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>> No. 428949 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 5:19 pm
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New weekend thread: Highland Toffee edition.

How goes it, lads? What are you up to this weekend?
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>> No. 431078 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 4:13 pm
431078 spacer

>What is it with right wingers and imagining things to get upset about?

Their prejudices don't hold water in the real world, so they have to invent ways that their lives as relatively well-off white people are being threatened to justify their anger against anyone who isn't a relatively well-off white person.
>> No. 431079 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 4:40 pm
431079 spacer

If prejudices didn't hold water in the real world they wouldn't persist.
>> No. 431080 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 5:04 pm
431080 spacer

I disagree, it's very possible to hold onto an inaccurate belief. People are subject to a huge number of biases.
>> No. 431081 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 5:09 pm
431081 spacer

Very true. Believing that all right wingers are "relatively well-off white people", for example.
>> No. 431084 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 6:18 pm
431084 spacer

I'm only talking about the ones that imagine things to get upset about, but I am a black jew so of course I've found a way to weasel out of my generalisation earlier.
>> No. 431085 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 7:01 pm
431085 spacer

Stealing bikes on a global scale isn't a way to weasel out of it ladm8.
>> No. 431087 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 8:20 pm
431087 spacer
Well I'm a relatively well-off white person, and am right wingleaning.
>> No. 431089 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 8:35 pm
431089 spacer

As a comfortably well off white man human person individual I must say that I find myself leaning to the left.
>> No. 431090 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 8:38 pm
431090 spacer
When I got my smartwatch I thought I'd be designing cool off the wall futuristic watchfaces, but all I've done is re-create designs older than I am.
>> No. 431091 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 10:49 pm
431091 spacer
I think, after some hundreds of years, we've more or less nailed clocks.
>> No. 431092 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 11:18 pm
431092 spacer
I helped someone move today, and was given an old PC from circa 1998 which we found in a corner of one of the basement rooms. The owner let me have it, "because you're into computers, aren't you?"

So I had a look around it tonight, the metal frame inside the case is slightly rusty, but it still starts up. There are issues with the hard drive though, it doesn't detect it. I guess that's why it sat in the basement for so long.

It's got a 233 MHz AMD K6 CPU. Ah, those were the days. I've tried hooking up the hard drive to my PC via an adaptor kit, but it seems dead altogether. It's a 4 GB Maxtor drive, which was more or less alright for 1998.
>> No. 431093 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 11:31 pm
431093 spacer

Even so, there are still plenty of variants on the standard analogue or digital face design; one of the weirdest things I've found about smartwatch face repos is that they are full of disgustingly tacky gaudy shit. Bad Rolex or Casio G knockoffs with low quality JPEG backgrounds, unreadable text, or just eerily similar to those weird 99p Chinese watches with a poster of Star Wars in them.

With applications like Watchmaker, you don't really need any programming experience at all to make a watchface, but if you are so inclined the scripting language is very powerful, and if that weren't enough you can build entire application-type watchfaces from scratch.

What should be a treasure trove of interesting, sleek, and cool designs that normal watches couldn't replicate even if they wanted to, is just full of shit. I do wonder why. It's what I use my smartwatch for - mimicking old TV continuity clocks, or the Swiss rail stop-and-go movement (yes, I know the Mondaine watch is available but it costs 5 times what my smartwatch cost and it can't check my messages).
>> No. 431094 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 12:00 am
431094 spacer
Default mass attendance on Sunday, I've started dosing on lsd before I go. Since moving to London on my own for work, found some Polish ladm8s to have pints with after mass. Will probably check out the new Joker movie afterwards. Anyone seen it? Looks okay.
>> No. 431099 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 9:02 am
431099 spacer
Feels like Autumn is here lads.
>> No. 431102 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 12:01 pm
431102 spacer

Did feel like a bit of a shit summer. Bring in the global warming I day, fuck Greta.
>> No. 431175 Anonymous
9th October 2019
Wednesday 6:40 pm
431175 spacer
It's a banger.
>> No. 431222 Anonymous
11th October 2019
Friday 10:35 am
431222 spacer
Can't believe that wasteman posted in the weekday thread on a Friday.

Think I just ate some ham that had turned. Pray for me, lads.
>> No. 431223 Anonymous
11th October 2019
Friday 10:48 am
431223 spacer

If you're in an office job that lets you work from home on a Friday it's practically already the weekend.
>> No. 431224 Anonymous
11th October 2019
Friday 11:02 am
431224 spacer


Just got some new keyswitches in the post, Kailh Box Royals. Needed something quiet for work, and apparently these are the sharpest tactiles you can get. Hard to judge before they're soldered to a board, but I'm not sure. They feel nice, and the bump is very tactile, but it comes right at the top of the switch, which is not what I'm used to. It almost feels like a light, tight, buckling spring, but not necessarily in a good way. Time and proper use will tell, they were cheap enough.
>> No. 431226 Anonymous
11th October 2019
Friday 1:45 pm
431226 spacer
I've just got an out of office message from someone saying they're away trekking Everest, with links to follow their journey on Instagram and to donate to their Just Giving page. Fuck that.
>> No. 431227 Anonymous
11th October 2019
Friday 2:32 pm
431227 spacer

"Trekking" Everest? In what way, if not climbing it?
>> No. 431228 Anonymous
11th October 2019
Friday 3:16 pm
431228 spacer
I got my week-end fucked up royally.
The high-ups decided to send some people off to training that's ironically irrelevant to what we do and what we are responsible for. Pretty strong hint we are about to have more responsibilities piled up on us. Besides that, 30% of staff out means quite tight schedule for the remaining peons. To add more insult to that, two of them immediately buggered off far away so that they keep their sweet 4-5 days off whilst the rest endure the increased workload.
Point fucking taken.
>> No. 431230 Anonymous
11th October 2019
Friday 4:19 pm
431230 spacer
I accepted a job offer earlier this week, set to start Monday, and it has fallen through this afternoon for reasons beyond my or their control. Bit of a dampener on the weekend for sure.
>> No. 431232 Anonymous
11th October 2019
Friday 5:35 pm
431232 spacer
I think it might have said trekking Everest base camp. Seems a long way to go just for that, though.
>> No. 431248 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 2:41 pm
431248 spacer
Feel like utter crap in mind, body and soul. Not even operating at "listen to a podcast in bed" levels today.
>> No. 431249 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 2:45 pm
431249 spacer
I think the miserable weather is affecting everyone.
>> No. 431250 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 2:54 pm
431250 spacer
I'm not sure this explains the past two years though.
>> No. 431251 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 2:55 pm
431251 spacer
It's also probably the fact that we're fucked.
>> No. 431252 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 2:59 pm
431252 spacer

I've felt this way for a while. At first it was just garden variety depression I've had my whole life. But the older I get the more I think it's just disillusionment with the world in general.

I don't enjoy a lot of things the way I used to. The longer I spend on the Internet exposed to its petty arguments and uninformed politics, the more I just think everyone is a goddamnit moron. And worst of all I feel like all this negativity ultimately comes from within me, not without.

Oh well.
>> No. 431253 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 3:09 pm
431253 spacer
I think I need to find a new interest. The number of websites I visit is an ever decreasing circle and I seem to be doing it more out of habit than anything else; I feel like I've outgrown a lot of them. Computer games and TV seem to have also lost a lot of their enjoyment and fulfilment.

I reckon I need to try something new to get out of this rut.
>> No. 431273 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 9:35 pm
431273 spacer

They're demolishing a few of the cooling towers at Ferrybridge in the morning, might pop over and watch it.
>> No. 431282 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 10:13 pm
431282 spacer
They'd be better off knocking down those houses if they want to improve the look of the area.
>> No. 431287 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 10:31 pm
431287 spacer
I've been looking at places to park and Ferrybridge, Knottingley, Cas and Ponte are all rough as fuck.
>> No. 431290 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 10:37 pm
431290 spacer
Oh, wow, pancakes are far nicer when you don't overcook them into tiny little flour targe.

Hey, come now, who needs light, space, comfort or charm? It's got four bedrooms each large enough for ironing board sized bed.
>> No. 431301 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 12:39 am
431301 spacer
Just turned up at my local and came between 3 skinheads having a fight. One was on the floor bleeding from the head and I honestly believe if I wasn't there they would have kicked him unconscious. Everyone else just stared.

Apparently the guy on the floor was a nazi. I honestly have no idea what he said to provoke quite the response though. He eventually ran off and then someone in the crowd jeered at him.
No one around seems to care about the risk I took to keep the peace. Infact the 2 who were kicking the shit out of him immediately got chummy with security after and things returned to normal shortly after. I'm a bit shell shocked, the idea crossed my mind they might get hyped up and turn on me. Weird start to a night when all I really want is an easy lay. Will probably move on once I finish my drink.
>> No. 431302 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 1:02 am
431302 spacer
If they were all skinheads then shouldn't they all share the same nazi proclivities? Or were the other two gay skins/anti-fascist skins/some other ideology that likes the image?
>> No. 431303 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 1:29 am
431303 spacer

I'm surprised you didn't get stuck in m7. If I was there I'd ask every black man with dreads do you smoke ganj.
>> No. 431304 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 1:32 am
431304 spacer

Didn/t know how to fight

Posted on Britfa
>> No. 431315 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 11:23 am
431315 spacer
Skinheads have never been exclusively fascist.
>> No. 431319 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 11:49 am
431319 spacer
Watched the towers come down. It was like someone scrunching a paper cup. Thought it would have been louder. Piss wet through.
>> No. 431325 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 12:20 pm
431325 spacer

Weirdly enough, growing up in the 90s I always associated skinheads more with punk. Probably totally misguided, but there we are.
>> No. 431332 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 1:23 pm
431332 spacer
I found when I watched similar, they fall a lot faster than you're used to - a lifetime of watching buildings come down on the telly in slow-mo has ruined us.
>> No. 431333 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 2:18 pm
431333 spacer
At the very least you witnessed that kind of idiocy on the Net. I've seen it irl.
It doesn't really phase me though. Now when someone almost forces me into their petty argument regarding something I either don't care or not informed enough to make an opinion and won't take no for an answer, is wholly another matter.
I somewhat tend to think that your bullshit filtering system tends to get better as you age. The problem here is keeping it sharp and not letting become way too conservative.
>> No. 431340 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 12:21 am
431340 spacer

> "Feel like utter crap in mind, body and soul. Not even operating at "listen to a podcast in bed" levels today."

Jesus, this could be me. I've survived the last few days through lying in bed and staring, whenever I'm awake, one-eyed at Netflix. Now I'm basically at my wit's end. What was that puerile twitter meme I saw a few months back? "Are we just supposed to drink coffee and listen to podcasts and then die? I'm BORED"? Something like that. As sad as it is, that's basically how I'm feeling. Back to having this great big hole in the middle of my soul and nothing to fill it with. The big black fucking hole that I've spent most of my life shovelling small nations' GDPs worth of drugs and alcohol into. Although these days I'm not supposed to do that any more, instead I'm supposed to do something else, even if I'm buggered as to what exactly is.

What I need to do is sort my head out, get my brain back into my old hobbies, finally flush the mental bitch who can't make up her mind but won't let me move on out of my system, stop hanging out with "good enough for a saturday night, not good enough for a girlfriend" lasses I've been using to kill the pain, and get back out there and back on the path to finding someone I'm actually interested in being with.

Honestly life is so difficult I don't know why I bothered getting clean in the first place.

>> No. 431341 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 10:21 am
431341 spacer
You two had better get out of bed and do something else the winter is going to kill you. Nobody feels better during the long nights.
>> No. 431342 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 11:11 am
431342 spacer
I had a very long dream this morning, but the most memorable moment of it was when I was a bit rude to Cillian Murphy about Peaky Blinders to which he bluntly and understandably told me "get your pen then". "Good advice" I thought on waking up.

Think he said pen, missed a trick otherwise.
>> No. 431471 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 5:22 pm
431471 spacer
Expecting six parcels to be delivered today. Came home from work to find three outside my front door. Nice one, FedEx.
>> No. 431472 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 5:52 pm
431472 spacer
Extra points if on the tracking it said "Left safe".
>> No. 431495 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:25 pm
431495 spacer
There's a couple of women walking outside with prams, taking pictures every time there's a car parked on the pavement and they can't fit through. No doubt they're going to post them on a local Facebook group.
>> No. 431496 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:28 pm
431496 spacer

You mean, crossing the road and getting between the cars?

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