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>> No. 428949 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 5:19 pm
428949 spacer
New weekend thread: Highland Toffee edition.

How goes it, lads? What are you up to this weekend?
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>> No. 432654 Anonymous
9th December 2019
Monday 4:27 pm
432654 spacer
And don't forget that was only after a council of the village's matriarchs agreed it was in the best interests of the girl.
>> No. 432655 Anonymous
9th December 2019
Monday 5:01 pm
432655 spacer
Picture being a lad who never really moved on from Britchan. Now imagine that you're disheartened once you've gained enough self-awareness after several years of endless spamming to realise posting about the likes of Simon Bennett is completely falling on death ears. You're out of touch; the world has moved on without you. You decide to create a new meme, one for the ages, one that current posters of the board will therefore be able to recgonise; how they'll laugh and rejoice each time you spam it! You know a fat kid and you've got pictures of him outside Greggs and working at Timpsons, you just need an angle... The pie master.
>> No. 432668 Anonymous
10th December 2019
Tuesday 4:09 am
432668 spacer
I don't understand why you'd talk about Timpsons at all when Dicksons exists.
>> No. 432740 Anonymous
13th December 2019
Friday 8:30 pm
432740 spacer
Ladhood (2019, on iPlayer now) surely has many of the same ingredients but is actually enjoyable rather than painful to watch.
>> No. 432741 Anonymous
13th December 2019
Friday 9:57 pm
432741 spacer
Good rec. It's less posh and better written than Don's thing.
>> No. 432773 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 12:20 am
432773 spacer
There's a severe lack of 21:9 aspect ratio pornography.
>> No. 432782 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 10:27 am
432782 spacer
Woke up in someone's house still drunk with a safety pin though my nose and no particular regrets. Drinking some woman-flavour pukka tea out a mug that looks like a DMT trip.
>> No. 432790 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 1:16 pm
432790 spacer
>woman-flavour pukka tea

Not sure I like the sound of this.
>> No. 432794 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 4:49 pm
432794 spacer

Right. I don't mind the taste of fanny juice but I don't want to drink half a pint of it.
>> No. 432795 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 6:30 pm
432795 spacer

Don't kinkshame me.
>> No. 432798 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 7:39 pm
432798 spacer

Something interesting happened over the last few weeks. This image kept popping up across another image board; eventually i decided to investigate and began monitoring the progress of this new pro-eu chan. Only now it seems to have disspaeared from the net on the same day of our general election. The about page for the website said it was a social experiment with no political intention, contrary to the images message, but i didn't find anything overly memorable on the site.

What do you think, suspitious? The admin (or whoever) paid only for a few weeks of server time? Why? Maybe they just got bored of the project - it didn't seem very popular.

I'm just thinking it might have been some attempt to find EU sympathisers for nefarious reasons i'm too thick to fully imagine, or perhaps not paranoid enough to really go out there.
>> No. 432859 Anonymous
18th December 2019
Wednesday 11:59 pm
432859 spacer

Screenshot_2019-12-18 bant - International Random.png

Interesting. I wonder if a government was behind it. I posted some candydolls there. Am I fucked?

>> No. 432863 Anonymous
19th December 2019
Thursday 11:16 am
432863 spacer
God i really hope that isn't what i think it is.
>> No. 432864 Anonymous
19th December 2019
Thursday 12:46 pm
432864 spacer

Governments worldwide are scrambling to take control of the online narrative and steer the discourse towards outcomes that would favour them. I wouldn't be surprised if this was simply one of them putting up a "down with the kids" imageboard as part of a wider strategy in the hopes that some of it will stick.
Could even be our own army: "6 Division will seek to
INFLUENCE THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE PUBLIC /*my emphasis*/ and adversaries by specialising in information warfare. It is expected to react to social media "attacks" on Britain, and proactively launch similar offensives." Because let's be honest, there are a lot of people in our establishment who see the EU referendum result as the outcome of an informational warfare attack on Britain by Russia.

Also I couldn't help thinking of my image when I saw yours.
>> No. 432867 Anonymous
19th December 2019
Thursday 8:16 pm
432867 spacer

>> No. 432954 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 3:16 pm
432954 http://willyoupressthebutton.com/
And here's me thinking it would be a 5 minute distraction from the tedious inevitability of my weekend.
>> No. 432955 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 3:18 pm
432955 spacer
Datamining at its finest.
>> No. 433692 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 9:30 am
433692 spacer
I've just tried playing Sonic Generations but there was that much going on my head simply couldn't process it all. I don't know if that's a sign of getting older or what.
>> No. 433699 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 12:15 pm
433699 spacer
Moved the three largest garlic plants into a larger planter* with a compost-grit mix, I'll let them adjust to the new soil then start to acclimatise them to outdoors as I'm running out of space on my windowsill. I'd like to do more outdoors today but it's freezing and I'm not in a hurry.

Stuck more woodchip in the pressure cooker as the spores in the bags I've already inoculated are coming along nicely.

Speaking of fungi, there's a sort of webbing forming around the bamboo sticks I used to demarcate the seeds in the propagator, looks a bit like candyfloss. Is this going to damage the seeds/seedlings? I flushed as much as I could off with boiling water but that won't have got it all.

*Someone threw out a load of B&Q buckets with a bit of concrete in the bottom. Easy enough to knock that out with a hammer, drill holes in the base of one and put it in the other. Free large pots/small planters.
>> No. 433715 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 4:43 pm
433715 spacer
If I don't have sweet paprika will smoky paprika and sugar work? I'm making some form of patatas bravas bake thing.
>> No. 433716 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 4:49 pm
433716 spacer
Smoked paprika tastes great with everything, it'll be fine.
>> No. 433717 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 4:51 pm
433717 spacer

Sweet paprika isn't really sweet, it just refers to the peppers used to make it being normal red peppers rather than hot peppers or there being smoke involved.

Smoked paprika is, more or less, just sweet paprika but with smoked peppers.

I don't really see many people call it sweet paprika here, either, they usually just drop the sweet and simply call it paprika, same thing.
>> No. 433718 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 4:56 pm
433718 spacer
Thanks, lads. The sauce tastes nice and I've made enough that I can use it for bolognese tomorrow.
>> No. 433719 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 5:31 pm
433719 spacer
Got a miniature greenhouse from Homebase today, one of those little propagators for the window sill, for about ten quid.

If you want to go fancy, they have ones with built-in heating that plug into the wall, but I'm too skint stingy right now to spend 35 quid just on a contraption to sow and germinate some seedlings, when the heat from the radiator under the sill will be well enough.

Got a new sachet of chili seeds as well. I normally just grow Tabasco chilis from seeds from the preceding harvest, but I am feeling like trying out something new and went for a variety that looks more like the red peppers you can buy fresh at the supermarket.

Apparently, they are going to be very spicy, the pictogram on the sachet shows five out of five peppers. Which is just as well, that's the way I like my chili peppers.
>> No. 433720 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 6:28 pm
433720 spacer
Propagators are a bit of extra cash and faff - but I've always found close to 95% germination rate on seeds and particularly cuttings when using an electric one. I'm sure there are much better gardeners out there who have similar success rate on the non-electrical ones and just doing-it-yourself, but personally I really think electric propagators are one of the most useful "cheats" you can have in gardening.
>> No. 433721 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 7:29 pm
433721 spacer

It does depend on your level of skill with plants. I've had luck using just a clay pot with a turned over whisky glass as a propagator. I seem to have a green thumb, plants generally do well in my care.

They had artificial plastic cacti at Homebase today. How shit do you have to be at gardening if you have to buy a plastic cactus.
>> No. 433722 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 8:03 pm
433722 spacer
I have probably the exact same propagator set up on the sill. Not sure where I'd keep one that was putting out light at night. The rest are in ones put together from old food containers.
>> No. 433724 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 8:25 pm
433724 spacer

I've got some random Arduino parts that are leftovers from old projects, and which I could use to give my propagator thermostat-controlled heating.

Not sure it's worth the extra effort though. The seedlings will probably be fine without it.

You can go all tech geek on many things, but ultimately it's often just because you can, not because it will improve your results, e.g. when growing plants.
>> No. 433725 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 10:23 pm
433725 spacer
That's a bit beyond me but if I was the sort of person to have random bits of Arduino laying around and the know-how I'd probably do it.
>> No. 433727 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 11:50 pm
433727 spacer

It's not even that difficult. All you need is some thin copper wire, which you can get from pulling a strand out of a piece of flex wire, then a temperature sensor, and a mosfet transistor. Then a few lines of Arduino code to control the mosfet via PWM and to tell it to stop heating when a particular temperature is reached, and to kick back in when it goes below that again. Maybe a pot to control the set temperature.

Shouldn't take more than two hours to throw together.

Still not sure it's actually worth the effort.
>> No. 433728 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 8:46 am
433728 spacer

Trying to use fine copper wire as a heating element would be a massive pain in the arse and a small fire risk if you cock it up badly enough.

A good solution is this type of carbon film, it's pretty safe and gives a low even heat which is ideal. Downside is you'll need to use mains voltage and wire it to a relay.


If you're not comfortable working with mains voltage, instead of using a wire as a heating element, just get a load of ceramic body resistors. As well as being safer and less delicate than bare wire, it will also make it much easier to work out the power output.
A standard sized heated propagator is around 10W. With a thermostat you'd probably want to aim for a power output of around 20-30W to give you headroom.

Some rough approximations later for a propagator running off a 12V supply, you'd need about 5ohms worth of resistors.
The layout in my crappy circuit diagram here should work.
>> No. 433729 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 11:05 am
433729 spacer

I was going to say I would run the heating wire at 5 or 12 volts with a DC adaptor, as 230V AC really seems a bit much. You don't want to cook your plants, a soil temperature of 25°C would probably be well enough. I've got an unused 12V/2A DC adaptor that I could use for this.

I've also just found this:

>> No. 433735 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 6:37 pm
433735 spacer

I'm presently frying 'The Beet Goes On' sausages made by Heck; the one on the left in this image. It looks like I'm frying a pan full of used tampons.
>> No. 433737 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 7:43 pm
433737 spacer
I'd like a full report please - I am yet to try these Heck sausages.
>> No. 433738 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 8:15 pm
433738 spacer
I won't be getting them again. It tasted overwhelmingly of horse radish, a bit like a poor chorizo imitation, and the texture was weird because it had seeds and shredded carrot inside.
>> No. 433739 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 8:20 pm
433739 spacer
Can't wait for Big Nan to die.
>> No. 433740 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 8:21 pm
433740 spacer
I've been dousing my nuts in vinegar as a healthier alternative to salt and vinegar crisps. It's not half bad; definitely scratches the itch.
>> No. 433744 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 8:39 pm
433744 spacer
Just popping out to buy some drugs, you lads want owt?
>> No. 433745 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 8:45 pm
433745 spacer
I'll take some CAKE if they've got it.
>> No. 433746 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 8:46 pm
433746 spacer
I'll ask them to make some up.
>> No. 433747 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 9:21 pm
433747 spacer

Coke if it's half decent. Speed if the coke is mostly speed anyway.

And a full sheet of acid with Rick and Morty on it.
>> No. 433753 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 11:37 pm
433753 spacer
I would kill for a packet of those ridged, paprika flavoured, Walkers crisps (I forget the exact brand) assuming you get your drugs from a cornershop like my mates in school did.
>> No. 433754 Anonymous
12th January 2020
Sunday 11:40 pm
433754 spacer

Some of the sort of weed I used to smoke ten years ago that doesn't make me think I'm part of a Truman Show-esque conspiracy and all my friends are laughing at me behind my back.

And some AMT from the research chem days if they have it.
>> No. 433757 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 12:38 am
433757 spacer

I went ahead tonight and indeed threw together some random Arduino parts to form a little circuit board for a thermostat-controlled heating pad for my propagator. What you see on the perfboard is just a quick and dirty "stick through", I am sure the layout can be further optimised before the parts get soldered in.

It will be based around an Attiny45 microcontroller, which will power a heating foil/pad at 12V (green and white/yellow wires) using PWM through a MOSFET. The temperature will be monitored via a DS18B20 temperature sensor (thin red, black and yellow wires). The circuit will have a status LED and two settings which will be implemented with a I-0-II rocker switch. Power supply will be a 12V/2A DC adaptor with a 5mm barrel connector. The lower heat setting will shut off at 20°C, the higher setting at 25°C. It should not be allowed to get warmer than that, because it could hurt the roots of the seedlings. Maybe I will also vary the PWM duty cycle of the heating pad between those two settings.

With these simpler circuits, I tend to not bother with a schematic and just start assembling it with the actual parts, skipping even the breadboard stage.

I'm still going to have to get some parts for it, and when that's done, I will put together some code for it, which I expect to take around one or two evenings before it will be ready to install on my propagator. I've got a small circuit box for it as well so that the perfboard will be sealed watertight.
>> No. 433758 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 6:52 am
433758 spacer

It's undoubtedly a sign of my advancing years that my first thought was to use an op-amp comparator. It's funny how the definition of "bread-and-butter component" changes over time - it wouldn't even occur to me to implement a basic thermostat with a microcontroller, but I suppose that's the most straightforward approach these days.
>> No. 433759 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 8:02 am
433759 spacer

>>433758 Just thought I'd post what TI think you need for a thermostat. There are a couple of opamps in there for you, though.

Then I started wondering if there was actually less silicon used in an ATTiny than an opamp.
reckons 1.6x1.6mm for an ATTiny, which does feel big, since you get a decent ARM into 1.9 x 2.00mm (KL02, they're great). No wonder they don't come in SOT23 like some of the PICs.
Single opamps seem to come in at about quarter of the area (for a modern low voltage one)
https://zeptobars.com/en/ - who doesn't love a die shot.
>> No. 433760 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 11:10 am
433760 spacer

That seems a bit like overkill.

I've seen Arduino greenhouse projects that also control light and moisture and even log all their data on a local area web server. Some have even thrown in a webcam and the ability to water your plants remotely via the Internet.

But in the end, it's all just a "because you can" kind of thing. Unless you grow cannabis in a basement, your plants will get more than enough light on your window sill, and unless you're out of the country for two weeks, which isn't the best time to propagate your plants in the first place, surely you will be able to check soil moisture with your thumb every other day.

That said, I like my circuits tidy, unlike many Arduino projects consisting of a Uno board with a breadboard and jumper wires. That always looks a bit amateurish. So I solder the components onto a piece of perfboard just big enough for the intended purpose, and neatly put it in a box.
>> No. 433761 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 11:19 am
433761 spacer

>reckons 1.6x1.6mm for an ATTiny, which does feel big, since you get a decent ARM into 1.9 x 2.00mm

Process node innit - 500nm is absolutely huge by modern standards, but it's also extremely cheap. The ATtiny series is over 20 years old, but it's still selling well with very healthy profit margins because of the massive ecosystem around AVR. There are better, faster and cheaper micros, but none are as well-documented or as easy to prototype with.

Unless you're going for some sort of flip-chip packaging, there's not a lot of point in using modern process nodes on very small chips because most of the die area is used up by wire bonding anyway. It's why you see a lot of modern parts that are only available in QFN or WLCSP - the copper pillars on the die aren't physically large enough to wire-bond, so there's no practical way of attaching them to a conventional leadframe for a larger package.
>> No. 433765 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 2:10 pm
433765 spacer

> The ATtiny series is over 20 years old, but it's still selling well with very healthy profit margins because of the massive ecosystem around AVR. There are better, faster and cheaper micros, but none are as well-documented or as easy to prototype with.

As you said, with the Arduino maker scene in particular, these chips are still profitable to produce because pretty much anyone with no previous concept of computer programming can use them to make an LED blink. And for simple purposes like controlling the temperatue inside a propagator, they're still the best bang for your buck.

Within the maker scene, for more ambitious projects, the standard is now more or less the ESP32, because it can do infinitely more than standard 8-bit RISC controllers. You can do anything with it from streaming MP3 music via bluetooth to designing interactive touchscreen menus or running a basic intranet web server, at least when you buy them as part of a developer's board like the ESP32-WROOM. Documentation so far isn't as good as the Attiny/Atmegas, it's still a growing ecosystem with fewer libraries than the latter, but it's still a powerful piece of kit.

I've been tinkering with a WROOM to stream music from my smartphone to my home stereo amplifier, but it's proved too difficult because so far there are no easy to understand A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) libraries that can get the job done the way I want.
>> No. 433774 Anonymous
15th January 2020
Wednesday 12:09 am
433774 spacer
I've written up the Arduino code for my propagator heater in one sitting tonight. And I really mean, I almost literally didn't get up from my chair except for a tea break or a sandwich.

I decided to test my circuit on a breadboard after all, which was a good thing, because the Attiny85 kept resetting after a few seconds of powering the heating pad, and it turned out I had forgotten a resistor between the mosfet's gate and the Attiny's pertaining control pin. Which caused too much current draw and made the chip run unstable.

But now I've completed the code and the circuit layout, so the next step, hopefully tomorrow night, will be soldering the parts onto the perfboard.

The Attiny45 proved to have too little memory for this job, so I switched to an Attiny85.

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