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>> No. 22563 Anonymous ## Mod ##
7th December 2018
Friday 11:41 am
22563 Discord Game Server Stickied
So, lets shift focus a bit. We have a Discord now, so we have a place to organise playing games with each other as well as shitpost.

https://discord.gg/QGCyRdV This is permanent invite link, so you can come and go as you please with no hassle.
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>> No. 23592 Anonymous
25th April 2020
Saturday 1:54 pm
23592 spacer
Working link: https://discord.gg/SCN3E56
>> No. 23631 Anonymous
5th May 2020
Tuesday 10:54 am
23631 spacer
Talking Discord briefly; do server admind and mods see IP addresses and other metadata? Can they see what time members log in and out of the server, even when they don't talk?
>> No. 23633 Anonymous
5th May 2020
Tuesday 1:10 pm
23633 spacer
>do server admind and mods see IP addresses and other metadata?
>Can they see what time members log in and out of the server, even when they don't talk?
Typically yes, everyone can. Most servers have automatic welcome messages and some also have automatic farewell messages which show when users enter or leave (but not come online/offline). The gs one doesn't have that, at least not one that's visible to users right now.
>> No. 23635 Anonymous
5th May 2020
Tuesday 1:12 pm
23635 spacer
That's what they want you to think. because it is true

>> No. 23625 Anonymous
4th May 2020
Monday 9:43 pm
23625 iRacing
At times, difficult to believe this is a game.

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>> No. 24578 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:10 am
24578 spacer
I'm going to bed.
>> No. 24579 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:18 am
24579 spacer
>I guess that's what you get at this price point

Exactly - and it this price point, any wheel is better than using none. I think you have to start getting into the £500++ level before you start to get things that actually feel like a proper car, these are just miles and miles better than using a joystick. I haven't seen a single gearstick anywhere on any simulator that looks or feels like those in a car, so flappy paddles it is.
>> No. 24580 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:37 am
24580 spacer
I didn't go to bed I ordered a "Used - Very Good" T150 from Amazon for £86. It was listed as £120, but at checkout, which I was only looking at to see when the delivery would be, it had a £34 "warehouse discount", which I never knew was a thing because I only use it to watch films really. There was another one left if anyone's interested/their inhibitions are lowered because it's late.
>> No. 24581 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 8:11 am
24581 spacer

Also, if you do have a Costco membership, you can get a tenner off any online order over £100 with the code DEALS10.
>> No. 24582 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 9:20 pm
24582 spacer
My T150 arrived! The previous owner had managed to half demolish the USB connector in such a way that it was too squished together to fit in a socket, but after some prying it just about squeezes its way in. I really don't know how they did that, I don't think I've ever seen someone do that before. All in all though while it's clear I can't drive and my desk is being shaken apart by the minute, I am enjoying it. I think I'll hold off jumping into a public ACC lobby until I can reliably take T1 at... well anywhere. Also the USB is running through the connector on my Logitech keyboard, because it's the most solid one around and it didn't feel at all good jamming it in and yanking it out of my mobo ports, anyway I just like that chimeric combo of brands and hardware so I thought I'd mention it. The force feedback is also highlighting what a thin-wristed little wimp I am.

>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 24570 Anonymous
8th November 2020
Sunday 12:57 am
24570 spacer

> an open world you're free to explore from the beginning
And the worst bit is, Fallout 3's map design is far better than that of NV. There are so many little settlements, abandoned buildings, etc with some (at times) great environmental storytelling, but the game almost actively dissuadues you from going to see them, with a couple of exceptions in Three Dog telling you to go there. Picture related; the aesthetic of the Pitt is great.

>but it's often written in a way that assumes you won't do that
A great microcosm of this is the Pitt. The character you speak to start the DLC says:
"You'll need to go into the Pitt disguised as a slave. They won't let an armoured wastelander in; they'll strip you of all your items", but the quest marker says "OPTIONAL: Find a slave disguise".

I think: great! The game is telling me that there are multiple ways to get into the Pitt, and as I'm a high level character with a lot of firepower, I'll shoot my way in. Fuck having all my items taken off me, I can take them. So, I shoot my way in. The game says, "no, no, no, you naughty boy, you shouldn't have done that" and locks my controls, and then uses NPCs to beat me unconscious using their fists. Bear in mind that I'm wearing the best armour in the game at this point, so that just feels cheap. Then the next NPC chastises me for making a scene on my way in and tells me not to attack the guards. So, I pickpocket the first guard I see, take his weapons, and proceed to slaughter every guard I see until I get to my next quest point.

I get to the quest point, and talk to the NPC. The conversation ends, and the game then decides to punish me for doing that by ambushing me in a room with 10 guards. I easily survive the assault, but the game didn't plan for that. I speak to the NPC again and get generic dialogue only. Leaving the room and coming back in resets the dialogue and I have the exact same conversation as I did before, but this time am not ambushed by guards.

From this point on, I kill every guard the game will let me on sight, but because the game has told me not to do that, every time I move from one area to another, all the guards are not hostile, and there's no consequence to killing them. Several of the quest-giving guards are marked as essential, so they can't be killed at all, which is fucking stupid - if you attack them, they will be hostile to you until you make them 'unconscious', in which case they will get up and be friendly.

After doing the main quest line for the DLC, I am told to go see the Big Bossman. I move through the area, slaughtering room after room of guards, but each time I move between rooms they are all friendly again - the game didn't tell me this, but they were all supposed to die later if you chose one of the endings. Big bossman didn't acknowledge that I'd killed all his men, and just like the rest, there was no consequence at all for killing him.
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>> No. 24571 Anonymous
8th November 2020
Sunday 7:29 pm
24571 spacer
I could write another essay on the main quest now that I've finished that, but it's as simple as: Bethesda, at some point, decided that they would not allow the player to fail. It is literally impossible to jeapordise anything to do with the main quests. At this point, I am actively trying to fail the quest, shooting friendly NPCs, choosing the nastiest dialogue options, but no matter what you do, the NPCs go unconscious and get back up again, and the quest trundles along towards the Yay, You Did It, You're a Hero! ending completely irrespective of the actions of the player.
>> No. 24572 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 11:19 pm
24572 spacer

Anyone played the new Outer Worlds DLC? Is it worth watching out for on sale? It's not available on Game Pass, but fuck paying £70 for the bundle on Steam for a year old game with maybe 20 hours of content (It took me about 14 hours including all the side quests iirc).
>> No. 24573 Anonymous
12th November 2020
Thursday 11:49 pm
24573 spacer
I have no idea what the Bethesda team were smoking when they came up with the Fallout 4 VR control scheme, but otherwise the game so far seems better than the reviews would indicate.

Controlling the Pip-Boy is infuriating, but it's nice to be able to properly aim and shoot (though as a lefty, putting the game in left handed mode actually makes the controls worse so I have to use my right hand to aim which I guess makes the game a little harder), and it seems smooth enough.
>> No. 24574 Anonymous
17th November 2020
Tuesday 12:32 pm
24574 spacer

Fine, if I have to.

>> No. 24555 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:41 pm
24555 Dwarf fortress deserves a new thread


Toady has been hard at work producing a masterwork.
Look at these screen shots, look at this interface. It's beautiful, i almost cried.
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>> No. 24556 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:42 pm
24556 spacer


>> No. 24557 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:43 pm
24557 spacer


>> No. 24558 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:44 pm
24558 spacer

>> No. 24559 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:46 pm
24559 spacer
Planned release date 'is subjective' with regular announcements on steam.


>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=sMmGPe2yUKPMm3HC
Worms Blast https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=DRYGuGM38VdnxfuF
Worms Crazy Golf https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=eYEPWANxqsCnqkfY
Worms Ultimate Mayhem https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=xbqFPzD2SDRXmNSz
Worms Armageddon https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=U7TeH7v3r64aWT74
Worms Pinball https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=B73d2Xh85TTbdGyE

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad.

https://www.humblebundle.com/ is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 24373 Anonymous
18th September 2020
Friday 7:19 pm
24373 spacer

>> No. 24473 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 6:48 am
24473 spacer
Sonic 2 is free on Steam for the next week or so.

>> No. 24491 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 3:33 pm
24491 spacer
I'm almost tempted to pick up the bundle of Mega Drive and Genesis classics but I'm pretty sure I could find them all online.
>> No. 24541 Anonymous
2nd November 2020
Monday 5:32 pm
24541 spacer

Ghostbusters Remastered is free on Epic at the moment.

>> No. 24542 Anonymous
2nd November 2020
Monday 9:26 pm
24542 spacer

cheers lad!

>> No. 22298 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 9:07 pm
22298 spacer
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'm considering getting either a PS4 or an Xbox One. I'm assuming these days there's little difference between the two other than having the odd exclusive title. I've seen a few Xbox One bundles in the region of £150 - £200 so I'll probably go for one of them as they're cheaper than what I've seen for the PS4.

Have I left it too late, as in are the next generation of consoles expected any day now? Also, which games do you lads recommend? I'm a bit out of the loop with gaming.
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>> No. 24519 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 6:08 pm
24519 spacer

>The PS1 was a plasticky piece of shit, I still have one.

It can't be that plasticky then. Apart from the dodgy laser pick-ups in the early units, it was a fantastically solid and reliable machine.
>> No. 24521 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 8:50 pm
24521 spacer
I do. White plastic has a habit of yellowing extremely quickly over time and nothing is really able to prevent it that is practical for a sitting room.

I probably wont buy one for that reason alone, I don't particularly want a giant manky beige box under my TV a few years from now.

They can give me a shout when they release a black model, It'll probably have some games by then too I can sink my teeth into.
>> No. 24523 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 12:13 am
24523 spacer
>White plastic has a habit of yellowing extremely quickly over time
That's mainly an ABS thing. I'm not sure what they're making these things out of, but I'd be surprised if they used something that yellows that quickly.
>> No. 24524 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 10:10 am
24524 spacer
>>24523 Painting works OK at a tolerable manufacturing cost, but since all gamers live in dingy hovels with no sunlight, UV yellowing isn't really anything the manufacturers worry about.
>> No. 24532 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 4:44 pm
24532 spacer
Plastics have improved hugely over the past few decades. White plastics still have a tendency to yellow a bit over time but it's barely a problem now compared to how it was in the 80s and 90s.
Yellow PS5s might be something that vintage tech collectors 50 years from now will be worrying about, but it's not really a concern for the usual lifespan of a console.

>> No. 24177 Anonymous
25th August 2020
Tuesday 9:58 am
24177 new graphics card
I'm in the market for a new graphics card - I believe that the RTX 2060 family is the one to go for, but would appreciate any advice/experience - there seem to be millions of versions, all with pretty small variations. Pictured is the ASUS one I am thinking of.

Don't want to spend much more than 500 quid.

What would you buy in this price range?
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>> No. 24527 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 11:27 am
24527 spacer
Wish I could delete posts again so I don't have look at how I said "right this minute" twice in one post like a mook.
>> No. 24528 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 12:35 pm
24528 spacer
>All this is to say in a few months a new card in your price bracket might be out and well worth the cost.

Do you mean to say from the new generation, the RTX 30 and Big Navi? OK, but aren't the decent mid-range cards from the new gen supposed to be the RTX 3070 and the RX 6800 which have already been announced and are retailing at £500-600?
>> No. 24529 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 1:10 pm
24529 spacer

There will definitely be an RTX 3060 and an RX 6600, they'll both be competing around the £300 mark, but don't expect to see them before Christmas.

The 5600XT and the RTX 2060 are both perfectly decent cards, they'll perform very well at 1080p for the foreseeable future, but you'll get a lot more for your money if you can wait a couple of months.
>> No. 24530 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 1:11 pm
24530 spacer
It's more or less certain that Nvidia will be selling a 3060 at some point in the near future and Big Navi will likely be getting lower end cards too, though the timing on that could be some way off as the 5700s came out in July of last year and it wasn't until December of that year and January of this year that the 5500 and 5600 came out respectively. Nvidia had a similar lag between its 2080 launch and the 2060.

If you get yourself a new card though, it plays everything you want it to play and you can start doing that ASAP rather than in three months, then who cares about the extra 25FPS you probably won't even be able to see on whatever monitor you have. I feel like I gave poor advice earlier because ultimately you could end up waiting for newer, better gear forever.
>> No. 24531 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 1:40 pm
24531 spacer
>Okay, so you likely can't even find the new GPUs or the soon-to-launch GPUs in stock. Why not just pick up a previous generation card on sale? It's a nice thought, but the problem is that most previous generation GPUs are overpriced now. Again, blame COVID-19, but just about every mid-range or higher GPU has seen prices increase over the past few months.

I was right. Oh well.


>> No. 24121 Anonymous
11th August 2020
Tuesday 11:58 pm
24121 spacer
Fuck this game is good.

Makes Sekiro seem like a leisurely stroll. Most fun I've had in my living room since the missus and I christened the new sofas.
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>> No. 24160 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 1:36 am
24160 spacer

It's a beautiful British game by brilliant British boffins.

>> No. 24161 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 8:50 pm
24161 spacer
I think The Pub Landlord was years ahead of its time.
>> No. 24423 Anonymous
26th September 2020
Saturday 12:08 pm
24423 spacer
Flavour of the month. Nobody is talking about it anymore, Among Us is the new hotness now.
>> No. 24424 Anonymous
26th September 2020
Saturday 12:16 pm
24424 spacer
Why does it matter if it's a flavour of the month game? Their twitter is still full of replies and from what I see on Twitch still quite popular, new levels are being released in a couple of weeks too. I'm sure it'll survive.

If anything, it'll be easier to get in a game.
>> No. 24425 Anonymous
26th September 2020
Saturday 12:36 pm
24425 spacer
Steam says otherwise: 46,255 players at time of posting, 59,488 peak. And that's only for Steam, of course, I know it's on PS4 and I am assuming you can buy it elsewhere for PC.

>> No. 23979 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 6:58 pm
23979 MS Flight Sim 2018
I am strangely excited about the upcoming launch of the new Flight Simulator. Already have a very good X-Plane setup, but they seem to have done a right number on the FS scenery this time, albeit an initial 90Gb (!) install.

Anyone else, at all? Gonna need a bigger PC.
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>> No. 23991 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 9:21 am
23991 spacer
There are more expensive editions which contain more planes and more unique airports. I think the edition with the most stuff is about £110.
>> No. 23992 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 9:41 am
23992 spacer
I've seen this "it's a sim so we can charge you 'sell a kidney' prices" lots and I was wondering if anyone knows whether it's just a cash grab, they won't sell as many copies as CoD or the MCC so they have to charge more to break even or are there actually additional costs involved with making sims that justify higher prices for the customer? It seems to me that it's often just a case of a captured audience who can't "vote with their feet" because some sims have de facto or near monopolies on their genre.
>> No. 23993 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 10:01 am
23993 spacer
The standard edition of Flight Sim is among the 100+ games you can play for a month for £1 and £4/month thereafter.
>> No. 23994 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 11:02 am
23994 spacer

They're a for-profit company, they're just charging as much as they think they can get away with.

I've got no problem with DLC in principle, but I hate day zero DLC and "premium editions". Salami-slicing a game on release day just feels grubby and exploitative, especially when you're parcelling off some of the most desirable content.
>> No. 24175 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 10:59 pm
24175 spacer

I enjoyed watching this one.

>> No. 24038 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 4:26 pm
24038 What are the absolute best RPGs?
Be they console FPS-RPG hybrids, or 90s style RTwP, linear turn based JRPGs, even pen and paper RPG systems, I'm open to anything.
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>> No. 24040 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 4:35 pm
24040 spacer
Oh, and can't forget the Yakuza games. They are more tenuously RPG in general, putting more effort on the brawling side, with the exception of the newest game, Yakuza : Like a Dragon, which is a turn-based party type one.
>> No. 24041 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 4:45 pm
24041 spacer
Candybox and Candybox 2.
>> No. 24043 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 5:26 pm
24043 spacer
>console FPS-RPG hybrids
* Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
These are both a bit janky in their own ways, but atmospheric beyond words if you're lucky enough to make that emotional connection. They nail that feeling of coming into the world as a nobody and the satisfaction of learning to deal with strange situations. There are various 'unofficial' patches/mods around of varying quality, ask more if you're interested. Oh and how could I forget..
* Deus Ex

>90s style RTwP
*Baldur's Gate 2 is the classic of this genre
*Arcanum & Planescape are a bit more creative, and personal favourites of mine
but right now I'm loving Pathfinder: Kingmaker, it's a fresh take on a pure high fantasy romp. Character creation options overwhelmed me at first, so I made a pure good guy paladin; from this angle the content is very satisfying but I'm keen to go through it as a selfish dickhead and enjoy all that sweet, sweet reactivity I think is there

>linear turn based JRPGs
* Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (released here as Lucifer's Call) can be found cheap for your old PS2. The game's (relative) brutality might put you off but it's the pinnacle of the genre for me. There are various other games, by the same developers, in the same vein, that are a bit simpler and more often recommended to newcomers. Like Digital Devil Saga, maybe a Persona game (which revolve around tedious delightful cringeworthy creative high school relationships content)
* Dragon Quest games (powerhouse in Japan) have a less interesting combat system and a more traditional setting. More classical fairy tale style, which may be fun escapism. Play if you want to live in world where the good guys always win in the end, there is always a magic harp to wake up the sleeping princess, and no person is truly evil, only misguided/manipulated and redeemed in the end

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 24044 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 6:12 pm
24044 spacer
How could you forget System Shock under FPS.
>> No. 24045 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 6:19 pm
24045 spacer
I guess you could say it'll be a shock to his system when he realises he omitted that one.

>> No. 23960 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 12:57 pm
23960 Most disappointing game you've ever played?
Not necessarily the worst, but the game which failed to meet your expectations. For me it's a toss up between Brink and Kingdom Hearts 3. Brink had a really cool setting but it was a pretty mediocre team based FPS. I thought it would be the defining game of the time but it seemed to peter out within a matter of weeks. Kingdom Hearts 3 was an unsatisfying conclusion to ~15 years of build up, and has probably the worst story I've ever seen in a AAA production.

How about you lads?
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>> No. 24021 Anonymous
21st July 2020
Tuesday 5:47 am
24021 spacer
The music's great, and it looks lovely. It just didn't compel me to go back. When I finished it I was done. The other Mario games somehow make me want to pick them up again - just recently I played through Sunshine again, it's a fantastic game, and I'd just turned 18 or so it has some fun nostalgia in there for me. These days it's quite easy to get an SD card loader running on a Cube, which allows you to force various video modes and so on, but also allows you to change that stupid inverted horizontal look that Sunshine uses, with no option to change (same for FFXII if I'm not mistaken - it's one thing to invert by default, but give us an option for fuck's sake). Anyway just passing that on, as it made the difference between me dicking around for 15 minutes and moving on, vs. finishing the game.
>> No. 24023 Anonymous
21st July 2020
Tuesday 8:58 am
24023 spacer
Funny you mention Sunshine, because that's my most disappointing Mario game.

To make one Super Mario Sunshine:

-Take Mario 64
-Give Mario a cleaning-dirt-with-water mechanic that gets used interestingly for about five seconds
-Replace Power Stars with 'Shines' except to get them you don't achieve interesting objectives in the world but enter mysterious caves and do self-contained platforming segments
-Replace Toads with 'Delfinos' who have even less personality and are apparently so unconcerned about their island being in jeopardy that they will hoard Shines until Mario does an errand

Honestly I've never felt a Mario game to be so phoned in.
>> No. 24025 Anonymous
21st July 2020
Tuesday 9:53 am
24025 spacer
I think you could do a similarly reductivist take on any game, really. The beauty of Mario games is in the subtlety of control.

It is clunky in places, I'll grant you. Nearly 20 years old though, eh.
>> No. 24026 Anonymous
21st July 2020
Tuesday 10:10 am
24026 spacer
It's not clunky though. It's polished, it's solid, it's fun to play on its own merits. What I'm saying is that it is a disappointing Mario game. It feels empty and devoid of character, like they couldn't give a toss while making it.
>> No. 24028 Anonymous
21st July 2020
Tuesday 11:44 am
24028 spacer
What? It's full of character, and there's lots to do if you want to get all the shines or whatever.

There are places where it feels clunky - the camera trying to find the "right" place when in tight spaces sticks out especially. It's an early 3D game and you adjust your expectations accordingly.

>> No. 22518 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 10:37 pm
22518 spacer
I guess this is the right board for it. Time for a boardgame thread?
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>> No. 23807 Anonymous
9th June 2020
Tuesday 7:55 pm
23807 spacer

No bugger can spell it, or pronounce it for that matter.
>> No. 23814 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 2:57 pm
23814 spacer
Very fair. It's not quite got the same ring to it as 'quick game of chess?'
>> No. 23821 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 8:12 pm
23821 spacer

One of the big problems for the game of Go in the west is that it's basically ungoogleable.
>> No. 23822 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 8:21 pm
23822 spacer

Annotation 2020-06-10 202105.png
>> No. 23898 Anonymous
23rd June 2020
Tuesday 1:05 pm
23898 spacer

Been playing Kingdomino, which is quite fun if you want a quick game that lasts about 10/15 minutes.

>> No. 17330 Anonymous
10th November 2013
Sunday 8:14 pm
17330 spacer
Just finished The Last Of Us and I don't remember us having a thread about it, so what do you lot reckon?

Personally, it's gone right into the all time favorites and I award it a rare fanfuckingtastic out of 10. Amazingly well written and decently lengthy. Even if the story did pinch bits from plenty of other films & games.
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>> No. 22046 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 10:03 am
22046 spacer
From what I remember the game "slightly" lets up on you there and gives you a bigger amount of stuff. Still have to make every shot count though.
>> No. 22047 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 11:40 am
22047 spacer
Yeah it wasn't so bad. Having to do the whole of the hospital in one stretch was much more tricky.

I did the DLC afterwards (Grounded doesn't make much odds here, but it's still great), and then read the comics (eh... I've read worse). Now I'm really fired up for a game that's not going to be released for years.

Oh well.
>> No. 23595 Anonymous
27th April 2020
Monday 8:51 am
23595 spacer
So,pretty much everything from TLOU2, just leaked. Cutscenes start to finish, deaths and plotpoints. Be wary.
>> No. 23597 Anonymous
27th April 2020
Monday 11:30 am
23597 spacer
I don't subscribe to the cult of spoilers. Seems like people live their lives in fear of one spoiler or another, but if you read them they can't hurt you anymore and you may realise the game you were looking forward to is a Rian Johnson tier subversive mess and your money would be better spent buying Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

>> No. 23881 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 10:04 am
23881 spacer
Part 2 is a bit grim.

>> No. 20506 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 2:22 pm
20506 FF7 Remake
Hell has frozen over.

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>> No. 20533 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 7:22 pm
20533 spacer
I genuinely did not mean to call her Aerith.

That's what happens when so many people correct me when I say Aeris. Next I'll be saying Cloudu-San.
>> No. 20534 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 9:26 pm
20534 spacer
I just assumed you had a lisp.
>> No. 20535 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 12:46 am
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I think anyone who pays enough attention to E3/gaming news to have seen the FFVII trailer will understand the significance of it, regardless of age. Every review of a JRPG seems to mention FFVII, almost every list of top RPGs/Japanese games/video games in general has FFVII in the top 20. I think anyone who follows video games will understand why there's so much hype surrounding the trailer, even if they have never played the game and even if they weren't born until after it came out.

It's kind of like Ocarina Of Time, I know a lot of people who have never played it, but who say it's the best game of all time because it has a reputation of being as such.
>> No. 20537 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 1:15 pm
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Yes, but IX is better.
>> No. 23877 Anonymous
18th June 2020
Thursday 2:38 pm
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It turned out shit.

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