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>> No. 22563 Anonymous ## Mod ##
7th December 2018
Friday 11:41 am
22563 Discord Game Server Stickied
So, lets shift focus a bit. We have a Discord now, so we have a place to organise playing games with each other as well as shitpost.

https://discord.gg/QGCyRdV This is permanent invite link, so you can come and go as you please with no hassle.
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>> No. 23215 Anonymous
4th January 2020
Saturday 7:18 pm
23215 spacer
Bumping to star in the unlikely case there's anyone left that fancies idling an empty Discord joining.
>> No. 23216 Anonymous
4th January 2020
Saturday 10:21 pm
23216 spacer
Part of me wants to but every other part of me is saying it'll just be a shitshow.
>> No. 23218 Anonymous
4th January 2020
Saturday 11:22 pm
23218 spacer
Well give it a go. If we're cunts you can just leave, ya know?
>> No. 23227 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 11:37 pm
23227 spacer
Well it's only been five days since I took you up on your offer, but I have to say, absolutely sound group of lads. And since it's Discord apparently you can all sit in a voice channel with muted mics and listen to tunes played by a bot. Modern technology, eh?


>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 23499 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 6:13 pm
23499 spacer

>the noisy cunt of a gaming PC I've got

>> No. 23500 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 10:55 pm
23500 spacer
It's a GTX 980. I've redone the thermal paste recently which did drop temps by 5C or so, but even then with case fans doing their thing (proper airflow in a decent case) the GPU just gets too fucking hot when I'm playing newer games. I should've changed the cooler on it years ago but it's so close to obsolete now I just get angry at it instead. It's an i5 4690K system, the whole thing is getting pretty long in the tooth. Been eyeing up those Rizens, it's nice there's some competition again.
>> No. 23501 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 11:10 pm
23501 spacer
I was forced to upgrade from a 4670k to a 3700x as my motherboard died. AMD have smashed it out of the park with Zen 2, even their new mobile chips are threatening Intel's dominance which is fucking astonishing given where AMD have been for at least a decade.
>> No. 23503 Anonymous
6th April 2020
Monday 11:51 pm
23503 spacer
FF7 Remake is everything I have ever dreamed it would be.
>> No. 23504 Anonymous
7th April 2020
Tuesday 1:17 am
23504 spacer
I'm old enough to remember people saying an FF7 remake wasn't worth it because it would never match the original. Admittedly, Tony Blair was still prime minister in those days. What has changed, if anything?

>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=sMmGPe2yUKPMm3HC
Worms Blast https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=DRYGuGM38VdnxfuF
Worms Crazy Golf https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=eYEPWANxqsCnqkfY
Worms Ultimate Mayhem https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=xbqFPzD2SDRXmNSz
Worms Armageddon https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=U7TeH7v3r64aWT74
Worms Pinball https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=B73d2Xh85TTbdGyE

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad.

https://www.humblebundle.com/ is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 23465 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 5:35 pm
23465 spacer
Beneath a Steel Sky is hilarious and well worth a playthrough. Some of the dialog is brilliant, though the accents on the voice acting can be a little distracting at times. Can't say anything for the other games.
>> No. 23467 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 9:31 pm
23467 spacer
Joey was such a little shit.
>> No. 23468 Anonymous
23rd March 2020
Monday 9:42 am
23468 spacer
That's not very nice, Rob.
>> No. 23472 Anonymous
25th March 2020
Wednesday 5:27 pm
23472 spacer

Drawful 2 is currently free on steam

The jackbox games are largely terrible and you only buy each pack to get one game out of them, and now they have made the best one free.
>> No. 23502 Anonymous
6th April 2020
Monday 11:37 pm
23502 spacer
Total War: Shogun 2 will be free between the 18th and 20th.


>> No. 22053 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 6:23 am
22053 spacer
Anyone else taken a crack at it?

My take is that, predictable gore aside, this is actually a pretty fucking weird game underneath. It's like they took the main elements of Amnesia etc and then added a bunch of Resident Evil details around the edges. Which sounds shit, but somehow they sort of made it work? Fuck knows how, but I'm up at 6AM playing it so there's definitely something there.

It couldn't be less like RE6 if it tried; it is different in every way. I'll give them credit for taking the risk on rebooting a franchise so hard.

I'm still not sure if I actually like it, though.
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>> No. 23402 Anonymous
2nd March 2020
Monday 10:33 pm
23402 spacer
What did you lads think of Resi 6? I hated it when it came out but went back to it and had quite a bit of fun. It's trash (but so are most of the games) but it was pretty solid and the campaigns all felt very distinct. Story was the worst in the series which is an achievement, but the gunplay was pretty good and I admire how ridiculous it got. I think they'd struggle to up the ante in a sequel and people were turning against the action focus, so I see why they went back to a more grounded story in 7, but part of me wants to see another action packed Resi.
>> No. 23404 Anonymous
3rd March 2020
Tuesday 12:50 am
23404 spacer
>Resi 6
It felt to me like the Japanese developers who made that game were pretty ambivalent about this third-person-shooter dross for Americans that Capcom were making them shit out. There was evidence of a huge budget, but the action felt derivative and dull. I should give it another go, just to see if that still rings true.
>> No. 23413 Anonymous
3rd March 2020
Tuesday 7:22 pm
23413 spacer
it's an incredible, content packed, OTT action shooter with a million context based mellee attacks you might only ever see once but they went and animated them anyway. It's FUN, but it's so far from the early days of RE that it sent people a bit off.
>> No. 23416 Anonymous
3rd March 2020
Tuesday 11:42 pm
23416 spacer

Why did they put this guy's picture up three times? Leon is unsure.
>> No. 23417 Anonymous
3rd March 2020
Tuesday 11:45 pm
23417 spacer
Lots of people have pictures of them up in multiple places, it just happens that in this case they're closer together.

>> No. 22636 Anonymous
25th January 2019
Friday 5:02 pm
22636 Xbox
I found a crystal xbox in some bushes, I've fixed it up and am just waiting on a controller now.

Are there any decent xbox exclusives? I can't think of any - Halo, Halo 2 and Fable all have PC ports. It is hardmodded so homebrew/foreign titles are options.
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>> No. 22726 Anonymous
15th February 2019
Friday 1:49 pm
22726 spacer
Not quite the same but I've been spending too much time and money in B&Q lately; it feels like being a kid in Toys R Us.
>> No. 22727 Anonymous
15th February 2019
Friday 3:48 pm
22727 spacer

For me it's Darknet drugs and prostitutes that get delivered in Ubers. Now this is a future I can get behind IYKWIM .
>> No. 23386 Anonymous
28th February 2020
Friday 1:19 pm
23386 spacer
Bumping this thread because as an original Xbox owner (albeit in storage >>22651) I have just discovered this important urgent news: remove the clock capacitor to stop your console from being destroyed.

>> No. 23387 Anonymous
28th February 2020
Friday 1:35 pm
23387 spacer
Somehow mine survived that cap leaking, so it's not fatal in 100% of cases. But yeah, definitely worth doing.
>> No. 23388 Anonymous
28th February 2020
Friday 5:26 pm
23388 spacer

Electrolytic capacitors and RTC batteries are a hazard on any old hardware, but particularly anything manufactured between 1999 and 2007. If you're a collector or enthusiast, pre-emptive replacement of these parts is a smart move.


>> No. 23351 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 10:43 pm
23351 Inappropiate Video Game Content
There's actually a game on the BBC Micro called fapper!
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>> No. 23379 Anonymous
26th February 2020
Wednesday 10:40 pm
23379 spacer
I don't know where I got the name from, it's wrong. They're Relius' Astral finishing moves. Taken from Central Fiction, apparently present in earlier titles too though.
>> No. 23380 Anonymous
27th February 2020
Thursday 1:41 am
23380 spacer
To be fair (and to add a bit of context to >>23374) a common refrain from people who draw for a living is that the easiest way to actually make money on commissions is by finding a niche interest and draw lewd material for it, even if they have no particular interest in the material themselves. It's like a blacksmith banging out yet another gate to keep cashflow going at that point.
>> No. 23381 Anonymous
27th February 2020
Thursday 12:26 pm
23381 spacer
Ah that makes sense. Never played as or against Relius much, and Astral Finishes don't get pulled off very often, so I've just never seen that content.
>> No. 23384 Anonymous
27th February 2020
Thursday 7:48 pm
23384 spacer

Oh, not judging them, or anyone else who wants to draw porn for a living. It doesn't hurt anyone else, I don't see how it's any of my concern.

I note that Skullgirls got into some controversy going the other direction, editing sprites to take out some of the panty shots. It seems like an odd choice to me, given the game had been out for years by the time they elected to do this. By that point anyone who'd be offended by that stuff must have already made up their mind. There were some mutterings about this being an attempt to make it esports-friendly, but I find it hard to believe the developers had any such pretensions, not least because they left plenty of equally racy content in there anyway.
>> No. 23385 Anonymous
27th February 2020
Thursday 7:49 pm
23385 spacer

Not my captioning. For better or worse, I suspect I will manage to forget.

>> No. 21528 Anonymous
30th March 2016
Wednesday 3:42 pm
21528 spacer
Any of you lads want an Xbox-One Closed MP Beta code for Doom? Got it from buying Wolfenstein on the 360 but I don't own an X1 so have at it.

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>> No. 23306 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 8:36 pm
23306 spacer

>The bias is obvious I don't know why I tried to engage the people here like they were reasoned adults rather than entitled fanboys crying over nothing but I won't make the mistake of talking to people here like they matter again.

I was pretty neutral on you until this. Feel free to fuck off if that's how you feel, I haven't read anything further up in the topic. Just saw this.

Was going to castigate >>23305 for being a bit mean but you invited it.

Stop being a spaz and lighten up.
>> No. 23307 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 8:52 pm
23307 spacer
Fuck me, it's a mediocre reboot of a mediocre '90s FPS. Stop pushing this shite to the top of /*/.
>> No. 23308 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 10:09 pm
23308 spacer

Blame Purp for the Sage implementation. The most popular thread on news is premised on the replacement of some old shutters in Huddersfield, it doesn't reeeaaallly matter. Threads get derailed and rerailed, the joy is in the experience.

Fuck, forgot to post this from the internet caf. Bye lads.
>> No. 23348 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 8:25 pm
23348 spacer
Just realised it was me that posted this originally almost 4 years ago.

Wonder if anyone took the code.
>> No. 23349 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 8:42 pm
23349 spacer
I don't need to try redeeming it to know someone definitely took the code, mate.

>> No. 22863 Anonymous
4th June 2019
Tuesday 8:15 pm
22863 Official* Britfa.gs Minecraft Server
Thought I'd better make a new thread for this so the link doesn't get buried -


It's vanilla right now, save for GriefProtection, which allows you to claim an area of land that will be secured from damage/grief. I don't know if we need this or if it'll ruin the 'fun' of natural disasters like your house being cunted over by creepers. But for now all you do is do /claim in your house to claim your first area, then subsequent claims or edits will require a golden shovel. It's a whole thing, look it up.

I'm happy to stick other mods in there if we get bored, and please let me know if you encounter performance issues - I'm using some hosting service that might well be shite.
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>> No. 22986 Anonymous
1st July 2019
Monday 1:37 am
22986 spacer
Are Ender Chests vanilla MC? If so, that might be your solution.
>> No. 22987 Anonymous
1st July 2019
Monday 11:41 am
22987 spacer

There is, but you'll need to use a hopper minecart. That can collect the beef and deliver it, maybe run it off a Redstone clock so it delivers periodically.
>> No. 22988 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 10:01 pm
22988 spacer

If you're going to do this please don't do it anywhere near spawn
>> No. 23061 Anonymous
1st October 2019
Tuesday 5:23 pm
23061 spacer
Here are there any backups knocking about for this world? I wouldn't mind taking over hosting it once I've some more time.
Plus I liked my base.
>> No. 23347 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 5:36 pm
23347 spacer
Not the OP but I just set up a new server. Been playing a lot of MC of late and figured it'd be best to share the wealth a little. for those interested. The host allows automated tasks so sending out occasional backups should be a doddle.

>> No. 23317 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 3:35 pm
23317 Modern CRT gaming


Over the past few years I've owned at least one decent example of each of the main types of flat panels, and in each case I've been disappointed at some aspect the image quality, particularly when it comes to the blurriness of motion in games. I've also heard anecdotes of people dragging now-ancient CRT monitors out and being amazed even compared to the latest gaming flat panels. Then I caught the above video. I think Digital Foundry are generally pretty reliable, so it's really had me really thinking.

Anyone here have any recent experience?
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>> No. 23341 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 9:27 pm
23341 spacer
>>23336 & all subsequent posts

This is lovely. When did you pick it up?

I know the DC had some bloody ambitious ideas but I never knew they went this far.

Also, is that a flusher in >>23337?

It looks to big to fit on a cistern. Hmm.
>> No. 23343 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 12:39 pm
23343 spacer
That's adorable.
>> No. 23344 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 2:40 pm
23344 spacer

>When did you pick it up?
Nah, these are just photos found elsewhere. I did look seriously into buying one a long time ago, back when they were still around for £400 or so, but the shipping was astronomical. Wish I'd paid it now, of course.

Here's a bonus Sega obscurity, from a few years earlier: a shitty Aiwa boombox, that inexplicably included a Megadrive and Mega CD. I've always thought it looked a bit like a rice cooker. Yours for £2,500 on ebay.
>> No. 23345 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 4:15 pm
23345 spacer
It looks like something straight out of Space Channel 5. I'm surprised there wasn't some kind of tie-in promotion (that I can find, anyway.)
>> No. 23346 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 4:39 pm
23346 spacer

Ah, Space Channel 5. At a time when advertisers and brands were ditching Michael Jackson en masse (in the wake of the paedo accusations), Sega of Japan decided you should be dancing with him.

Questionable judgement.

>> No. 23192 Anonymous
29th December 2019
Sunday 7:46 pm
23192 Arcade Machines
Any arcadelads on here? I'm having this bad boy delivered on Friday, 100% original hardware in working condition and a DEXTER Laserdisc replacement board too!
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>> No. 23200 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 1:59 pm
23200 spacer
I used to fantasise about owning proper arcade machines when I had my own place as well as the money. Then I worked in a venue with lots of arcade machines and they seem like a total ballache. Always breaking down, one of them even ransomly set on fire. If I was more technically minded I would probably enjoy the challenge, so kudos those willing to put the work in.
>> No. 23201 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 2:06 pm
23201 spacer

There are loads of arcade venues opening up these days, usually offering free play machines with a fixed admission fee. If you're anywhere near Manchester, Arcade Club in Bury has a truly exceptional collection of vintage and modern cabinets.

>> No. 23285 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 10:52 pm
23285 spacer
Would you be able to recommend anywhere in London that has a decent retro arcade, OP? Bonus points if it has some pinball tables too.
>> No. 23286 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 11:39 pm
23286 spacer

AFAIK Heart of Gaming in Croydon is the last remaining proper arcade in the big smoke. Flip Out (also in Croydon) have a huge selection of pinball tables, but check the opening times.
>> No. 23287 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 11:49 pm
23287 spacer

Used to go every few months when it was in Acton and I lived in Newcastle, then went by one time and it was just gone. Was a bit heartbroken, so glad to hear it reopened recently. Heading there in the next few weeks.

Are you part of the community? I was always too shy to speak to people but it seemed like loads of people knew each other and had a lovely atmosphere.

>> No. 23219 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 10:03 pm
23219 spacer
How do you think the world would be better had the internet never been invented?
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>> No. 23222 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 10:42 pm
23222 spacer

It's been mainsteam since forever / The Internet Was Never Good.
>> No. 23223 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 10:45 pm
23223 spacer
The internet hasn't made the world worse, it has just made the world transparent. There have always been approximately the same number of arseholes and idiots, but now they have unfettered access to a global audience. As any teacher or nightclub bouncer knows, it only takes a few idiots to spoil things for everyone else.

The only cure is a return to elitism and snobbishness. This place is only halfway tolerable because it has a small user base and trigger-happy mods who will happily ban people simply for being thick or lazy. Social media has an open door policy, but we need more online communities that are run like a gentlemen's club, with membership criteria and strict rules of decorum.
>> No. 23224 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 10:51 pm
23224 spacer
> we need more online communities that are run like a gentlemen's club, with membership criteria and strict rules of decorum

We have them, they're called fucking subreddits.
>> No. 23225 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 11:25 pm
23225 spacer
Now that the site has Huel money (shoutout to Bill Burr), you'd expect that the staff writers could rustle up better threads than this.
>> No. 23231 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 2:42 am
23231 spacer

The problem is the ease of access. Make internet dialup again and the number of twitter contributors typing "<politician> is bad because <popular comedian joke> LOL" goes down tenfold. Mass anything is bad, the internet is just the worst example of it.

>> No. 22298 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 9:07 pm
22298 spacer
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'm considering getting either a PS4 or an Xbox One. I'm assuming these days there's little difference between the two other than having the odd exclusive title. I've seen a few Xbox One bundles in the region of £150 - £200 so I'll probably go for one of them as they're cheaper than what I've seen for the PS4.

Have I left it too late, as in are the next generation of consoles expected any day now? Also, which games do you lads recommend? I'm a bit out of the loop with gaming.
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>> No. 23056 Anonymous
30th September 2019
Monday 12:03 pm
23056 spacer
Just buy him an N64 and insist you think it's the same thing.
>> No. 23172 Anonymous
28th November 2019
Thursday 8:42 pm
23172 spacer
They're now selling the digital versions of the Xbox One for €99 on Amazon, they're going down massively in price.
>> No. 23173 Anonymous
28th November 2019
Thursday 11:55 pm
23173 spacer
what the hell is that? like an emulator to run on your PC?
>> No. 23174 Anonymous
29th November 2019
Friday 2:35 am
23174 spacer

An xbox one without a CD drive.
>> No. 23175 Anonymous
29th November 2019
Friday 7:40 am
23175 spacer
What the other lad said and also covered off earlier (>>22807). The cheapest deal at the moment seems to be £84 from Very if you buy it on credit.


>> No. 22518 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 10:37 pm
22518 spacer
I guess this is the right board for it. Time for a boardgame thread?
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>> No. 23171 Anonymous
28th November 2019
Thursday 2:45 am
23171 spacer

A personal family favourite and quite difficult to find at reasonable price.
It's a bit similar to Monopoly, but with a tile aspect that means rather than buying property you get property by chance (collect 3 tiles of the same animal from the dispenser) based on Chinese zodiac it's relatively fun until late game when all the tiles are gone and one fucker, Me, has every tile someone else needs, and needs to be overtaken, or baited into a deal to sell them.
>> No. 23179 Anonymous
8th December 2019
Sunday 7:51 pm
23179 spacer

Fuck this game. Seriously.
>> No. 23180 Anonymous
9th December 2019
Monday 11:33 am
23180 spacer
How about some suggestions for travel-friendly 2-player games?
>> No. 23181 Anonymous
9th December 2019
Monday 1:21 pm
23181 spacer
Handie under a blanket.
>> No. 23182 Anonymous
10th December 2019
Tuesday 11:31 pm
23182 spacer
Travel friendly as in can be played on the go or as in packs down into a tiny box for easy transport?

>> No. 22461 Anonymous
22nd September 2018
Saturday 3:37 pm
22461 Dead Companies Tell No Tales
Telltale Games is laying off most of its staff, canceling upcoming games

>"Today Telltale Games made the difficult decision to begin a majority studio closure following a year marked by insurmountable challenges," Telltale said in a statement. "Telltale will issue further comments regarding its product portfolio in the coming weeks."


RIP The Walking Dead Final Season.

What I think has probably happened here is they've overstretched themselves and people have become burnt out with the genre, there was a telltale game for every franchise going a few years ago. I bitter loss if you were invested in anything they've yet to finish though.
21 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 23041 Anonymous
5th September 2019
Thursday 8:05 pm
23041 spacer

I noticed that Telltale was having a Steam sale and was like, what?

But after looking it up, it seems a holding company that purchased the assets to Telltale is relaunching it on a smaller scale. Positive news, although of course it could go either way from here on:


Some former employees have been a bit scathing for some reason, but it doesn't sound justified:

>> No. 23043 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 9:02 am
23043 spacer

They're being offered contracts with terms that are shit even for the game industry, where they'll be independent contractors and not entitled to any workplace benefits or a modicum of job security.
>> No. 23044 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 11:45 am
23044 spacer
>contracts with terms that are shit even for the game industry
Citation please?
>> No. 23045 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 10:18 pm
23045 spacer

Literally in the link two posts up:

>Ottilie said that some workers from the original Telltale Games will be offered freelance roles, with full-time positions possible in the future.

I'd be a bit insulted if the company I worked for shut down, someone else bought the corpse then offered me temporary, day to day work. It's not a great offer.
>> No. 23046 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 9:54 am
23046 spacer
No it isn't, but that doesn't make it "shit even for the game industry".

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