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>> No. 5062 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 4:01 pm
5062 spacer
>How corporations can delete your existence

>Let’s call her Laura. In September, Laura was out in Leeds City Centre, buying some bits, when her card was declined. Funny, she thought. She definitely wasn’t in the red. But these things happen, so she left the shop, tinting crimson, and dashed towards the nearest cashpoint. But her card wouldn’t work at the cashpoint either. She tried another one. With the same result. Laura opened the banking app on her phone. It said only ‘error’, then automatically closed. She finally abandoned her shopping and went into the nearest branch of Santander. There, the counter assistant seemed just as mystified. After about an hour of waiting, though, Laura was called through into the manager’s office.

>“I’m going to read a statement out for you,” the manager said. “But I’m not going to be able to answer any of your questions after that. We have locked your bank account. We can’t give you any more information. We might be in touch in future with more information. But we don’t know when that might be.”

>Could she have her money? No. But how was she supposed to get home? After all, she lived eight miles outside of Leeds, and now she had no bus fare. Apparently, this was not the bank’s business. This low-rent version of The Trial went on for another three weeks. Frequently, Laura would phone up Santander customer services. She’d be put on hold for ages. Then the phone would just go dead. She wrote to Santander to complain. They wrote back: they weren’t interested in her complaint and wouldn’t be taking it any further. Meanwhile, her rent, standing orders and Direct Debits stacked up, the late fees and penalties mushroomed around them, as life tumbled towards chaos.

>Nearly a month on, she received a letter from Santander: Under the terms and conditions… we can withdraw banking facilities at any time, and in line with company policy we don’t give further details.

>The account had been closed. Without apparent irony, the balance had been appended as a cheque.


Reading that was quite unsettling. What is going to be the impact of unpersoning in a society that is increasingly cashless and driven by online transactions?
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>> No. 5076 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:15 pm
5076 spacer
>They tied together two of my company accounts and a personal one

They're totally allowed to do that, unless those company accounts are Limited Company accounts. You just didn't read the T&Cs. In the context of an individual person, account means nothing. A limited company is like a person in its own right, separate from you.

Don't keep your nazi contributions in any bank account, or any financial institution or electronic money company that talks to CIFAS (protip: everyone does). That includes PayPal. I bet in this Laura Towler case it was PayPal donations that did her.
>> No. 5079 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:22 pm
5079 spacer
And you lot say crypto has no valid use cases.

Bitcoin, the Nazi bank.
>> No. 5080 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:24 pm
5080 spacer
Should opt to be paid in gay wedding cakes and sell those on. Let's see bankers put that in their pipe and smoke it.
>> No. 5081 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:28 pm
5081 spacer
>>5076 They are indeed limited companies. They apologised. I didn't ask for the accounts to be linked in any way - the second company's account details suddenly became accessed from the first company's login page, along with my personal account. And then they did the cross-payment thing.
The same two people had login rights for both accounts, but combining companies did seem like a dodgy optimisation.
>> No. 5083 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:45 pm
5083 spacer
If that's the case, then you should complain to the Financial Ombudsman - again, banks don't want the grief of dealing with regulators, so a complaint to them will almost always find in your favour if you have an actual case. It takes about 90 days, but if they've genuinely fucked up and cost you money, you will get it back.

>> No. 2890 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 5:12 pm
2890 Please explain what the fuck is going on here boo-lads
Mr Danczuk described the warning that came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him.

He said: “I’d never spoken to him before my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

“He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I’d be answering questions on child abuse.

“’I hear you’re about to challenge Lord Brittan about when he knew about child sex abuse,’ he said. ‘It wouldn’t be a wise move', he advised me. 'It was all put to bed a long time ago.’ He warned me I could even be responsible for his death.

“We looked at each other in silence for a second. I knew straight away he wasn’t telling me this out of concern or the man’s welfare. There was no compassion in his voice.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he added: “As politicians made their way out of Westminster, I had no doubt that other conversations like this were taking place.

“Indeed this was confirmed when I spoke to other members of the Select Committee the next day. They’d been paid similar visits. Phone calls had been made.”

- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10949366/Simon-Danczuk-I-was-warned-not-to-challenge-Leon-Brittan-over-paedophile-dossier.html
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>> No. 4979 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 5:22 pm
4979 spacer
> It's an incredible story, proper /boo/ shit.

Everything sounds like '/boo/ shit' until the truth outs and we realise it was under our noses all along.

I was going through this place's archives a while back and found a post from 2012 that basically said "Get back to /boo/, lad" in response to someone naming Prince Andrew as a Paedophile.

I have a book published in 2009 that calls out, explicitly as it can without actually committing libel, Jimmy Savile for having "a specially equipped ambulance that he uses to abuse the disabled".

Basically what I'm trying to say is that David Icke is right and the government is all lizards. Now I'm going to put my tinfoil back over my head before the mind rays get me.
>> No. 4980 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 5:41 pm
4980 spacer
>David Icke is right

God help us all if/when this comes true. We'll all have to move to the Isle of Wight to worship him. I've been there many times, it's hell.
>> No. 4981 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 6:16 pm
4981 spacer

The Isle of Wight would be more like Mecca for ARE ICKE. We'd all have to make the pilgrimage once a year to pray at Arum Bay and do six laps around the island counter-clockwise in a pedalo or something.
>> No. 4982 Anonymous
27th August 2020
Thursday 10:25 pm
4982 spacer
Just watched a bitchute video about pedogate - it was a mistake. Next up is an hour long documentary entitled "300,000 Children a year blood Sacrificed and put in McDonalds meat!". I'm in for a bad couple of weeks it seems.
>> No. 4983 Anonymous
27th August 2020
Thursday 11:11 pm
4983 spacer
>under our noses all along
>I have a book published in 2009 that calls out

Insiders at the BBC were openly talking about it in the early 90s. Back then I had a friend who had worked there for almost twenty years, which is how/when I first heard about his antics.

Beirut Harbour.gif
>> No. 4976 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 3:34 pm
4976 Lebenon factory explosion Locked
Apparently a fireworks factory in Beirut has exploded. The videos are incredible.
A fireworks factory is pretty much projectile manufacture, ie bullets and munitions.
Is it a supply chain attack?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 4977 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 4:44 pm
4977 spacer
What the actual fuck are you even talking about. There is a thread in /news/ that shows pictures of the place that blew up.

>> No. 4966 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 10:30 am
4966 spacer
Is it just me or have online companies recently (post covid) taken a bold step forward in what data they feel entitled to? I've had both my dating profile and skype suddenly decide they need to verify my mobile number for 'security reasons' in order to continue functioning. It feels like the thin end of the wedge in both erasing our anonymity and in collectivism of all our data for advertising purposes. (Phone numbers nowadays being a good proxy for unique identifies).
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>> No. 4971 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 11:43 am
4971 spacer

If my entire business model was built off of targeted advertising the possibility that one day I might have to have a court battle and might lose 2% of the revenue that 100% comes from that source would be just part of the cost of doing business.

Companies have systematically broken the rules for less.
>> No. 4972 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 11:47 am
4972 spacer

Additionally to this there are plenty of work arounds. Like the company that handles the security is another entity, which later dissolves and when the assets are stripped that data can be used without having to conform to the originally agreed terms.
>> No. 4973 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 12:35 pm
4973 spacer
pay as you go simm 99p dont buy it on your credit card
>> No. 4974 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 12:57 pm
4974 spacer
Facebook even stood up in court and said that it would be "economically impossible" for them to comply with GDPR.
>> No. 4975 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 2:54 pm
4975 spacer

I've done that in the past, but there is currently a gobal crisis that makes it more difficult for people to cash buy a sim card which feeds into the conspiracy, of why now is the perfect time for them to act.

>> No. 4947 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 10:27 pm
4947 Epstein
How have we not had a thread about this chap yet? Is it really just because of that one guy on /lab/ getting touchy about it? Or the Prince Andrew connection? The conspiracy behind the conspiracy is always the real killer.

I mean, he's "dead" now so it's not even like we need to worry about libel or whatever.

Let me give you my three theories in order from most plausible to least plausible:

1. The "well-meaning individuals" who are desperate to see a connection to Mossad have spoiled the fun for everyone. Are there a lot of circumstantial connections? Yes. Might investigating it lead to uncovering more shit in the same vein? Yes. Is child sex-trafficking something that was made up by "da joos" and wouldn't otherwise exist? Obviously not. This would have gotten more attention if not for those guys ruining everything.

2. Many/most billionaires are doing what this guy did or something so close to it to be functionally the same thing. Maybe they only have "barely" 18-year-old masseuses in the white countries but even that is just wishful thinking tbh. Outside of the west this would have barely made the news and even within the west a man in his 50s doing exactly the same thing with vulnerable 19-year-olds would have just been "business as usual" for the powers that be.

3. He isn't dead.

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>> No. 4961 Anonymous
2nd May 2020
Saturday 8:31 am
4961 spacer
>> No. 4962 Anonymous
2nd May 2020
Saturday 9:18 am
4962 spacer
Make like Epstein and shut up, FOB freak.

Thanks, man, I was sleeping.
>> No. 4963 Anonymous
2nd May 2020
Saturday 10:41 am
4963 spacer
Who checks the other boards? Ffs. You're right but only on a technicality.
>> No. 4964 Anonymous
2nd May 2020
Saturday 12:05 pm
4964 spacer
Lurk more.
>> No. 4965 Anonymous
2nd May 2020
Saturday 3:34 pm
4965 spacer

Email westwood@gmail.com and let him know your batty is bare ready for his "shotgun". He'll understand the codewords and you'll get bummed the next time you dare take a middle class ramble through Kennington.

>> No. 4858 Anonymous
9th April 2020
Thursday 6:46 pm
4858 Icke on Corona, and everything else

If you can manage through his insufferable personality, David Ickes recently censored YT interview makes for somewhat interesting viewing. Whether a conspiracy or not, he shares information that help connect dots and develop concepts on how aspects of the world might work.. to begin with. As always with Icke there's a lot of chaff to deal with, and the longer you watch the more diffcult it becomes to continue. If little else his character offers an interesting study of schizophrenic messiah complexes or sumink.

Briefly; David Icke seems to be saying that regular expected deaths are being relabeled as covid19, and that the tests are so broad they're finding 'corona like symptoms' where there may be none. These concerns have, apparently, been raised by industry insiders. Ultimately the virus does not exist as it'd being reported and the illnesses are an effect of the increasing 5g network. He goes on a little as to why the 5g network is being errected, but focuses on the scandalous organisations and individuals involved.
He talks vaguely about nanotec, biochips, and 'what's to come' with regard to lockdown normalisation. Beyond this he just talks about acknowledged concepts in the conspiracy communities and loosely ties them to the current pandemic and a future of increased govermental control.

Perhaps he's on to something, but his seeming inability to to admit "i do not know" hinders his arguement immeasurably. Just look at him squirm and shake his shoulders as if to shrug off the burden of proof. Cassetteboy or other sampler could have as field day with this video - i would if i knew how. Getting through only the first half of this video is doing my fucking head in. David Icke; the immidiate problem, first and forrmost, is your attitude. Jesus christ his personality is enough to shut down any reasonable persons thought.
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>> No. 4942 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 3:12 pm
4942 spacer
I think lockdown is starting to make everyone extra cranky.
>> No. 4943 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 9:08 pm
4943 spacer
>>4942 Not me, I'm loving it.
WFH, quiet shops, spring in the air, fantastic weather (I love this sunny cool breezy stuff), everything running at 80% of normal speed, catching up on stuff rather than running flat out and still falling behind.
If it wasn't for the shit that other people are putting up with, and the shit we're lining up in the future, I could happily stay like this forever.
>> No. 4944 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 10:49 am
4944 spacer
Exactly. If it wasn't for the undercurrent of imminent death and total economic collapse I'd be having the time of my life. I'm trying not to let the negative aspects spoil my lockdown too much.
>> No. 4945 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 10:50 am
4945 spacer

Same. My mental and physical health is the best it has been in about a decade.
>> No. 4946 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 10:51 am
4946 spacer

>> No. 4831 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 1:51 am
4831 Aliens
The Area 51 thing was a massive wet fart, but it got me nostalgic for the old days where it wasn't all about chemtrails, Jews being behind 9/11, and flat-earth nonsense. Back then it was believable, grounded stuff like flying saucers and men in black. So let's talk about aliens.

Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe we are visited by aliens? Have you ever seen or encountered any aliens? Does the government know about aliens but cover it up? Did aliens visit and influence our ancestors in the past? Are aliens friendly, benign, or threatening?

Aliens are a very compelling subject. Why is the classic description of a grey so fundamentally creepy? Why have aliens and the things that surround them, UFOs, men in black, become such an ingrained part of modern folklore? Why have they fallen into the background in modern times, to be replaced with anti-intellectual/anti-science conspiracy theories for home schooling bible-bashing wierdos? Is this paradigm shift representative of the cultural era we have moved into?

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>> No. 4844 Anonymous
19th November 2019
Tuesday 7:58 am
4844 spacer
I've never really spoken about this to anyone before, I'm not 100% saying it was an alien or anything but I think this is the right place to tell this story.

In 2013 I fucked up a quite important exam and needed to get away for a few days. A mate of mine was going down to Cornwall camping with some hippie friends of his and I agreed to tag along. There was a big permanent Ghegnis Khan style tent at the campsite with a stove in it etc and we basically would just sit up all night in there drinking and chatting or (when it wasn't raining) we would do like a fire outside.

On the last night before we went home we ran out of firewood and so I went over to the next campsite over to borrow some wood. We'd spoken to the people who were staying there quite a bit and knew they wouldn't mind. There were these long holes in the ground between the campsites and it was really dark so I can't really say for sure but Worf was there.
>> No. 4854 Anonymous
8th March 2020
Sunday 11:37 pm
4854 spacer


I'd be interested if anyone has any good reading material to recommend on such "meta-/boo/ subjects as you mentioned.

I love reading about this sort of stuff even from a sceptical point of view. Just the history of it all and the real-life behind the scenes stuff we've since learned about, and of course that grain of hopefulness you'll find something genuinely unexplainable.

In a past life, I was Fox Mulder.
>> No. 4855 Anonymous
9th March 2020
Monday 9:51 pm
4855 spacer

>> No. 4856 Anonymous
10th March 2020
Tuesday 10:10 am
4856 spacer
They exist but the distances between us and them are so great that unless they've cracked warp/hyperspace/inertialess drives we'll probably never encounter them.

And if they do have the means to get here then we'd be insignificant to them unless we just happened to be the 1st alien race they come across. Even then, they may have some means to monitor us without us knowing or choose to leave us alone until we've cracked FTL.
>> No. 4857 Anonymous
12th March 2020
Thursday 8:44 pm
4857 spacer
I was once awoken by this low humming sound and bright lights. Decided to investigate and as I went through my kitchen to the back door I saw this midget thing with big eyes and an egg shaped head in front of my freezer. It was holding a bag of petis pois and with long slender fingers from it's other hand I could see it pushing some sort of appendage into the bag of frozen veg. I was shitting myself at this point, suddenly some force froze me solid and I couldn't move. The thing in front of my freezer spun round and looked deep into my eyes with a piercing stare. I was totally shitting myself. Then the thing sent some kind of telepathic message, it spoke without moving it's mouth.
I come in peas, it said.

PLAYSTATION--Digimon World 2_Sep16 2_14_56.png
>> No. 4845 Anonymous
20th January 2020
Monday 10:31 pm
4845 spacer
If you became a ghost one day and for whatever reason couldn't go towards the warm fiery glow, what would you do? It's an interesting thought experiment because you'd have all the time in the world and no real financial worries or commitments.

I reckon the first thing I'd do is check out local religious buildings and see what happens. If I can't enter one or otherwise weird stuff happens I guess that would answer the question of which one is in the right. Then I'd probably get increasingly frustrated because I can't watch television unless someone has a tv on in the room.

The idea for this thread came to me in a dream. Not actually being a ghost but this thread led to a few interesting posts.
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>> No. 4849 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 4:46 pm
4849 spacer
What did you think ectoplasm was?
>> No. 4850 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 7:33 pm
4850 spacer
I've always been annoyed that you never have ghosts from other places and times turn up. It's always a Victorian ghost living in a Victorian house and partaking in the Victorian pastime of standing at the top of the stairs. They don't even seem to associate with other ghosts.

I'm not so much annoyed as disappointed.
>> No. 4851 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 7:47 pm
4851 spacer
You raise a good point. Where are the caveman ghosts?
>> No. 4852 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 7:58 pm
4852 spacer
>> No. 4853 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 4:24 am
4853 spacer
Hang around womens changing rooms and that. Spy on what Boris looks like having a shufty. Try to force myself into being a poltergeist so that I could throw silver cutlery at the queen's arse while she's getting out of the bath. That kind of thing.

they said i was crazy.jpg
>> No. 4521 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 12:27 pm


I believe him.

I expect the reputation management crew to be here any minute.
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>> No. 4824 Anonymous
8th July 2019
Monday 6:11 am
4824 spacer

>> No. 4827 Anonymous
31st July 2019
Wednesday 9:54 am
4827 spacer

He's less bald?

>> No. 4828 Anonymous
31st July 2019
Wednesday 11:28 am
4828 spacer
>>4827 > That background musics fucking annoying
>> No. 4829 Anonymous
2nd August 2019
Friday 6:26 pm
4829 spacer
Sounds like a plan.

>> No. 4830 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 3:16 pm
4830 spacer

>> No. 4809 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 1:31 am
4809 Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers (2018)
I am about as sceptical as they come but there is elements to his story that makes it more convincing than most.

The film it self is made by the usual conspiratorial innuendo crowd in their style.

Essentially he is a man who in the 80s claimed to have worked reverse engineering parts of an alien space craft.

But he completely doesnt match the usual profile of people at the centre of these things. He doesn't seem like he wants the attention. And that's part of what makes it interesting.

He has certainly at least been telling the truth about things that weren't public, he is the person who first introduced Area 51 into the public consciousness and described a security device they used there that later it was revealed Lockheed used at their skunkworks as well.

Also there has apparently been weird cover ups about his past he claims to have degrees from Caltech and MIT and have worked Los Alamos National Lab all of which all have apparently denied having any record of it. But later it was found out there was an article written about Los Alamos National Lab where he was in the picture. This all seems a bit odd because one would assume there was at least a professor who would remember him but it is brushed over a bit in the documentary.

If any of what is said to be verified in the documentary is actually true there is definitely more going on then there usually is with these sorts of claims but it is hard to tell what, when the people telling his story want to believe these things too much and sensationalize what they have.
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>> No. 4819 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 3:32 pm
4819 spacer

>though the realities of the distances and mechanics involved in space travel would suggest it's still almost impossible that we've had any contact with aliens

It doesn't suggest anything of the sort. It is just difficult for us with our current level of technology and energy efficency.

A hundred years ago you'd be talking about how machines carring 500 people at 10 km up at around the speed of sound was almost impossible yet that is what is happening right now.

>then the technology harvested from such a craft would be so incredibly advanced that it would be impossible to sit on and would be immediately evident, when say, the US army started teleporting their tanks etc.

What makes you think we would be capible of understanding it that well and replicating it? One of the things that is said in the docummenary is that the technology seems to be dependant on a stable isotope of Moscovium to run since we don't have that, and Moscovium was only created in a lab 15 years after he was making these claims it wouldn't be absurd to presume that they wouldn't be able to make use of it even if they wanted to. It isn't a question of sitting on it.

It is of course very easy to shit on and question any of the ideas here, that's why I posted it in /boo/ and not /lab/ but you aren't doing a good job of it.
>> No. 4820 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 7:50 pm
4820 spacer

>It doesn't suggest anything of the sort. It is just difficult for us with our current level of technology and energy efficency.

>A hundred years ago you'd be talking about how machines carring 500 people at 10 km up at around the speed of sound was almost impossible yet that is what is happening right now.

I know where you're coming from, but even Da Vinci had a blueprint for a helicopter - we have known for a long time that flight was possible, we just didn't know how we were going to do it.

Space travel is a bit different, in that we know the distances are so mind bendingly vast that physics is the limiting factor, not engineering.

It's not impossible, it's just a micron away from being impossible. Unless - if this lad is telling the truth, the implication could well be that there's alien life in this solar system.
>> No. 4821 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 7:52 pm
4821 spacer

>It is of course very easy to shit on and question any of the ideas here, that's why I posted it in /boo/ and not /lab/ but you aren't doing a good job of it.

Don't do that, mate. Don't have a teary because someone is more sceptical than you.
>> No. 4822 Anonymous
6th July 2019
Saturday 8:11 pm
4822 spacer

no one is having a teary lad, no one is comparing their dicks, so put yours away.
>> No. 4823 Anonymous
7th July 2019
Sunday 9:56 am
4823 spacer

Mines not very long but it's quite girthy.

And I know when someone's having a teary on here, I can smell it a mile off. because of the teary meter I pulled out of a UFO in nevada

>> No. 4779 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 10:59 pm
4779 spacer
One of the worst things of commuting via the Tube is the smell. Cheap cologne, halitosis, sweat, rotting organic matter, I never got used to it. A couple of month ago I was on the Tube, sandwiched between a Polish worker smelling like rotting kielbasa and a British lady that tried to drown her revolting period smell with cologne, wondering whether to commit suicide or hope for a terrorist attack.

Then I noticed that the person in front of me had no smell. Nothing, no stink, no chemical odour, not even the fresh smell of somebody that just showered. Just nothing. I put on my glasses and started looking at him, and I noticed that he was sitting still as a stone, completely immobile, not reacting to any of the many "distractions" of the commute. He did not even flinch when a young member of the local fauna screamed at 60 decibel next to his ear.

I went on my commute, and forgot about him, but the next days I started noticing other people showing the same characteristics. My enhanced sense of smell, a curse on my life since childhood, allowed me to spot them, but I could not see any of them standing up, or interacting with anything in the coach. I managed to observe some peculiar facts, however:

They always travelled alone. I have never seen more than one of them in a train, except for a special occasion I will talk about later.
They never interacted with anyone or anything.
They never reacted to any phenomena, no matter how dangerous or unpleasant.
Their look and dress were unremarkable, so unremarkable that I had serious difficulties in keeping my gaze on them. A second of distraction was enough to forget about them until I was off the train.
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>> No. 4791 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 5:52 pm
4791 spacer
Ok this is just silly now. I've lost interest.
>> No. 4796 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 10:41 pm
4796 spacer
We were in an underground depot, softly lit by neon tubes. The architecture was familiar, but every single flat surface was covered with drawings, tribal markings and abstract decorations. Probably those people had a deep phobia of solid colours or a bad case of colourblindness, since there was nothing painted in solid colour anywhere. The effect was garish, but not tasteless.

"There are only two rules here", said the Passenger without turning to face me: "First, do not move or talk, otherwise the locals will notice you."

The Passenger kept walking leisurely, and I found it extremely rude and arrogant. His voice was also buzzing and irritating, like a phone with bad reception. Thinking about phones, I took my Iphone out. No reception, obviously. Not even emergency calls.

"Second, you have only seven stops in each reality. The last stop will be a depot or something similar. If you stay on the train, you will switch to a different reality set."

I stopped to lean on the wall. That was too much, simply too much in a single moment. My brain had just shut down, I could not process anything anymore. My sense saved me again, this time I smelled saliva, sweat, the typical smell of red haired people and old blood. Especially blood. I raised my right knee and kicked hard and low on the back, a perfect back kick. My trainer would have been proud of me. I felt something fragile snap on the knee of my fellow Passenger, I dropped my backpack and stepped ahead to avoid any follow up attack. I turned around, ready to fight, but the fight already ended. My new friend was on the ground, rolled in a ball and clutching a shattered knee, his body thin and frail, his face a broad, squat, ugly mess with a mass of repulsive freckles and a broken nose.

"You sneaky bastard, coming from behind like that!", then I kicked it hard in the shoulder, I wanted to be sure to incapacitate it but I wanted some more answers before stomping him for good.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4797 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 10:42 pm
4797 spacer
I reached her halfway on some stairs, she did not hear me until it was too late. She turned around and when she noticed me her eyes went round, her mouth and nostrils opening in a mixture of fear and disgust. I did not gave her time to scream. I pushed her down the stairs, hard. She fell down, trying to grab the handrail, but I hit her hard on the hand, then on the head, until she was half unconscious. I tied up her wrists with some electricians zip ties (perfect for this kind of things) and I raped her furiously. She was completely dry, and I had to struggle before I could get inside her. I ripped her dress, I punched her in her most vulnerable places, I did anything possible to get a reaction. She just laid down like a broken doll, looking at me with eyes full of disgust and piety.

When I finished I stood up, unsure on what to do. I gave in to my most bestial urges, but I did not get any pleasure from it. The lady just brought her hands to her ripped dress and took a ceremonial dagger out from a hidden pocket, then she slashed her own throat in a single movement. She could have killed me from the beginning, but she was already so defiled by my presence that she preferred to die.

That was the moment that my humanity dried up and died.

I walked to the platform and took the first train. Seven stops later, and I was in a different reality. In that world, people looked either Russians or Chinese, the coach was like something from the fifties, people smelled bad, drank, smoked and fought without any reason. In the week I spent there, I've seen more than two dozens of brawls and at least one homicide. That place was the first reality where I faced and killed a man in a (more or less) fair fight.

The following reality was even worse. Only my stab proof vest saved me, but it was ruined.

I tried to rest, to meditate, to clear my mind and soul (assuming that I still had it) before departing, and the next reality was less aggressive than that. In that place, people looked like Malay of Filipino, short, stocky, with the tired looks of hard workers. The carriages were incredibly crowded and filthy, but nobody took notice of me except for a local priest that threw some powdered spices at me. Maybe he was trying to exorcise me, in that case he failed.

I strangled him in the link between two carriages, I dumped his body out of the window and went back to my seat. In the following months I stalked and killed several people, I only stopped when the trains started to go empty and the travellers hired armed guards. I left a guard decapitated on a passengers seat, his unfired pistol still in his hand.

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>> No. 4798 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 10:57 pm
4798 spacer




>> No. 4799 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 8:20 am
4799 spacer


U wot m8? I am from Brum, not from Wensleydale. Incidentally, I always liked regional cheeses. Any clue on where to find some?

>> No. 4741 Anonymous
21st March 2019
Thursday 2:30 pm
4741 The reason Art is so expensive is it is a tool for tax evasion
Rich people buy art at charity auctions for lower then it's appraised value.

let it 'appriciate' for a while and get it reapraised

Then they donate it to a charity for auction.

They then get to mark that as a charitable contribution which means they can off set it against their tax, and they get the value it was appraised at not the auction price.

Art is bought by next rich person at charity aution for 'less than it is worth'.


Art is usually unique so they can say it is priced whatever they want even if it is a scribble as long as it has an artist name they have massaged to mean something it can have a multi million price tag.

Pic related this painting is worth 300 million and I don't think it is purely because someone likes it that much.
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>> No. 4754 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 5:10 pm
4754 spacer

You people don't even know the meaning of the word "heresy", you probably don't even realise the Custodes are Eldar!
>> No. 4755 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 5:36 pm
4755 spacer

how art money laundering.jpg
Is this screencap from the other place accurate?
>> No. 4756 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 5:46 pm
4756 spacer
It's certainly horrendously antisemitic.
>> No. 4757 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 6:16 pm
4757 spacer
That's unfair on antisemites.
>> No. 4758 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 6:22 pm
4758 spacer
For one, a write-off reduces your taxable income, not the final bill.

alex jones third eye.jpg
>> No. 4731 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 7:52 am
4731 spacer


Who are they? It's people who are psychically and genetically available to interface in this incredibly diverse universe, with all these dimensions above and below and all around us, with consciousnesses. And the truth is, all energy is never destroyed, it all continues on. The truth is our bodies, this is a fact, are a communal hive organism of all of our ancestors and all of their race memories. But not in just some compressed epigenetic system, it's beyond that, it's an electrochemical antenna (they've proven this), that connects to higher and lower dimensions. So our body suit, because our predecessors wouldn't put us in this position without giving us a bodysuit that is them. Our families are loving us, they are holding us, they are wrapped all round us, their strength, their will, their bad, their good, their sins, the good things they did, the battles they won, the battles they lost, the woman they loved, the man they loved, it's all in us, all these people. It is why we are able to look into so many things and have so many different experiences. And so all the shamans, all the ancient religions, everybody says: there are the good ones and there are the bad ones, and people are interfacing . So you say, where does it begin? From the Tibetans, to the Meso-Americans, to the Egyptians, to the Druids, to every ancient society, describes the same thing. There are bad things that look like elves that have horns, when they show you who they really are. And there are good things, but they don't contact you unless you contact them, and then they are almost not concerned with what you are doing. I never bought into this or looked into it, but then I began to think about what did I hear when I was a kid, what did I see, what was coming out in government documents, what was being admitted? When I read all these books about World War Two and the Nazis and Hitler obsessed with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans and what they were able to do without drugs and interface with this and all the rituals they would do and how they would believe that beyond the ether, like Skull and Bones which is a German death Cult, they would do rituals and take drugs to talk to the goddesses, and they are just appearing as sexy beautiful women. It is whatever you want as these spirit guides, because lower entities will come in and violate your free will. God and his angels which are below him, will not get involved in your everyday life. They will not manipulate your free will unless you ask them in. The Devil masquerades as an angel of light. So we are on this planet, the third dimension, which is a launch pad to all the other dimensions below and above. The third dimension, all the mathematics shows, is the primal sea of where all this happens, and the earth is like an egg, and we have got all this potentiality and God will send down a transmission for a larger plan, but evil is willing to come in- and what does it say? Demoralise, get rid of children, don't have kids, humans are bad, we will be better once you are all gone. And it is because it is their operational mission, for whatever reason that we will understand later what is going on. So the Nazis, via the deep literature, they believed they were basically seancing and being possessed by entities. It was before the Nazis, for whatever reason it was the Germans that this happened to, and the Swiss. They didn't discover LSD in the thirties. These people were running with the psychology departments, they were interfacing with the occult, they were involved in all this crazy stuff and it was all about their power and how great they were going to be- and the Germans were seduced. They were seduced because they had high IQ's, but more than that they were psychically connected to each other and would work like robots. The Chinese and the EU want robots to replace us because they will follow orders. And the Chinese are very conscious when they are conscious, but they are also very robotic. But the Germans are just as robotic. So this entity system picked Germans as its attempt, even in World War One and World War Two, and it was manipulating the Brits as well, and offering them technologies, but two different paths. One was social control, also there is stuff with the Brits. The other was high tech weapons, systems inter-dimensional, with the Germans. So whoever these players are, you can dial into it, but it is very dangerous. They are manipulating the German arm vs the British arm. And then they've got the Chinese arm, that is almost seen as though they are a robot army. And so when you study it, the globalists go to these events and they take bigger and bigger doses of drugs, they do electroshock. If you go back to the owners Time life books didnt work just in the 20s and 30s in LSD and other hallucinogens, and apothecaries, they were doing electroshock, they would have people turn their heart off to try and communicate with these things, to try to be dominant and get that. So you go back thousands of years, Merlin the archetype, or these magicians, or these wizards, are taking drugs in these temples and interfacing with these palantirs, these crystal balls, which aren't really crystal balls it is their psychic focus of an inter-dimensional connection while they are on drugs looking in the glass to then be able to see the future and understand what is happening to give them temporal power over this planet. But like the Bible tells you, any pharmacy (?) or any of that always leads to d
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>> No. 4735 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 12:38 pm
4735 spacer
That whole episode was fucking nuts and it was pretty funny to see Joe struggle with Alex. I don't think anyone can ever be prepared for him, absolutely mental.
>> No. 4736 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 1:27 pm
4736 spacer

>> No. 4737 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 10:48 am
4737 spacer
>They are manipulating the German arm vs the British arm. And then they've got the Chinese arm, that is almost seen as though they are a robot army.

He actually says
"They are manipulating the British arm vs the German arm. And then they've got the Chinese arm, that is almost seen as though they are a robot army."

>> No. 4738 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:52 pm
4738 spacer

>> No. 4739 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 9:05 pm
4739 spacer

>> No. 4720 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:18 am
4720 Private Members Clubs
Did my first bit of floor work at the Illuminati front I'm a member of tonight and it went better than I could have predicted. I nailed it, no mistakes, didn't need prompting on any of my spoken parts during the lecture either.

You lads subscribe to any private members clubs? Seems like a lost niche these days, outside of the Golfing community.
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>> No. 4721 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:21 am
4721 spacer
There's a masonlad here, he was very informative when we were trying to understand the whole thing.

Closest thing I've ever been to a secret club was eating ortolan illegally.

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