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>> No. 420674 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 5:39 pm
420674 spacer
Weekend thread: low sun being a cunt edition.
Expand all images.
>> No. 420677 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 6:24 pm
420677 spacer
Finishing a huge pile of work so I can go on holiday next week. I shall be on here all weekend, I suspect. Expect drunken moaning late on Sunday.
>> No. 420685 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 7:55 pm
420685 spacer
It's being a cunt but I love this time of year.
>> No. 420687 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 8:04 pm
420687 spacer
Have to get my car ready for MOT this weekend. It needs new brake fluid, and possibly new front wishbone bushes. The car is an S reg MGF.

Not sure about the bushes yet. They move a little bit when I stick a long screwdriver into the wishbone and try to move the bushes a bit, but they don't seem as bad yet. I think I'll chance it because that's really a fair bit of work on the MGF and requires lowering the front subframe.

The brake fluid does need a change though, I've got one of those electronic, pen-type brake fluid testers and it goes all red when I dip it in the brake fluid. I think I'll buy one of those DIY brake bleeding kits from Halford's.
>> No. 420688 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 8:11 pm
420688 spacer

I wish I knew enough about cars to do stuff like this with my car. It's nearly ten years old and I've probably put as much money into servicing as the thing is worth over the last couple of years.

How do I find a garage that won't rip me off? I do feel like I might be getting ripped off.
>> No. 420689 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 8:21 pm
420689 spacer
>How do I find a garage that won't rip me off?

Pot luck. I've used three different garages where I live and two of them I'd trust completely. The other, a recommendation from a neighbour, I'd avoid at all costs.
>> No. 420691 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 9:38 pm
420691 spacer

I've heard various tricks for finding out if you mechanic is a cunt, but they all seem to assume prior car knowledge, things like de-gapping a spark plug and seeing if they try to charge you for an engine rebuild, stuff like that.

It seems like it's mostly luck as >>420689 says. I find google reviews and such to be mostly useless, as there always seems to be as many glowing reviews as there are ones with AVOID and SCAM in block capitals.
>> No. 420692 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 10:21 pm
420692 spacer

You definitely have to be on your toes.

One thing you should never do is give your car to them and tell them to "get it MOT ready". That's just an invitation for them to charge you an arm and a leg and fuck with you any way they please. When I was a bit more naive many years ago, that's what I did, and they charged me 20 quid once to change two £1.20 indicator light bulbs.

I was able to prevent much worse, when they called me and said my tyres probably weren't going to make it through MOT, and that they were a special size that would be particularly expensive. They said it would be £120 per tyre, and that all four needed changing. So with that info, I called a Volkswagen garage (I was driving a Golf estate at the time), and the mechanic at the other end broke out laughing and said my tyre size was THE bog standard of all bog standard tyre sizes that a Golf came off the assembly line with at the time, and that any garage worth its salt was going to be able to order premium-brand tyres for a little more than half that.

My advice is that if you have any kind of technical inclination, start working on your own car. Familiarise yourself with the mechanics of it, and especially if you drive an older car, they are still usually quite easy to work on.

I've been fixing my own cars for 20 years, at first because I was at uni and didn't have a lot of money to always take my cars to the shop, but it grew from that, and nowadays, probably the only thing I wouldn't do on my own car is complicated engine repairs. Because anything that involves disassembling half your engine block and all that kind of thing is really best left to somebody who really knows what he is doing.
>> No. 420698 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 8:00 am
420698 spacer
I've had the opposite problem.

A few years ago the bushings on one of the offside suspension arms wore out, leading to an almighty rattling when I went round bumpy corners, it was coming up to its MOT and got repaired then.
When the same problem arose on the kerbside a year later, the garage said "no no no you've got loads of wear left in it", just nipped up the bolts a little, and now it's worse than ever.
>> No. 420699 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 10:55 am
420699 spacer

I've never been too worried about my garage outright ripping me off by doing unnecessary work. But it has occurred to me that they might be leaving stuff to deteriorate further so it costs more when they do bring it to my attention.

I think once I've got as much as I can squeeze out of this car, stuff it, I'll just get one of those PCP things where all the work is included and you get a new one every other year. It's not as cheap but it seems like less hassle.
>> No. 420702 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 12:02 pm
420702 spacer
With PCPs, what happens if you do something daft?
I ran over a parking ramp recently, and battered the front of my (crappy) car, breaking the radiator, bumper and grille.
A bit of fixing up and it's all good enough.
I take it that the PCP terms include fixing stuff properly (invoking insurance, given the price of repairs done properly).
Then I got a stone thrown up, did for the new radiator a couple of months later. Is that another insurance claim?
While I quite fancy a shiny new car and no maintenance, I get the feeling that I should stick with running £2k cars into the ground over a few years?
>> No. 420707 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 12:44 pm
420707 spacer
>invoking insurance, given the price of repairs done properly

Car insurance is increasingly becoming a racket.

A few months back my other half very slowly bumped into another car; she'd anticipated they'd set off at a roundabout when they didn't. There was a slight crack on our number plate but, from the pictures I've seen, I couldn't see any damage to their car. Nevertheless the other driver decided to claim for it on their insurance as it was a brand new car; we initially offered to pay for it but the garage she went to quotes about £1,200 for a new bumper, replacing all the rear parking sensors and all sorts of other bollocks. The total cost through the insurers came to just shy of £5,000; around £1,500 for the repairs and over £3,000 to cover the cost of a courtesy car. They must have given her a Lamborghini or something.
>> No. 420709 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 1:07 pm
420709 spacer

I had something similar happen in a traffic jam on the M3 once. It was stop and go traffic, and at some point for some reason I bumped into the guy in front of me lightly. Meaning, at barely 3 mph. There were slight scratches in the plastic on the underside of the guy's rear bumper, which was an almost brand new Ford Focus estate.

There clearly really wasn't a lot of damage at all, but the guy insisted on calling the police, even though I assured him that with my name and address and insurance details, he would have all the information he'd ever need to get his damage fixed. The police clearly weren't happy that they had to drive five miles through a traffic jam for a few scratches on a bumper, and thankfully lectured the guy that this kind of thing didn't normally require police help.

We exchanged details and went back on our ways as the traffic jam cleared up. Then a few weeks later, I got a letter from my insurance saying the damage was £970. The lad had the entire bumper replaced and a new one painted, plus a courtesy car for a few days. I was livid, but there isn't much you can do when somebody decides to go that route. He apparently had the repairs done at an authorised Ford garage, and it'll always be hard to argue with them.
>> No. 420712 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 1:22 pm
420712 spacer
Ask some local cabbies. Their vehicles rack up a lot of miles, and so need a lot of attention. They bring a lot of repeat business and they talk amongst themselves. They'll generally know who to avoid.q
>> No. 420725 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 3:42 pm
420725 spacer
Thinking about it, why don't garages offer cashback when you dump a car with them for insurance funded repairs? or 'next service free' or something? There's clearly padding on the invoices - although, is it that they do extra work at standard rates, rather than just making shit up?
Either way, I'm surprised there's not more, rather than less, scamming involved.
>> No. 420733 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 5:07 pm
420733 spacer

>Either way, I'm surprised there's not more, rather than less, scamming involved.

The possibilities for scams are indeed manifold. And sometimes, it's just a matter of how you frame certain things.

One of my friends had an old Merc that got totalled when somebody slid into his boot from behind on black ice. The other guy's insurance indiscriminately said it was only worth £4,000 in an undamaged state up to that point, and the repairs would exceed the car's residual value and the car would therefore be a £4,000 writeoff. My friend then got the help of an independent appraiser, who valued the car at £6,800 due to its very good state and extras. The repairs were then just over £5,000, and my friend got his car back almost good as new.

Now in my friend's case, the car really was plausibly worth much more than the four grand the insurance initially wanted to pay. All I am saying is, with the right appraiser, somebody could force you to pay for expensive repairs to a car you've damaged that should actually be written off for much less.
>> No. 420743 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 6:29 pm
420743 spacer
I flew a kite today, first time in my life. It was actually quite fun.
>> No. 420744 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 6:34 pm
420744 spacer

I remember when I was incredibly young I had one of those stunt kites with the two strings so you could steer it and that. The thing was far too big for me and pulled me over a few times. Great fun considering what a ludicrous idea they are when you really think about it.
>> No. 420746 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 6:41 pm
420746 spacer
I've always wanted an MPC and have never really got around to buying one. I noticed their prices are slowly creeping up on eBay so I feel like I should get one now. Thing is it'd probably just gather dust since I have so many other things that do the same job plus more and also better, Maschine, Push 2, MPD's etc.

I almost want one just to keep it as an investment at this point, but I wonder if anyone would even give a shit about an MPC 1000 in a decade.
>> No. 420748 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 7:03 pm
420748 spacer

I'd be confident in the long-term investment value of an MPC 60, but less so for the later MPCs. An s900 is also probably a sensible investment. If you didn't use an MPC the first time round, I think you'll be rather disappointed at how clunky and slow the MPC workflow is compared to Maschine or Push. There's no way I'd use one in 2018, there are just so many better options available.

If you're after a musical toy, I can highly recommend the Novation Circuit - it's the most fun I've had with a piece of gear in years.
>> No. 420751 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 8:03 pm
420751 spacer

>I think you'll be rather disappointed at how clunky and slow the MPC workflow is compared to Maschine or Push.

That's what I assumed, as well. More than anything, I just wanted to 'know' what it was like - I've made hundreds of tracks that sound like they were made on one, so I might as well try it. And I do subscribe to the idea that deliberate limitations can often benefit my creativity. I find that my giant Maschine and Live libraries can trip me up and I end up spending hours just scrolling and clicking and then I give up. Sometimes I still use a cassette Portastudio for this very reason. Get ideas away from the terabytes of distractions, then build it all back into Live when I have something interesting going on.

Having grown up with Ableton (I started on Live 6) I realise nothing will ever be more useful or familiar to me than Live and Push together, Honestly I doubt I need anything else now. But I've been curious for long enough, I think. I reckon I could buy one and resell it in a month when I'm bored and possibly even profit from it. But like you say, it's probably not even worth the effort.

I hadn't even heard of the Circuit. I think I might have seen one and assumed it was yet another control surface. That does look like a shitload of fun,
>> No. 420752 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 8:04 pm
420752 spacer

>> No. 420754 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 8:50 pm
420754 spacer

My circuit goes everywhere with me. Precisely for the reasons you've mentioned, I tend to come up with more ideas sitting on the train with my Circuit than I do in my studio. I once wrote an entire track on the toilet. It's just barely enough to be useful - two synths, four drums, a step sequencer and very little else.

You might also like the Korg Volca range. They're plasticky little toys that look a bit like a Stylophone, but they sound brilliant.

>> No. 420755 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 9:02 pm
420755 spacer
In a hostel in Scotland, place is full of limp Euro Beta males, thank fuck I voted Leave. Off to climb mountains and do manly stuff.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 420763 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 10:14 pm
420763 spacer

>Precisely for the reasons you've mentioned, I tend to come up with more ideas sitting on the train with my Circuit than I do in my studio. I once wrote an entire track on the toilet.

Yup, I'm the same. I find often I'm the least creative when I'm sat with all my toys, paralysed by choice I suppose. I used to have great fun with the Electribe iPad app, it ended up being really rather productive for me. A lot of my best work has come from just chopping stuff up and sound designing on planes and trains. I suppose that's the sort of thing I was hoping would come from the MPC, but once an idea starts to form I'll likely be annoyed that I lack the options to roll with it.

I've fiddled with a Volca and it's certainly on my list, too, that and a Circuit would probably be fairly powerful.

The big daddy of toilet tunes I would assume would be an OP-1, but I've not even seen one in the flesh and as they're pushing eight hundred quid I'm a bit scared of them. Looks like an amazing sketch pad, though.

>> No. 420764 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 10:19 pm
420764 spacer
>In a hostel in Scotland, place is full of limp Euro Beta males
Aviemore? It's usually Aviemore.
>> No. 420765 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 10:39 pm
420765 spacer

If you're happy working on the iPad, Korg Gadget is brilliant. It's a bit pricey for an app at £40, but it's good value at that price. The included softsynths sound excellent and it has very tight integration with Ableton Live. There's a free LE version available on the app store if you want to try before you buy.

>> No. 420782 Anonymous
30th September 2018
Sunday 10:42 am
420782 spacer
I don't think I'm ever going to get a flat stomach.
>> No. 420863 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 11:45 am
420863 spacer
It's week-end for me already, clouded by the fact that I'm ill. Maybe I'll start recovering tomorrow, it was at its toughest yesterday and this night.

Came to my father's house today. He was absent; there was a blanket laying on one sofa. I covered myself with it whilst sitting there and fell out of reality in a blink for about three hours. Couldn't even remotely re-call how and when did I fall to sleep.

Gimme a bit of your cunty sun, it's annoyingly cold here.
>> No. 420915 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 7:37 pm
420915 spacer
You will. You just have to keep doing it for a bit longer than you think.
>> No. 421081 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 6:04 pm
421081 spacer
It's here it's here it's here.

Plans for my evening include cooking myself a lovely cider and black garlic risotto (just as soon as I can be bothered to get off my arse to go buy some cider), finishing off a report for work as I'm presenting at a conference in Worcester in Nov, and doing loads of fucking ironing. Even the fact that my Friday slice of chocolate banana bread from the farmer's market got crushed in my bag can't bring me down.

I bloody love ironing.
>> No. 421083 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 6:35 pm
421083 spacer
Having defined weekends was the only tolerable thing about working full-time. As a Master's student, I'll be doing what I do every other day. Tons of work until I can't really focus any more, then drinking.
>> No. 421087 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 9:27 pm
421087 spacer

You sound like a smeeeee... Like a smeee-heeeeeeid!
>> No. 421088 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 9:44 pm
421088 spacer
Just remembered that lovely walk I went on was a year and half ago. My life really is an empty husk of fuck all and I should kill myself as soon as possible.
>> No. 421089 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 9:58 pm
421089 spacer

You should go for another walk. Walking is lovely.
>> No. 421090 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 10:06 pm
421090 spacer
Oh, I've been on plenty of walks since, but now they're just another period of time between being asleep for me to be reminded how hopeless and lonely I am. I may as well stay in bed.
>> No. 421091 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 11:11 pm
421091 spacer

Just booked a week in Gran Canaria yesterday. I'm going at the end of October.

This is the time of year when the island is usually jam packed with wrinkly British, Swedish and German pensioners, but maybe there will at least be some other people there as well.

If what I have read is true, the weather is still lovely there in October, with often more than 25 °C still. What's treacherous though is the sun in the Canaries. Despite the islands' temperate climate considering their location just north of the Tropic of Cancer, you've got the searing tropical sun burning down all year long. So that even at 23 °C air temperature, you can burn to a cinder if you walk around in the sun too long without proper sunscreen. Happened to me once, I was walking less than a mile from our hotel to a supermarket and back in the mid-day sun, but it was enough to give me a savage sunburn down the back of my neck.

I couldn't go anywhere this summer because I had to make some expensive household related purchases, but I've been able to raise some money again lately as my budget for a one-week holiday. Better than braving the cold weather here.
>> No. 421093 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 3:16 am
421093 spacer

Do let us know how the potatoes with red sauce are this time. We are always agog as to their piquantness.
>> No. 421097 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 2:30 pm
421097 spacer


The quality of that red sauce can indeed vary shockingly from restaurant to restaurant.

Good restaurants make mojo rojo (the red sauce) fresh and from scratch every (other) day, but you can tell when somebody uses mojo ready made from the supermarket. Because the ready made stuff tends to taste really quite bland and has far too much cumin in it. My suspicion is that much of the flavour is destroyed as the sauce is cooked to sterilise it. Fresh mojo rojo is from fresh raw ingredients and tastes like it, although it probably won't keep as long.

Fresh mojo rojo is really quite easy and inexpensive to make, which is why I don't understand that some places buy it in. All you need is fresh red chili pepper and red bell pepper, copious amounts of fresh garlic (half a head of garlic goes into about half a litre of mojo rojo), vegetable oil, vinegar, tomato paste, salt, sugar, paprika, a dash of cumin, and a squirt of lemon juice. And maybe some wheat flour, bread crumbs or corn starch to thicken it a little.

If you buy these ingredients in bulk as a restaurant, then it should cost you a fraction of the price of the ready made sauce. And your customers, at least the connaisseurs who know good mojo rojo when they see it, will appreciate it.

The ready made stuff is even sold in the souvenir shop in the departure area of Gran Canaria's airport. I think they wanted about five euros for it the last time I was there. But as souvenirs go, it's really quite shit. If you want to treat somebody at home to mojo rojo, invite them for dinner and make it fresh yourself.

See the picture for a good mojo rojo. It's supposed to have a thick creamy texture, but it's not a uniform mush and you can still make out things like seeds or bits of chili or bell pepper.
>> No. 421098 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 3:10 pm
421098 spacer
I must have slept funny last night because I'm in quite a lot of discomfort with my neck. Looking at certain angles or even bending down are completely out of the equation at the moment.
>> No. 421099 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 4:13 pm
421099 spacer

That's usually caused by awkward positioning or a shit pillow. The worse thing you can do is avoid those actions, FYI. Just keep stretching and do sympathetic exercises. So if you're stretching the sore side, do the other side as well so you don't lock or freeze the joint.
>> No. 421100 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 8:02 pm
421100 spacer
Got back from Edinburgh yesterday. Had a whirlwind few days with a 1 in a million Swiss girl that I met whilst there, one of the special ones. Kind of beat up by going our separate ways.

>> No. 421101 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 8:03 pm
421101 spacer
What is it with you lads and Swiss girls?
>> No. 421102 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 9:54 pm
421102 spacer

I thought the same thing. I'm almost expecting my own Swiss fling next weekend.
>> No. 421103 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 11:09 pm
421103 spacer
What the fuck is going on here lads? I actually met a Swiss girl for the first time last weekend, we were sniffing round each other a fair bit I'd say but were a both little shy and cautious. Added her on social media today and she is giving love reactions to my posts right away.
>> No. 421104 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 11:11 pm
421104 spacer
>> No. 421105 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 11:46 pm
421105 spacer
The most beautiful woman I've ever seen was when I was on holiday in Switzerland. She was working on one of the trains at Montreux.

She must have been around 6 foot tall. Her blonde hair was in a couple of French plaits. Full lips. Soft skin. Thighs that could have crushed a watermelon. When she spoke in French she sounded like a Goddess. Then she realised I was English and her deep accent was truly terrifying.
>> No. 421106 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 6:14 am
421106 spacer
My girlfriend is swiss. What the actual fuck, lads.
>> No. 421107 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 9:52 am
421107 spacer
I like swiss chocolate for what it's worth lads.
>> No. 421108 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 10:43 am
421108 spacer
Trying to get with a fat Swiss art student this weekend. Wish me luck, lads
>> No. 421109 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 11:36 am
421109 spacer
Bloody Habsburgs, I won't be taken in!
>> No. 421110 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 12:17 pm
421110 spacer
As a child I had a versatile pocket knife that I think was made in Switzerland.
>> No. 421112 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 12:43 pm
421112 spacer
That's all they have. Nazi gold, chocolate and cuckoo clocks; and eligible women it would seem.
>> No. 421113 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 3:07 pm
421113 spacer
I had a rather nice piece of Fior Delle Alpi the other day, which is a Swiss cheese.
>> No. 421114 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 7:56 pm
421114 spacer
I, for one, welcome our new Swiss overlords.
>> No. 421116 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 10:38 pm
421116 spacer
I've started preparations for my holiday in Gran Canaria. Haven't booked a hire car yet, not sure yet what kind to get. I would like a convertible, but I had one the last few times, and what I've noticed is that when you venture to the areas where native Canarios are more among themselves, they tend to think of you as a rich tourist cunt in a New Beetle convertible, which for the average Canario equals more than two years' wages (average income in the Canaries is around €17,000/yr). A New Mini convertible would also be available, but I absolutely fucking hate the New Mini in any way, shape, or form, and I'd rather walk or take a bus than have one as a hire car.

A New Beetle can be had from Hertz or Avis via price comparison sites from about £150 to £200 for a week, so you aren't really being a rich cunt by renting one. Considering that you do get a full size convertible for that money, I think it's not too bad for one week. Especially if you get a good deal on your package holiday in the first place.
>> No. 421117 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 11:10 pm
421117 spacer
In what sense is a Beetle, even the obese newer ones, "full size"?
>> No. 421118 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 11:56 pm
421118 spacer

As a convertible, it is. If you look at other convertibles anyway. And the New Beetle is generally much more roomy inside than you would think.

I'd never buy one for myself though. Just not a very manly car, you always kind of feel like a doctor's wife while you are driving in it.

They used to have the Volkswagen Eos for hire in the Canaries as a convertible, but when VW discontinued it in 2016, they switched to the New Beetle. I was much more impressed with the Eos really. Especially the later model years with the bold new headlamps and grille made it a sharp looking car. I feel tempted to get one here in the UK, with prices now having dropped below £15K for good 2014-16 ones.
>> No. 421119 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 1:13 am
421119 spacer

Do they have the Opel/Vauxhall Cascada? While it has the name of a popular chav artist from the mid-2000s, it's bigger than the Beetle and you don't have to drive a Beetle.

Weirdly, it's still based on the D1 Astra, but the D2 Astra has been out for about 3 years now.
>> No. 421120 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 2:58 am
421120 spacer
I fucking hate these Heisenbergian moments where I don't know if I'm developing a panic attack, a migraine aura, or a fucking stroke. All I can do is eat some clonazepam, an aspirin, put a few beers in the freezer and sit by the phone waiting to see if my face starts drooping or I start slipping out of consciousness.
>> No. 421123 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 10:57 am
421123 spacer

I'm not sure I have seen them there. They do seem like a more desirable car.
>> No. 421124 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 12:12 pm
421124 spacer
Well why don't you measure your position or momentum but not both.
>> No. 421125 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 1:23 pm
421125 spacer

Saw this and thought of you cunts
>> No. 421126 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 3:34 pm
421126 spacer
It's week-end for me and it's been a day to live so far even though nothing special really happened. I don't care; the sole fact that it's a day off feels like a rock off my chest. My previous three workdays were total and utter pile of steaming shite. Glad they're behind now.

I can't shake the feeling that nearly every shift has been SNAFU for about three to four months in a row.
>> No. 421150 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 9:11 pm
421150 spacer

I used to want to join them when I was a young 'un. They're sort of like a very direct action Greenpeace.

Now that I think about it, it's a bit disturbing that not only I'd be happy to go out firing rocket propelled grenades at a Japanese whaling fleet, but that I've felt that way every since I was a kid.

I've obviously never had anything to live for that felt more exciting than blowing up whaling boats in the Antarctic.
>> No. 421154 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 10:48 pm
421154 spacer
Actual RPGs? You having a laugh? What kind of warheads?
>> No. 421156 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 3:26 am
421156 spacer

Mate this is a fantasy I had when I was thirteen, I was hardly poring over Jane's figuring out exactly what kind of firepower I could purchase from Africa in order to sink Japanese fucking ships in what would probably be a literal war crime / crime against humanity.

I assumed big men with beards and endless supples of Fishermen's Friends would deal with all that and all I'd have to do would be to load myself up with explosives and nut the smeggers to oblivion.

I was a simple lad, albeit one with latent psychological issues.
>> No. 421157 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:34 am
421157 spacer

>> No. 421159 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 2:33 pm
421159 spacer


Can you really blame them for hating them?
>> No. 421160 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:15 pm
421160 spacer
I'm going to Alton Towers for the weekend. Any decent pubs/restaurants in Crewe?
>> No. 421161 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:20 pm
421161 spacer
I'm back at uni and it's so full of attractive girls it's really distracting. I just want to bury my face in their arses. I can't focus on lectures because I'm just constantly fantasising about women.
>> No. 421162 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:32 pm
421162 spacer

I changed trains at Crewe a few times on my way to Liverpool. In fact once I had to wait so long for my connecting train that I managed to get half pissed at a little bar/cafe place right there on the Platform. Talk about convenient.
>> No. 421163 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:58 pm
421163 spacer

>> No. 421164 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 9:03 pm
421164 spacer

I'm halfway convinced that Crewe is just an elaborate hoax. I've been through Crewe station on dozens of occasions, but I've never actually met anyone who has lived in Crewe. I think it's just a railway terminus pretending to be a town.
>> No. 421165 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 9:30 pm
421165 spacer
I often wonder whether or not Cheltenham is real or just a front for GCHQ.
>> No. 421166 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 9:51 pm
421166 spacer

Maybe Crewe is our version of the Bielefeld Conspiracy.

Go on, google it. You know you want to.
>> No. 421167 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 12:46 am
421167 spacer
I am from near Crewe and spent many an afternoon hanging about in the town centre as a teenager, I can confirm it's real. It's no Northwich, but it's definitely there.
>> No. 421168 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 12:52 am
421168 spacer

I come to Britfa.gs for long and erudite posts about an area of knowledge nobody should really have that much concern for, not to google it myself and read the flavourless Wikipedia version. You have let me down tonight.
>> No. 421169 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 2:00 am
421169 spacer
Sorry, lad. Crewe is that flavourless in real life
>> No. 421170 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 2:22 am
421170 spacer

I know people who at least pretend to work at Microsoft's Cheltenham office, and others who have made trips to the doughnut. No one I know claims to have actually seen anything resembling a town.

Then again, when I went to Oxford all I saw was a ring road. The lads at the company I was visiting promised that the "real oxford" was on the other side of the river, but I didn't have time to check.

I also don't recall if Oxford had a bar right on the platform because I dropped two banging Es right as I left their offices and to be honest I was just trying to do my best to find the train station before I turned into a gurning idiot.

The plot thickens.
>> No. 421171 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 3:06 am
421171 spacer
I'm not sure why you bother. These days we don't have much time for shedposting, what with all the Corbyn discussion, guilty woulds and constant cunt-offs about sexual assault.
>> No. 421172 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 7:49 am
421172 spacer

Screenshot_2018-10-12 News.png
Fucking hell, lads. First I've got a sore throat, then the weather's gone to pot and now this. Next thing you know Crewe won't be real and...
>> No. 421173 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 10:32 am
421173 spacer
I don't know if there's any more room for further heartbreak after Judge Rinder and his husband split up earlier this year.
>> No. 421179 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 5:50 pm
421179 spacer
Well lads, there is a town claiming to be Crewe approximately where you would expect it to be. However, it's basically just a great big industrial estate so I'm still suspicious.
>> No. 421180 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 6:07 pm
421180 spacer
It's definitely real, a local takeaway got a mention on The Guardian Football Weekly. Why, I ordered a fisherman's breakfast from them just the other week.
>> No. 421181 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 6:53 pm
421181 spacer
I don't think I'd ever get a fisherman's breakfast from a takeaway; you'd probably end up shitting out a lung.
>> No. 421182 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 7:23 pm
421182 spacer

That could all be part of the plan of making people believe that Crewe exists.

A takeaway shop isn't that difficult to set up. Those who seek to perpetuate the Crewe conspiracy will certainly not stop at such a simple thing.
>> No. 421184 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 8:03 pm
421184 spacer

I've had vintage red leicester cheese for the first time today. Fuck me, it's delicious. I'd written off red leicester as a bit bland and nothingy, but I've been wrong all this time. It's making me wonder which other cheeses I'm missing out on from only trying supermarket/brand versions.
>> No. 421191 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 11:45 pm
421191 spacer
Where did you get it?
>> No. 421192 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 11:46 pm
421192 spacer
The cheesemongers.
>> No. 421193 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 1:11 am
421193 spacer
I reckon supermarket red Leicester is basically just mild cheddar with dye in it. Proper red lezza has a nutty quality to it.
>> No. 421194 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 7:31 am
421194 spacer

>Proper red lezza has a nutty quality to it.

I find most lezzas a bit nutty.
>> No. 421202 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 8:04 pm
421202 spacer
No matter what I'm watching on YouTube at the minute it's always recommending Weezer & Weird Al's cover of Africa by Toto.
>> No. 421207 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 10:08 pm
421207 spacer

Somehow lately I always get recommended age old videos by Lazy Game Reviews, Techmoan or the 8 bit guy.

They're all very good youtube channels, but why does youtube recommend videos by them that are five years old?

Speaking of Techmoan, if you don't know him, he does slightly more than mildly funny puppet sketches at the end of some of his videos.

See from about 12:25 -

>> No. 421208 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 10:29 pm
421208 spacer
Five year old videos have the most views so obviously they're the best/most popular
>> No. 421209 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 10:38 pm
421209 spacer
My current favourite YouTuber is Paul Sellers. He does traditional woodworking with hand tools. His videos are quiet and gentle and oddly comforting, like a shed-based Bob Ross. I'd like to nominate him as the honorary granddad of .gs.

>> No. 421210 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 8:18 am
421210 spacer
The number of friends who've tried to kill themselves is getting close to a dozen. Some successfully, most not. Is this an abnormal amount?
>> No. 421211 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 10:06 am
421211 spacer

I guess for one thing it depends how many friends you have and how old you are.

As far as I'm aware only my grandmother succeeded in drinking herself to death. But I've seen some spectacular failures, a cousin tried to blow his brains out and is now blind. I'd say around Half my friendship group suffers some form of depression and at one point or another circles the drain.
>> No. 421212 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 12:12 pm
421212 spacer
In a healthy society, yes, that would be highly abnormal. Under neoliberalism, this is what we have to expect.

>But the individual in himself is not sufficient as an end for himself. He is too small a thing. Not only is he confined in space, he is also narrowly limited in time. So when we have no other objective than ourselves, we cannot escape from the feeling our efforts are finally destined to vanish into nothing, since that is where we must return. But we recoil from the idea of annihilation. In such a state, we should not have the strength to live, that is to say to act and struggle, since nothing is to remain of all the trouble that we take. In a word, the state of egoism is in contradiction with human nature and hence too precarious to endure.
>> No. 421213 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 1:12 pm
421213 spacer
That doesn't sound like a political problem but one of pure over population. Like we've entered the behavioural sink.
>> No. 421214 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 1:17 pm
421214 spacer
Oh look, it's the 'highlight "overpopulation" and offer no answers' bloke, how totally useless as ever.
>> No. 421215 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 1:37 pm
421215 spacer

Neoliberalism is absolutely a valid target for criticism, in fact it's been shown repeatedly that the 'free market' philosophy or 'market fundamentalism' (as it's been called) has a causal relationship to worsening health indicators, and may extend to violent behaviours and other social problems: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0277953614008399

Though this is more correlative, fiscal austerity policies in Greece following the 2008 financial crisis coincided with a dramatic rise in suicides: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0277953614002433

Even globally, the idea of 'over population' is open to debate. I'd highly recommend looking up the work of Swedish doctor and statistician Hans Rosling on this:

>> No. 421216 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 1:44 pm
421216 spacer
As I made that post I was wondering if gs was really the right place to ask what normal is.
>> No. 421217 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 2:03 pm
421217 spacer
I'm after a new mechanical keyboard and I've fallen down the nerd rabbit hole of agonising over which sort of switches I want.

I've only ever used blues, which are nice, but loud, and I honestly don't need a clicky key as I really don't mind hammering on the keyboard like a madman and bottoming the keys out anyway.

Anyway I'm thinking about the reds now, maybe even the silent ones, to lessen the chances of my girlfriend leaving me.

But I'm starting to suspect that the anorak hysteria around which keys are the best is akin to audiophiles and their speaker cables. Ultimately they're all going to feel and perform excellently, aren't they?

I might end up ordering one of those samplers.
>> No. 421218 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 2:06 pm
421218 spacer

Statistically I believe the national average for suicide attempts is around one in nine, so unless you have a couple of hundred friends that does seem excessive.

I can think of maybe two of my 30-ish close friends who have attempted and two who succeeded.
>> No. 421220 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 2:25 pm
421220 spacer
>Income inequality and health: A causal review

I think it is a false comparison to say Neoliberalism = Income inequality or to even label our society as Neoliberal because it isn't we have a very large state. Plenty of other systems will promote income inequality in the system.
look at these 2 lists.
You would presume based on your assumption that a country with low inequality would have low suicide but that simply isn't true. Slovenia has the lowest income inequality of any country in the world, but has the 6th highest suicide rate. Hungary has the 2nd lowest income inequality and the 8th highest suicide. I’m not saying it doesn’t have an effect on suicide but there are other factors that are clearly more significant.

>The impact of fiscal austerity on suicide: On the empirics of a modern Greek tragedy
That has really nothing to do with neoliberalism and everything to do with a society being broke. Another system wouldn't allow them to conjure resources they don't have or not over borrow.
>The Overpopulation Myth
I'm familiar with Dr Hans Rosling, I haven't seen him ever properly explain that over population isn't a social problem before only that global population is stabilizing, I haven't watched that particular documentary I promise I will.
>> No. 421221 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 2:32 pm
421221 spacer

Reds are definitely better for gaming, but they're less than ideal for typing. Mechanical switches actuate about halfway down the key stroke, so the tactile bump has a functional purpose - it lets you know that you've actually pressed the key. If you do hammer like a madman and bottom out hard, you totally negate the noise benefits of having no tactile bump.

If you want a quiet all-round keyboard, I'd recommend Gateron browns (they're smoother than MX browns) with o-rings. The o-rings make a big difference if you habitually bottom-out. Look for a keyboard with a thick aluminium backplate, because keyboards with plastic or pressed steel backplates tend to be more resonant and rattly.
>> No. 421223 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 3:20 pm
421223 spacer

Your point about income inequality not directly meaning neoliberalism is well taken, but at the same time it can be shown pretty conclusively that neoliberal policy increases income inequality. The evidence for this is everywhere, but here's an example of the IMF, of all organisations, making this connection: https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2016/06/ostry.htm

That said, you have given me some pause for thought, I'll go into more below...

>or to even label our society as Neoliberal because it isn't we have a very large state

Here I totally agree with you, the United Kingdom has a massive state. The rhetoric about 'free markets' is only selectively applied. Where our government chooses to spend is a matter of policy -- it has provided massive subsidies to areas such as high-tech industry and simultaneously cut public services for decades. Particularly relevant to the point about suicide is cuts to mental health services: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-38852420

>You would presume based on your assumption that a country with low inequality would have low suicide but that simply isn't true.

This is a pretty interesting observation, but you're also right in pointing out that there are certainly other factors involved. I would be willing to bet, though, that better income equality probably mitigates suicide.

I will concede to you here that maybe income inequality isn't the best example of how neoliberalism specifically increases suicidality. A better way of arguing my point may be that neoliberal policy increases a large number of the factors definitely are known to result in increased suicidality: unemployment or precarious employment, social isolation, personal debt, and as already mentioned, cuts to public services.

Researchers like Ted Schrecker and Clare Bambra annoyingly don't have much in the way of their published research online, but they have an excellent book, Neoliberal Epidemics: How Politics Makes Us Sick that draws a far more convincing causal relationship than I've been able to here.

>That has really nothing to do with neoliberalism and everything to do with a society being broke.

Here I disagree again. Fiscal austerity is directly related to neoliberal policy -- not just in terms of how to handle an economic crisis when it hits, but also in being a direct cause of economic crises. Your explanation about Greece being 'another system that wouldn't allow them to conjure resources' seems a bit like handwaving, and I'd argue that the effect is very much observable in a wealthy country like the UK.
>> No. 421224 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 3:25 pm
421224 spacer
I think it's been a while since anything odd or depraved has been posted to remind me what a bunch of robot moon ovens you are. If anyone starts a confession thread, we haven't had one in ages, then I'll immediately lower the tone by mentioning what I did to those toothbrushes again.
>> No. 421225 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 4:28 pm
421225 spacer
I'm sat on a train with those fancy window shutters. The sun's being a cunt. Except I can't do much about it because it's a reflection off two tables down across the aisle.
>> No. 421227 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 7:00 pm
421227 spacer
I've just had my arse stroked by an old-ish woman in Tesco Express.

I was bent forward looking at the reduced stuff and I felt something on my arse. I looked up and she apologised for knocking into me and she was holding her basket in a really funny way. It was definitely a hand that touched me rather than the basket and it was almost the entire way across my arse rather than accidentally bumping into something and immediately moving off.
>> No. 421228 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 7:16 pm
421228 spacer

You should have winked and invited her back to your place, then had some tea and scones with her. You thought I was going to say "and then piss in her arse" didn't you? You sick fucks.
>> No. 421229 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 8:01 pm
421229 spacer
>You thought I was going to say "and then piss in her arse" didn't you?
Well, no, because it goes without saying, doesn't it?
>> No. 421230 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 9:09 pm
421230 spacer

>Reds are definitely better for gaming, but they're less than ideal for typing.

I've read this a lot, but my question is, is it still better for typing than a standard cheapo dome keyboard by miles, even on reds?

As it happens my research did lean me towards (MX) browns with o-rings. I'll look into Gateron, for sure.

This is all very exhausting. I'm convinced whatever it is I'll get used to it. If I can type on a Macbook Pro chiclet I can type on anything.
>> No. 421239 Anonymous
15th October 2018
Monday 12:11 pm
421239 spacer
I got recommended something called buzzfeedblue once.
I would have ignored it and moved on if not that fit brunette lass they have.
I'd buzz her blue, aye.
>> No. 421246 Anonymous
15th October 2018
Monday 9:43 pm
421246 spacer

Their true crime stuff is quite entertaining.


It does provoke the recommendations algorithm to recommend you a load of other Buzzfeed shite though.

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