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>> No. 2463 Anonymous
20th November 2009
Friday 4:26 am
I figured the British comics legend JUDGE DREDD (and 2000AD) should have a thread to call their own.

As a kid I had the odd issue of 2000AD, and I collected 'Judge Dredd- Lawman of the Future' (which was a tie-in to that bloody Stallone flick) but have really gotten into Judge Dredd in a big way recently. The local library has loads of those new Judge Dredd 'Complete Case Files', big collected volumes of all the Dredd strips, so far I've read about 6 of them, that's a good 10 years worth of classic Dredd strips in a month. Also read 'Judge Dredd- The Complete PJ Maybe' and 'Emerald Isle' which I got in the Forbidden Planet sale for 99p.

I'm also building Dredd's helmet and Lawgiver MK1, with the intention of eventually doing a full costume (inb4 20 years for Jimping)

Any other 'Squaxx Dek Thargo' on here?
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>> No. 2764 Anonymous
26th March 2010
Friday 9:47 pm
2764 John Hinckleton, 1967-2010

Requiescat in pace
>> No. 2765 Anonymous
27th March 2010
Saturday 10:29 am
2765 spacer
>>2748 That's because he got old and mellowed out. That's what I loved about the strip. He aged in real time and in a realistic way, even though it ruined the concept.
>> No. 2769 Anonymous
10th April 2010
Saturday 7:35 pm
2769 spacer
I can't believe nobody has posted this yet.

>> No. 2770 Anonymous
13th April 2010
Tuesday 11:45 am
2770 spacer
>>2769 I would post Hangin' Out with Halo Jones by Transvision Vamp but it's not on youtube.
>> No. 2781 Anonymous
2nd May 2010
Sunday 3:40 am
2781 spacer
Such a good series.

I've a great fondness for British comics and the talent and styles involved. It's always nice to see people still reading and celebrating Dredd, Dan Dare and all the others I remember from years go.

>> No. 2372 Anonymous
4th November 2009
Wednesday 10:39 pm
2372 spacer
I didn't bother to look if they were posted here before, but I doubt it. These are comics from Flemish Belgium (I'm not Belgian though).
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>> No. 2778 Anonymous
27th April 2010
Tuesday 10:36 am
2778 spacer

Brilliant! Thanks for keeping us updated, Henk is my new hero.
>> No. 2779 Anonymous
27th April 2010
Tuesday 7:18 pm
2779 spacer
I like his doctor's name.
>> No. 2780 Anonymous
2nd May 2010
Sunday 3:30 am
2780 spacer

He's either a fraud or a surgeon.
>> No. 2795 Anonymous
6th May 2010
Thursday 2:23 pm
2795 spacer

>Half a year later I find scans of it in a 4chanarchive thread

I was the one who made that thread. Sage for nobody really cares.
>> No. 2804 Anonymous
8th May 2010
Saturday 3:37 am
2804 spacer
well thank you very much!

>> No. 1530 Anonymous
24th April 2009
Friday 9:50 am
1530 Crossed
Has anyone else seen this?
The story is nothing special so far, but the art is pretty good, Jacen Burrows who did Bad World and Transmetropolitan, so lots of gore with small amusing details to notice.

The main thing I like about it is the baddies are all "crossed"; (it's a zombie apocalypse with intelligent rage zombies) but the markings on their faces make them look like england football fans.
I get the feeling the inspiration for this one was Ennis and Burrows going to an away match.
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>> No. 2701 Anonymous
5th February 2010
Friday 1:24 am
2701 spacer

upload to all at once, stop every cunt complaining.
>> No. 2702 Anonymous
5th February 2010
Friday 12:50 pm
2702 spacer

I'm the one who posted the link, I'm not the one who uploaded it however. I can't be fucked to upload it to another site. If you're not willing to wait around for Rapidshare, don't expect other people to do it for you, and then take the extra time to upload it somewhere else.
>> No. 2703 Anonymous
9th February 2010
Tuesday 1:36 pm
2703 spacer
Calm down dear, it's only a comic.
>> No. 2766 Anonymous
29th March 2010
Monday 11:15 am
2766 spacer
This is the ninth and final issue: http://rapidshare.com/files/360060341/crossed_09.cbr

and this is a collection of all of them: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=i7my1ls6

I understand what he's trying to do, but he's not very good at doing it.
>> No. 2768 Anonymous
30th March 2010
Tuesday 6:51 pm
2768 spacer
Cheers. I'll have a read.

>> No. 2767 Anonymous
30th March 2010
Tuesday 12:33 pm
2767 spacer
Web comics thread?

My favourites are:


>> No. 2514 Anonymous
5th December 2009
Saturday 12:03 am
2514 Spiderman saves you from paedos...
and tells you that gays and paedos are kinda the same, right?

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>> No. 2746 Anonymous
5th March 2010
Friday 6:15 pm
2746 spacer


>> No. 2750 Anonymous
12th March 2010
Friday 2:39 am
2750 spacer

Une petite petasse.jpg

>> No. 2752 Anonymous
15th March 2010
Monday 9:33 am
2752 spacer

homoerotic text.jpg

>> No. 2753 Anonymous
15th March 2010
Monday 9:35 am
2753 spacer


>> No. 2754 Anonymous
15th March 2010
Monday 12:37 pm
2754 spacer
Grr, if I ever find out who those sick bastards are...

Vampire Requiem Chevalier Pat Mills.jpg
>> No. 232 Anonymous
7th December 2008
Sunday 7:47 pm
232 spacer
Does anyone know any way to get hold of Requiem in English? I've read two completely seperate books of it published in Heavy Metal, but that's it, as far as I'm aware it's not possible to buy a trade paperback in English.

Jesus... I mean it's written by Patt Mills so it's not like there wouldn't be a readership waiting for it. I honestly considered learning French just to read it, and no one should have to do a thing like that.

Anyway... if you ever get the chance, check it out, it's about nazi vampires from hell.
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>> No. 2707 Anonymous
9th February 2010
Tuesday 6:30 pm
2707 spacer

I'm getting quite overexited about volume 9 of Requiem, which is due out at the end of this month. Some previews of the artwork here: http://theevilsnest.com
>> No. 2708 Anonymous
15th February 2010
Monday 8:41 pm
2708 spacer
Has anyone found number 8 in English?
>> No. 2709 Anonymous
16th February 2010
Tuesday 12:23 am
2709 spacer

Heavy Metal - March 2010.jpg
Coincidentally it has just been published in the current March 2010 issue of Heavy Metal (http://www.heavymetal.com/shm/product_info.php?products_id=5432) . Doesn't look like anyone has scanned it yet, but anyway Heavy Metal is well worth supporting if you can get a copy.
>> No. 2747 Anonymous
11th March 2010
Thursday 6:28 pm
2747 spacer
Really? I thought it was clearly losing the plot in 6
>> No. 2749 Anonymous
11th March 2010
Thursday 10:36 pm
2749 spacer
I dunno.. it's less about the plot for me and more about a couple of nicely designed characters in an interesting world, plus amazing artwork. I read a load of them in one day and finished #8 still wanting more. This may or may not have to do with the fact that #8 finishes with our hero having sex with a demon baboon.

>> No. 2434 Anonymous
12th November 2009
Thursday 5:37 pm
2434 Drunken Bakers
After reading >>2409 I decided to look for all the scans of this strip I could find. These are those, plus two more here >>2411 >>2412
for some reason i'm having trouble uploading an image for the OP
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>> No. 2741 Anonymous
28th February 2010
Sunday 5:51 am
2741 spacer
Pity it's not a particularly funny or sustainable one.
>> No. 2742 Anonymous
28th February 2010
Sunday 10:02 am
2742 spacer

I used to read Viz all the time, recently I picked up a copy again and had a quick flick through.

Now... I thought I'd only stopped reading Viz for a short time, it's only just now that I've realised I had given up reading Viz for about seven fucking years, and when I started reading it again it was exactly the same, nothing had changed.
>> No. 2743 Anonymous
1st March 2010
Monday 11:32 am
2743 spacer


>> No. 2744 Anonymous
1st March 2010
Monday 11:32 am
2744 spacer


>> No. 2745 Anonymous
1st March 2010
Monday 11:33 am
2745 spacer


>> No. 2712 Anonymous
18th February 2010
Thursday 1:44 am
2712 Webcomic search :/
I'm looking for a webcomic; I can remember relatively little of it, except for these things:

It was quite bland, most characters having one or two colours, with backgrounds being of a certain colour for each character, and quite realistic art style. Characters included Satan, this druggie, and a cowboy.
They were pretty much all 3 panel strips usually featuring just one character talking.
A couple of strips I can remember include Satan describing Hell, and the druggie guy seeing spiders falling everywhere.

I think it may be defunct now, which is probably why I lost track of it.

Anyone know?
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>> No. 2715 Anonymous
19th February 2010
Friday 12:06 am
2715 spacer
No clue. Sounds rather similar to Red Meat.

>> No. 2710 Anonymous
17th February 2010
Wednesday 1:45 pm
2710 Holy shitballs.
Alan Moore is a Japanese schoolgirl.
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>> No. 2711 Anonymous
17th February 2010
Wednesday 1:49 pm
2711 spacer

This is from a small fan comic, according to Forbidden Planet, it might be being reprinted in a new issue of Dodgem Logic.

Here's the guy's webpage: http://ryusukeworks.blogspot.com/

looking back, I really should have started a thread telling everyone how good Dodgem Logic is.
>> No. 2714 Anonymous
18th February 2010
Thursday 5:47 am
2714 spacer

Dodgem Logic does indeed look good. I admire Moore's faith in the British appetite for more comics magazines. In fact the first issue was mostly articles rather than comics. I suppose it's more of an "underground zine" than a comics magazine. The hippy zine "Oz" (which Moore refers to in an article in Dodgem Logic) used to run quite a few comic strips and strange arty things in the 60s/70s. I look forward to reading the next issues.

>> No. 2706 Anonymous
9th February 2010
Tuesday 4:31 pm
2706 Joe the Barbarian
New 8 issue series from Grant Morrison about a kid walking around his house and hallucinating. The first issue seems to be just setting the scene, but it's certainly intriguing. "Home Alone meets Lord of the Rings" apparently. http://au.comics.ign.com/articles/106/1062342p1.html http://www.dccomics.com/vertigo/comics/?cm=14143
The way that there are all these potentially significant objects lying around as the kid walks through the house reminds me a bit of one of those "escape the room" games like Crimson Room http://www.fasco-csc.com/works/crimson/crimson_e.php .
Issue #2 is out next week.

>> No. 2680 Anonymous
26th January 2010
Tuesday 5:10 pm
2680 ching chong ching chong chong
This forum has been a bit quiet for a while, so I thought I'd start a thread about the last comic I read. I picked this up in the 90% off sale Borders were having when they closed.

I never read any of Adrian Tomine's stuff before, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's not ground-breaking, and it does seem to be the same introspective fair you'd pick up at any small-press comics convention; but the way it's paced is really interesting, scenes change with no warning, but it never gets confusing.
I also picked up Summer Blonde by the guy in the same sale, I'll let you know if it's any good.

They've got more stuff about it, as well as excerpts on the website: http://www.drawnandquarterly.com/shortcomings/
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>> No. 2685 Anonymous
27th January 2010
Wednesday 1:23 pm
2685 spacer

Here's a Panel Borders interview with Tomine: http://panelborders.wordpress.com/2009/02/12/panel-borders-the-work-of-adrian-tomine/

I find it quite difficult to get into these straight slice-of-life type comics. Especially Tomine's, which seem so lifeless and emotionally detached.
>> No. 2693 Anonymous
27th January 2010
Wednesday 10:26 pm
2693 spacer
Yeah, I enjoy quite a few of them, but I can imagine they're quite difficult to get into.

I managed to pick up an American Splendor book in Forbidden Planet for only £2, it was quite fantastic.

>> No. 2575 Anonymous
19th December 2009
Saturday 6:40 am
2575 spacer
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>> No. 2688 Anonymous
27th January 2010
Wednesday 4:55 pm
2688 spacer

Well Ross has got 220 on the first page and 240 on the second. It's similar numbers on the third and fourth so it just feels like a slow beginning.

Perhaps Ross' sense of pace is overly influenced by Steve Ditko's text-heavy pages. The difference of course is that Ditko is an evil genius - and even given that I still find some of his speech bubbles mini essays hard going.
>> No. 2689 Anonymous
27th January 2010
Wednesday 5:02 pm
2689 spacer

err I just realised Dr Strange was written by Stan Lee. BUT THE POINT STANDS.
>> No. 2690 Anonymous
27th January 2010
Wednesday 5:17 pm
2690 spacer
In fact the 235 words on >>2688 don't feel like a drag at all because there is immediately some action and some jeopardy. It's a great opening.
>> No. 2691 Anonymous
27th January 2010
Wednesday 5:49 pm
2691 spacer

A quick look at google said that Alan Moore tries to keep under 210 per page, with a maximum of 35 per word balloon.


I haven't read through the whole thing yet, so he might turn around at the end of the interview and say that's a whole bunch of cock.

I think Alan Moore should get little kids to sit on his knee, and give them presents at the winter solstice.
>> No. 2692 Anonymous
27th January 2010
Wednesday 6:21 pm
2692 spacer
I could see that. Exactly the same as a shopping centre Santa except with a load of twigs in his hair to give it that pagan touch.

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