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>> No. 3428 Anonymous
27th June 2012
Wednesday 3:27 pm
3428 spacer
Is 2000ad worth reading anymore? After seeing the Dredd trailer I had a pleasant moment of nostalgia for back in the day when I used to get it all the time and it was brilliant and weird, but like all things I suspect it may have gone to pot. Anyone on here read it? And what's the Megazine like?
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>> No. 3485 Anonymous
28th September 2012
Friday 2:32 pm
3485 spacer
I can't wait to get the film on blu-ray, if only because I missed so much of the film due to having a headache from the 3D glasses. I did see a few bits and pieces of stuff from the comics though with Chopper graffitti and I'm sure one of the mega blocks was called the Owen Krysler building.

The slow mo scenes were well done as well, because they made sense to the story, though I did realise that the drug is basically Cake from Brasseye, which just made me chuckel to myself.
>> No. 3486 Anonymous
30th September 2012
Sunday 1:09 am
3486 spacer
>> No. 3487 Anonymous
6th October 2012
Saturday 11:19 pm
3487 spacer
Saw this a while ago and forgot to add my two cents. I'm not as keen as many people are. Dredd was great and so was Anderson, and the block. The city was not so great. It's too post apocalypse present day (perps driving a regular old van etc, not enough high rise). As a result Dredd seems more Mad-max frontier soldier than agent of a police state. However, I'm hoping this movie is set early on in the Dredd timelines and that the city will develop more before the next story.

My real issue is with Justice dept. Dredd gets a cry for help out and two lame judges turn up and knock on the door. The REAL Justice dept would have been round like a ton of bricks in no time and that block would have been taken down. Again, perhaps their grip on the city will develop over time and we'll get to see PSU monitoring the minutae of every citizen's life and a truly powerful police state crushing any challenge to it's supremacy mercilessly.

I heard a rumour that the next film will be based around the pro democracy movement, basically a re-hash of the story 'America'. That would require a Justice Dept much more in control than the one presented here.
>> No. 3488 Anonymous
6th October 2012
Saturday 11:21 pm
3488 spacer
>>3487 Forgot to add, if this is truly set early on and we are watching a young Dredd, him cogitating and then eventually passing Anderson for full eagle would not have happened. He would have already known what he was going to do, being the decisive, intractable robot that he was. He would have failed her, because she did break the rules (and then someone higher in Justice Dept would have stepped in to overrule him).

Also forgot to add that the absence of Psi Div could also point to a very early starting point for the story.
>> No. 3492 Anonymous
25th October 2012
Thursday 8:20 pm
3492 spacer

It's set very early on, before the comics even started, only like 20 years or so after the war. Dredd's in his 70's in the current comics and presumably in the film he's in his 30's or so.

But yeah, too much post-apocolyptic misery & not enough Mega-city madness & future-shock. That's one of the things the the Stallone version at least got right.

I think a sequel's out of the question though, it's completely bombed at the box office.

>> No. 3344 Anonymous
22nd February 2012
Wednesday 6:16 am
3344 Cockney Wanker
I was wondering if any of you lads have issues of Cockney Wanker you'd like to share?
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>> No. 3462 Anonymous
16th August 2012
Thursday 4:48 pm
3462 spacer


>> No. 3463 Anonymous
16th August 2012
Thursday 4:49 pm
3463 spacer


>> No. 3464 Anonymous
16th August 2012
Thursday 4:51 pm
3464 spacer


>> No. 3465 Anonymous
16th August 2012
Thursday 4:52 pm
3465 spacer


>> No. 3466 Anonymous
16th August 2012
Thursday 5:56 pm
3466 spacer
Awesome posts - ta.

>> No. 3410 Anonymous
23rd May 2012
Wednesday 1:11 pm
3410 DC superhero a bumder
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>> No. 3447 Anonymous
5th August 2012
Sunday 3:10 pm
3447 spacer

>He is courageous and without fear and it grants him great power.

I was just looking at that and then I remembered that the ring doesn't work against the colour yellow, and it all fitted together and I was left gobsmacked for a moment.
>> No. 3448 Anonymous
5th August 2012
Sunday 4:12 pm
3448 spacer

I really don't understand, can you explain? The best I can come up with is that fear is associated with the colour yellow.
>> No. 3450 Anonymous
6th August 2012
Monday 1:42 am
3450 spacer

You came up with it right, with one little mistake. The colour yellow isn't associated with fear, but with cowardice.

I know it's not exactly amazing but it amused me for a few minutes after it occurred to me.
>> No. 3451 Anonymous
6th August 2012
Monday 4:22 pm
3451 spacer

I can understand that yellow is associated with cowardice but I don't see the logic of him being without fear meaning his magical powers are ineffective against the colour yellow. In what sense are they ineffective, anyway? Okay, so he can't make a giant fist that can punch someone painted yellow, but what's to stop the giant fist picking up a car and hitting him with that?

Someone is suggesting over my shoulder that it's a sort of analogy about how heroism doesn't work in the face of cowardice but I can't really get that to coalesce into logic in my head.
>> No. 3476 Anonymous
11th September 2012
Tuesday 4:32 pm
3476 spacer

It just doesn't bloody matter, mate.

>> No. 3418 Anonymous
1st June 2012
Friday 2:40 pm
3418 spacer
Decent anime/manga

Mushishi, Haibane Renmei, Bakemonogatari, Monster, Mononoke, 20th Century Boys, Pluto, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, MW, Black Jack, Phoenix, Cowboy Bebop, Lain, GitS, Texhnolyze, Kaiba, One Piece, Princess Mononoke, Boogiepop Phantom, Paranoia Agent, Millennium Actress, Nausicaa, Tokyo Godfathers, Mind Game, Now and Then, Here and There, Master Keaton, Bartender, Harukana Machi-E, Solanin, Yotsuba!
Anime/manga for Kids:
YuGiOh, Pokémon, Digimon, Gash Bell, Soul Eater, Gintama, Dragon Ball, Hokuto no Ken, Monster Hunter, Eureka Seven, Elfen Lied
Anime/manga for girls:
Honey and Clover, Rose of Versailles, Nana, Nodame Cantabile, Princess Tutu, Simoun, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Lovely Complex, Fruits Basket, KareKano, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Dengeki Daisy, Escaflowne, Rayearth, Ouran, Sailor Moon, Sakura Card Captors, X, Skip Beat!, Natsume Yuujinchou, Hotarubi no Mori E, Yamato Nadeshiko, Ojamajo Doremi, Ranma, Inuyasha
Anime/manga for social rejects:
Elfen Lied, Battle Royale, Geass, Fate/stay night, Haruhi, Lucky Star, Air, Clannad, Kanon, K-ON, Sora no Woto, Kampfer, Raildex, Umineko, Higurashi, Nanoha, Potemayo, PaniPoni Dash, Excel Saga, Shana, Toradora, Touhou, ef, True Tears, Tsukihime, Air Gear, KimiKiss, Kannagi, Hayate no Gotoku, Hidamari Sketch, Minami-ke, Ah! My Goddess, Negima, Zero no Tsukaima
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>> No. 3434 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 4:26 pm
3434 spacer
Either way it's a nice gif
>> No. 3435 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 5:01 pm
3435 spacer
I actually had an anime day with a couple of schoolfriends yesterday, we chain-watched Eden of the East and both the follow-up movies. It's quite good, actually. It got a lot of hype on 7chan when it first came out but I never got around to watching it.
>> No. 3436 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 5:08 pm
3436 spacer
It's lovely isn't it.
>> No. 3440 Anonymous
19th July 2012
Thursday 8:08 pm
3440 spacer

>No JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

whatever trevor.
>> No. 3441 Anonymous
19th July 2012
Thursday 9:22 pm
3441 spacer
These lists are handy for me as I am not clued up on Japanese exported culture but I have enjoyed some of what I've seen in anime or manga. I don't know anyone personally that could advise me on it and my work colleagues would probably think this topic on a par with claiming I'd been abducted by aliens, they'd be so out of touch with it.

I know everyone's opnions are differnt, but I'm usually willing to persevere with an episode or two of a series or a good chunk of a film before making any judgements if someone puts it forward as a firm favourite.

>> No. 3383 Anonymous
11th April 2012
Wednesday 4:14 pm
3383 spacer
Y'alright comic lads? Not sure if anybody caught this, but I had to let you all know that Alan Moore did a really good interview with Alan Moore that was broadcast just last night.

Maybe not breaking new ground if you're already a fan, but as someone who didn't know much about him, I found it really interesting:

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>> No. 3389 Anonymous
11th April 2012
Wednesday 7:51 pm
3389 spacer
Thanks OP, enjoyed that. He is a cantankerous old git but I could listen to him waffle on for hours.
>> No. 3399 Anonymous
23rd April 2012
Monday 11:13 am
3399 spacer
Can't watch it now but look forward to later.

Jesus, this was a fortnight ago. How did I not notice.
>> No. 3404 Anonymous
27th April 2012
Friday 4:22 pm
3404 spacer
Alan Moore Interviews Alan Moore, or Fucking Shit Buckets?
>> No. 3405 Anonymous
27th April 2012
Friday 4:55 pm
3405 spacer
Fucking Shit Buckets a new 1,000,000 word opus by Alan Moore all based on the area covered by a public toilet in Northampton. Spanning the time from when it were but a hole in the ground through to the 'fucking shit buckets' of the title. It promises to be a masterwork of poetic allegory and occultist musing on mans ability to work, love drink and defecate all within the same few square meters of squalid earth. Expected to be finished by the time it starts getting a bit nippy in hades.

Fucking hell I'm bored.
>> No. 3406 Anonymous
27th April 2012
Friday 7:12 pm
3406 spacer

>Alan Moore Interviews Alan Moore, or Fucking Shit-Buckets
>This is new work depicts Alan Moore in a dialogue with a fictionalised version of himself. Through this medium, it investigates in depth the morality of the creative industries, from appropriation and perversion of existing material (such as Moore's own Lost Girls), through to the fast-and-loose attitude of those executives at the top of the industry (the titular "fucking shit-buckets").

>> No. 3315 Anonymous
7th December 2011
Wednesday 5:24 am
3315 Alan Moore albums.
After a large amount of HDD fuck ups, I've just found out I've lost my collection of Alan Moore albums. Anyone got any links? I've been able to locate The Birth Caul and Brought to Light again, but that's all. Specifically I'm looking for Snakes and Ladders, but I can't find it anywhere.

Brought to Light: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=l65un1cn
The Birth Caul: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2pofd3b9

pic unrelated.
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>> No. 3373 Anonymous
14th March 2012
Wednesday 11:47 pm
3373 spacer
Coincidentally or maybe synchronistically depending on your chosen reality schema I just finished Voice of the Fire a couple of hours ago. Must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, even the first chapter with the mentally deficient stone age lad blabbering on in decidedly odd syntax.
Wondered if any of you lads have read it and what you think?

Definitely left me wanting to devour some more Moore, got the first few issues of Promethea on my HD so might have a crack at that. Also looking forward to Jerusalem whenever that gets finished. Will download those albums as well OP, cheers for them.

Also could we maybe turn this into a bit of an Alan Moore general thread? /com/ really doesn't get as much traffic as it deserves.

Shit just realized those first two are megaupload links, don't suppose any kind ladm8 fancies sticking them up somewhere else if you have them?
Balls, also the mediafire ones are dud so any of this stuff would be amazing.
>> No. 3374 Anonymous
15th March 2012
Thursday 9:57 am
3374 spacer

Promethea is amazing for a huge number of reasons. The only criticism of it I agree with is the overly long explanation of the tarot. That section came across as more of a reference work than anything and just wasn't much fun to read.
Still, if you haven't even started yet you've got a fair while before you run in to that.

I can re-up the whole discography in one go if you can give me somewhere other than mediafire to host it, they don't like copyrighted files much. I'll give VotF a read when I get home too.
>> No. 3375 Anonymous
15th March 2012
Thursday 6:26 pm
3375 spacer

Ah cool, will try and make a start on it later.
As for VotF I'd just say to persevere through the first chapter, seen a lot of people say they didn't enjoy it but I quite like weird phonetic or generally messed up writing that you have to decode a bit. I also enjoyed the phonetic stuff in Bank's Feersum Endjinn and Will Self's Book of Dave, I find it fun having to kind of figure it out.
But yeah, it can be a little bit hard going but I really enjoyed it and the story in that chapter is brilliant. The rest is just typical Moore awesomeness.

As for somewhere to upload the discog I'm not actually to sure to be honest, after megaupload got clobbered it seems like most other of those sites have got the heebie jeebies up them, which I guess was the desired outcome for US law enforcement.
Will have a poke about later and see if I can find something suitable, unless any other ladm8s have any bright ideas and fancy chipping in?
>> No. 3377 Anonymous
21st March 2012
Wednesday 1:25 am
3377 spacer
Sorry, completely slipped my mind. Remind me next friday.
A safer host would still be appreciated.
>> No. 3378 Anonymous
28th March 2012
Wednesday 6:30 pm
3378 spacer
The great Mr Moore recently did a reading from the central library of my (and his) home town. Would have gone if I could have spared the £4 entry. Seen him down at pubs a few times, always been tempted to say hello, but never done it.

>> No. 3171 Anonymous
14th February 2011
Monday 11:43 am
3171 Bizarre Sex
I thought I'd finally get round to reading Bizarre Sex. I'm on the lookout for it, but unfortunately it seems hard to find.
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>> No. 3297 Anonymous
5th October 2011
Wednesday 12:28 am
3297 spacer
Thanks lad, been meaning to get these for a while now.
>> No. 3314 Anonymous
6th December 2011
Tuesday 6:20 am
3314 spacer
Thank you!
>> No. 3319 Anonymous
16th December 2011
Friday 9:08 pm
3319 spacer
Just finished this one. Fucking hell.

(Downloading the rest. Thanks!)
>> No. 3325 Anonymous
8th January 2012
Sunday 8:00 pm
3325 spacer
I'm confused. Are these supposed to be funny or sexy? They're not doing it for me at all either way.
>> No. 3376 Anonymous
19th March 2012
Monday 10:53 pm
3376 spacer
>Are these supposed to be funny or sexy?
I think they're supposed to provide fucked up titillation (not necessarily sexual, more "what the fuck am I reading"), and they manage that quite well I think. An offshoot of the freak 70's comic thing.

I enjoyed them. Rarely aroused, though.

victor annual 1972 0001.jpg
>> No. 3345 Anonymous
22nd February 2012
Wednesday 6:43 pm
3345 Brit Stuff
I've had a look around trying to find old annuals for download, with little success.

Anyone got any ideas?

Will post some of what I've got. Starting with.
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>> No. 3353 Anonymous
22nd February 2012
Wednesday 8:08 pm
3353 spacer
What sort of Brit stuff? Just old annuals or other good general stuff too?
I appear to have hard-copies of Eagle Annuals 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11, the 1985 edition and a 1977 "Best of". There's also a Girl Annual #6 and Eagle: Riders of the Range Annual #4. I'd love to scan them all in if they don't already exist digitally but not at the cost of the structural integrity of the books themselves.
>> No. 3356 Anonymous
22nd February 2012
Wednesday 9:12 pm
3356 spacer

I was looking for boys annuals, Victor, Hotspur, Warlord.
To scan an annual would mean ripping it apart. I have considered scouring car boots, scanning and uploading myself. looks like it could be a future project.

Heres's something else I've managed to find:
>> No. 3357 Anonymous
22nd February 2012
Wednesday 9:23 pm
3357 spacer
>not at the cost of the structural integrity of the books themselves

Maybe we could start a fund to buy one of each and scan it. Are they in the public domain do you think?
>> No. 3358 Anonymous
22nd February 2012
Wednesday 9:45 pm
3358 spacer

I stand to be corrected , but almost certainly not in the public domain.
>> No. 3367 Anonymous
3rd March 2012
Saturday 5:32 pm
3367 spacer

OP here:
I didn't really make myself clear I suppose. You can find plenty of American comics on the internet. Apart from 2000AD, I'm having difficulty finding old British comics, and was hoping for some leads or ideas. If anyone can help, please do so. In the meantime I'll be posting the odd download. Like this:
And whoever has downloaded Ministry of Space 1, there are two other issues posted if you want the whole storyline.

Warren Ellis Crecy.jpg
>> No. 2026 Anonymous
18th September 2009
Friday 6:34 pm
2026 spacer
Any other comics similar to this one?
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>> No. 3338 Anonymous
11th January 2012
Wednesday 10:29 pm
3338 spacer
But if you're looking for a side of mary sue characters killing everyone else, you'd probably best look into fantasy stuff like The Chronicles of the Black Moon or Requiem Vampire Knight.
>> No. 3339 Anonymous
16th January 2012
Monday 9:37 pm
3339 spacer
Crecy doesn't have a Mary Sue character at all
>> No. 3340 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 10:19 pm
3340 spacer

You mean other than every single englishman in it in general?
>> No. 3341 Anonymous
26th January 2012
Thursday 12:08 pm
3341 spacer

I think you're really overstretching the definition of "Mary Sue".
>> No. 3366 Anonymous
3rd March 2012
Saturday 9:55 am
3366 spacer

The only mary sue in that comic is the longbow. And that's because it really was, at least against ze frogs.

>> No. 3099 Anonymous
4th December 2010
Saturday 11:09 am
3099 I don't know about manga here
But can we get a discussion on the genius that is Tetsuya Saruwatari? A man whose comics should be popular, but aren't due to obscurity, they seem to be the only comics aimed at men (inb4 "I read/watch manly manga/anime for manly men such as myself", I hate that) in Japan that don't pander to paedophilic obsessions. They're dumb at times, but they're intensely entertaining and have some delicately detailed artwork.

Saruwatari is most famous for his manga Riki-Oh (he illustrated it, I have a hunch the guy who wrote it was only an alias) being adapted into the crazy Hong Kong live-action movie Story of Ricky, and Internet talk mentions how his manga Dog Soldier features Ronald Reagan being punched along withh heavyset middle eastern terrorists being fought along with psychic Russians.

Pic related.
Expand all images.
>> No. 3100 Anonymous
4th December 2010
Saturday 2:53 pm
3100 spacer
I don't know the manga myself, but your recommendation of it seems to revolve around something wacky happening with famous people, which all too often is the only reason people read it. Like that taliban thing further down the page, I just don't see the allure.
>> No. 3101 Anonymous
4th December 2010
Saturday 5:06 pm
3101 spacer

The thing is, this one is totally serious and is more or less an odd look at things that were the present at the time of its publication - apparently later on it leads up to an anti-AIDS vaccine, because AIDS will be the deadliest thing on Earth by 1989, go figure. It's not "LOL WACKY" like that Taliban thing on this page, just imagine an 80s action film, filtered by Japan, and done in print form.

Saruwatari's other stuff is a bit different, his recent comics have less to do with OTT spectacle and are more hard-assed mafia stories with one comic being about cagefighting.
>> No. 3327 Anonymous
9th January 2012
Monday 10:26 pm
3327 spacer

Riki-oh was written by Buronson.

And you're only half a man if you talk about "Comcis for Men" without even thinking about mentioning Jiro Taniguchi. Those are manly comics dealing with men and their stories rather than just being trashy and entertaining action comics.

Tough, god be my wittness, I love me some Mad Bull 34 and I'Ve read all of Riki-Oh, even though it's really terrible once the prison-arc is over.

Screen shot 2011-01-02 at 03.03.53.png
>> No. 3118 Anonymous
2nd January 2011
Sunday 3:04 am
3118 FreakAngels
Thought you lads might like this. It's a webcomic by Warren Ellis (Transmet, Red, Hellblazer) about post apocalyptic London and psychic badarses. I was skeptical at first but it's dead good, especially for free.

39 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3303 Anonymous
31st October 2011
Monday 12:14 am
3303 spacer
It's a checklist of what boring young teenagers think is cool.
>> No. 3304 Anonymous
5th November 2011
Saturday 11:48 pm
3304 spacer
Teenagers think bald women are cool?
>> No. 3306 Anonymous
6th November 2011
Sunday 4:53 pm
3306 spacer
You tell me.
>> No. 3317 Anonymous
11th December 2011
Sunday 2:46 pm
3317 spacer
I bonked a chick with a shaved head at a german music festival. When I awoke in the tent in the morning, for a horrible moment I thought I'd pulled a bald man. Also she got me to massage suntan lotion lotion onto her shiny head after she woke up, and she had a really shitty antifa tat of a swastika in a circle with a line through it. Unfortunately, from a distance and when it started getting dark it just looked like she had a nazi tattoo.
The entire thing was bloody weird.

A bit like this comic. It started really well, I really got into it, and then the last 3rd was just a total mess, just dreadful. What a waste of a decent concept.
>> No. 3318 Anonymous
12th December 2011
Monday 11:12 am
3318 spacer
What a tangent!

>> No. 3300 Anonymous
15th October 2011
Saturday 8:03 pm
3300 DC Reboot
Any opinions on the recent DC reboot?

Quite a gutsy move by DC to say the least, but if what I've read since it took place is anything to go by, they should attract new readers.

I've never really been into Superman et al, but these recent reboots are quite interesting - a good point to jump on I'd say.
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>> No. 3302 Anonymous
24th October 2011
Monday 11:32 pm
3302 spacer
American comics are a load of bullshit; the continuity is like plasticine to the writers, and -

Whoa, I'm sorry, I seem to have wandered into the wrong board.
>> No. 3305 Anonymous
5th November 2011
Saturday 11:53 pm
3305 spacer
All I can say is that if you're reading DC comics and are astounded and appalled when they reboot everything, you must be surprised by the sensation in your chest every time breathe.

And I've heard that now all the women have massive tits. Given the proportions pre-reboot, I'm not sure whether this is to attract teenage boys or to fill up pages.

>> No. 3277 Anonymous
29th July 2011
Friday 6:18 am
3277 Request
Flash #9-end?

>> No. 3187 Anonymous
24th February 2011
Thursday 11:41 am
3187 Eightball
All 23 issues of Eightball! Dan Clowes's fantastic comic, I've bought a few collected versions of these stories, but I haven't been able to find any collections of the issues themselves, until today! Here you go:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3191 Anonymous
25th February 2011
Friday 11:40 pm
3191 spacer
These were the videos being sold in the back of Issue 4. They were dubbed in 1987, it's a nice insight to those old cult VHS tapes being swapped back and forth between like-minded people.



I don't believe this is actually on the tape, but I liked it better anyway:

>> No. 3193 Anonymous
28th February 2011
Monday 1:13 am
3193 spacer

Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron has it's own official soundtrack! It took a while but I managed to find a copy of the thing, it seems to have largely disappeared off the face of the earth.

>> No. 3195 Anonymous
1st March 2011
Tuesday 7:13 pm
3195 spacer

Can anyone find the complete series of Lloyd Llewellyn anywhere? All the rapidshits seem to get taken down quickly, and there's no torrents anywhere.
>> No. 3273 Anonymous
5th July 2011
Tuesday 3:41 pm
3273 spacer

pass: britfags
>> No. 3275 Anonymous
14th July 2011
Thursday 8:30 pm
3275 spacer

Thank you, that's fantastic.

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