
417065 spacer

Big Fridge.jpg
Big Fridge runs all the appliance manufacturers now; Hotpoint, Bosch, Smeg, etc. are all owned by secret umbrella corporations which he owns.
>> No. 417067 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 1:55 pm
417067 spacer

>why a lump of chorizo goes off in three days when it's in your fridge at home instead of hung up in the shed it had been in for weeks prior.

Simply put, moisture.

All cured or aged products are either kept dry or at a very deliberate humidity. Fridges are, by and large, moist and dirty, so food will sprout (unintended) mould, the fat will turn rancid, and so on, very quickly. If you seal everything in cling film it should be absolutely fine for a good long while.

Also, consider that a cured meat or a cheese is packaged right at the apex of it's freshness - that is, it certainly has been sat in a cave for about as long as it can. It's sealed in nitrogen etc and shipped off to us, where it might spend a few more weeks or months in storage. It will not age nearly as well as it would have hanging from grandpa-pa's balcony in the alps.
>> No. 417068 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 5:03 pm
417068 spacer

10/10 masterful troll work. I thought you were agreeing me until you got to "Big Fridge"

> If you seal everything in cling film it should be absolutely fine for a good long while.

Once something's open or a joint of meat is sliced it goes in it own tupperware box. Things like aged cheeses, aged meat, parma ham etc all do really well like that.

Another one that irks me is yogurt - if the yogurt hasn't been opened (and thus contaminated) then it's not really going to go off any more than it already has. When I tell people that yogurt and cheese are milk that's "gone off" (to not get into technical details) they look me like Ali G when he found that eggs came "out of a chicken's bum".

Sage for rambling.
>> No. 417069 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 6:52 pm
417069 spacer


Sadly I am not he, I am but a mere try-hard compared to his brilliance. I do have my moments, though and I appreciate that you appreciated the post. Thank you.
>> No. 417070 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 6:53 pm
417070 spacer


I also suspect he wrote this. I also sadly believe that he no longer frequents this site, or does so much less frequently.
>> No. 417071 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 7:46 pm
417071 spacer

Don't listen to him lads. We've got a Big Fridge shill in our midst.


What you really want to do is start storing things in a good old fashioned pantry, it'll last forever. My nan used to feed me jammie dodgers that must have been in there since the war.
>> No. 417073 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 8:15 pm
417073 spacer
The composite I had put on my tooth when I was a skateboarding teenlad has finally broken off and I'm in a world of pain.

My dentists helpfully rang me on the Monday before this happened to tell me I was no longer registered with them and would have to sign up with them again, leading to an automatic waiting list for work.

I swear it's like they can fucking sense the most inconvenient time for this shite.
>> No. 417078 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 9:45 pm
417078 spacer
>They have been accused of being unable to stomach strong alcohol, mild criticism and Shakespearean tragedies. But it would appear many “snowflake” millennials also cannot handle a more fundamental aspect of daily life: raw meat.

>Next month Sainsbury’s will introduce packaging that allows consumers to put chicken pieces directly into a frying pan without having to touch them. The supermarket chain said the plastic pouches, or “doypacks”, as the packaging industry calls them, have been developed as a direct response to consumers under the age of 35 who say they do not like coming into contact with raw meat.

>Katherine Hall, product development manager for meat, fish and poultry at Sainsbury’s, said: “Customers, particularly younger ones, are quite scared of touching raw meat. These bags allow people, especially those who are time-poor, to just ‘rip and tip’ the meat straight into the frying pan without touching it.”


>> No. 417079 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 10:05 pm
417079 spacer
Where can I download a copy of your manifesto?
>> No. 417080 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 10:07 pm
417080 spacer
On the less hyperbolic side, it's harder to cock up safe food handling when you aren't actually handling it.
>> No. 417081 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 10:12 pm
417081 spacer
Think about it.

Big Fridge want us to be scared of sell-by dates and now they're trying to make it commonplace for people to be scared of handling raw meat.

Fear gives them power.
>> No. 417089 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 11:42 pm
417089 spacer

I think that's a bad move. It likely won't catch on, but if it did, we'd lose any and all resistance to the common food poisoning bacteria. In a couple of generations we would go from 'makes you quite ill for a day' to 'almost certain death' for handling food.

>> No. 417090 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 12:01 am
417090 spacer
Foodborne disease is still a major killer in the developing world where food hygiene standards aren't as strict. Here in the UK, salmonella and e-coli still kill a significant number of people. A relatively minor bout of food poisoning can turn very nasty if you're immunocompromised. The very old and very young are particularly vulnerable.
>> No. 417092 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 6:49 am
417092 spacer
We should rub small children with raw meat to build up their immune systems?
>> No. 417093 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 7:52 am
417093 spacer
Well we've witnessed how an attempt to immunise them from the radiation emitted by mobile telephones is likely to go.
>> No. 417094 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 3:11 pm
417094 spacer
I went on holiday to Germany with some friends and some girls stopped me, asked for 'eine photo', I told them sure I'll take one for them, but they then said that they wanted one with me.

They giggled and shouted that I was handsome as I walked away.

All in all a pretty flattering weekend, even if I did have to pretend in front of my friends that it totally happens all the time and play it cool.
>> No. 417095 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 3:21 pm
417095 spacer
>> No. 417100 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 8:23 pm
417100 spacer

Interesting tactic. If I were a girl wanting to take pictures of funny looking freaks I'd also pretend I thought they were handsome.
>> No. 417101 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 8:32 pm
417101 spacer

A girl called me "dashing" on Friday, but she said it like "oooh, you're dashing", so either she thought I was a prick for wearing a plaid shirt or just struggles to express genuine emotion.

Regardless she got a VERY exhaustive write up on my primary Incel forum!

>Jajaja, das Englische und Volkswagon kopf!
>> No. 417102 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 8:40 pm
417102 spacer
When I was in Evian a few years back loads of Chinese tourists kept taking pictures with a black girl in a playground. I know it must have been a bit of novelty for them, but it's one of the eeriest things I've seen in public.

Why have Chinks got to be so racist?
>> No. 417106 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 10:01 pm
417106 spacer

I've had something similar happen to me a couple of times - once in Prague and once here. They were both a group of indistinctly european ladies.

I'm not sure if either I look like some famous Czech celebrity bloke, or possess some quality that is unheard of back in their country, it's a weird hen do challenge thing, if I'm weirdly deformed and haven't realised, or if it's an attempt to steal my wallet.

I wouldn't say I'm very striking either way, not particularly handsome or particularly ugly, so fuck knows. Someone once told me I look like a less fat Ryan Dunn, maybe they thought I'd risen from the dead.
>> No. 417108 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 6:39 am
417108 spacer
>some famous Czech celebrity bloke,

>> No. 417112 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 8:28 pm
417112 spacer

Czech girls are really delightful. Very open when they notice that you're not from there. And a lot of them speak improbably fluent English.

German girls, well... I found them to be a bit tedious. I went on a business trip to Cologne for a week a while ago and got to sample some of the local night life (Cologne prides itself in having one of the best club scenes in the whole country there. Which doesn't seem an outlandish claim, but be prepared to meet many bumders as Cologne is also Germany's gay capital, with many all-gay bars and clubs). Anyway, German lasses will quite happily accept a drink from you and chat for a while, but they seemed difficult to please when you tried to have any kind of casual conversation with them. The kind of small talk we do in a pub here on a Saturday night when chatting somebody up somehow just doesn't resonate with them. And they will candidly bring up every single cliché about Brits that is known to them, for example that we have shit food (which they will know from spending a week in a two-star b&b in Brighton once), that young Brits can't behave on holiday, or that our women are ugly. Oh, and one of them also asked me why we're so shit at football. They also won't let you practice your German on them, and instead will put on their best MTV/youtube English and think that you will enjoy listening to them speaking it.

Czech girls, by comparison, tend to be equally good looking, but are a lot more pleasant to talk to, in my experience.
>> No. 417113 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 9:27 pm
417113 spacer

According to a German friend, west German girls are as you describe, but girls from the east are more like the Czech ones - and have a reputation for being easy, apparently.
>> No. 417114 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 10:08 pm
417114 spacer

I also went to Dresden for a few days once, the capital of Saxony, former East Germany. But we didn't have time there to go out after work, and only had a few drinks at the hotel's own bar one night. One of the waitresses, believe it or not, was a student from Cardiff, and she actually stayed to chat with us for half an hour after her shift. She did mention that she felt East Germans were a little more accomodating as a whole. As long as you stayed out of rural areas where they are apparently the complete opposite and don't take kindly to foreigners of any kind, she said it was a pleasant experience.
>> No. 417116 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 1:06 am
417116 spacer

Any girls from eastern europe, or at least in the general soviet bloc area, are a lot of fun. They're very open about what they want from a man, which is to say someone with a little bit of money and that knows how to use their dick. When I went to Hungary with my friend who was from there, he basically said they're after english blokes as they see them as exotic, rich, and powerful. He also said that all you really need to do is wear a Superdry jacket, as there were no Superdry shops there at the time, and they will immediately identify you as an international man of mystery - he wasn't fucking wrong.

Similar experiences abound in Romania and Czechland. They just don't seem to take themselves as seriously as the women further west, they have a great sense of humour and adventure and are a little bit old fashioned too, I don't think you'd see many Romanian Paul Joseph Watsons.
>> No. 417135 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:01 pm
417135 spacer
wew lads, happy weekend. what's going on for you? I've no plans. what does a no-m8s like me do in London this Saturday for fun?
>> No. 417136 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:03 pm
417136 spacer
Go out in the sun, sun, sun.
>> No. 417137 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:20 pm
417137 spacer
Yeah, it's going to be lovely. It will be hard to have a bad day tomorrow when I can just lie in the grass and drink cider in the sun.
>> No. 417138 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:30 pm
417138 spacer

You mentioned old fashioned. One of the personal trainers where I go to the gym is from some Slavic country (I never really asked, but his name is Jaroslav, Jaro to his friends). And his girlfriend is from western Ukraine. I overheard him talking to a friend in the gym one day while lifting my weights, and he said that he'd just come back from Ukraine where he was on his first ever visit to his girlfriend's parents. He's 25ish and from seeing his girlfriend one time, I'd say she's about in that same kind of age bracket.

Anyway, I overheard him saying to his friend that his girlfriend's parents were kind of disappointed that they made no mention on their visit as to when they were going to get married and have kids. 25 appears to be kind of a ripe old age in Ukraine to still be single and/or dating. I believe he even said that his girlfriend's younger sister, who lives in Ukraine, had her firstborn at age 23.

But I guess exposure to our Western ways here in Britain means that people will also tend to marry later than they would in their native country.
>> No. 417141 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 1:55 pm
417141 spacer
I tried going to the park but it was ridiculously overcrowded and I left in 5 minutes.

I really need a car so I can escape to the countryside and enjoy the weather without hordes of people around me.
>> No. 417142 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 2:42 pm
417142 spacer

You don't need a car lad, our antiquated train system ends up going to a few country stops wherever you are. Just get out and walk around a little, you'll be in Brexitland soon enough
>> No. 417143 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 2:53 pm
417143 spacer
I should probably be out enjoying the sun as well, but I'm trying to debug some Arduino C code for a project I am working on. My code stubbornly refuses to compile because it tells me that it can't convert a particular const char* to a const char.

For all its versatility, C tends to be excruciatingly anally retentive about correct variable declarations.
>> No. 417144 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 2:54 pm
417144 spacer

Even in tiny villages they're all out in the beer garden on days like this.

Get a 4x4 and piss off into the greenlanes of a national park. Lovely stuff.
>> No. 417145 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 3:14 pm
417145 spacer

>> No. 417146 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 3:30 pm
417146 spacer

All too real.

I'm curious about them havin green Camel Trophy D90, though.
>> No. 417147 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 3:34 pm
417147 spacer
My car is washed, waxed, and the windscreen treated with some fancy overpriced rain repellent stuff.
Watching the rain bead off it is just the best feeling ever.
>> No. 417148 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 4:03 pm
417148 spacer

That's a splendid idea but it would have to be a 4x4 that's fairly nimble and practical for inner city driving. Maybe something like an old 3 door Rav 4 or Pajero/Shogun.
>> No. 417149 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 4:28 pm
417149 spacer
Suzuki Jimny?
>> No. 417150 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 4:28 pm
417150 spacer

Despite being a Land Rover fanatic I think the Pajero is my favourite affordable 4x4. That or the Hilux Surf, but they're a bit big.
>> No. 417151 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 4:31 pm
417151 spacer


How about a VW Golf Country 4x4. It's essentially a bog standard MkII Golf, with all the advantages of its moderate dimensions, but with all wheel drive and around ten inches more ground clearance.

Highly sought after among collectors now. They never made RHD ones though, if I'm not mistaken. One of my parents' neighbours imported one from France ten years ago because he's always been a certified VW nut. Very nimble set of wheels, ideal for city centres, although the 100-hp 1.8-litre VW engine can feel a little out of its depth with the all wheel drive at times. Should've given it something proper, like a GTI 16V engine. Then again, 16V engines back then performed poorly at low revs, which is where you need most of the torque on a 4X4.
>> No. 417152 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 4:43 pm
417152 spacer


I love these, and the offroad Fiats that italian farmers all have, but as you say, they're highly sought after. I can't imagine getting one for cheap. Yet any jap truck from the 90s still has plenty of miles left in it and a lot of them hover around a grand. I really want one of the V6 Shoguns despite my collection of old crap cars being unmanagable as it is.

I'll restrain myself from recommending a 300tdi Disco because it's just never going to be reliable, especially when we're comparing it to the Japs.
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