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>> No. 3034 Anonymous
9th September 2010
Thursday 12:25 am
3034 What is Islamic Fundamentalism?
There's a series of japanese comics published by a company called Tuna Empire, most of their comics haven't been published in English (for obvious reasons), so finding translations is difficult, but here's a few.
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>> No. 3069 Anonymous
14th October 2010
Thursday 3:22 pm
3069 spacer
That was... surprisingly awesome.
>> No. 3082 Anonymous
26th October 2010
Tuesday 3:01 pm
3082 spacer

So did she die? That's a bit of an anti-climax.
>> No. 3083 Anonymous
30th October 2010
Saturday 3:41 pm
3083 spacer
i LMAO when she jumped up to catch the semen on her face.
>> No. 3084 Anonymous
4th November 2010
Thursday 2:07 am
3084 spacer
I learnt a lot about Islamic Fundamentalism today.
>> No. 3085 Anonymous
25th November 2010
Thursday 10:38 pm
3085 spacer
That was quite amazing, this piece of informative tome shall be of great use to me...

>> No. 3056 Anonymous
15th September 2010
Wednesday 1:59 am
3056 kick ass?
so what's your actual opinion of the kick ass movie? too toned down? just right? better than the comics? shouldn't have been made? personally, i watched the movie first, went back and read the comics, and i thought the comics were better.
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>> No. 3061 Anonymous
15th September 2010
Wednesday 7:58 pm
3061 spacer
Fairly average superhero action thing with one decent fight scene which involved the little girl.
Disappointly sanitized and pasteurized the important theme of the comic story which made it all about losers playing out wish-fulfillment fantasies in favour of getthegirlbloweverythingup pointlessness.
>> No. 3062 Anonymous
15th September 2010
Wednesday 8:46 pm
3062 spacer

so... you liked it?
>> No. 3063 Anonymous
16th September 2010
Thursday 8:45 am
3063 spacer

Both men are called John Romita, the one who pencilled Kick Ass was John Romita Jr.
>> No. 3065 Anonymous
18th September 2010
Saturday 3:53 pm
3065 spacer
Everything that the movie changed was for the worse. The most objectionable being that Dave gets the girl. Fucking Hollywood.

Despite that, it still managed to be enjoyable, so who cares.
>> No. 3068 Anonymous
6th October 2010
Wednesday 8:46 pm
3068 spacer
The most horrific thing of all is that the movie mask has a hole in it.

>> No. 3029 Anonymous
3rd September 2010
Friday 1:03 pm
3029 spacer
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>> No. 3030 Anonymous
3rd September 2010
Friday 5:50 pm
3030 spacer
the best i can say is that he's quite good at drawing David Mitchell. I wonder if he traced a photo.

Austro-Hungarian Empire.jpg
>> No. 2966 Anonymous
1st September 2010
Wednesday 6:16 pm
2966 Zhang Jingzhi
Here are some pictures by a Chinese guy called Zhang Jingzhi (张憬之). He is an art student in Paris (or was when the first of these were posted in this thread http://www.bn13.com/bbs/read.php?tid=32306&page=20 ).

The style is obviously influenced by Japanese manga - in the thread he mentions Fujiko F. Fujio, one of the creators of Doraemon, and Zhang actually hid the manga artist's portrait in several of these pictures.
I have to say the obsessive attention to detail appeals to the trainspotter in me.
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>> No. 3024 Anonymous
1st September 2010
Wednesday 6:51 pm
3024 spacer

And that's it. The guy on the left with the pipe, Fujiko F. Fujio, is in several of of them.
>> No. 3025 Anonymous
1st September 2010
Wednesday 6:58 pm
3025 spacer
Looks like Blackadder, Baldrick and the rest. Also Fujiko F. Fujio is standing between King George V and Field Marshal Douglas Haig. THE BLOODY CHEEK.
>> No. 3026 Anonymous
1st September 2010
Wednesday 7:02 pm
3026 spacer
from the bottom right: Melchett, Darling, Blackadder, George and Baldrick
>> No. 3027 Anonymous
2nd September 2010
Thursday 10:47 am
3027 spacer
These are pretty fun, I'm surprised to say I clicked most of them. Just wish there were some in higher-def, also your link spat out gobblydee-gook.
>> No. 3028 Anonymous
2nd September 2010
Thursday 3:24 pm
3028 spacer
You need to register on the bbs to view the thread I linked to. Anyway, all the pictures in that thread are in this thread. The one highish definition pic is this one >>2991 He later redrew those armies giving each its own picture >>2987 >>2988 >>2989 >>2990 >>2992

>> No. 2945 Anonymous
14th August 2010
Saturday 4:02 am
2945 spacer
Now that it's finally getting colder up North and days are getting shorter (well, a bit), I've dug out a copy of the Originals and had a lovely rainy day read by the heater.
It's not the best-known Dave Gibbons book, so I would like to recommend it here - real 2000 A.D.-y, with a distinct Clockwork Orange/V for Vendetta feel to it.
Also, name a comic you can read a thousand times, yet it still makes you feel all warm inside.
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>> No. 2948 Anonymous
14th August 2010
Saturday 11:40 pm
2948 spacer

Here you go:
It's in .cbr, but you can just change the file extension to .rar and unzip the images.
>> No. 2949 Anonymous
15th August 2010
Sunday 11:58 am
2949 spacer
It's from about the 30min mark

>> No. 2950 Anonymous
15th August 2010
Sunday 12:18 pm
2950 spacer
>>2948 Sound advice, but I don't know why anyone wouldn't just download a free comic viewer like CDisplay. It makes reading so much easier.
>> No. 2951 Anonymous
15th August 2010
Sunday 7:35 pm
2951 spacer
Thank you. I have CDisplay already.
>> No. 2952 Anonymous
15th August 2010
Sunday 11:18 pm
2952 spacer
I was a little disappointed with that. Just mods vs rockers with the looks and words slightly changed.

The Pro - 01.jpg
>> No. 259 Anonymous
12th December 2008
Friday 7:47 am
259 The Pro

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>> No. 2912 Anonymous
19th July 2010
Monday 12:32 pm
2912 spacer

Homage or parody, sounds better.
>> No. 2913 Anonymous
20th July 2010
Tuesday 6:18 pm
2913 spacer
Rip-off: to copy, especially illegally
Parody: make a spoof of or make fun of
Different meanings, not just sounds.
>> No. 2915 Anonymous
21st July 2010
Wednesday 1:00 am
2915 spacer

>> No. 2916 Anonymous
21st July 2010
Wednesday 12:55 pm
2916 spacer
And your face.
>> No. 2919 Anonymous
21st July 2010
Wednesday 11:55 pm
2919 spacer


>> No. 2892 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 5:26 pm
2892 spacer

>> No. 2812 Anonymous
16th May 2010
Sunday 7:48 pm
2812 spacer
Sup /com/rades.
A freind and I are trying to start a homebrew comic 'company.'
We both have written a few series, including 2 or 3 ongoing things. I've just started writing up a script for a comic that I'm basing on an earlier novel length story.

What do you think on a Novel length (300+ pages) graphic story? What would make it different froma graphic novel is the fact that the Descriptive narrative and dialogue wouldnt be as obscure and empty as with comics, but not at all retracting from the amount of artwork.

Also, any tips on scripting? I have a hard time scripting.

Pic unrelated but welcome.
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>> No. 2853 Anonymous
2nd June 2010
Wednesday 12:47 am
2853 spacer
Christ what curves.
>> No. 2854 Anonymous
2nd June 2010
Wednesday 2:31 am
2854 spacer
No more or source, I'm afraid.
I was using my flatmates PC when I posted that.
>> No. 2879 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 7:21 pm
2879 spacer

Although 13 days late, I think you should watch out in the future in using his PC.
>> No. 2889 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 9:31 pm
2889 spacer
How long did it take you to make a comic book.
any tips?
>> No. 2890 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 2:15 pm
2890 spacer

68 Invader Zim Boobs Girl.jpg
It looks like Invader Zim boobs girl.

>> No. 2866 Anonymous
11th June 2010
Friday 7:36 pm
2866 Tank Girl
Amazing comic.
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>> No. 2884 Anonymous
18th June 2010
Friday 6:40 pm
2884 spacer

Maybe she likes a sex partner who is hung like a bull?
>> No. 2885 Anonymous
18th June 2010
Friday 10:14 pm
2885 spacer
she dates a fucking kangaroo, livestock is obviously her type.
>> No. 2886 Anonymous
19th June 2010
Saturday 1:48 pm
2886 spacer
I'd love for someone to dress up like that for me.
>> No. 2887 Anonymous
20th June 2010
Sunday 11:53 am
2887 spacer
Kangaroos are generally not livestock. Hence livestock not being her type. There's no point making negative posts just for the sake of it.
>> No. 2888 Anonymous
21st June 2010
Monday 1:54 am
2888 spacer


I'd boil her like a pot full of OXO cubes?

Sage coz meh.
When I was 15 I used to be in love with Tank Girl and bought The Face every month to read the Get The Freebies strip. I still have the XL Tank Girl summer poster comic somewhere.
But then Gorillaz exploded and reading Hewlett's stuff just seemed... er... faux pas? I dunno, maybe I'm alone in my indifference.

>> No. 2874 Anonymous
14th June 2010
Monday 1:03 am
2874 I am confused
Who is more powerful at their limit?

Living Tribunal or Spectre?

I am not knowledgeable and need to be told these things.

Please fill me in, in a neutral manner preferrably.
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>> No. 2875 Anonymous
14th June 2010
Monday 10:05 am
2875 spacer
Like all comic characters, it depends on the writer and the story. There's no real way to measure these things. The limit is always being pushed.
>> No. 2876 Anonymous
14th June 2010
Monday 12:19 pm
2876 spacer

But Living Tribunal at least has consistent powers.

Spectre seems to have huge power at all times and is only capped by his host.

Is Spectre, without a host, as powerful as Living Tribunal or more powerful?
>> No. 2877 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 10:26 am
2877 spacer
I honestly don't know, then. Perhaps you should get Spectre to take Living Tribunal as his host?

>> No. 2863 Anonymous
11th June 2010
Friday 10:31 am
2863 Rude Britannia
Tate Britain are running a show on 300 years of British comic art, from Hogarth to Viz. Might not be everyones thing, but I'll be heading along next week and will return with photos for anyone interested.

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>> No. 2864 Anonymous
11th June 2010
Friday 10:51 am
2864 spacer
great, sounds interesting
>> No. 2865 Anonymous
11th June 2010
Friday 11:42 am
2865 spacer
Oh fantastic, I'll definately have to plan a trip down there. Thanks for letting us know.

>> No. 2826 Anonymous
22nd May 2010
Saturday 10:08 am
2826 Omsk Shooter
Part of an unfinished comic by http://gosupodaryofu.livejournal.com/ translated from Russian by some guy on /int/ and shooped together by me. I think it's quite nice. The original title is "Carefree Shooter" but I think that's a little bland. Omsk because http://www.google.com/search?q="welcome+to+omsk" (the attached picture is not from this comic but by the same artist)
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>> No. 2857 Anonymous
4th June 2010
Friday 7:17 pm
2857 spacer

Keep Off the Path_01.jpg
Here's a something new of his/hers: a three page comic for a Russian comic convention with an interesting name:
>a little comic on Bumfest If anyone knows Bumfest - international festival of cartoon stories, which is held in St. Petersburg. Mandatory conditions: a comic should be finished, should not exceed 3 pages. Theme this year - "Heroes":)
>> No. 2858 Anonymous
4th June 2010
Friday 7:18 pm
2858 spacer

Keep Off the Path_02.jpg

>> No. 2859 Anonymous
4th June 2010
Friday 7:19 pm
2859 spacer

Keep Off the Path_03.jpg

>> No. 2860 Anonymous
6th June 2010
Sunday 8:41 pm
2860 spacer
Beautiful. The manga influence is quite obvious.
>> No. 2861 Anonymous
6th June 2010
Sunday 10:40 pm
2861 spacer
That's rarely a positive thing.

>> No. 2771 Anonymous
17th April 2010
Saturday 1:48 pm
2771 Darkie's Mob
Darkie's Mob is being reissued as a hardcover by Titan this month!

This was an old John Wagner (who is fantastic) strip which was printed in the seventies in Battle. It later became the basis for BAD Company in 2000ad. I've got no idea where the um... questionable name came from.

160 pages, I don't know if that's the entire series... I never got through all of them, but they were very, very fun. I'm certainly going to buy this.
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>> No. 2772 Anonymous
17th April 2010
Saturday 6:33 pm
2772 spacer
>>2771 Slight tangent but Bad Company was one of the best strips in 2000AD's history. I'd put it in the top 3 (with Zenith and Nemesis, if anyone cares).
>> No. 2773 Anonymous
17th April 2010
Saturday 7:23 pm
2773 spacer
It was pretty fantastic. The original story arc was amazing, I didn't read any of the follow ups however.

I'd love to read that again sometime.
>> No. 2774 Anonymous
19th April 2010
Monday 12:13 am
2774 spacer
>>2773 If you're talking about Bad company, I highly recommend following it all the way through to Kano's own story. It was pure classic from start to finish. If you're not, never mind.
>> No. 2856 Anonymous
3rd June 2010
Thursday 1:14 pm
2856 spacer
I'm a black guy, and (-PLEASE KEEP READING-) I used to work with a guy who was about 15 years my senior. I used to buy 2000ad from time to time, and so did he. One time he asked me if I ever read this, at the time I had no idea what he was on about when he was talking about "Darkies Mob" or the "chidits" not liking it "up em".

A year or two later i think 2000ad or the Judge Dredd megazine ran a reprint of one of their campaigns, it was one of the most enjoyable comics I've read.

amazing fantasy 15 - 00.jpg
>> No. 2782 Anonymous
5th May 2010
Wednesday 7:51 pm
2782 Steve Ditko's original run on Spiderman.
I know there are quite a few other Ditko fans on here. I've been trying to find full-colour copies of his original run on Spiderman.

Unfortunately the commercially available stuff is all poor quality black and white. I haven't been able to find much more than the first issue it appeared in, Amazing Fantasy #15, and I've got no idea what issues Ditko was actually working on, but here it is anyway.
22 posts and 16 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2808 Anonymous
10th May 2010
Monday 10:28 pm
2808 spacer
I think it's admirable that whilst Lee is clearly having some kind of psychotic break, Ditko is suave enough to have trained spiders to do his share of the work whilst he naps.
>> No. 2809 Anonymous
11th May 2010
Tuesday 2:09 am
2809 spacer

I like to think that the picture of Lee getting attacked was drawn by Ditko as a kind of wish fulfillment.
>> No. 2810 Anonymous
13th May 2010
Thursday 4:54 pm
2810 spacer

And yet despite being screwed by a corporation he remained an Objectivist. I'd almost respect that were it not for the cognitive dissonance of supporting a system that had fucked him over and claiming it was the best possible system int he world.
>> No. 2811 Anonymous
14th May 2010
Friday 11:30 am
2811 spacer

Do you understand much about Objectivism?
>> No. 2813 Anonymous
16th May 2010
Sunday 10:48 pm
2813 spacer

That it tends to produce doctrinaire zealots, who take their basis for an economic/social system from the novels of a woman whose "future" lacked any depth at all and who couldn't comprehend the impact of disruptive technologies on economies.

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