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>> No. 339 Anonymous
18th December 2008
Thursday 7:51 pm
339 The Enigma of Amigara Fault

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>> No. 3262 Anonymous
4th May 2011
Wednesday 2:12 pm
3262 spacer
Isolation and nuclear warfare
>> No. 3264 Anonymous
23rd May 2011
Monday 5:10 pm
3264 spacer
A mentality of "If you keep it private, everyone must pretend not to notice" and "If I'm drunk, I can do what I want". Couple that with a lack of sexual repression (not in the hippy sense, but in the sense that, again, what is done in private is nobody else's business) and you can see where this goes.
>> No. 3265 Anonymous
2nd June 2011
Thursday 10:48 am
3265 spacer

Straight up the arsehole.
>> No. 3267 Anonymous
12th June 2011
Sunday 11:03 pm
3267 spacer
I am a latecomer, and a necromancer. I was disappointed by OP's comic, the ending was silly, I was expecting at the very least strange Japanese sexings.
>> No. 3268 Anonymous
27th June 2011
Monday 4:09 pm
3268 spacer
That's what Rule 34 is for >>1056

>> No. 3266 Anonymous
5th June 2011
Sunday 11:00 am
3266 Anonymous
Akabur.HentaiUnited Site Rip


>> No. 3263 Anonymous
4th May 2011
Wednesday 8:21 pm
3263 spacer
So I just bought the first issue of the new 2011 Moon Knight series. I must say it's pretty awesome. Anyone else read it yet?
Some pretty good art inside, the splash pages are badass.

>> No. 3200 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 12:35 pm
3200 spacer
I wanted to share some of my favourite webcomics with you, and hopefully you can share some with me.
Let's start with The Abominable Charles Christopher here. It's a very well-drawn story and despite being quite fairy-tale like, it has remained interesting through the years.
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>> No. 3235 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 1:47 pm
3235 spacer
And I'm done!
>> No. 3236 Anonymous
7th April 2011
Thursday 10:33 am
3236 spacer
>>3235 Great stuff. Thanks.
>> No. 3238 Anonymous
7th April 2011
Thursday 11:33 pm
3238 spacer
I didn't.

Hell I only stumbled in here by acident. And you sir, have made my goddamn day.
>> No. 3239 Anonymous
7th April 2011
Thursday 11:52 pm
3239 spacer
Awesome thread.
>> No. 3240 Anonymous
8th April 2011
Friday 2:15 pm
3240 spacer

It's been complete for a good while now, But still good.

Concerned : The Half Life & Death Of Gordon Frohman


>> No. 3132 Anonymous
10th January 2011
Monday 4:49 pm
3132 Barefoot Gen
I could never find anywhere selling Barefoot Gen. Today I thought I'd give up and try to download a copy, and I can't even find one of them.

anyone seen it anywhere?
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>> No. 3140 Anonymous
11th January 2011
Tuesday 3:12 pm
3140 spacer
Thanks for looking. The guy who wrote it was six years old when the bomb was dropped, he's spent his life campaigining for nuclear disarmament.

There's an interview with on Japanorama, and you can see the entire movie (in poor quality VHS rip) on youtube

>> No. 3192 Anonymous
27th February 2011
Sunday 7:16 pm
3192 spacer
I've found a few volumes here: http://www.mangatraders.com/manga/series/5376

You have to sign up, just use a temporary e-mail service.
>> No. 3194 Anonymous
1st March 2011
Tuesday 11:58 am
3194 spacer

Thanks, that website is a pain in the arse, so I thought I'd reupload them as I get them, so that everyone else doesn't have to go through the hassle.

>> No. 3196 Anonymous
3rd March 2011
Thursday 1:10 am
3196 spacer

>> No. 3276 Anonymous
21st July 2011
Thursday 10:56 pm
3276 spacer

Appreciated, ladm8.

>> No. 3182 Anonymous
16th February 2011
Wednesday 2:31 am
3182 spacer
''They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.''

neo_03_022 copy.jpg
>> No. 3153 Anonymous
24th January 2011
Monday 6:00 pm
3153 Random pages from a comic allegedly by Alan Moore
I'll try and find a rar of the whole thing. No idea what's going on in any of it, but I thought it was bizarre enough to post.
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>> No. 3157 Anonymous
25th January 2011
Tuesday 6:43 am
3157 spacer
This bizarre porn is by Alan Moore? What?
>> No. 3158 Anonymous
25th January 2011
Tuesday 12:29 pm
3158 spacer
moore is well known for fucking odd porn comics.
>> No. 3159 Anonymous
25th January 2011
Tuesday 6:37 pm
3159 spacer
I've still got my copy of Astounding Weird Penises right next to me now.
>> No. 3165 Anonymous
2nd February 2011
Wednesday 3:41 pm
3165 spacer
I haven't read all of it but I wasn't that impressed. It starts off like an average Warren Ellis weirdshit detective comic then goes all rapey half way through. I get the feeling AM just knocked it up in his spare time between worshiping his snake god and shampooing his beard.
>> No. 3166 Anonymous
2nd February 2011
Wednesday 9:13 pm
3166 spacer
I get the feeling that there are publishers (like Avatar) that exist solely by buying the rights to whatever half-arsed crap a famous writer made, but for whatever didn't finish (he abandoned the project, he was young and inexperienced and not very good at the time), the publisher attaches a frankly poor artist to the project, some monkey does a quick colouring job, and they all make a bit of money.

quai bande.jpg
>> No. 3163 Anonymous
31st January 2011
Monday 11:48 am
3163 French comics
The Frenchies love their comics and some of them are mint, as any fule kno. Does anyone here like their stuff?

I'm thinking of getting hold of Quai d'Orsay. I liked de Villepin and it got a good write-up here:

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>> No. 3164 Anonymous
1st February 2011
Tuesday 4:36 am
3164 spacer

looks very nice. There's a preview here: http://www.bdgest.com/preview-686-BD-quai-d-orsay-chroniques-diplomatiques.html

>> No. 3032 Anonymous
5th September 2010
Sunday 1:36 pm
3032 spacer
I only just found out that Harvey Pekar is dead. The cause of death is unknown, but apparently he was still suffering from cancer at the time. He was 70 years old.


That's such a shame. If you haven't had the opportunity to read any of his comics, or watched the film, go ahead, they're both great. Probably the best comic book film ever.
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>> No. 3139 Anonymous
11th January 2011
Tuesday 3:09 pm
3139 spacer
It turns out that apparently he took an accidental overdose of anti-depressants.
>> No. 3142 Anonymous
11th January 2011
Tuesday 3:28 pm
3142 spacer
I saw the American Splendor film a while back on FilmFour and enjoyed it.

Ive just read a few American Splendors now after seeing this thread. They are great. Im gonna try and read the rest and maybe look into some Robert Crumb stuff also. Could anyone recommend a good place to start with Crumb? Or any similar people to check out? Saw the Fritz the Cat film and wasn't greatly impressed. Oh and I Read Ghost World and enjoyed that, but found it very depressing.

I dont really think of myself as "into" comics, I have a mate who really digs Judge Dredd and all of that obscenely muscled superhero shit, which has kind of put me off comics, but after reading a little about Crumb and Pekar I can see there is stuff that I would dig.

Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks
>> No. 3143 Anonymous
11th January 2011
Tuesday 6:35 pm
3143 spacer
There's a series of collections of Crumb's work that's been published lately, that's probably the best place to start. Crumb mainly did short stories so there's not really one seminal book that anyone could point to and tell you to read.

I always thought it was a toss up between Maus or Violent Cases as the best comics to read if you're not interested in comics; but there's a ton of decent stuff out there, anything by Alan Moore will be worth your time, and hell, 95% of the stuff posted in /com/ is great.
>> No. 3146 Anonymous
13th January 2011
Thursday 10:15 am
3146 spacer
sounds like you'd enjoy Crumb's more autobiographical strips. not sure if there'sbeen a collection of those specifically. his work tends to be scattered all over the place in small zines.
>> No. 3147 Anonymous
13th January 2011
Thursday 10:25 am
3147 spacer
ah, here we go: >>466

>> No. 2953 Anonymous
16th August 2010
Monday 4:56 pm
2953 spacer
What the fuck just happened?
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>> No. 3079 Anonymous
25th October 2010
Monday 1:54 pm
3079 spacer

>> No. 3080 Anonymous
25th October 2010
Monday 2:01 pm
3080 spacer

actually rather than crowd surfing they're clearly hanging on a wire. But the point stands!
>> No. 3081 Anonymous
25th October 2010
Monday 2:02 pm
3081 spacer
>Issue 73 is out
i meant "Issue 78 is out"
>> No. 3144 Anonymous
12th January 2011
Wednesday 11:13 am
3144 spacer
I just read issue 80.
Holy shit.
Badassery up in everywhere.
>> No. 3145 Anonymous
12th January 2011
Wednesday 5:41 pm
3145 spacer
It's not a patch on Crossed though.

>> No. 3102 Anonymous
11th December 2010
Saturday 6:00 pm
3102 spacer
I'm looking for some good historical/action comics.

So far I've read 300, Crecy, Vinland Saga and some of Northlanders. Anyone know of any others?
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>> No. 3113 Anonymous
28th December 2010
Tuesday 8:10 am
3113 spacer
how about Asterix? it's light and silly, but can be intellectually rewarding at the same time and often plays it straight with regards to place names, food, transport alongside the obvious anachronisms
>> No. 3114 Anonymous
29th December 2010
Wednesday 5:09 pm
3114 spacer


Have you tried slaine?

Some of the later ones dealt with Roman Britain and stuff, they might be up your street.
>> No. 3115 Anonymous
30th December 2010
Thursday 1:09 am
3115 spacer
>>3114 I'd recommend The Horned God or Demon Killer (the one about the Roman occupation), but all the later stuff (the ones with the shitty computer graphics) are crap so I'd give them a miss.
>> No. 3116 Anonymous
31st December 2010
Friday 4:06 pm
3116 spacer

>computer graphics

Why do they keep doing this? I rather liked the Warhammer themed range of comics. One of the latest though had dreadful art. It was 3D Poser style models with a cheap Photoshop filter run over it. It was so obvious what it was and so ugly I couldn't read it.

There are so many good artists out there it seems crazy to waste time with this dross.
>> No. 3117 Anonymous
1st January 2011
Saturday 5:03 am
3117 spacer
I love your attitude

>> No. 3070 Anonymous
16th October 2010
Saturday 8:01 pm
3070 Jeroom
Are you familiar with Jeroom?
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>> No. 3107 Anonymous
14th December 2010
Tuesday 8:08 pm
3107 spacer

>> No. 3108 Anonymous
14th December 2010
Tuesday 8:08 pm
3108 spacer

>> No. 3109 Anonymous
14th December 2010
Tuesday 9:19 pm
3109 spacer
Thanks to everyone for posting these, they're fantastic.
>> No. 3110 Anonymous
23rd December 2010
Thursday 11:34 am
3110 spacer
The format of those is quite interesting. No punchline until the final comic in a series.
>> No. 3112 Anonymous
27th December 2010
Monday 9:02 pm
3112 spacer


Untitled-1 copy.png
>> No. 2532 Anonymous
8th December 2009
Tuesday 9:46 pm
2532 Ministry of Space
Has anyone else read this? It's an excellent British comic, a short look into a world where the RAF got their hands on the german rocket scientists first.

#1 - http://www.mediafire.com/?tjmnmzzmtmk
#2 - http://www.mediafire.com/?yqyyzmnzn4i
#3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?zwt3xlxmd2j

I also think the logo would be fitting for /lab/ but what do I know?
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>> No. 2963 Anonymous
26th August 2010
Thursday 5:58 pm
2963 spacer
But Commando Cody is taken from King of the Rocket men, surely?
>> No. 2964 Anonymous
28th August 2010
Saturday 10:59 pm
2964 spacer
No it's a wholly different serial with an unconnected storyline.
>> No. 2965 Anonymous
29th August 2010
Sunday 4:26 pm
2965 spacer
>King of the Rocket Men is a 1949 Republic movie serial, in twelve chapters, notable for introducing the "Rocketman Character" who reappeared under a variety of names in later serials Radar Men from the Moon, Zombies of the Stratosphere and the semi-serial Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe.
>> No. 3031 Anonymous
4th September 2010
Saturday 10:16 pm
3031 spacer
>Commando Cody serials are sometimes confused with King of the Rocket Men (1949), because the rocket-powered flying suit worn by the title character also became a wardrobe piece worn by Cody. To add to the confusion, Larry Martin wore the same suit again in Zombies of the Stratosphere. Referring to these different Republic Pictures characters wearing this prop suit collectively as "The Rocketman" is a concept formalized on film by Walt Disney Productions in their 1991 film, The Rocketeer
>> No. 3111 Anonymous
23rd December 2010
Thursday 10:57 pm
3111 spacer
You're wrong my friend. Got it from the source.
Ellis based the sherrif on Cody.

>> No. 2901 Anonymous
6th July 2010
Tuesday 7:32 pm
2901 spacer
Well are you? Lets get a god damm 200A.D thread going.
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>> No. 3089 Anonymous
27th November 2010
Saturday 10:22 am
3089 spacer

I suppose it fits, in the first movie I always found it jarring how Stallone's outfit was the only one they spent any money on.
>> No. 3090 Anonymous
28th November 2010
Sunday 6:04 pm
3090 spacer
I found the whole film jarring.
>> No. 3096 Anonymous
29th November 2010
Monday 8:34 pm
3096 spacer
>>3090 Likewise. I don't understand most of the hate for it though. Taken as a stand alone piece, it's a reasonable sci-fi action flick. I couldn't stand it because they murdered the comic but most of the public didn't have that problem.
>> No. 3097 Anonymous
30th November 2010
Tuesday 2:15 am
3097 spacer

Rob Cuntbag Schneider. The set pieces (Mega City!), costumes and props were brilliant though, shame the pace, acting, dialogue and 'feel' of the film were so off
>> No. 3098 Anonymous
30th November 2010
Tuesday 8:50 am
3098 spacer
Robocop is a good Judge Dredd film. When it came to making the Stallone film they wereconsciously trying to avoid making it like the comic as they thought the movie would be criticised for being too like Robocop.

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