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>> No. 21935 Anonymous
25th August 2016
Thursday 6:43 pm
21935 Does anyone want to play D2?
I reinstalled it to play with a friend but then I accidentally levelled up too much to be able to help him gain XP.
There's still a community playing. It's weird. I made friends with some Germans and some stoners from Essex and some French guy who had an army of bots to help him kill Diablo repeatedly gave me a bunch of shit. I was really impressed with how smart his bots were.
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>> No. 21948 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 4:10 am
21948 spacer

There's something really lovely about being willing to keep a game going that long.
>> No. 21950 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 11:00 am
21950 spacer
This applies to Postal 2 also.
>> No. 21953 Anonymous
29th August 2016
Monday 7:35 pm
21953 spacer
Aw, shit. I've just reminded myself that fucking slug in the tomb. The only time I managed to beat the shit out of it is when I played as a Bowazon, with Valkyrie (or something similar) acting as a punching bag and a decoy.

Mephisto was piss easy. Diablo just tedious. Don't remember if I slayed Baal. Probably not; got a bit bored.
>> No. 21954 Anonymous
1st September 2016
Thursday 2:57 am
21954 spacer
Characters get automatically deleted after 90 days of inactivity.
>> No. 21955 Anonymous
1st September 2016
Thursday 8:54 pm
21955 spacer

Duriel. The "Fuck you and your ranged chara" boss...

>> No. 21938 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 1:52 am
21938 spacer
So has anybody played this one?

Found myself with a bit of time off work so I thought I'd play through some Xbox 360 games I never got around to playing.

Gameplay looks pretty slow, and the game looks a bit sore on the eyes, but I've heard It being compared to Shadow of the Colossus, which was a pretty unique concept back in the day.

Either way, will be popping this in. Feel free to give me a hint or two, generally not bothered about spoilers as long as gameplay holds up.
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>> No. 21944 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 3:10 am
21944 spacer

>Don't get angry, keep your cool and be aware of your surroundings.

Yeah you're not kidding. I find I'm slowly walking around with my shield raised only to get shot in the arse with an arrow. This game seems simple in practice, but extremely punishing if you fuck up.

>A lot of people say Dark Souls games are hard and difficult, they're not. They are however very unforgiving...


>Lock on is your best friend and your worst enemy.

Yeah It has thrown me off the edge a few times and flicked the camera around between enemies. I've been selectively using it. I feel like It's a bad idea to leave it on all the time unless I'm targeting one enemy.

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>> No. 21945 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 3:32 am
21945 spacer
Nothing wrong with ignoring enemies. Half the game is working out which enemies you can run past on your way to attempt #n+1 at a boss.

The Drake sword is a very powerful weapon for the beginning. As I recall its usefulness drops off mid game, because it doesn't scale with your stats and upgrades for other weapons make them much more effective. It takes the Dragon shards to upgrade though (I think) and I don't think too much else to spend them on, so you may as well upgrade it.

And ah, by the way, did you happen to check out the basement in the tower that led up to the Taurus Demon?
>> No. 21946 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 3:34 am
21946 spacer
>It's been alright, few framerate drops but I try not to let that sort of thing bother me unless It's really bad or frequent
There is one particular area in the game which is borderline unplayable on console. You can get through it obviously, but it's an awful way to spend a few hours.
>> No. 21949 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 4:25 am
21949 spacer
>I feel like It's a bad idea to leave [autolock] on all the time unless I'm targeting one enemy.
It's usually a bad idea for larger enemies. Their movement is cumbersome and you can just get behind them, stab, rinse and repeat.

>As I recall its usefulness drops off mid game, because it doesn't scale with your stats and upgrades for other weapons make them much more effective. It takes the Dragon shards to upgrade though
Pretty much. It's the best early-game sword by a long shot, though, and first time through I took it all the way to Ornstein and Smough without upgrades before retiring it for something that could actually get me through that fight.

Yep. You've been warned, OP.

I'd also add that it's obvious that the game has been designed to encourage collaborative exploration and discovery, if not with a friend then with the wider community. You don't have to watch a video for every boss fight before trying them out, but don't feel too bad about checking something online if you're stuck.

Also, if you're at all interested in the narrative, it's told largely through incidental clues in the game (like item descriptions, symbols in the environment etc), rather than didactically through cutscenes and dialogue from "main characters" or whatever. It's fine if you don't give a fuck about that, you'll can quite happily breeze through the game none the wiser and it won't hold you back, but it's also quite rewarding to piece it all together if you do.
>> No. 21951 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 1:02 pm
21951 spacer

Titanite shards and eventually large shards can be bought later on but try to think about upgrading weapons early on, as the image said most weapons will get you through the game so don't worry too much.

Also that ringing is other players ringing the bell. It's a nice touch fromsoft did.
Glad you seem to be enjoying it, I had my girlfriend try playing it and she never even got to the tauros demon before giving up and eventually having me help her as a phantom.

>> No. 21827 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 11:23 am
21827 spacer
Right lads, I'm on the sick for a good few weeks. Anyone up for having a shot at a GNU Minecraft?

We'd need someone to act as server and choose mods and shit, but having played it it seems pretty reasonable.

It seems like something that would be fun with the right group of lads, TBH.
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>> No. 21930 Anonymous
22nd August 2016
Monday 8:59 pm
21930 spacer

Messing around now. Any idea why I ended up in a wood, not on a glacial lake? Or has everyhting reset?
>> No. 21931 Anonymous
22nd August 2016
Monday 9:35 pm
21931 spacer
Map completely reset. If there was anything of value on there I might be able to rescue it.
>> No. 21932 Anonymous
22nd August 2016
Monday 9:52 pm
21932 spacer

Don;t worry lad. Those diamonds and Meze will I am sure come back ;)

Some monsters/animals would be nice at some point though.

Also, I have a look a the mods above, I am not sure if all are in DB.
>> No. 21933 Anonymous
22nd August 2016
Monday 10:01 pm
21933 spacer
Do you want me to try and rescue it or not? I'll just open the world in singleplayer and pull them out with worldedit. this dreambuilder mod gives you whatever you want anyway by the looks of it. I'll look into the rest of it tomorrow after work.
>> No. 21934 Anonymous
22nd August 2016
Monday 10:32 pm
21934 spacer

Yeah it does, and then I killed myself to test spawn. Hrh.

Don;t worry. I'll just have to play vaguely properly now.

What are these things about locked boxes then?

And monsters and shit?

>> No. 21856 Anonymous
14th August 2016
Sunday 9:07 am
21856 No Man's sky
Any of you lads been playing it?
I'm having a great time at the moment despite what a lot of reviews say. Game was choppy at first but some graphical tweaking and now it's smooth as. I'll be honest, the 40 quid price tag is a bit steep for a game like this mind you.

Didn't take me to find a dick shaped alien either.
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>> No. 21904 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 9:15 am
21904 spacer
>> No. 21905 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 10:04 am
21905 spacer
> geek-hipster
The fuck is that? What's the difference compared to the usual hipster?
Yes, I am genuinely interested.
>> No. 21906 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 12:47 pm
21906 spacer

It's what I call the kind of geek who has a degree of success and popularity, and so styles themselves as a hip trendy media type rather than a plain old nerd with lots of Internet subscribers. Conversely it can also mean the kind of hipster who watches a lot of TBBT and plays Super Nintendo games in order to qualify as a geek. There's a lot of cross over between the hipster need to like uncool things in order to be cool, and the rise of trendy "geek culture" over the last few years.

Apologies if that wasn't immediately obvious, or is all in my head.
>> No. 21907 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 7:07 pm
21907 spacer
Thanks and no apologies needed. Should've figured out myself but I'm a bit distant from these things nowadays.
>> No. 21908 Anonymous
19th August 2016
Friday 5:13 pm
21908 spacer
Even works derived from the source material are boring.


>> No. 21809 Anonymous
5th August 2016
Friday 12:56 pm
21809 Command&Conqer
I love the 2000s !!!
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>> No. 21821 Anonymous
7th August 2016
Sunday 12:18 am
21821 spacer
Both Zofia and Tanya have nudes. Tanya did soft porn.
>> No. 21822 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 11:02 am
21822 spacer

C&C Generals zero hour.png
I like C&C Generals .
>> No. 21823 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 11:04 am
21823 spacer

Kein NOD.png
In a name of Kane !!! Peace through power !!! Kane Lives !!!
>> No. 21824 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 3:39 pm
21824 spacer
>>21821 Good...Very good !!!
But they have grown old .
>> No. 21825 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 6:09 pm
21825 spacer
That's a rather distasteful way of putting it. Keep your objectification mild.

>> No. 21659 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 1:52 pm
21659 spacer
What have you got so far, lads?
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>> No. 21804 Anonymous
4th August 2016
Thursday 4:46 pm
21804 spacer
I wonder if the cobra effect was observed during the bounty program.
>> No. 21805 Anonymous
4th August 2016
Thursday 5:12 pm
21805 spacer
You can hardly complain that the social aspect of the game is lacking if you don't live somewhere with people with whom to socialise. We're talking about the most popular mobile game in history and you have no-one to play it with? Move out of your fucking backwater.
>> No. 21806 Anonymous
4th August 2016
Thursday 6:56 pm
21806 spacer
But cap rents in London, okay?
>> No. 21807 Anonymous
4th August 2016
Thursday 7:21 pm
21807 spacer
Oh don't worry I'm moving out very soon. Also it's not that I don't know people who play the game, but due to a lack of foresight we've all ended up pretty evenly split between the game's factions which doesn't help.
>> No. 21808 Anonymous
5th August 2016
Friday 12:15 am
21808 spacer
Yes, London is the only city in the country.

>> No. 21384 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 6:54 am
21384 spacer


Less than two weeks to go. Everything I've seen looks fantastic.

Thinking about it as I've been playing through Enemy Within again, a lot of the appeal for me lies in my memories of tabletop games, all the RNG and squad building and customisation and over-the-top scifi silliness really gets to that bit of me that still wants to play with Warhammer but can't excuse the ludicrous expense.
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>> No. 21453 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 1:12 am
21453 spacer

Its 88 metacritic score and 74% positive on Steam are utterly decimated by this video game blogger's review.

No, wait. It has problems which need patched, but overall it's a solid game that wont be everyone's cup of tea, because it's hard, and a blogger has no real responsibility to be impartial other than what they impose on themselves and are expressing their opinion and not offering an objective review.

If PC Gamer had shit on it like that, It would have warranted a "shots fired". As it stands, this game has received almost universal critical acclaim while the user base continues to play it religiously, albeit while crying out for patches due to frame rate shitting the bed in areas and glitches which make no sense.
>> No. 21454 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 1:48 am
21454 spacer
I presume you didn't actually watch the video. He liked the game, his issues were mostly that they've gone with the 'safe sequel' route i.e. more of the same but without the novelty that made it good the first time. The fact that it was such a nit-picky review in itself shows that it's fundamentally solid.

Also, "shots fired" is clearly just an off-the-cuff comment. Though having said that, I do indeed take more notice of what random vloggers think of a game than anything the high-profile gaming media produces - have you learned nothing?
>> No. 21455 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 2:29 am
21455 spacer

>> No. 21456 Anonymous
25th February 2016
Thursday 7:03 pm
21456 spacer
The only critic I trust thumbed up Xcom 2, I'll wait for payday and a sale

>> No. 21656 Anonymous
28th June 2016
Tuesday 7:33 pm
21656 spacer

better than the 'original' in most respects, a worthy sequel

>> No. 21528 Anonymous
30th March 2016
Wednesday 3:42 pm
21528 spacer
Any of you lads want an Xbox-One Closed MP Beta code for Doom? Got it from buying Wolfenstein on the 360 but I don't own an X1 so have at it.

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>> No. 21606 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 11:15 pm
21606 spacer
The game is very good looking, beautifully rendered and all, but the overall aesthetic does look a bit off to me. The original Doom had a more scummy industrial feel to it, with dripping barrels of explosive fluid and such, as though UAC weren't exactly a slick operation to begin with. I also quite liked that the original weapons looked makeshift and scavenged and silly, or futuristic and unpredictably dangerous. The new ones are all very military looking. Even the hell sequences look less 'metal' and more like the realm of Oblivion.

Am I being picky? I'll just play Brutal Doom where everything still looks charmingly cartoonish.
>> No. 21607 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 11:17 pm
21607 spacer

Actually I just rewatched a bit of gameplay footage, and I partially take this post back. Both the hell and Mars environments are bloody beautiful.
>> No. 21608 Anonymous
31st May 2016
Tuesday 4:45 pm
21608 spacer




Interesting look at how they got the sound down for modern Doom.

Also, there's meant to be an Easter egg hidden in the waveform itself of 'Cyberdemon' if you look at its FFT spectrum (pic related).
>> No. 21609 Anonymous
1st June 2016
Wednesday 6:19 am
21609 spacer
Did you find out about Mack on .gs? I remember linking him (might have been a Battlefield WAB) some time ago. I agree, he is the only reviewer worth trusting for me.
>> No. 21610 Anonymous
1st June 2016
Wednesday 6:41 pm
21610 spacer
I think so, yes. He's a top lad.

>> No. 21570 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 11:13 am
21570 spacer

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>> No. 21589 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 8:02 pm
21589 spacer

That was their own fault because the Tau are crap and were brand new at the time to boot. I don't think too many people would object to playing as Eldar.

But, I'll just sit here and wait until they put playable Skaven in Warhammer: Total War, and then boycott them forever if they don't.
>> No. 21590 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 11:38 pm
21590 spacer
You should check out EYE Divine Cybermancy by the same studio, it's the only reason I'm moderately excited about Space Hulk and I'm a cynical cunt that doesn't get excited for anything. Only other game I'm interested in right now is Mount and Blade: Bannerlord


You can get EYE on Steam for £1 when it's on sale.
>> No. 21591 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 11:52 pm
21591 spacer
You the OP of >>/e/19315?
>> No. 21592 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 11:55 pm
21592 spacer
I think so.
>> No. 21593 Anonymous
6th May 2016
Friday 2:42 am
21593 spacer
Well if we're playing by tabletop rules, both the Orks and the Titans clearly cross what should be impassable terrain.

>> No. 20474 Anonymous
9th June 2015
Tuesday 11:46 pm
20474 spacer
Anybody else playing this one?

I picked it up earlier. I'm trying my best to get into it, and I'd read a fair bit beforehand so thought I knew what to expect, but it's even more obnoxiously difficult than I was expecting. The repetition really wears me down.
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>> No. 21563 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 4:35 am
21563 spacer
>Final boss felt like a suitable conclusion to this thematic arc
I've just finished it up, the very final boss felt like a joke compared to the twins. I spent at least 3 fucking hours on them* but battered the cinder fella first time; I was standing there just confused when he dropped after a couple of rounds. Mechanically, at least, it didn't really feel like a suitable conclusion for me. I'll probably dig properly into the lore/NPC quests on the next playthrough, if I get around to one, because to be honest I don't have a clue what's going on.

*(side note: I really disliked the Walk of Shame on that one, it was too long and packing a large number of finicky enemies in front of a difficult boss fight swings over from "challenging" to "frustrating as fuck", IMO. The layout with the barriers and so on seemed to be a nice little nod to the Boletarian Palace from the very start of DeS, which is cool from a cyclical perspective, but the stupidly long elevator and the knights at the top were unnecessary.)

I've had a few cracks at dragon rider, getting the dragon down is easy enough but the rider is a right bastard. I've got very little in the way of lightning res (don't have the str/vit for the 95% light shield) and when I screw up and his attacks connect he's damn near one-shotting me. He's the only remaining boss and I solo'd all the rest so I'd really like to get him put away, but I'm not sure if I've got the patience for it. Anyone else made any progress with him?

The feeling of being shuffled from set piece to set piece was really quite disappointing. Even the minor bits of branching in the late game didn't really make any odds.

I'm still puzzled that From haven't implemented proper equipment comparison in their menu. There's room for it and I want to know the actual numbers rather than just "red" or "green". It's a minor thing but it's such an obvious improvement that I can't imagine why it's not there.

On a more positive note, they seem to have finally got their tech together, at least on the PC, which is all I can speak for. I had no problems from start to finish, which was a welcome change, and the game looked consistently amazing throughout. The combat was much improved on the previous Souls games (though I also preferred Bloodborne's speed, I can appreciate the balancing act they had to do to keep the Souls fans happy). And apparently they finally got the message that their engine is crap for tricky platforming - no Blighttown/Gutter/Valley of the Defilement, thank fuck. With some minor exceptions, it felt like the game respected your time more than previous entries, which I guess has been a constant progression through the series.

>I wouldn't mind eastern Europe/Balkans/Asia Minor, as those regions tend to be relatively unexplored in gaming.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 21564 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 11:28 am
21564 spacer
Anyone who is a fan of the Souls games and has a PS4 with PS Plus, the Nioh alpha demo is available as of yesterday until the 5th of May. Played a few hours, as it's quite a substantial demo, but reckon it's pretty promising. Basically Dark Souls set in Japan, and because it's developed by Team Ninja it's a lot more fast paced and combo based. A few too many mechanics which are needlessly complex for the demo (but I imagine becoming clearer in the full game), but definitely worth playing.
>> No. 21567 Anonymous
30th April 2016
Saturday 11:51 am
21567 spacer
Just a heads up for anyone playing DS3 - right now, poise does literally nothing. The boolean for it is apparently turned off, on all platforms (on PC people have edited the game to turn it back on and it appears to work as it should). So there's not much point in pumping Vit for super heavy armour, and items like the wolf ring that have +poise are completely useless, unless this gets changed.
>> No. 21578 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 9:50 pm
21578 spacer

With regards to that walk of shame, did you know there's an elevator that leads up to the area right in front of the doors to the princes? Avoids all the enemies out front. You have to activate it from the top and it takes you down to the area in front of the dragonslayers bridge. There's also a little secret related to it that gave me a giggle when I accidentally found it.
>> No. 21580 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 1:14 am
21580 spacer
... No. I did not. There's a fucking titanite slab there too which I expect made you giggle. Dunno how I missed this, I always check around boss areas for shortcuts, especially if the run up is feeling too long. Grr.

I've been playing Dark Souls 1 again and that wow, it puts my moaning about walks of shame back into perspective. It also looks surprisingly nice with dsfix and all the graphics gubbins turned up to max, it's held up well visually. Movement and combat feel very clunky after Bloodborne and DS3 though, in that respect I don't think it's aged well at all. I've only got a few more bosses to go, anyway. Then I think I'll have a final grudgefuck with Demon's Souls, get that one put away, and after that surely I'll be done with these fucking weird love/hate games. I dislike a lot of the game design choices in them, but they're strangely compelling nonetheless.

james bond pokemon.gif
>> No. 21565 Anonymous
29th April 2016
Friday 4:59 pm
21565 spacer
Maybe this is the wrong board, but I hear a lot about gambling on Whist in old British novels. I know how to play Whist, but how does one go about betting on it?

>> No. 17863 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 9:52 am

Anyone else played this? If I were an arsehole I'd describe it as Braid meets Portal.

I'm so impressed I'm close to donating to the guy, and I'm one of those cunts who's paid 1p for HIB.

Also, general thread for sharing semi-obscure but neat wee games, fully launched and in development.
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>> No. 21487 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 5:50 pm
21487 spacer
Why is this blank?


That flashing cube will give me a seizure.
>> No. 21488 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 8:49 pm
21488 spacer
You need to open it in opera, firefox or IE and have Unity web player installed (http://unity3d.com/webplayer/).
>> No. 21489 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 9:03 pm
21489 spacer
Thanks. This is pretty cool even if the graphics leave a lot to the imagination.
>> No. 21490 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 10:34 pm
21490 spacer
£17.99 eh lad. Bit rich for my blood.
>> No. 21491 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 10:46 pm
21491 spacer
Yeah, I got a copy for donating ~£10 to the kickstarter back when I posted the thread, paying full price is a bit of a stretch for what it is. Especially considering that it'll probably go for a couple of quid in a steam sale or end up in a bundle soon enough though.

>> No. 21485 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 3:13 pm
21485 Upcoming games


So this is Furi and it looks like a sort of neon samurai character action bullet hell mashup.
Doesn't seem to be getting much attention though, which is a shame. I'd say the 80s synth sound is getting a bit played out but it gels so well with the visuals & it's integrated into a dynamic soundtrack so I can't complain.

>> No. 17591 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 11:35 pm
17591 spacer
In the 90s for one of the Resident Evil games their was a British poster campaign that featured a bathtub full of blood on a black and white check floor with bloody footprints leading away from it.

This poster was banned however and there's no trace on the internet that it existed apart from a forum thread that leads nowhere.
Would anyone know where to look?

In order to make this a bit more interesting what was everyone's favourite Resi?

My personal choice is the N64 port of the 2nd game. Has all of the wonderful content of the playstation original with less shite controls and some content that helps link other games in the series together and it comes across as a minor miracle getting 2 CDs of content into a 64MB cartridge.
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>> No. 21480 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 2:41 pm
21480 spacer
>> No. 21481 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 2:44 pm
21481 spacer
OK OP I've done some sleuthing.

The poster you're looking for is mentioned (in text only) in a book called The International Business Environment by Brooks, Wilkinson and Weatherston. The bit you're interested in reads:

"Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd produced a poster for a Sony computer game 'Resident Evil', showing a bath full of blood. The ASA decided that the advertisement should only be allowed in adult magazines." (p294)

Unfortunately, they don't give a citation for the ASA ruling, and the ASA themselves only keep 5 years of archives on their website (and charge money for any further digging). However, the Internet Wayback Machine has archives of the ASA's website throughout the years, and, after more sleuthing, I found the ruling at https://web.archive.org/web/19971017075622/http://www.asa.org.uk/adj/adj_1051.htm

The downside to the ruling is that Virgin apparently said that this particular campaign was already over, so the possibility of finding it in back issues of adult magazines like Loaded or Maxim sounds slim, but it's still one avenue for you.

I'm also presuming the forum you found is
The OP there, twmac, posted a photo of the poster from an MCV article on shock advertising. The photo is displayed as 'not found', and I couldn't find any archived version, but maybe there is one out there somewhere, if you can find a filename (which might be a string of numbers untagged to anything RE related, which would also explain why it doesn't come up on a google search). MCV's online archives
only go back to 2007, but the article on shock advertising must have been from before July 2005 (twmac's OP date). Getting print back issues is another possibility though, maybe.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 21482 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 2:52 pm
21482 spacer
Wow. Not OP but well done.

It's a shame so much stuff gets lost to time even in an era where we can record virtually limitless amounts of data.
>> No. 21483 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 7:26 pm
21483 spacer

>It's a shame so much stuff gets lost to time even in an era where we can record virtually limitless amounts of data.
It's a credit to the internet today that we assume so much has been archived, and that we assume it's permanent. The internet has come such a long way in such a short period of time, that it's a credit to human evolution that we've been able to cope. Historians will see this as a border between periods of History, but also a culture shock of which we ourselves are unaware. I'm kind of glad I can remember a time when 'rare' really meant something (as opposed to a word in a YouTube video), and there was a sense of accomplishment in having found something you were looking for (by frequenting obscure second hand shops with a wide enough interest to spot the diamond in the rough, or by subscribing to weird underground videotape networks, rather than just looking at the wrong websites).

I only included what I thought was relevant to OP's search, but since you seem interested generally:

* The ASA adjudication is from November 1996, so it is probably tied in to the first Resident Evil game (this may actually help OP and I should have mentioned it)

* Resident Evil/ Virgin Interactive Entertainment Etc has been up against the ASA a number of times.

* The ASA have enforced Blasphemy policies
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 21484 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 7:33 pm
21484 spacer
The first one is much better in my opinion. I'd call it a masterpiece, it's got a sense of atmosphere that is so rare in games. It's also scary as shit, but mostly not the "monster coming through the window" shock scare kind of scary (though there is a bit of that), it's audio scary and environment scary, which are much more subtle.

The third starts off ok but goes downhill rapidly; it wants to be Gears of War but ends up being a tiring slog through endless hordes of the same enemies, with terrible Hollywood-wannabe sci-fi cutscenes shoehorned in every once in a while. By the end I was legitimately sad; the first is so good that it was just depressing to watch the series get churned into forgettable pap. There was also a Wii game (which came as a bonus with one of the PS3 games) if you need more Dead Space, it wasn't particularly good as I recall, and a mobile/tablet game that looked incredible at the time but was completely unplayable due to the touchscreen interface.

Regret to inform sir that OP is from 2013. I do hope they're still around.

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