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>> No. 433819 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 1:15 pm
433819 spacer
New weekend thread: Flashman edition.

Right, lads. Now that we can post again what are you up to?
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>> No. 433820 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 1:26 pm
433820 spacer
Just threw some linguine in the pot, it's almost literally the last edible thing I've got in my kitchen. I really need to go full-on grocery shopping later today.
>> No. 433821 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 1:31 pm
433821 spacer
I'm eating home made soup and feeling frustrated I can't afford to get to the Stop HS2 camp. Not that they're lacking attendance over the weekend, I was just too ill and now broke to go earlier in the week.
>> No. 433822 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 2:04 pm
433822 spacer
I only know one person strongly in favour of HS2 and that's pretty much because her jobs depends upon it going ahead.
>> No. 433823 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 2:07 pm
433823 spacer
I seem to have forgotten how to cook, again. I've been living off of dried noodles, biscuits and tea for a couple of weeks; pretty bloated and putting on weight.

Cauliflower cheese is really nice but the cheese is expensive. I'd like to do more with vegitables but all i can imagine is boiled veg and gravy.

I did a stir fry last night which was nice but pretty basic. The carbohydrates are really heavy though.
>> No. 433824 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 2:13 pm
433824 spacer

Tell me more about these “vegitables”, sounds like a new faddy thing, like huel or something.
>> No. 433825 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 2:21 pm
433825 spacer

That tells you about all you need to know about it.
>> No. 433826 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 2:35 pm
433826 spacer

I must have been channelling my inner teen-lad. An online friend of mine was obsessed with Dragon Ball Z and used to joke about 'Vegitables'. Now while searching for a suitable image i've found the name is spelled with an E, too. My life is a lie.
>> No. 433827 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 3:45 pm
433827 spacer
What's your weekly food budget like?
>> No. 433828 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 6:34 pm
433828 spacer

Today I have tried Oumph! thyme and garlic pieces. For a brand calling itself Oumph! they were surprisingly bland. They had a fairly 'meaty' texture to them but they were pretty flavourless, something which the seasoning didn't manage to mask.
>> No. 433829 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 6:44 pm
433829 spacer
They didn't have any Peanut Butter Crunchy Nut or cabbages in Asda today, heartbroken.

Honestly the packaging is making me gag more than the stuff inside ever could. "Made for free range humans!", go away.
>> No. 433830 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 7:43 pm
433830 spacer

>What's your weekly food budget like?
My supermarket shopping has averaged out at £15.24 per week over the last 3 weeks - bumped up to £30 or so including the takeaways (i'm horrified having never thought about it like this before).

What's the relevance; can you offer some advice or is it simply interest?

elements of my shopping list are quite good - plenty of fruit and some veg - the only real problems are the noodles and other high carbohydrates such as breads and biscuits. Not to mention the takaways, which i'm only eating through boredom. It's easy to say 'go out' but for a habitually social recluse it's difficult to remind yourself just how easy that is.
>> No. 433831 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 10:48 pm
433831 spacer
Went ahead and did a groceries haul tonight, then treated myself to spicy garlic chicken for dinner.

I just love the combination of garlic and red chili pepper. Just that sensation of your mouth being on fire, and sweat beads forming on your forehead while you're eating it. What you do is you marinade a chicken breast in white wine with Italian herbs, chicken seasoning, fresh chopped garlic and chili pepper, and after about two or three hours, you fry it up in olive oil. Amazing.
>> No. 433832 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 12:16 am
433832 spacer
Not him but you could get into meal prepping on the cheap.

>> No. 433833 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 6:53 am
433833 spacer
Didn't even spot that - was horrified at the 'OUMPH!'
>> No. 433834 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 7:45 am
433834 spacer

>> No. 433836 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 11:35 am
433836 spacer

I was thinking of reorganising the kitchen cupboards today. Feels like Spring Cleaning is starting to take hold.

Might also do the oven.
>> No. 433837 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 11:36 am
433837 spacer
Stayed over at a mate's house for his 30th birthday party. I'm giving one of my other mates a lift home but I feel terribly awkward about going upstairs and waking him up. I wish it was the kind of house party we had as teenagers so I could just chuck a half empty Stella at him across the room. This is altogether too civilised.
>> No. 433838 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 12:25 pm
433838 spacer
Went to B&Q to pick up my next-day click & collect wellies but they weren't there. That's a three mile round trip on foot, the bastards. I bought a heat gun (killing weeds), steel brush (cleaning the wooden pallets) and box cutter (just handy to have) out of spite.

Obviously you weren't drunk enough.
>> No. 433839 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 12:28 pm
433839 spacer
Don't they usually email when it's ready to be collected?
>> No. 433840 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 12:45 pm
433840 spacer
I don't know, I hadn't used them before. It said next-day so I went the next day.
>> No. 433841 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 4:00 pm
433841 spacer
The past couple days I've stopped smoking in an effort to shake my cold which I fear has become tonsillitis. I'm feeling much better only now I'm having difficulty separating the symptoms of cold and nicotine withdrawal. What scares me most about quitting is that you can never just stop but instead must live your life craving, I wouldn't mind living forever so that sound like agony.

In other news, a few weeks ago we got an email around my office about positions open for promotion. Everyone expects I will apply and that I will get such a spot because I've been here awhile and have become pretty good at what I do. I've started my application but it feels like an admission of failure when I've been trying to go other places the past few months without success. Truth is, I'm bored and most of our workplace issues stem of ineffectual senior management that don't have my back which ruins an otherwise great job.
>> No. 433843 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 7:00 pm
433843 spacer
>The past couple days I've stopped smoking in an effort to shake my cold which I fear has become tonsillitis

Is it just me or is it a lot easier to get sick for longer now? I've been fucked up for weeks, guess I'm a goner when these superbugs start appearing more frequently. Or maybe it's just the crippling depression lowering my immune system.
>> No. 433844 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 7:50 pm
433844 spacer
It's not just you, I do a lot to stay healthy but I'm still coughing up phlegm from the cold I had over christmas.
At work people in their early 20s are catching the same bugs and being sick for weeks. Tons of schools recently have had to shut down for days because of the number of kids coming down with vomiting bugs.
>> No. 433845 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 7:50 pm
433845 spacer
It's not just you, I do a lot to stay healthy but I'm still coughing up phlegm from the cold I had over christmas.
At work people in their early 20s are catching the same bugs and being sick for weeks. Tons of schools recently have had to shut down for days because of the number of kids coming down with vomiting bugs.
>> No. 433846 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 7:52 pm
433846 spacer

>Or maybe it's just the crippling depression lowering my immune system.

That's always gonna be a factor. AFAIK, not just in terms of mood - you'll be eating worse, exercising less, and probably cleaning up less too. Could just be you're getting older too.

I'd tell you to man up, but that advice only ever works when tell it to myself.

If you're really suffering, the best thing you can do is think about your support network. Even if you're a right cunt, some people will care about you enough to be there and not resent you for it. Mental health awareness has been in vogue long enough for more and more people to become aware and accepting, and if you let those people.

If you don't have anyone, there are other options. I spent 2 hours on the phone to the Samaritans when I was on the verge of topping myself. I spoke bullshit and moped about and just 'woe is me' the entire time, but just having someone listen, and say 'I understand', and 'that's okay' is...probably one of the most helpful things that ever happened to me.


You've spent however long as this company already - pretend you just started in your position, and then realise that you're already being given the opportunity to be promoted. Not only something extra on your CV, but a few weeks in the role will give huge insight into things higher up the ladder and increase your hiring potential at other places.

What industry are you in?
>> No. 433847 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 8:53 pm
433847 spacer

>but it feels like an admission of failure when I've been trying to go other places the past few months without success.

Don't let pride get in the way of your career planning. Who knows, if you get promoted now and do whatever job it entails for some time, maybe your market value in your field also rises, to the extent that positions at other employers will be available to you that aren't at the moment.

Your working life is still going to be long, presumably. Many good careers don't happen because everything always went swimmingly (although that definitely helps), but because people knew how to deal with bumps in the road. It's often resilience that matters, and not just the fact that you've been enjoying a good run with things.
>> No. 433848 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 9:01 pm
433848 spacer
We're on the way out lads.
>> No. 433849 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 12:53 am
433849 spacer
I got over in 4 days a bug that took my housemate out of commission for almost three weeks. Only caught it at all directly after a speed binge too. Immune system supplements aren't a joke.
>> No. 433850 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 1:47 am
433850 spacer

Not meaning to show off, but I haven't been sick in over a year. I was actually meaning to put together a little post for you sickly lads, but realised my efforts are probably just cumulative basic things.

In short: sleep eight hours, exercise more inrensively two or three days a week, get in your fruit and veg, take vitamin D, hydrate yourself properly, and flavour your food generously with salt and garlic powder.
>> No. 433851 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 10:21 am
433851 spacer

>and garlic powder

Keeps all the people at a distance who could give you germs, dunnit.
>> No. 433857 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 12:45 pm
433857 spacer
I think it's bollocks, I've done all that for years and still get sick, though I do travel often.
>> No. 433858 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 12:54 pm
433858 spacer

Well, most of it is pretty well proven by medical research. Sleep, exercise and diet certainly have an effect on your immune system, as does vitamin D deficiency.

The inclusion of salt and garlic is based on some things I've read about their antimicrobial properties rather than any hard randomised controlled trial type evidence.

As you point out there are probably other factors at play. Stress, for example, has a profound effect. You could be lacking some other micronutrient important to the immune system, like zinc. Travel and hygiene also matter, just in terms of exposure. Hand sanitiser and such might help you.

Consistency is another issue: you actually need to live quite a well planned (even boring) life to make sure you get good sleep, for example.


Whatever works. I fucking hate getting sick.
>> No. 433859 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 12:55 pm
433859 spacer
Are you a clean freak? Do you bleach your counter tops?
>> No. 433860 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 1:37 pm
433860 spacer
I'm with you on the garlic - cures everything.
>> No. 433861 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 3:51 pm
433861 spacer
I don't even have a place to live m8.
>> No. 433935 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 5:35 am
433935 spacer
Does anyone else wake up ridiculously early it they know they have to be up at a certain time in the morning? I could do with waking up at about half 6ish, but I've been wide awake since 4am and unable to get back to sleep. I can tell I'm going to flag something rotten this afternoon.
>> No. 433942 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 3:11 pm
433942 spacer
Is the Kung Flu likely to bother us lot?
>> No. 433944 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 5:47 pm
433944 spacer
You ever thought about getting a truly proper diet. Not just your 7 a day but also hitting 100% of your RDAs? It looks like an impossible task and even going the supplement route requires careful planning that you're not overdosing.

Anyway, I've done some thinking and decided that I don't want to die. I'm therefore looking into lifestyle changes that can prolong my life as far as possible until genuine life extension technology starts snowballing. That should be over the next 100 years so dying before that would be a poor show. Age 105 is when your year-on increases in chance of death halts so that seems like a good target to aim for.

This happens to me with the changing seasons if that's what you mean. I'll get up and walk across the room, worrying that maybe my alarm hasn't gone off, only to see it's 3am and I don't have to be up until 8. Only on workdays mind.

I think the problem is light-levels and any interruption in your routine impacts this.
>> No. 433945 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 6:01 pm
433945 spacer

>It looks like an impossible task

This is going to sound like a joke, but Huel provides exactly that. Not sure how sane I would be drinking gruel for every meal, but it would be the easiest way to achieve this.

Not that I think it's that meaningful an idea - everyone's body is different, especially the older we get. I might not need as much zinc as you do, you might need less salt, etc etc.
>> No. 433946 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 6:08 pm
433946 spacer

You can get most of them through a couple of bowls of Nesquik. Cereals are fortified with loads these days.
>> No. 433947 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 6:28 pm
433947 spacer
>but Huel provides exactly that

I'm not so sure of this. Looking at the ready-to-drink bottles you would need to drink 6 to get your daily allowance of copper but you would then effectively have 6x your vitamin D allowance. Sure, I'm already doing huel for certain meals (as part of weight loss) but I'm sceptical of whether a total replacement would be healthy.

But yeah, population variation complicates this and even daylight hours would necessitate a dietary recalculation. To make matters worse, my body is a lying shit that tells me I need chocolate biccies.
>> No. 433948 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 6:41 pm
433948 spacer
Yeah but fuck Nestle.
>> No. 433950 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 6:43 pm
433950 spacer
It seems Nesquik is better in certain areas than my semi-adult Sainsburys Balance that registers 30% across the board. This is an interesting topic I've been reading through as the government has been setting targets for industry for years but has led to some strange FoI results where policy experts have to debate whether a penguin is a biscuit or a chocolate bar (I think biscuit as you have it with a cup of tea):

https://iea.org.uk/publications/cooking-for-bureaucrats/ [caution: nuts]

But with all this I'm still needing to munch fruit and veg like nobodies business. Not to mention how much water we're supposed to get.
>> No. 433951 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 6:45 pm
433951 spacer

>you would need to drink 6 to get your daily allowance of copper

A lot of that copper allowance can be had simply from using tap water for food and cooking, at least if you live in a building with copper plumbing.
>> No. 433952 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 8:00 pm
433952 spacer

Is too much vitamin D a bad thing?

Anyway, it seems they've changed a lot since the last time I looked at it. I don't know if the drink and powder are the same, but they probably are. Their website has some fairly convincing reasoning on why and how much they have added what they've added, it does seem to be 'nutritionally complete'.

Of course, the recommended intake of foods also depends on the country you're in. The US recommends much less calcium than the UK does, but I imagine the bone health of each population is pretty on par regardless, and so on.
>> No. 433953 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 9:49 pm
433953 spacer
RDAs of various vitamins and minerals is debatable to say the least. Most are based short to medium term studies comparing estimated intake against specific health issues. It's very difficult to get good solid data on the optimum levels for long term health.

You can overdose on some, vitamin A and zinc for example are bad if you take too much. Folate can be phlegmatic because most supplements are in the form of the cheaper and more stable folic acid, due to genetic differences some people tolerate it just fine but many people have limited capacity to metabolise it into biologically active folate.

On the other hand some RDAs are probably far far too low. People living in places like Britain, or who sit in office all day need a lot of vitamin D, that 6x your RDA is perfectly reasonable to reach a blood serum level closer to that of someone living in equatorial regions. Similar with vitamin C, as most animals synthesise their own we can see that we need to take very big doses (1000% RDA) to reach blood serum levels similar to animals.

Another issue with supplements, and especially meal replacement shakes, is that our stomachs absorb certain vitamins and minerals in preference to others, having everything in one drink isn't ideal at all because you aren't able to take everything in. Some vitamins are probably better taken in larger doses on alternate days, rather than trying to hit your 100% every single day.

Also remember that many vitamins are fat soluble, meaning that some supplements will just go straight through you if you take them on an empty stomach, or if you're on a low fat diet.
>> No. 433954 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 9:50 pm
433954 spacer

If I remember the figure correctly, about 20 minutes in the sun gives you well over 10,000 IU of vitamin D. In my opinion most guidelines underestimate the necessary amount of vitamin D consumption necessary to reach adequate blood levels. I personally take around 5,000 IU a day (with the occasional off-day).
>> No. 433955 Anonymous
25th January 2020
Saturday 10:31 pm
433955 spacer
Cracklad, you still about? How's things your end?
>> No. 433956 Anonymous
26th January 2020
Sunday 1:12 am
433956 spacer

We don't understand the causality, but we have some data to suggest that who take dietary supplements have a higher risk of premature death. For people who don't have a diagnosed nutritional deficiency, vitamin supplements are probably useless at best.

>> No. 433957 Anonymous
26th January 2020
Sunday 1:16 am
433957 spacer

Likewise, you can get most of your iron requirements by using cast iron pans.

>> No. 433958 Anonymous
26th January 2020
Sunday 3:07 am
433958 spacer

Which one? I mean there have been at least four people who've talked about using crack on here before. At least.
>> No. 433959 Anonymous
26th January 2020
Sunday 8:14 am
433959 spacer

The most recent one, probably. I think he made three posts that sort of went like this:

>lads, should I try crack?
>fuck you all I'm trying it anyway
>was pretty good. Off out to get some more

So we can extrapolate from that, probably.

I've probably not posted it here but I tried crack. Made it at home from about 2g of decent coke. It was good, had some excellent sex on it, but ultimately I realised that despite the superior high, regular powder was just a lot more portable and fit into my life a lot better, as it's a lot easier to knock a line out at work than smoke a rock. I also found the process of racking up a line a lot more pleasing than smoking a rock.

That's something not many druggies talk about, the ritual of preparing your high. It can be intoxicating on its own, much like a religious ritual bringing about certain feelings. I think I'd probably just get a head rush from rolling up a note.
>> No. 433960 Anonymous
26th January 2020
Sunday 8:25 am
433960 spacer

>> No. 433962 Anonymous
26th January 2020
Sunday 11:04 pm
433962 spacer
>>433955 >>433959
I didn't take it again after those two nights despite being offered and don't anticipate repeating the experience for many years if ever. It might well have been shit crack, but IME there are plenty of drugs that are better in every conceivable way.
>> No. 433984 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:06 pm
433984 spacer
Quick question while we're on the topic, I've just had 40mg valium and I'm now a bit worried. Over the past two weeks I've done 1/2/3 a night and then had 3 or 4 nights off, did that for 2 weeks, then last night after my most recent break I started with 2 last night, and tonight I've had 4. Would definitely not go any higher but I figure with a minor tolerance I would have presumably developed it's not that bad.

I shouldn't panic or anything should I? I'm not going to die in my sleep right? No respiratory issues and nothing else in my system that I'm aware of.

Still time for me to throw up.
>> No. 433986 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:21 pm
433986 spacer
That's a pretty strong dose but if you have a tolerance I'd imagine you'll be alright? I'm not a doctor. Also assuming you're not shitface drunk as well as that won't help.

Reckon you'll prob be alright but keep an eye on yerself. Have a cup of tea if you feel like you need a slight pick me up.
>> No. 433987 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:23 pm
433987 spacer

Don't drink alcohol and you'll have nothing worse than a good night's sleep.
>> No. 433988 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:24 pm
433988 spacer

You should be OK as long as you avoid alcohol; if you've had any drink then I'd be strongly inclined to seek medical attention. There is an effective antidote for diazepam.

Is there anyone else in the house with you?

Also, given your level of consumption I'd speak to your GP, because you're really playing with fire.
>> No. 433990 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:27 pm
433990 spacer

Honestly it's not that strong, even for someone with no tolerance. 2mg of clonazepam is equivalent to 40mg of diazepam and that dose is regularly given to people with no history of benzodiazepine tolerance.
>> No. 433992 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:47 pm
433992 spacer
Thanks for the support gents. I did do some research prior to this, and it seemed safe, looked up the LD50, contraindications, and spent about 20 minutes trying to find more info and felt confident at that point.

Technically on my 2nd beer but it's 0.0% Heineken so as long as it's the alcohol itself that's the issue and not something to do with hops, I should be fine. Dry January and all.


I initially got prescribed it maybe 10 years back, then another time maybe 4 years ago, then switched to a round of Zopiclone 2 years back but that did bugger all. All from the same GP who was a lovely old gent who I saw a few times a year.

Two new GPs in London (through Babylon app so they don't know me from Adam, but presumably would see from my medical history that I'm not exactly trying to abuse the stuff) wouldn't offer prescribe me either Zopiclone or Diazepam (in fact, saying they were no longer prescribed at all...hmm), and one of them flat out said they wouldn't refer me to a sleep clinic as it was psychological and not respiratory insomnia, so I've since then contacted the London Hospital for Integrated drugs and got a recorded message saying 'Please get referred here' so I'm going to go to another GP with that and say 'Can you please give me the benefit of the doubt and refer me here'.

The last GP I spoke to had the gall to tell me 'Some people function perfectly well on less than 6 hours sleep a night' and then rushed me off the phone. Bitch.

I've got 60mg left and they're all at my partner's house a few miles away and she's been monitoring my behaviour and reactions throughout. I'm technically alone in the house though, which is the only worrying thing, but I'm a worrier so eh.

This is the last round for another 3-4 days though, then I'm going to finish it with the 1/2/3 model and that'll be it for a month at least. My mum had a problem with Zopiclone dependency so I'm really wary of addiction and getting into habits with crutch medication.

Anyway this is becoming /emo/, so I think let's assume the best and I'll go to bed in the next few mins and set my alarm from 8am and hope I don't wake up dead.

If I end up ordering any more before a fortnight has passed then I think I'll speak to someone proper about it, but until then I think I've got it under control. 8 years of smoking weed daily, then going cold turkey on both that and booze has given me a bit of faith in my willpower. Got a Q buried under some furniture but it's only accessible through a tool I have not yet had the motivation or desire to devise.

Thanks again, feeling a bit more confident.
>> No. 433993 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:49 pm
433993 spacer

Banging. Yeah, when I saw it was fairly normal to prescribe 40mg over the course of a day, obviously split up though, I felt a bit more like...eh, let's see how it goes.

On another topic, does anyone else fucking love 0.0% beer? It's been a lifesaver for alcohol craving. I've discovered I don't like being drunk so much as I love the taste of beer.
>> No. 433994 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 11:11 pm
433994 spacer

3 x 10mg diazepam was a fairly normal dose for panic attacks / generalized anxiety / agoraphobia before our GPs started throwing useless fucking SSRIs at everything. 40mg is not a strong dose at all.

Obviously no one wants to get addicted to benzos at any doses, and recreational use is pretty silly in light of that etc etc.

On the topic of "0.0%" beer, it's actually allowed to have up to 0.05% ABV in the UK. My psychiatrist continually warns me of the dangers of drinking alcohol free beer because it apparently has an amazing record of triggering alcoholic cravings and relapses in actors who've stopped resting for a bit.
>> No. 433996 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 11:29 pm
433996 spacer
I do appreciate your concern and it's something ever present in my mind. Evidently my history of alcoholism and weed addiction and gaming addiction and sex addiction might imply I have a mildly addictive personality, but I think I'm fairly good at balancing it and the only one really hard to kick is smoking baccy. Was down to 3 a day but then had a very hard breakup and went off the rails again back to 10 a day.


Aye, I know it's a bit of a grey area. I've seen stuff that's 0.5% labelled as 'alcohol free', but I'm avoiding that. It's completely stripped my desire to drink during weekdays, and the only reason I can see getting drunk on my own is after a particularly hard week when I want a 6 pack and a night of playing STALKER. I've got no plans to drink until Valentines Day, and have a group of mates who will be complimentary about my going for 0.0% (compared to when I worked in a call centre in Newcastle and Friday nights at the pub were full of peer pressure) makes me feel a lot more confident. But yeah, I'd hate myself more for drinking for the sake of having a drink than the buzz would be worth. Just like I'd hate myself for having a joint for the sake of it. Though I do fully intend to start being able to smoke weed again on social and special occasions, I know what to look out for. Provided my girlfriend doesn't get pregnant from a lad she was cheating with and abort his baby and drop all that on me in a single evening, I think I can manage.

I think I'm just generally in a better place than I was back then, but that's still no justification to play with fire as such. I'm just trying to be mindful of it I guess, and keep my close friends informed of what I'm doing so they can intervene if they notice anything.

Fuck getting addicted to benzos or anything like that, sounds horrifying.
>> No. 433997 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 11:33 pm
433997 spacer
> Fuck getting addicted to benzos or anything like that, sounds horrifying.

Oh it is, maybe not as bad as full blown alcoholism but it is grim. I was up to (does some quick maths) the equivalent 1660mg of diazepam per day at my worst (46mg clonazepam, 32mg alprazolam, 105mg zolpidem) not to mention all the other crap I was throwing down my neck.

Just don't go there, lad.
>> No. 433998 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 11:39 pm
433998 spacer


Well done, that's incredible that you got past that.
>> No. 434000 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 11:51 pm
434000 spacer

Honestly the incredible thing is that I didn't die. I should have, several times. The number of times that I legitimately woke up choking on my own vomit is scary looking back.

Anyway enough of this before anyone starts to think that I'm trying to romanticise drug addiction or mental illness. I'm not. I was nothing but a complete and utter selfish idiot who took many friendships to the edge of patience and compassion through his totally irresponsible and ego-centric self-destructive behaviour. Nothing more.

I'm doing better now, that's the main thing. Obviously it would have been better to never have actually descended down into the valley of the shadow of death in the first place, but them's the breaks, I guess.
>> No. 434007 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 2:21 pm
434007 spacer
>maybe not as bad as full blown alcoholism but it is grim
Interesting to hear you say this. At least with full-blown alcoholism you can be past the worst of the physical symptoms of withdrawal within a week, with a benzo addiction you are looking at months of abject misery. I'd take a booze taper over a benzo taper every single time. Though it does depend on how much of each, obviously.

Good on you for coming out the other side - it's hard to imagine that anyone could come back from the doses you're talking about. One of the strangest things about addiction, looking back, is that perception of normalcy you have when you're in the middle of it. The mind boggles.
>> No. 434010 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 9:05 pm
434010 spacer
> Interesting to hear you say this. At least with full-blown alcoholism you can be past the worst of the physical symptoms of withdrawal within a week, with a benzo addiction you are looking at months of abject misery.

It's interesting but I never really noticed the taper, even though it took the best part of a year. Alcohol withdrawals literally had me going into the bathroom every ten minutes or so so I could bawl my eyes out with the taps on full blast for at at least six months. Then again, my dance with the benzo devil was only really at full blast for a handful of months, whereas I'd been drinking myself to death for six years.

Here's the thing, though, about benzos as opposed to alcohol: they never really make you ill. Oh, there's a shed load of short and long term side effects like blacking out, memory loss, passing out in public, generally getting objectively more stupid over time, and generally just being a complete and utter pain the arse to everyone around you. You never really notice any of this though; these things happen to other people. You're either not really there or don't remember. Sending someone the same email 10 times because you don't remember having sent it, or sending someone 15 minutes of garbled voice messages on the general theme of you being impervious to drugs don't seem like disgraceful behaviour at the time, rather it all seems delightfully hilarious. Again, because these things are happening to other people, to you it's all just a joke.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is basically toxic in any dose - we just don't often drink enough to feel it. If you've ever tried to hold a swig of whisky under your tongue or against your cheek you'll be familiar with that burning, astringent feeling. That's not some "warming effect" of alcohol - that's alcohol being a mucus membrane irritant. Alcohol irritates your whole body from your mouth to your oesophagus, to your stomach and intestines all the way through to giving your liver a kicking on the way out.

The upshot of this, if you take your alcohol addiction far enough, is what I like to call "booze sickness": If you drink enough to stave off withdrawals then you're drinking enough to feel very ill indeed, if you don't drink enough to stave off withdrawals... then you start going through them.

Neither option is acceptable or even bearable and every morning becomes a catch 22 scenario of whether to drink a bottle of wine for breakfast and feel like shit, or whether to go out to work knowing that by lunchtime you'll be getting the full-on shakes.

I can only assume that at some point there comes a time when it's not physically possible to drink enough to stave of withdrawals, where you end up eventually careening between semi DTs and mild alcohol poisoning until you eventually expire.
>> No. 434011 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 9:06 pm
434011 spacer
What's the done thing when asking to borrow money from your parents? I could do with about £8,000 for six months, at which point I'd pay them back in full. Am I meant to butter them up first?
>> No. 434012 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 12:09 am
434012 spacer

It really depends on your parents. I know all I'd have to do with my grandad is say "I need x for y months, or I can pay you back z per month if that's better", but someone like my mum or dad I'd probably have to spend an hour flattering the buggers.

I suppose in general british etiquette you're supposed to skirt around the question for several minutes/hours/days/weeks by vaguely mentioning the thing you need the money for without ever asking, until they offer and everyone can pretend it was their idea and nobody has to address the filthy business of begging.
>> No. 434014 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 2:53 am
434014 spacer
I was reminiscing about college and university days earlier, and had a sudden flash of memory of a girl. I didn't really know her but we were on the same college course, knew people that I knew etc, and ended up at the same uni too.
Anyway - back then, a few times on social media I'd see that she had mentioned me to her friend, like there was obviously some sort of inside joke going on about me, and I could never work out if it was that she was interested in me or if the joke was that she definitely wasn't. She was attractive enough but I wasn't interested at the time and really didn't care either way, but I was always curious as to why it was me specifically - I had never had a conversation with this girl, though we were in the same place at the same time fairly often in college etc.

I looked her up on twitter just now and since she hasn't tweeted in years, within two or three scrolls down I found a screenshot of her phone she'd sent to her mate, expressing amusement that her facebook had popped up with a notification that I had checked in somewhere. I think I must have seen that way back then, despite not following either if them on twitter, but just sort of ignored it despite being curious, I guess at 20 I didn't want to risk the ego bruise of finding out they were mocking my weird eyebrows or something like that.

I'm old now and my ego is much more robust, so I really want to know the fucking story here. I would love to message her now and ask her, but I don't think that's a great idea, if she was genuinely into me then I don't want to embarrass her or look like I'm fishing for a date, because I'm still not interested though a shag is a shag, and if she was taking the piss then that's just awkward, and I doubt I'd get the real story as she likely wouldn't come out and say "yeah the joke was that you were ugly as fuck mate" or whatever, even though I'd probably find that hilarious.

I'm thinking of just liking or retweeting the post with my name in it, though. I don't use twitter as intended so it would be the only tweet on my profile if I did retweet it. That tickles me for some reason.
>> No. 434019 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 6:52 pm
434019 spacer
Why not assume that she fancied you and wank off to her pictures like a normal person. It will be like when you wank off to escort profiles, not because you would but just the thought that you could.
>> No. 434020 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 8:21 pm
434020 spacer
>not because you would but just the thought that you could.

Saw a picture of a colleague on tinder today. That hit a bit too close to home.
>> No. 434021 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 10:19 pm
434021 spacer

That's fair. The reality wank is a powerful one.
>> No. 434022 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 10:50 pm
434022 Not him.
>It will be like when you wank off to escort profiles, not because you would but just the thought that you could.
Swear you all just live in my head.
>> No. 434023 Anonymous
31st January 2020
Friday 12:43 am
434023 spacer
Who hasn't done that?
>> No. 434026 Anonymous
31st January 2020
Friday 1:05 am
434026 spacer
I don't know, but I just started so now I'm concerned I'm just becoming another .gs-oid. Was there ever any other option?
>> No. 434031 Anonymous
31st January 2020
Friday 8:44 am
434031 spacer

I've never entertained the idea of getting an escort, or looked at them on the Internet.

I always just have a slag or two in my contacts to talk filth with when I want a proper good wank.
>> No. 434043 Anonymous
31st January 2020
Friday 11:47 am
434043 spacer
I always prefered the cortina.
>> No. 434059 Anonymous
31st January 2020
Friday 2:31 pm
434059 spacer

I've never hired one either, and I think if I did it would be an impulse purchase, and that's never a good idea.
>> No. 434132 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 2:50 pm
434132 spacer
I've been trying to follow starting strength for about three weeks now, albeit without doing squats in over a week or so due to falling over and bruising my coccyx. Most of my muscle development seems to be in my forearms, to the point that if it carries on like this they might grow larger than my biceps. Is this sort of thing normal? I've been doing overhead presses rather than bench presses, if that makes any difference.
>> No. 434134 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 2:54 pm
434134 spacer
>bruising my coccyx

ow ow ow oouchh.

That really hurts.
>> No. 434140 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 3:59 pm
434140 spacer
It's fine most of them time, but then I'll either sit down too hard or at the wrong angle and then NOPE.
>> No. 434141 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 4:22 pm
434141 spacer

> I've been doing overhead presses rather than bench presses, if that makes any difference.

There's your problem. Find a spotter or drag a bench over to the power rack.
>> No. 434142 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 4:45 pm
434142 spacer
I don't go to the gym, I just lift some weights I have at home. I could buy a bench but I was planning on using the money I have spare for more weights and a longer dumbbell.
>> No. 434143 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 5:35 pm
434143 spacer

I researched bootcamp/fitness retreats today. It looks like the average cost is about £1000 for 7 days of personal training, food and accomidation. Of the 5 or so i looked into, 'Team-Bootcamp' looks like the best bet, though they're half the country away from me and you have to contact them for pricing. I'm wondering if a 4 week trip would be worth saving for, it'll surely be enough to eliminate some bad habits. It'll be costy, though, even if they're willing to offer discount.

I'm not sure if it'll be worth the money, though. Over the summer of 2018 i lost a fair bit of weight and gained fitness while still eating a lot shit. I manged more or less by myself during that time so i could do it again. I made the mistake of buying an internet connection early 2019 so now i've gathered dust again - but it'll be running out in a couple of months so hopefully i can get back into a reasonable shape after the initial month or two of adjustment.

>three weeks
You're doing better than me - 2 days my workout spree lasted. Now i'm eating from a box of broken biscuits wondering why my BMI is fast approaching 32. I'm just bored - Very, very bored.
>> No. 434145 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 5:47 pm
434145 spacer

Why pay £1000 a week for a fitness bootcamp when you could get paid £10 an hour to do labouring on a building site?
>> No. 434147 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 5:59 pm
434147 spacer
Who wants to work alongside the working classes? If you're not careful you might catch dolphin rape.
>> No. 434156 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 9:46 pm
434156 spacer
I don't get what people see in bootcamps. You know full well that as soon as you get back you're going to fall into old habits and the cycle will repeat. Just have a look at how many fat ex-squaddies the world has now they don't have PTIs breathing down their neck.

Why not instead work on your problems and spend that 4k on courses in human nutrition if you must? I wish I could follow my own advice.
>> No. 434157 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 10:11 pm
434157 spacer
>Why not instead work on your problems and spend that 4k on courses in human nutrition if you must?
What fucking good would that do for anyone? Half of the subject is pseudoscience, and getting a good understanding of the subject comes down to a weird confusing mix of psychology and biochemistry.
And no matter how well you understand nutrition, it doesn't help you with the most important thing of all which is changing habits.
>> No. 434161 Anonymous
2nd February 2020
Sunday 8:47 am
434161 spacer
The camps are an interesting idea, but I also see what the other poster is saying.

It might be worth thinking about how you can invest that time, money and effort into changing your circumstances back home. We are just a reflection of our environment, for the most part.

A change of job, habits, or food shopping, could have profound impact. Think about what bottlenecks your progress. Do you have any underlying emotional issues around food, or exercise? Are you stressed all the time and/or don't feel you can exercise? Do you sleep well? What kind of relationship do you have with food and your physical environment? Do you drive everywhere and eat for convenience?

The maddening problem with overweightness and obesity is that it's easy to treat as a clinical problem, but incredibly difficult for an individual to overcome in the real world -- it's multifaceted and requires a lot of little sustainable changes to both the person and where they live.

I'm lucky enough to have ingrained gym-based training into my habits as an enjoyable thing and a part of my identity from my teens. I know I'll never get 'fat' fat, because I genuinely enjoy it and we tend to find time for things we really enjoy.

At the same time, I am vaguely aware that attending a big expensive facility to throw around weights would be a ludicrous and
unworkable solution for many people.

You may find the camp genuinely useful, I don't want to discourage too much. If it would mean a kick up the arse for you to derive a sense of discipline from, then go for it. But I would advise you to have as thorough a "follow-up plan" as possible; have a big schema for the moment you arrive back from the camp, that you know you'll be able to follow.*

*This is also another tricky element, as knowing what you'll follow is mostly a matter of personal experimentation.
>> No. 434162 Anonymous
2nd February 2020
Sunday 9:13 am
434162 spacer
Pay me 3k and I'll come to yours and walk you through making healthy, balanced meals three times a day for 4 weeks.
>> No. 434163 Anonymous
2nd February 2020
Sunday 9:55 am
434163 spacer

Speaking of fat camps, did anyone find the porn film of her?
>> No. 434172 Anonymous
2nd February 2020
Sunday 1:25 pm
434172 spacer
Thanks for taking the time to share this advice. The boot-camp idea seems more of a punishment now that i think of it. Furinishing my bedsit with somewhere to sit away from the computer will change my day to day life immidiately.
>> No. 434175 Anonymous
2nd February 2020
Sunday 1:47 pm
434175 spacer

This is an interest of mine as I study the problem from a few different angles. I'll generally jump on any chance to talk about it at length, so no worries.

Already, the idea of a bootcamp as punishment seems like a big emotional driver. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but I imagine (and hope) that the urge to punish yourself would subside.

The way I see it, the bootcamp could potentially spur on something good. You would likely lose a good amount of weight and your health markers would improve. But whether you keep the weight off ultimately comes down to things like:

- whether you found an activity you enjoy at the camp (you might develop a newfound love of rock climbing or swimming or lifting or whatever they do there)

- whether you develop a taste for the kind of food they give you, and whether you'd be willing to commit to cooking at least some things like that at home

Basically what elements of the camp you could find that you could stick with (not at the same extreme level, but to some degree).

Many studies have been done on this. Essentially all diets work, but if they're not enjoyable or in sync with the individual's lifestyle then the weight comes back. On a less academic level, you can check those contestants from shows like "The Biggest Loser"; some contestants stay in shape after the ordeal, but most put the weight back on.

You know yourself better than anyone, and what would keep you consistently making better choices that lead to weight loss. But like I said, a lot of it is just experimentation. Changing your routine as you mention seems like a very good place to start.
>> No. 434177 Anonymous
2nd February 2020
Sunday 4:04 pm
434177 spacer
The woman in front of me at the shop bought ready made mashed potato, ready made mashed carrots, a cake and a large tub of Ben & Jerry's. I'm assuming that's a cry for help.
>> No. 434181 Anonymous
2nd February 2020
Sunday 10:19 pm
434181 spacer
I'm going to see a specialist tomorrow because of my frequent panic attacks.

I'm already on mirtazapine, which "takes the edge off" many everyday worries for me, but it dodsn't seem to balance out those panic attacks that can hit me out of nowhere and often for no apparent immediate reason.
>> No. 434206 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 1:14 am
434206 spacer
I enjoyed today.
>> No. 434218 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 7:26 pm
434218 spacer
Just did my first bank transfer that arrived instantly. We're living in the fucking future now, lads.
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