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>> No. 435367 Anonymous
16th March 2020
Monday 8:52 pm
435367 LADS
I've suddenly got two weeks off work, fucking class, and I was wondering what you two were doing and how we should celebrate? I'm not leaving the house.

That other fucking thread is miserable, and full of lies. If the virus is going to take us, we might as well go down ranting, happily.

What are you doing with your recently found time off?
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>> No. 437801 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 9:30 pm
437801 spacer

UK Ethnic Groups.png

Yeah, but only as far as any crowd of anything anywhere in this country is mostly white. Britain is mostly white.
>> No. 437802 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 9:48 pm
437802 spacer

Agreed, which seems contrary to >>437799's claim that the crowd wasn't "typically lacking in brown faces", unless the subtext I'm missing is that he already was taking into account the relatively lower percentage of BAME people within any given UK population, but that again seems contrary to >>437794 sarcastically calling Leeds a "sheet white city" and listening all of the predominantly ethnic areas.
>> No. 437803 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 10:22 pm
437803 spacer

The point is that a Leeds crowd is probably exactly as ethnically diverse as you'd expect any crowd of Britains to be; set against the original assertion that a Leeds crowd is exceptionally white to the point of being noteworthy. The observations about Leeds' overall diversity were simply to highlight that it'd be doubly preposterous to suggest none of them like football enough to go and see the local team.

I'm sure there's some football team out there you can highlight for a renowned lack of non-white attendance, but I doubt it's Leeds.
>> No. 437804 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 11:33 pm
437804 spacer
Tried to access my online banking tonight but the passcode never came through to my phone. I'm probably fucked, yeah?
>> No. 437806 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 1:08 am
437806 spacer

Leeds is shit and anything to do with the club is shit. I really want my annual dose of Schadenfreude when they seriously lose it again. Who cares about the '70s? BRILLIANT teenlad or 21 y/o, not your period to dip into yet.

The Liver building is on fire, some revellers were aiming fireworks at some blue lights that were on the building.
>> No. 437809 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 5:55 am
437809 spacer

Leeds is a very diverse city, but you'll see more brown faces at Headingley than Elland Road.
>> No. 437811 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 2:00 pm
437811 spacer
So apparently the govt. are removing the right to trial by jury? Because of covid causing the backlog of cases to go from 39,000 to 41,000, despite having been over 50,000 in 2014 when we didn't have covid?
I can't see any news about this at all.
>> No. 437812 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 6:11 pm
437812 spacer
We've had three days of hot summer goodness, now for the three+ weeks of shite overcast gloom.

Hate this, so unreliable. I never get text codes through. Twitch is the worst for it. Feels like trying to get into Fort Knox if you forget your password.
>> No. 437813 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 8:20 pm
437813 spacer
Perhaps there's no news about it because we don't have the right to a jury trial already.

Magistrates courts hear about 95% of all cases and only have juries in very specific civil cases. Crown court does have juries. But even there, if there is evidence of jury tampering, the judge can dismiss them.
>> No. 437814 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 8:35 pm
437814 spacer
I haven't done jury service but my mate has. In what was essentially a 'he said, she said' case, domestic abuse, he sent the guy down primarily because he 'looked like a criminal.'
>> No. 437815 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 8:43 pm
437815 spacer
The bill is yet to be introduced and seems like doing away with juries entirely will only be as a temporary and last resort. >>437813 is right that this is a storm in a teacup in actuality, for decades governments have reduced the role of juries which is partly in response to sheer complexity and number of cases.

I wouldn't be for doing them away entirely, mind. Most of the world doesn't have jury trials but they have been brought in for some jurisdictions as a way of opening up the judiciary and being useful in cases where public opinion runs high or the law has ambiguity ('extreme pornography' is the classic example). Judges, after all, don't really live in the real world and will never be in-step with wider society due to their age unless we create a separate judicial profession as in the continent.

That said, it's hard to take a strong position on this. The continent did away with early jury trials because it was felt that the jury could be influenced which, when talking in medieval times, was certainly true. These days it's more questionable but as nobody can talk about what goes on in jury's decision making it's hard to find data either way.
>> No. 437817 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 9:07 pm
437817 spacer

If it's not important then why the seemingly duplicitous cover for it? That "secret barrister" chap seems to be quite upset about it and I suspect he's better qualified to speak about it than you.
>> No. 437818 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 9:48 pm
437818 spacer

>That said, it's hard to take a strong position on this.

Against the wider background of the English justice system, I think it's very easy to take a strong position. The government has defunded the courts, defunded the police, defunded the CPS and defunded Legal Aid to the extent that human rights abuses are happening on a daily basis. Victims are waiting years for their case to be heard, innocent people are being convicted because of failures in disclosure or a lack of representation, guilty people are walking free because of avoidable blunders in evidence gathering and prosecution.

This government clearly doesn't care about justice. They don't get the benefit of the doubt when they propose abolishing one of the fundamental safeguards of our legal system. They created the backlog in our court system and they could fix it with a relatively trivial amount of money, but instead they want to cut corners and deliver "justice" on the cheap.
>> No. 437819 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 8:33 pm
437819 spacer

>That "secret barrister" chap seems to be quite upset about it and I suspect he's better qualified to speak about it than you.

It's arguably duplicitous given >>43781 's comments. Also, the secret barrister, while likely having more expertise in the matter, may also have his own motivations for speaking out. An example on this might be the EC's wonderful remainer bias— but I shouldn't say anything about that because they're all better qualified than me.


It's incredibly easy to take a strong position when you think public spending will fix everything. I'm not saying it won't, but given the background of austerity and this current government's leanings, they seem quite happy to reform things to make them more efficient.
>> No. 437820 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 8:37 pm
437820 spacer
As of tomorrow every PC peripheral I own will have some kind of lighting effect. *Johnny Cash voice* ... what have I become...

I also had to pay an extra twenty quid for the less gamerfied keyboard so I'm not best pleased about that.
>> No. 437821 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 9:18 pm
437821 spacer

>It's incredibly easy to take a strong position when you think public spending will fix everything.

The justice system used to work pretty well, then Cameron won a general election, slashed everyone's budget and a decade later it's an utter shambles. It's not a huge logical leap to assume that massively reducing the funding of a service without reducing the workload will result in delays and cock-ups.

It's not particularly efficient to have trials delayed because the court has a leaky roof or the heating has broken or the toilets are overflowing or the clerks have run out of printer paper, which now happens on a daily basis up and down the country. It's not particularly efficient to send innocent people to prison because they can't get proper representation.
>> No. 437822 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 9:32 pm
437822 spacer

It's pretty difficult to avoid that now, I think. Even good monitors have RGB underglow and shit in them now.

Funnily enough the most expensive keyboard I own doesn't even have a caps lock indicator light, let alone RGB.
>> No. 437823 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 9:35 pm
437823 spacer
I was a little annoyed that the PC i ordered had lights inside it. Not RBG shite but glowing orange LEDs. Not sure if there's a way to turn them off either.
>> No. 437824 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 10:14 pm
437824 spacer

I started building my PC long enough ago that I just have single colour (red) LED strips in it. It seemed like a fun idea in 2015.
>> No. 437825 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 8:15 am
437825 spacer
Couldn't agree more. I know these multicoloured LED strips are cheap to make and easy to make work, but they're fucking everywhere at the moment. Quite difficult to buy/build a PC that doesn't end up looking a bit Xmas-tree-like.
>> No. 437826 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 10:13 am
437826 spacer

I built a PC not three weeks ago and not a single part has RGB.

A lot of things have RGB compatibility, but there are still plenty of parts about that don't light up like an Alfa Romeo dashboard.
>> No. 437827 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 10:49 am
437827 spacer
The fuck is that huge partition at the bottom? Is that a monster PSU?
>> No. 437828 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 10:53 am
437828 spacer

It's a PSU shroud or basement, it hides the standard sized PSU, its wiring, and then just continues for the length of the case because someone decided stopping it short looks bad, so everyone does it this way.
>> No. 437829 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 10:55 am
437829 spacer

Yours doesn't look as smart as mine.
>> No. 437830 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 10:56 am
437830 spacer
Never mind the wiring, what the fuck is all that dust? When did you last clean it?
>> No. 437831 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 10:57 am
437831 spacer
Oh never mind I just noticed the timestamp.
>> No. 437832 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 10:58 am
437832 spacer

I feel like you can tell exactly the amount and how depraved the porn that is stored or viewed on any PC just by looking at it. Yours is mostly dog fucking.
>> No. 437833 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 11:13 am
437833 spacer
I'e got everything colour coded inside my case, which is a bit pointless because I have a case with no window on.
The five minutes of enjoyment I might get from a lit up case isn't worth the fact that seeing bright lights out of the corner of my eye is distracting and does my head in. I'm glad I can at least get a case with an orange power and HDD LED, rather than the glaring white and blue LEDs that were popular for a long time.
>> No. 437840 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 4:34 pm
437840 spacer

20200602_123105 combined.jpg
Ooh, do me!
>> No. 437841 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 4:39 pm
437841 spacer

Femdom, mostly Mistress T.
>> No. 437851 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 7:15 pm
437851 spacer
Oh, One Show.
>> No. 437858 Anonymous
1st July 2020
Wednesday 11:16 am
437858 spacer

What's with all the foil stuff?
>> No. 437859 Anonymous
1st July 2020
Wednesday 12:04 pm
437859 spacer
You can pop a sausage roll in it and keep it warm while you game.
>> No. 437863 Anonymous
7th July 2020
Tuesday 8:11 am
437863 spacer
I've recently started sprouting long and pale eyebrow hairs. I suppose at some point my ears will follow suit. Is this what will define my thirties; additional body hair?
>> No. 437864 Anonymous
7th July 2020
Tuesday 3:16 pm
437864 spacer
That's been pretty much my experience so far. My mate says I wont start falling to bits until I hit mid 40s so I can handle a bit of hair.
>> No. 437871 Anonymous
8th July 2020
Wednesday 10:35 am
437871 spacer
Once you hit 30 all you're really doing from then on is gradually turning into a bush.
>> No. 437882 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 11:04 am
437882 spacer
I'm eyeing up a new guitar, but I feel like I shouldn't be splurging on an indulgence at a time like this. Intellectually I know it's good for the economy to be spending, but I have an instinctive sense that thrift is a virtue in hard times. I wonder if this mindset will stifle our post-COVID economic recovery, or if everyone will just forget about it and max out their credit cards.
>> No. 437883 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 11:58 am
437883 spacer
If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, spend it on something practical. A brewing kit, an oil press, tools, a shed. It's good to have a hobby but better to have a hobby that might save you money in the future. Music is great but by the sound of it you already have at least one guitar.
>> No. 437885 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 8:27 pm
437885 spacer

I bought myself a new guitar last month, it was pretty worthwhile considering there was nothing else to do but stay at home hobbying.

Of course, as always with music gear, you move on to fancying something else almost immediately after you've got the last one. I've been getting into impulse response loaders, and I want a new amp and load box now.
>> No. 437928 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 8:01 pm
437928 I guess this is the hobbies thread, now.
My back is killing me, but i'm quite pleased with myself for replacing my computers PCU - a power surge fried my old one before flipping all the fuses in my house.
It took about an hour and a half to refit between figuring out that my graphics card is powered by the motherboard rather than a socket and reinserting the RAM in the correct order (because that's a thing, apparently).

Next up i'll be installing more RAM if I can figure out compatibility, then maybe trying to install an OS on an SSD.

Is there some reason why I shouldn't link multiple components on the same power cable?
They put the sockets in series for a reason, right?
>> No. 437929 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 8:24 pm
437929 spacer

They're on the same wire but they're not in series, electrically. Usually it's not a problem to do so, only high current drawing stuff like a high end graphics card should be placed on its own power "rail" and usually the cabling nowadays is such that you can't really do it wrong.
>> No. 437930 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 9:22 pm
437930 spacer
First ripe tomatoes and tomatilloes of the year. Pretty tasty.
>> No. 437931 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 9:27 pm
437931 spacer
Think I'm definitely going to do my PPL now. Maybe by next year.
>> No. 437932 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 10:13 pm
437932 spacer

>the cabling nowadays is such that you can't really do it wrong
And here i am patting myself on the back for fitting the right shapes to the corresponding holes.
>> No. 437933 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 10:32 pm
437933 spacer
I finished painting the inside of my parents' garage this weekend. Took me three fucking days to paint over nigh on 40 years worth of scuffs and grime from top to bottom. Some areas needed three or even four layers of white paint, despite scrubbing them with plenty of bleach beforehand. But now it's all in a pristine bright white, and probably looks better than the day my parents moved in.

I also installed two additional wall outlets with all the wiring. I'm not a qualified electrician, but with solid basic knowledge of electricity and a good bit of common sense, it's not necessarily as dangerous as you're always told it is. Don't try this at home, kids.
>> No. 437940 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 11:14 am
437940 spacer
Do you think if I built a PC in a Tropicana carton anyone would buy it?
>> No. 437941 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 11:25 am
437941 spacer
So, a Raspberry Pi, then?
>> No. 437942 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 11:35 am
437942 spacer
I thought maybe I could bend one of those tiny motherboard in of itself, but maybe on of those, yeah.
>> No. 437945 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 9:06 pm
437945 spacer
I've also spent the last couple of days painting the inside of my garage, which is my current "shed". Painting walls white is very satisfying indeed. Have put up some nice curtains and added a couple of lights. DIY is cool when you're in the mood for it.
>> No. 437951 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:44 pm
437951 spacer

Well this is part of a larger project of refurbishing the garage. It's got a flat roof and an inside rainwater pipe, which an architect friend has told me is a feat of engineering if you manage to build it properly so that the roof doesn't start leaking after just a few years. He said that 35 years without leakage was still a very good time frame, but the last two years or so, it began leaking profusely, especially this past winter, and there was a big water stain down the adjacent inside wall of about two square metres. It would have been easy to just paint over the water stain and be done with it, but the whole inside of the garage was in a worn state, not just from scrapes and scuffs on the walls and darkened areas from car exhaust emissions. There was rubbish everywhere and boxes of unspecifiable car parts and accessories, so I took to them with two large bin bags and cleared it all out. Some of it, like a new old stock unused Bosch ignition system for a Volkswagen T3, could be worth selling on eBay for a few quid.

Now that the walls are painted, the next step will be sealing the concrete floor with a polymer coating. Which will add to a nice refurbished appearance. And then it's on to the roof itself. I stripped off all the old weatherproofing down to the bare reinforced concrete, and I will have to rebuild it layer by layer.

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