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>> No. 437212 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 4:37 am
437212 spacer
It's that time of day again.
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>> No. 437213 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 7:48 am
437213 spacer
I've been getting up a lot earlier since lockdown. Can't quite figure out how not having to get up makes it easier to get up.

Have made friends with the birds, even at the early hour. I can hear them so clearly at the moment, with the lack of background car, road and plane use - the blackbirds in my garden sing loudly early every morning. They have such a rich and complex song.

The birds singing are one of the bits of lockdown I will remember for a long time.
>> No. 437214 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 10:50 am
437214 spacer

Have you tried taking a bass out in the garden and jamming with them? I'm not even joking, I used to do trade off guitar solos with my exes budgie.

Birds are much cleverer cunts than we give them credit for I reckon.
>> No. 437216 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 3:00 pm
437216 spacer

Lucky git, I've an awful new white LED lamppost right outside my flat and the household bird pipes up at half 3. Way before the rest of the street, I hate that bastard.
>> No. 437240 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 10:56 am
437240 spacer
I love birds and all the sounds they make.
>> No. 437241 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 11:00 am
437241 spacer
>the blackbirds in my garden sing loudly early every morning.

I read somewhere that the birds are actually singing quieter during lockdown because they're no longer having to compete with the likes of traffic and aeroplanes, which also means we can hear them more clearly.
>> No. 437274 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 3:17 am
437274 spacer
Now the foxes are joining in with their infernal screeching, much like this:

>> No. 437275 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 4:11 am
437275 spacer
Oh they sound truly awful.

My wife assures me it is a mating call.
>> No. 437276 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 4:13 am
437276 spacer

I am still a little bit damaged from the first time I heard this, directly outside my open bedroom window, in a relatively isolated house. I've never been more sure I was about to die.
>> No. 437380 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 2:15 pm
437380 spacer
It's a pretty terrifying thing to hear at first, I'm sure, but logically any sound that you hear like this repeated more then a couple of times without altering is either an animal or a piece of machinery and therefore no threat.
>> No. 437381 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 6:39 pm
437381 spacer
>>437212 They no longer bother me since a noisy orange winged Amazon and a little budgie moved in, they have a habit of chatting shit to each other whenever they feel like it at whatever volume they like.
>> No. 437385 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 3:53 am
437385 spacer
There's an odd silence around 4am now. 3:30, tweet tweet still.
>> No. 437386 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 4:28 am
437386 spacer
And 4:30 the full concert starts.
>> No. 437387 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 4:54 am
437387 spacer
Very comforting to see that it's not just my sleep pattern that's been royally toasted through all this.
>> No. 437388 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 9:52 am
437388 spacer

>> No. 437512 Anonymous
19th June 2020
Friday 3:53 am
437512 spacer
Yeah, started up about half an hour ago. Only a couple of hours ago I had to take my dog out in the foggy black. I hate this time of year, the heat, humidity and lack of true night-time.


I've worked 9-5 in an office the entire lockdown and I'm absolutely fucked. Usually end up napping for 2-3 hours from around 7pm, waking up in my clothes groggy, then watching YouTube until about 5am where I sleep for about 3 hours. I haven't done anything at work for about a fortnight, I just go in, sit down for 7 hours and come home.
>> No. 437513 Anonymous
19th June 2020
Friday 5:16 am
437513 spacer

I have always like this time of year, being able to wander about at 3am in a tshirt and shorts in the twilight really just reminds me of being on holiday. I have always worked odd hours though which probably explains why I don't mind it never being properly dark.

This time last year I was doing night watch shifts, I would hammer out all the basic admin and ops stuff you're meant to occupy your time with all night by about 11pm, then all I was really there for was in case there was an emergency, so I'd grab a radio and a phone and just wander about outside, usually I'd just sit on the roof terrace type thing people smoke on during the day and just enjoy the quiet. People hated that shift, even the ones that just sat in the office watching netflix all night, but I loved it. Never got to do it in the winter, I can see that being much less fun.

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