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>> No. 429364 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 3:24 pm
429364 Online Friends
Is there a way to make friends online that doesn't involve video games, joining a prescribed organisation or both?
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>> No. 429365 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 3:27 pm
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Yes. But you are going to need to be more specific. People make friends online via shared interests mostly.

Do you mean friends who are only online friends or do you want to meet people in real life from online?
>> No. 429366 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 3:32 pm
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Who needs friends when you've got Britfa?
>> No. 429371 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 9:29 pm
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With relation to online gaming, I've been going against my tendancy to sit back by trying to initiate contact with other players via mails and the like. Real time chat is still a bit off for me; 'come back to it later' corespondance is more to my liking. So essentially i've been sending out basic comments and helpful messages to 'put out the feelers' - some respond, some don't, though I've yet to actually form a funtioning social network. It's be cool to actually get a bunch of dudes working together to dominate the galaxy but whatever.

Here's a little list of ideas i've taken from a few sources, on 'how people interact and make friends';

Topics to help 'open up';
• Family relationships
• Past romantic relationships
• 'Something funny happened today'
• Past disapointments

• Seek unique answers
• Give unique compliments
• Find opinions (avoid devisive topics such as politics)
• Remeber
• Relate

• Make effort to maintain relationships

• Develope listening skills

I'd be very interested to learn more should anyone have a link or two throwing around.

>> No. 429374 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 9:45 pm
429374 spacer
You can try posting regularly on the smaller forums/imageboards. If you're interesting and interact with others positively then you will soon enough rack up friends without having to put yourself out there too much. From experience I would advise against this though as internet people are strange loners with endless online drama.

Speaking of which, how come nobody on .gs is friends?

>Past romantic relationships
>Past disapointments

I'm confused. Do you bring these things up expecting them to be topics people like to talk about or do you mention your own failure for them to feed?
>> No. 429379 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 12:42 am
429379 spacer
>From experience I would advise against this though as internet people are strange loners with endless online drama.

>Speaking of which, how come nobody on .gs is friends?

I want you to re-read what you just wrote and realise you answered your own question.
>> No. 429381 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 2:28 am
429381 spacer

That's the best way to find friends. Locate the people who like the same stuff that you do, and go from there.
>> No. 429383 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 10:07 am
429383 spacer

While you're not wrong on all the bullet points in your post, I have a feeling you are overthinking the whole thing. And a lot of the awkwardness that socially awkward people display in social interactions stems from the fact that they worry too much in their heads about all the minute details.

The most successful small talkers go into interactions with no concept at all of how that conversation with a stranger will turn out, and they just allow that conversation to meander into whichever direction it randomly chooses.

I know that that's a bit like telling a little kid that cycling is a piece of piss when he can barely ride his own bike straight with training wheels, but essentially, it really isn't hard to keep a conversation going with people. It also isn't that difficult to be friends with somebody.
>> No. 429384 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 11:12 am
429384 spacer
Same problems as above. I enjoy computer gaming, but I'd never seek out other computer game-lovers as they would be guaranteed to be insufferable.
>> No. 429405 Anonymous
7th August 2019
Wednesday 1:33 pm
429405 spacer

This reminds me of my own problems with beautiful women. I'm fine talking to everyone ,all of the time as long as I don't have an agenda, in fact in the normal flow of things I could switch to seduction.

As soon as I see someone who I find highly desirable all of that goes out the window. The desire to actually impress them and get them to like me corrupts everything else and I can't function because I'm so worked up over not failing that I am willing to sacrifice all elements of my own personality to try be on their right side.
>> No. 429415 Anonymous
8th August 2019
Thursday 12:14 am
429415 spacer
This is like the "always wear old pants to a date" rule. I am exactly the same. A slightly plain but intelligent woman and I can talk all night - someone gives me the hots, I become a giggling mess.
>> No. 429421 Anonymous
8th August 2019
Thursday 2:15 am
429421 spacer
The trick is to act completely uninterested until they go away.
>> No. 429459 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 1:45 pm
429459 spacer

>> No. 429472 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 7:14 pm
429472 spacer

I tend to lean to the other side. I've had enough relationships in my life as well as extended periods of being single that I know that there is no need, and no point in being desperate for a partner. Intermittent feelings of emotional and sexual loneliness aside which inevitably occur at times when you are single, I know that for some time, you can lead a quite happy life without a partner.

Also, you do harden with age and maybe become a bit cynical where too much cynicism isn't due, but if anything, a woman has to convince me these days that I am willing to give up certain parts of my personal freedom that you inevitably give up when you enter a romantic relationship. I'm a good negotiator because that is a skill I have had to develop in my professional career, but I also know when being with somebody just for the sake of not being single is not a proposition I want to enter. And perhaps surprising to some of you lads, women have been all the more attracted to me for that kind of stance in recent years.

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