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>> No. 17330 Anonymous
10th November 2013
Sunday 8:14 pm
17330 spacer
Just finished The Last Of Us and I don't remember us having a thread about it, so what do you lot reckon?

Personally, it's gone right into the all time favorites and I award it a rare fanfuckingtastic out of 10. Amazingly well written and decently lengthy. Even if the story did pinch bits from plenty of other films & games.
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>> No. 22046 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 10:03 am
22046 spacer
From what I remember the game "slightly" lets up on you there and gives you a bigger amount of stuff. Still have to make every shot count though.
>> No. 22047 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 11:40 am
22047 spacer
Yeah it wasn't so bad. Having to do the whole of the hospital in one stretch was much more tricky.

I did the DLC afterwards (Grounded doesn't make much odds here, but it's still great), and then read the comics (eh... I've read worse). Now I'm really fired up for a game that's not going to be released for years.

Oh well.
>> No. 23595 Anonymous
27th April 2020
Monday 8:51 am
23595 spacer
So,pretty much everything from TLOU2, just leaked. Cutscenes start to finish, deaths and plotpoints. Be wary.
>> No. 23597 Anonymous
27th April 2020
Monday 11:30 am
23597 spacer
I don't subscribe to the cult of spoilers. Seems like people live their lives in fear of one spoiler or another, but if you read them they can't hurt you anymore and you may realise the game you were looking forward to is a Rian Johnson tier subversive mess and your money would be better spent buying Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

>> No. 23881 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 10:04 am
23881 spacer
Part 2 is a bit grim.

>> No. 20506 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 2:22 pm
20506 FF7 Remake
Hell has frozen over.

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>> No. 20533 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 7:22 pm
20533 spacer
I genuinely did not mean to call her Aerith.

That's what happens when so many people correct me when I say Aeris. Next I'll be saying Cloudu-San.
>> No. 20534 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 9:26 pm
20534 spacer
I just assumed you had a lisp.
>> No. 20535 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 12:46 am
20535 spacer
I think anyone who pays enough attention to E3/gaming news to have seen the FFVII trailer will understand the significance of it, regardless of age. Every review of a JRPG seems to mention FFVII, almost every list of top RPGs/Japanese games/video games in general has FFVII in the top 20. I think anyone who follows video games will understand why there's so much hype surrounding the trailer, even if they have never played the game and even if they weren't born until after it came out.

It's kind of like Ocarina Of Time, I know a lot of people who have never played it, but who say it's the best game of all time because it has a reputation of being as such.
>> No. 20537 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 1:15 pm
20537 spacer
Yes, but IX is better.
>> No. 23877 Anonymous
18th June 2020
Thursday 2:38 pm
23877 spacer
It turned out shit.

>> No. 22053 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 6:23 am
22053 spacer
Anyone else taken a crack at it?

My take is that, predictable gore aside, this is actually a pretty fucking weird game underneath. It's like they took the main elements of Amnesia etc and then added a bunch of Resident Evil details around the edges. Which sounds shit, but somehow they sort of made it work? Fuck knows how, but I'm up at 6AM playing it so there's definitely something there.

It couldn't be less like RE6 if it tried; it is different in every way. I'll give them credit for taking the risk on rebooting a franchise so hard.

I'm still not sure if I actually like it, though.
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>> No. 23413 Anonymous
3rd March 2020
Tuesday 7:22 pm
23413 spacer
it's an incredible, content packed, OTT action shooter with a million context based mellee attacks you might only ever see once but they went and animated them anyway. It's FUN, but it's so far from the early days of RE that it sent people a bit off.
>> No. 23416 Anonymous
3rd March 2020
Tuesday 11:42 pm
23416 spacer

Why did they put this guy's picture up three times? Leon is unsure.
>> No. 23417 Anonymous
3rd March 2020
Tuesday 11:45 pm
23417 spacer
Lots of people have pictures of them up in multiple places, it just happens that in this case they're closer together.
>> No. 23859 Anonymous
17th June 2020
Wednesday 2:51 pm
23859 spacer
Did anyone see the trailer last week for Resident Evil Village (Resi 8)? Looks intriguing. Ethan and Chris return, looks to be witchcraft and werewolves, set in a snowy European village with a large castle. It's nice to see them trying new stuff with 7 and 8 while sticking to their roots with the 2 and 3 remakes. Capcom are really on a roll lately.
>> No. 23873 Anonymous
18th June 2020
Thursday 11:38 am
23873 spacer
One of my weird guilty pleasures is watching people play these zombie games on youtube.

I hate watching these things, I don't get Twitch or anything like that yet did really enjoy some Youtuber playing through the one where they're in the deep south house.

Anyway, if there's a new one and somebody has a link to a play through please do share.

>> No. 21492 Anonymous
12th March 2016
Saturday 2:14 pm
21492 spacer
I've recently bought a desktop computer, after using laptops for just over a decade, which means it's time to properly introduce my kids to computer gaming.

However, I'm incredibly out of the loop with this sort of thing. Which games would you recommend for children aged 6 and 9? I assume the likes of Command & Conquer, Sim City, Civilization, Rollercoaster Tycoon, etc. are still going strong. I'm about to install Steam so I'll have a browse on that - most of my friends still into gaming are raving about Rocket League at the minute.
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>> No. 23812 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 10:07 am
23812 spacer
It's a spin off which is basically a blocky Diablo clone with no depth.
>> No. 23813 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 2:18 pm
23813 spacer
As somebody who's followed MC for years...
How the hell are you supposed to know about anything if you approach it completely new? Theres nothing at all to even suggest the Nether and the End exist etc.
>> No. 23815 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 3:36 pm
23815 spacer
Playing on a server with people who have more experience, watching minecraft youtubers and/or reading the wiki.
>> No. 23816 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 3:59 pm
23816 spacer
Which sparks an interesting debate about what constitutes a playable game. If a game is presented to you in a purchasable package, but there is a whole website full of supplementary material not included in that package required to make the game enjoyable, is that fair? Do we just assume everyone has Internet access all the time from now on?

It's this kind of attitude that is spelling the death of the instruction manual. 'Oh just Google it'.
>> No. 23817 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 5:54 pm
23817 spacer

Minecraft has probably changed a lot since you last logged on. The game is still the same, but there's a tutorial of sorts now which show you how to punch a tree, build a workbench, and so on, and this is tied into the "advancements" which is like an achievement tree that if you followed completely, I think would bring you all the way to the End - I'm not sure how much these prompts will hold your hand or guide you, but they're there:


There's also a recipe book so you don't have to look up how to build everyfuckingthing like you used to.

I also just think it's a game thats always expected you to look stuff up. When I was into it ten or so years ago, you definitely had to tab out to a wiki or guide to play survival properly. Now, I feel like there are adequate in game resources to complete it unaided.

>> No. 23789 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 3:21 pm
23789 spacer
Is there a specific genre I should be refering to when looking for '4x, grand strategy RPG's? Games that'll let me do all the things in Stellaris, Anno1701, Europa Universalis, etc, but as an individual character as part of the world.

Mount&Blade Bannerlord looks pretty cool but I'm pretty sure my computer won't run it and it looks heavily combat oriented.

Sid Meier's Pirates! was fun but there's just something not quite right about it, and was too open as a sandbox.

X3 was probably the best I've played of this sort of thing, though it can take a long time to set anything up. The pace of gameplay can be really nice for immersion.

What I really want to play is a character who can interact with the game world in such a way as to influence the development of empires, rather than playing the head of those empires specifically. So if my guy attacks trade caravans, the networked towns will run out of food (or whatever). If my guy organises trade caravans instead, he can help supply a settlements demands and watch it grow. He can set up bandit camps to intercept traffic and build fortifications to defend against militia attacks; or issue bounties on bandits. You could go adventuring in caves and ruins and return with a cartloads of phat loot (accidentally inflating the regions currency in the progress). Supply nation X with a magical inventory to turn the tide in their war with nation Y.

EVE Online looks like a very effective medium for experiencing something like this but i lack the social skills to join a guild, let alone run one.

Oblivion or Skyrim would work nicely if the setting was much deeper and you could recruit NPCs for activites other than combat. Maybe hire a house from which to run your adventurer/merchants guild.

Have you found anything like this? Guild simulator or something?
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>> No. 23790 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 4:13 pm
23790 spacer
Kenshi and Starsector look like they might be what you're after, but I haven't got around to playing them yet.
>> No. 23791 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 4:25 pm
23791 spacer
Been a while since I played them, so my memory of them might be off, but have you tried the King's Bounty games? The reboot and its sequels from the noughties/tens. Strategy and map exploration and building up an army, but focusing on your character with RPG type mechanics.
>> No. 23792 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 5:41 pm
23792 spacer
>Guild simulator or something?

Well, there is this series called 'The Guild'...

You control the head of a family and his descendants, making alliances, enemies, making in-depth political and economic decisions, but also directly controlling your avatar walking around in the world.
>> No. 23798 Anonymous
9th June 2020
Tuesday 12:19 pm
23798 spacer
I've gone with Star Sector and Kenshi - thank you to those who offered alternatives; they didn't quite pique my interest like these two did.

Star Sector is very fun. But for a few typos it's very polished; nothing so far has felt like feature creap dispite what appears to be great depth and a lengthy development time (still in Alpha after 10 years?!).

Kenshi looks like it was intended to be an MMO. My specs aren't quite up to par and I've yet to mod in lower textures and other workarounds, ao I haven't played it very much yet, but what I have seems interesting in that boring roleplay kind of way. It's not great fastforwarding while watching your guy mine a rock for 20 minutes, but when you have to sneak by the fight at the city gates while returning your ore, that's pretty fun. Once I start building and hiring companions it should get more interesting.

These two videos really sold me on the games. It was only after that i realised I'd been played by goods storytelling. The gameplay in both is a lot slower than portrayed, but they're still pretty fun when you adjust your mindset.


>> No. 23808 Anonymous
9th June 2020
Tuesday 11:17 pm
23808 spacer
I've not watched the video but Kenshi seems like a misery simulator. If you play an ordinary schmoe in a Mad Max-type world then of course you're going to get exploited and shat on.

I did watch a video of one guy's playthrough which was the story of how he got into a fight in his starting city, was enslaved, broke his legs, escaped, crawled back through the wasteland, and got into a cycle of being enslaved and attempting to escape by crawling until he eventually died.

Is that a good story for so-called story simulator to generate? Is it fun? Don't mean to be a grumpy sod, I do have Kenshi on my wishlist, but it's just a bit questionable.

>> No. 23617 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 11:58 am
23617 Serena Williams among stars to compete in Mario Tennis tournament

Any day now I'm going to wake up from this coma and find that we didn't leave the EU, Donald Trump has nothing to do with politics, and Serena Williams is not competing in a fucking Mario Tennis tournament on Twitch.
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>> No. 23618 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 5:07 pm
23618 spacer
What in God's name is your problem with this, lad? They can't play real tennis so they are doing something cute and fun during lockdown to keep us all entertained.
>> No. 23619 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 5:23 pm
23619 spacer
I'm with you. Serena Williams competing in Mario Tennis is every kind of awesome. I hope she's good.
>> No. 23620 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 6:32 pm
23620 spacer
I don't have a problem with it at all. I think it's hilarious, frankly. I would just never have thought it possible, that's all.
>> No. 23621 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 6:38 pm
23621 spacer
Monkey tennis?

I'll see myself out.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 23622 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 7:15 pm
23622 spacer
Please do.

>> No. 23578 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 9:46 pm
23578 spacer
I've done it now lads. I was stupid enough to express interest in teamwork within an MMO, now i have to plan a fucking campaign to present to my guild mates. I didn't realise talking about it means i have to actually fucking do it. I'm not prepaired for this shit. I've read it's best to deligate tasks in any cooperation but how can i expect these people to take responcibility for something i suggested? All I offered was a dream, an idea on what could be awesome, but what if all i can actually do falls short of that. Is it okay to give out basic gear that's barely up to the tasks at hand? Is it okay to expect other people to provide the fun? I wish i'd never gotten myself into this. I can barely turn my back and hide - i put my name on this, my reputation.

Tell us about the times you took it upon yourself to inspire others in the games you play. Preferably with a positive outcome that might help me push through this mess ive made.

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 23581 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 11:03 pm
23581 spacer
Why was OP banned?
>> No. 23582 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 11:11 pm
23582 spacer


You're not from here, are you?
>> No. 23583 Anonymous
19th April 2020
Sunday 12:11 pm
23583 spacer

I hope this is a positive growth experience for you OP. That you realise you aren't just an observer in life and what happiness you can make for yourself if you put the work in.

>Tell us about the times you took it upon yourself to inspire others in the games you play

Organisation of loads of things, I run an online blood bowl league which is mostly an excuse to keep in regular contact with friends I might not talk to regularly otherwise on discord. It has really come into its own during corona outbreak as something for people to do, It has become more than just playing the game but a community hub and people who met through it branch off and play other games from that, which is lovely.
>> No. 23584 Anonymous
19th April 2020
Sunday 12:58 pm
23584 spacer
>(A good day to you Sir!)
>Use your fucking spellcheck.
Let's see..
My appologies for the transgression. I'm still working on that proofreading habit.

I've analysed the chatlogs and i think i've found the major problems in my approach. Most significant is my lack of consideration to play times and how to actually get people together.
I think the 'build it and they will come' mentality will be worth trying, here; so long as i can commit to a time that's reasonable for the others, some people should arrive. If they don't, it's on them. I think the point is to make a date, otherwise whatever's in the air has no place to land. Other than that i could try approaching pre-established groups.

Second most is my inadequate preparation. For the time being i can offer basic equipment to the party but otherwise it's 'bring your own'. I'm still working on an incentive other than 'to have fun' - but the interested parties seemed keen enough as it is. Still, it'd be nice to have a net gain at the end of it.

For the most part the situation is not as dire as i felt earlier. Just gotta sleep on it and not react to that adrenaline dump.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 23585 Anonymous
19th April 2020
Sunday 2:22 pm
23585 spacer

>Thanks, man. I can still make it work, even if the plan changes a bit. Flexability is surely a good trait to practise.

Exactly these things operate on people’s good will and you can get more out of them if you act as always the positive force without judgement and roll with the punches.

Example I can I give is that in the BB league one of the players without communication just plain stopped turn up for matches with no explanation, plain ignored some people who tried to contact them. There were calls from offended parties to just remove them they were understandably pissed.

Eventually I was able to get through to them, and asked them if they wanted to be in the next season they told me they were depressed and withdrawn and it was for the best if I take them out of the league my response was

"That is a terrible shame. Personally I find these sorts of social things the best treatment for my depression, but I could understand if it becomes a chore for you and you feel socially obligated why it would be draining.
You still have one game left to play this season (vs [a friend they have in real life]) It would be great to see you come out of retirement for one last job!"

From that I was able to get them to play that one game and that was enough for them to sign up for the next season and become a highly involved in the league and the community.
The real problem there was they had built up an oppressive force they didn't want to face, and I could have easily played into that if I had approached the problem differently.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 23351 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 10:43 pm
23351 Inappropiate Video Game Content
There's actually a game on the BBC Micro called fapper!
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>> No. 23381 Anonymous
27th February 2020
Thursday 12:26 pm
23381 spacer
Ah that makes sense. Never played as or against Relius much, and Astral Finishes don't get pulled off very often, so I've just never seen that content.
>> No. 23384 Anonymous
27th February 2020
Thursday 7:48 pm
23384 spacer

Oh, not judging them, or anyone else who wants to draw porn for a living. It doesn't hurt anyone else, I don't see how it's any of my concern.

I note that Skullgirls got into some controversy going the other direction, editing sprites to take out some of the panty shots. It seems like an odd choice to me, given the game had been out for years by the time they elected to do this. By that point anyone who'd be offended by that stuff must have already made up their mind. There were some mutterings about this being an attempt to make it esports-friendly, but I find it hard to believe the developers had any such pretensions, not least because they left plenty of equally racy content in there anyway.
>> No. 23385 Anonymous
27th February 2020
Thursday 7:49 pm
23385 spacer

Not my captioning. For better or worse, I suspect I will manage to forget.
>> No. 23559 Anonymous
15th April 2020
Wednesday 3:56 pm
23559 spacer

My partner is an artist, and if you're into hentai of pregnant chicks, chances are very high you've probably bashed one out to her work.

I'm not sure why people are always surprised by this, I have the opposite, where I'm just shocked anyone is naive enough to expect that there's anybody out there actually paying money for art that isn't porn, except perhaps furries, or maybe DnD character portraits.

Even Disney animators get up to it. You'd be amazed.
>> No. 23561 Anonymous
15th April 2020
Wednesday 6:32 pm
23561 spacer
>Even Disney animators get up to it. You'd be amazed.

The lads who gave an entire generation a harem-girl fetish and a mermaid fetish are a bit pervy? I'm shocked!

>> No. 22636 Anonymous
25th January 2019
Friday 5:02 pm
22636 Xbox
I found a crystal xbox in some bushes, I've fixed it up and am just waiting on a controller now.

Are there any decent xbox exclusives? I can't think of any - Halo, Halo 2 and Fable all have PC ports. It is hardmodded so homebrew/foreign titles are options.
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>> No. 22726 Anonymous
15th February 2019
Friday 1:49 pm
22726 spacer
Not quite the same but I've been spending too much time and money in B&Q lately; it feels like being a kid in Toys R Us.
>> No. 22727 Anonymous
15th February 2019
Friday 3:48 pm
22727 spacer

For me it's Darknet drugs and prostitutes that get delivered in Ubers. Now this is a future I can get behind IYKWIM .
>> No. 23386 Anonymous
28th February 2020
Friday 1:19 pm
23386 spacer
Bumping this thread because as an original Xbox owner (albeit in storage >>22651) I have just discovered this important urgent news: remove the clock capacitor to stop your console from being destroyed.

>> No. 23387 Anonymous
28th February 2020
Friday 1:35 pm
23387 spacer
Somehow mine survived that cap leaking, so it's not fatal in 100% of cases. But yeah, definitely worth doing.
>> No. 23388 Anonymous
28th February 2020
Friday 5:26 pm
23388 spacer

Electrolytic capacitors and RTC batteries are a hazard on any old hardware, but particularly anything manufactured between 1999 and 2007. If you're a collector or enthusiast, pre-emptive replacement of these parts is a smart move.


>> No. 21528 Anonymous
30th March 2016
Wednesday 3:42 pm
21528 spacer
Any of you lads want an Xbox-One Closed MP Beta code for Doom? Got it from buying Wolfenstein on the 360 but I don't own an X1 so have at it.

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>> No. 23306 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 8:36 pm
23306 spacer

>The bias is obvious I don't know why I tried to engage the people here like they were reasoned adults rather than entitled fanboys crying over nothing but I won't make the mistake of talking to people here like they matter again.

I was pretty neutral on you until this. Feel free to fuck off if that's how you feel, I haven't read anything further up in the topic. Just saw this.

Was going to castigate >>23305 for being a bit mean but you invited it.

Stop being a spaz and lighten up.
>> No. 23307 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 8:52 pm
23307 spacer
Fuck me, it's a mediocre reboot of a mediocre '90s FPS. Stop pushing this shite to the top of /*/.
>> No. 23308 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 10:09 pm
23308 spacer

Blame Purp for the Sage implementation. The most popular thread on news is premised on the replacement of some old shutters in Huddersfield, it doesn't reeeaaallly matter. Threads get derailed and rerailed, the joy is in the experience.

Fuck, forgot to post this from the internet caf. Bye lads.
>> No. 23348 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 8:25 pm
23348 spacer
Just realised it was me that posted this originally almost 4 years ago.

Wonder if anyone took the code.
>> No. 23349 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 8:42 pm
23349 spacer
I don't need to try redeeming it to know someone definitely took the code, mate.

>> No. 22863 Anonymous
4th June 2019
Tuesday 8:15 pm
22863 Official* Britfa.gs Minecraft Server
Thought I'd better make a new thread for this so the link doesn't get buried -


It's vanilla right now, save for GriefProtection, which allows you to claim an area of land that will be secured from damage/grief. I don't know if we need this or if it'll ruin the 'fun' of natural disasters like your house being cunted over by creepers. But for now all you do is do /claim in your house to claim your first area, then subsequent claims or edits will require a golden shovel. It's a whole thing, look it up.

I'm happy to stick other mods in there if we get bored, and please let me know if you encounter performance issues - I'm using some hosting service that might well be shite.
39 posts and 7 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 22986 Anonymous
1st July 2019
Monday 1:37 am
22986 spacer
Are Ender Chests vanilla MC? If so, that might be your solution.
>> No. 22987 Anonymous
1st July 2019
Monday 11:41 am
22987 spacer

There is, but you'll need to use a hopper minecart. That can collect the beef and deliver it, maybe run it off a Redstone clock so it delivers periodically.
>> No. 22988 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 10:01 pm
22988 spacer

If you're going to do this please don't do it anywhere near spawn
>> No. 23061 Anonymous
1st October 2019
Tuesday 5:23 pm
23061 spacer
Here are there any backups knocking about for this world? I wouldn't mind taking over hosting it once I've some more time.
Plus I liked my base.
>> No. 23347 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 5:36 pm
23347 spacer
Not the OP but I just set up a new server. Been playing a lot of MC of late and figured it'd be best to share the wealth a little. for those interested. The host allows automated tasks so sending out occasional backups should be a doddle.

>> No. 23317 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 3:35 pm
23317 Modern CRT gaming


Over the past few years I've owned at least one decent example of each of the main types of flat panels, and in each case I've been disappointed at some aspect the image quality, particularly when it comes to the blurriness of motion in games. I've also heard anecdotes of people dragging now-ancient CRT monitors out and being amazed even compared to the latest gaming flat panels. Then I caught the above video. I think Digital Foundry are generally pretty reliable, so it's really had me really thinking.

Anyone here have any recent experience?
22 posts and 6 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 23341 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 9:27 pm
23341 spacer
>>23336 & all subsequent posts

This is lovely. When did you pick it up?

I know the DC had some bloody ambitious ideas but I never knew they went this far.

Also, is that a flusher in >>23337?

It looks to big to fit on a cistern. Hmm.
>> No. 23343 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 12:39 pm
23343 spacer
That's adorable.
>> No. 23344 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 2:40 pm
23344 spacer

>When did you pick it up?
Nah, these are just photos found elsewhere. I did look seriously into buying one a long time ago, back when they were still around for £400 or so, but the shipping was astronomical. Wish I'd paid it now, of course.

Here's a bonus Sega obscurity, from a few years earlier: a shitty Aiwa boombox, that inexplicably included a Megadrive and Mega CD. I've always thought it looked a bit like a rice cooker. Yours for £2,500 on ebay.
>> No. 23345 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 4:15 pm
23345 spacer
It looks like something straight out of Space Channel 5. I'm surprised there wasn't some kind of tie-in promotion (that I can find, anyway.)
>> No. 23346 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 4:39 pm
23346 spacer

Ah, Space Channel 5. At a time when advertisers and brands were ditching Michael Jackson en masse (in the wake of the paedo accusations), Sega of Japan decided you should be dancing with him.

Questionable judgement.

>> No. 23192 Anonymous
29th December 2019
Sunday 7:46 pm
23192 Arcade Machines
Any arcadelads on here? I'm having this bad boy delivered on Friday, 100% original hardware in working condition and a DEXTER Laserdisc replacement board too!
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>> No. 23200 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 1:59 pm
23200 spacer
I used to fantasise about owning proper arcade machines when I had my own place as well as the money. Then I worked in a venue with lots of arcade machines and they seem like a total ballache. Always breaking down, one of them even ransomly set on fire. If I was more technically minded I would probably enjoy the challenge, so kudos those willing to put the work in.
>> No. 23201 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 2:06 pm
23201 spacer

There are loads of arcade venues opening up these days, usually offering free play machines with a fixed admission fee. If you're anywhere near Manchester, Arcade Club in Bury has a truly exceptional collection of vintage and modern cabinets.

>> No. 23285 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 10:52 pm
23285 spacer
Would you be able to recommend anywhere in London that has a decent retro arcade, OP? Bonus points if it has some pinball tables too.
>> No. 23286 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 11:39 pm
23286 spacer

AFAIK Heart of Gaming in Croydon is the last remaining proper arcade in the big smoke. Flip Out (also in Croydon) have a huge selection of pinball tables, but check the opening times.
>> No. 23287 Anonymous
21st January 2020
Tuesday 11:49 pm
23287 spacer

Used to go every few months when it was in Acton and I lived in Newcastle, then went by one time and it was just gone. Was a bit heartbroken, so glad to hear it reopened recently. Heading there in the next few weeks.

Are you part of the community? I was always too shy to speak to people but it seemed like loads of people knew each other and had a lovely atmosphere.

>> No. 23219 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 10:03 pm
23219 spacer
How do you think the world would be better had the internet never been invented?
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>> No. 23222 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 10:42 pm
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It's been mainsteam since forever / The Internet Was Never Good.
>> No. 23223 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 10:45 pm
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The internet hasn't made the world worse, it has just made the world transparent. There have always been approximately the same number of arseholes and idiots, but now they have unfettered access to a global audience. As any teacher or nightclub bouncer knows, it only takes a few idiots to spoil things for everyone else.

The only cure is a return to elitism and snobbishness. This place is only halfway tolerable because it has a small user base and trigger-happy mods who will happily ban people simply for being thick or lazy. Social media has an open door policy, but we need more online communities that are run like a gentlemen's club, with membership criteria and strict rules of decorum.
>> No. 23224 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 10:51 pm
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> we need more online communities that are run like a gentlemen's club, with membership criteria and strict rules of decorum

We have them, they're called fucking subreddits.
>> No. 23225 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 11:25 pm
23225 spacer
Now that the site has Huel money (shoutout to Bill Burr), you'd expect that the staff writers could rustle up better threads than this.
>> No. 23231 Anonymous
11th January 2020
Saturday 2:42 am
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The problem is the ease of access. Make internet dialup again and the number of twitter contributors typing "<politician> is bad because <popular comedian joke> LOL" goes down tenfold. Mass anything is bad, the internet is just the worst example of it.

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