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>> No. 17863 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 9:52 am

Anyone else played this? If I were an arsehole I'd describe it as Braid meets Portal.

I'm so impressed I'm close to donating to the guy, and I'm one of those cunts who's paid 1p for HIB.

Also, general thread for sharing semi-obscure but neat wee games, fully launched and in development.
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>> No. 21487 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 5:50 pm
21487 spacer
Why is this blank?


That flashing cube will give me a seizure.
>> No. 21488 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 8:49 pm
21488 spacer
You need to open it in opera, firefox or IE and have Unity web player installed (http://unity3d.com/webplayer/).
>> No. 21489 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 9:03 pm
21489 spacer
Thanks. This is pretty cool even if the graphics leave a lot to the imagination.
>> No. 21490 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 10:34 pm
21490 spacer
£17.99 eh lad. Bit rich for my blood.
>> No. 21491 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 10:46 pm
21491 spacer
Yeah, I got a copy for donating ~£10 to the kickstarter back when I posted the thread, paying full price is a bit of a stretch for what it is. Especially considering that it'll probably go for a couple of quid in a steam sale or end up in a bundle soon enough though.

>> No. 21485 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 3:13 pm
21485 Upcoming games


So this is Furi and it looks like a sort of neon samurai character action bullet hell mashup.
Doesn't seem to be getting much attention though, which is a shame. I'd say the 80s synth sound is getting a bit played out but it gels so well with the visuals & it's integrated into a dynamic soundtrack so I can't complain.

>> No. 17591 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 11:35 pm
17591 spacer
In the 90s for one of the Resident Evil games their was a British poster campaign that featured a bathtub full of blood on a black and white check floor with bloody footprints leading away from it.

This poster was banned however and there's no trace on the internet that it existed apart from a forum thread that leads nowhere.
Would anyone know where to look?

In order to make this a bit more interesting what was everyone's favourite Resi?

My personal choice is the N64 port of the 2nd game. Has all of the wonderful content of the playstation original with less shite controls and some content that helps link other games in the series together and it comes across as a minor miracle getting 2 CDs of content into a 64MB cartridge.
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>> No. 21480 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 2:41 pm
21480 spacer
>> No. 21481 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 2:44 pm
21481 spacer
OK OP I've done some sleuthing.

The poster you're looking for is mentioned (in text only) in a book called The International Business Environment by Brooks, Wilkinson and Weatherston. The bit you're interested in reads:

"Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd produced a poster for a Sony computer game 'Resident Evil', showing a bath full of blood. The ASA decided that the advertisement should only be allowed in adult magazines." (p294)

Unfortunately, they don't give a citation for the ASA ruling, and the ASA themselves only keep 5 years of archives on their website (and charge money for any further digging). However, the Internet Wayback Machine has archives of the ASA's website throughout the years, and, after more sleuthing, I found the ruling at https://web.archive.org/web/19971017075622/http://www.asa.org.uk/adj/adj_1051.htm

The downside to the ruling is that Virgin apparently said that this particular campaign was already over, so the possibility of finding it in back issues of adult magazines like Loaded or Maxim sounds slim, but it's still one avenue for you.

I'm also presuming the forum you found is
The OP there, twmac, posted a photo of the poster from an MCV article on shock advertising. The photo is displayed as 'not found', and I couldn't find any archived version, but maybe there is one out there somewhere, if you can find a filename (which might be a string of numbers untagged to anything RE related, which would also explain why it doesn't come up on a google search). MCV's online archives
only go back to 2007, but the article on shock advertising must have been from before July 2005 (twmac's OP date). Getting print back issues is another possibility though, maybe.
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>> No. 21482 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 2:52 pm
21482 spacer
Wow. Not OP but well done.

It's a shame so much stuff gets lost to time even in an era where we can record virtually limitless amounts of data.
>> No. 21483 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 7:26 pm
21483 spacer

>It's a shame so much stuff gets lost to time even in an era where we can record virtually limitless amounts of data.
It's a credit to the internet today that we assume so much has been archived, and that we assume it's permanent. The internet has come such a long way in such a short period of time, that it's a credit to human evolution that we've been able to cope. Historians will see this as a border between periods of History, but also a culture shock of which we ourselves are unaware. I'm kind of glad I can remember a time when 'rare' really meant something (as opposed to a word in a YouTube video), and there was a sense of accomplishment in having found something you were looking for (by frequenting obscure second hand shops with a wide enough interest to spot the diamond in the rough, or by subscribing to weird underground videotape networks, rather than just looking at the wrong websites).

I only included what I thought was relevant to OP's search, but since you seem interested generally:

* The ASA adjudication is from November 1996, so it is probably tied in to the first Resident Evil game (this may actually help OP and I should have mentioned it)

* Resident Evil/ Virgin Interactive Entertainment Etc has been up against the ASA a number of times.

* The ASA have enforced Blasphemy policies
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>> No. 21484 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 7:33 pm
21484 spacer
The first one is much better in my opinion. I'd call it a masterpiece, it's got a sense of atmosphere that is so rare in games. It's also scary as shit, but mostly not the "monster coming through the window" shock scare kind of scary (though there is a bit of that), it's audio scary and environment scary, which are much more subtle.

The third starts off ok but goes downhill rapidly; it wants to be Gears of War but ends up being a tiring slog through endless hordes of the same enemies, with terrible Hollywood-wannabe sci-fi cutscenes shoehorned in every once in a while. By the end I was legitimately sad; the first is so good that it was just depressing to watch the series get churned into forgettable pap. There was also a Wii game (which came as a bonus with one of the PS3 games) if you need more Dead Space, it wasn't particularly good as I recall, and a mobile/tablet game that looked incredible at the time but was completely unplayable due to the touchscreen interface.

Regret to inform sir that OP is from 2013. I do hope they're still around.

kashmir region.jpg
>> No. 21414 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 4:35 pm
21414 Street Fighter V
Anyone got this? Pretty solid game so far, shame about wobbly servers on day one, and a weird lack of content at launch. I do appreciate that they're planning a few years of consistent additional content instead of releasing Turbo/Hyper/Ultra/Arcade Edition updates, and being able to buy DLC characters using money earned in game.

Game itself is interesting, the V-System thing is neat, and they've made some pretty bold choices with the roster. It's doesn't feel like a Street Fighter II nostalgia-fest which is the angle SFIV seemed to come from. And even returning characters have had their designs and/or gameplay changed, Vega is no longer a charge character and has a stance switching mechanic which is cool.

It's a good game so far. Thumbs up.
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>> No. 21418 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 6:32 pm
21418 spacer
I've never really been a Ryu fan, but I find him more fun to play in this. He has a parry ability which is nice, and allows him to rapidly turn the tide of battle. Way better than before at keeping pressure up.
>> No. 21424 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 10:13 pm
21424 spacer
Never been good at combos but I understand that 1 frame links are just gone and many moves are just simpler to execute.

I'm currently maining Ryu and as >>21418 says, parrying is an excellent V skill as long as you remember there's a small startup. It's fun in a fireball war with a Ken player as parrying is enough to confuse them - just mix it up with various strength hadokens after that any they'll soon be jumping in to eat a nice uppercut -> shoryuken punish.
>> No. 21425 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 10:51 pm
21425 spacer
Nash's V-Skill is pretty great against projectile spammers. The range and the time it's active make it a doddle to use. Nash in general is good, he's like Guile but with teleportation, and no longer a charge character. I wonder if they'll make any tweaks to Guile when he comes out in April, because if he plays the same way he has done in all the previous games, there's no real reason to use him over Nash.
>> No. 21426 Anonymous
21st February 2016
Sunday 12:30 am
21426 spacer

I've not tried Nash yet but I faced one before and he wrecked house. I wanted to try Bison this time round but I just can't do charge characters. Hearing that Nash is a non-charging Guile is intriguing, so I'll have to give him a go - tomorrow I'll have to give Rashid a pop too.
>> No. 21429 Anonymous
21st February 2016
Sunday 12:19 pm
21429 spacer
Charge characters don't gel with me, which is a shame as I really wanted to play F.A.N.G. Rashid is a lot of fun to play as, but I think his attack power is the lowest in the game so it's all about maintaining constant pressure.

Anyone been looking at the tier lists? Obviously there's fluctuation as it's newly out, but Chun, Nash, Karin, Vega and Bison have all stayed in the top 5, while Zangief is staying at the bottom by quite some margin.

>> No. 20391 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 4:06 pm
20391 Fallout 4
Here we go again lads.

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>> No. 21246 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 3:47 pm
21246 spacer
I'm not sure but I get the feeling you are confusing apostrophes with commas, which under the current climate is probably a capital crime.

Does anyone know if it is correct to apply the Oxford comma to lists with 'or' instead of 'and'?
>> No. 21248 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 3:59 pm
21248 spacer

>confusing apostrophes with commas

Most definitely, but I'm playing silly buggers. I've reached terminal boredom.
>> No. 21261 Anonymous
11th December 2015
Friday 1:41 am
21261 spacer
It's correct, but the people who dislike and/or are confused by the Oxford comma are likely to have even more of a moan than they do when you use one with 'and'. As you've just seen.
>> No. 21314 Anonymous
2nd January 2016
Saturday 4:55 pm
21314 spacer

While doing my Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago I popped into a GAME store in London to browse. I saw Trauma Center for the Wii for 99p and thought I'd snap it up. When I got to the till, the bloke gave me a Vault Boy Charisma Bobblehead as a free gift. I've just looked it up and it's going online for around £30. I got given a £30 collectible for purchasing a 99p game. The fuck?

Is it the, um, fallout from this promotion they were doing? I could see the bloke had a big box of them behind the till.
>> No. 21315 Anonymous
2nd January 2016
Saturday 11:23 pm
21315 spacer
It might be worth going back to see if they have any left.

>> No. 21308 Anonymous
30th December 2015
Wednesday 11:38 pm
21308 System Shock 3
Did you think I'd forgotten you, insect?


>Key members of the original System Shock and System Shock 2 teams will be part of the sequel. This includes Paul Neurath, who oversaw the original series’ development; Nate Wells, a senior artist on System Shock 2; and Waters, the lead concept artist of both original games.

And EA has no involvement whatsoever. Hurray!
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>> No. 21309 Anonymous
31st December 2015
Thursday 1:20 am
21309 spacer
Hurray indeed.

Also, there's a mildly tarted-up version of the first game now available on GoG.

>> No. 21310 Anonymous
31st December 2015
Thursday 1:22 am
21310 spacer
This is good, because I could barely play it last I tried. Mouselook should reduce irritation immensely.

>> No. 21037 Anonymous
22nd October 2015
Thursday 1:49 am
21037 Screenshot Thread
Show me what you got.
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>> No. 21250 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 5:10 pm
21250 spacer

To be honest, most of the SR series do play like overmodded versions of GTA: SA. Whilst Rockstar tried to make the GTA series a little more gritty in IV (successfully, in my view, before they made V into an awkward compromise), SR took the zaniest aspects of SA and turned them up to 11. I'm not sure I'd call it a GTA-parody, but it certainly owes it a lot.

Speaking of which, I've been playing through SA on PC for the first time recently. Just been playing vanilla so far, though with the graphics options maxed out it's like playing a completely different game to the PS2 version. Would you recommend any particular mods though?
>> No. 21251 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 5:22 pm
21251 spacer
As I remember, the first Saints Row was a competent (but not exactly mind-blowing) GTA clone of the True Crime variety, which rather cynically exploited the lack of a GTA presence in the early 360-PS3 generation. They became a bit more knowing and introduced elements of parody in the sequel, and from there just sort of went off into their own absurd universe for SR III and IV.
>> No. 21253 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 5:58 pm
21253 spacer
That's about right. I gave the first Saints Row a fair shake, it just wasn't that good.
>> No. 21258 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 4:28 pm
21258 spacer
> GTA series a little more gritty in IV
Aye, I noticed that. I played IV some months ago for the first time. Mixed feelings about it with an inclination towards positive. I quite liked it being 'darkier and edgier' whilst retaining the fun bit. But some things in it… just purely annoying. Like the mission where you are bloody required to hang on that damn lorry. I could have killed the driver a hundred times before he would even start the fucking engine. Plenty of other 'scripted invincibility' moments that rustled my jimmies (Pegorino surviving three direct hits from the RPG in the last mission. Boy, was I angry).

> Would you recommend any particular mods though?
Sorry lad. Mine was modded but, for crying shame, I don't remember what I did put in it besides the Spaceenstein (not sure about the spelling) mod. I only remember that most of the stuff was to make the game a bit more realistic and even more of an open world. I liked to fuck around in that game.
>> No. 21260 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 7:13 pm
21260 spacer
When you say it's like a completely different game, you're just referring to the difference in graphics, right?

>> No. 21205 Anonymous
6th December 2015
Sunday 6:01 pm
21205 undertale
okay, my question is:
Should I play Undertale only for plot?
How good is Undertale plot?
I really hate RPG's, level-ups, (pokemon\finalfantasy\JRPG like gaemz). So I didn't even started 1st level.

But I like games with awesome twisted mind blowing plot & humour.
I like dreamfall, fez, silent hill, cat lady. I like motivational stories.
I'm am 30yo adult gay male. who like to date all types of creaters. who like monthy python. who saw almost all published anime and top100 movies, so I'm bored with "new" stealed from the past plot titles.

Is Undertale good kind of game that I should play?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 21210 Anonymous
6th December 2015
Sunday 7:41 pm
21210 spacer

A lot of KC's oldfags know that when they come here to use /zoo/, but there will be a whole new generation of shitposters who've never even been here before. It's probably a coincidence.

Allegedly, KC is shutting down though.
>> No. 21214 Anonymous
7th December 2015
Monday 6:56 am
21214 spacer
I found a lot of it pretty tedious, I didn't get on with Earthbound either though and I think that's probably a prerequisite for really getting the most out of Undertale. I'm sure there's lots of jokes and references I missed as a consequence.

Still, for £7 or so no regrets, the last part of the game is remarkable and definitely made it worth getting there.
>> No. 21215 Anonymous
7th December 2015
Monday 1:28 pm
21215 spacer

> Allegedly, KC is shutting down though.

Where did you hear that?
>> No. 21216 Anonymous
7th December 2015
Monday 2:08 pm
21216 spacer
Someone posted it here but didn't give any real evidence.
>> No. 21217 Anonymous
7th December 2015
Monday 2:20 pm
21217 spacer
It's our new top-used meme.

>> No. 19764 Anonymous
30th January 2015
Friday 1:46 pm
19764 Civ V
Got the complete edition during the Steam sale a while back, have to say I'm loving it.

However, I'm only playing on the warlord difficulty and the only way I can win is through sheer domination - can't seem to get the cultural or peaceful means of winning without a massive hassle.

Any .gs'ers play? I was also thinking of starting some massive week long game with a few people, but I have no idea how it would work.
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>> No. 19766 Anonymous
5th February 2015
Thursday 3:46 pm
19766 spacer

I played over 5,000 hours online of Civ 5 and not been defeated since the early days of Brave New World.

Go straight to the coast, get trade ships knocking food back and forth, and production later on for wonders.. gg.
>> No. 19767 Anonymous
5th February 2015
Thursday 7:15 pm
19767 spacer

All the relevant wonders get snapped up fairly fast though, so to faff about settling on a coast right from the start might backfire.

I'm playing Prince difficulty, and I removed the barbarians, the game is much more accessible, them 'barians were a right pain in the arse.
>> No. 20338 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 10:06 am
20338 spacer

I've recently been playing a fair bit of Civ 4 because the only PC in the house is quite out of date and I don't enjoy playing games on my laptop.

Can you not get a space race victory in Civ 5? You need to build the Apollo Program then get the required sciences for the spaceship parts. Normally the space race is my method of victory with any of the Civ games I have played. Even in the good old days of Civ 1 on floppy disk on a 386. Happy days they were.
>> No. 21053 Anonymous
1st November 2015
Sunday 10:45 am
21053 spacer
I'm going to revive this thread in vain hopes of there being any more .gs players.

So since January, I've progressed quite well - I usually play on Emperor with 12 other civs and win through domination.

One thing that really helped me was watching this lad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjS3YPjGERM

He plays on Deity, and just demolishes the A.I's. I've employed some of his tactics and tricks, which have resulted in consistent improvement.

So and regular players?
>> No. 21054 Anonymous
1st November 2015
Sunday 12:07 pm
21054 spacer

It's been a good few months mostly because I played with friends and we just stopped doing it, I try not to play too much on my own because I'm worried I won't have time for the rest of life (although I was playing at a very high difficulty when I was). Now that you've mentioned it again I'll probably end up playing a few games over the week.

The crucial trick I remember to maxing out on high difficulty games was to build wide, cities that only had about 4 population and not be afraid to burn every city you take to the ground (happiness is a real bugger on greater difficulties).

>> No. 20907 Anonymous
16th August 2015
Sunday 9:43 pm
20907 Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
>It's a shame, I would have really enjoyed an AC set in Victorian London, bounding around with metal claws with people screaming about Spring-Heeled Jack.

Did this go right over our heads lads, because this trailer came out in May. It's awful and hilarious.

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>> No. 21043 Anonymous
23rd October 2015
Friday 3:48 am
21043 spacer

>Doesn't vsync fuck with the low latency?

Absolutely, which is why it presents such a technical challenge. In VR, almost anything that interferes with the relationship between head position and the visual display will reduce the immersiveness of the experience and induce motion sickness or disorientation. Tearing, latency and frame jitter are all unacceptable, so the only way to get a good experience is to use graphics hardware with enough performance in reserve to render each frame on time even when things get hectic.

The Oculus SDK does all sorts of clever things to mitigate the unreliable nature of the graphics pipeline. The head tracking is predictive, to reduce perceived latency - frames are rendered based on the predicted trajectory of your head rather than the measurement at the beginning of the frame. Each frame is slightly warped at the end of the rendering process based on a new reading from the head tracker, to more accurately match the correct head position and compensate for pipeline latency. Oculus are incredibly committed to getting every last detail right.

Part of the problem is that GPU manufacturers have been using buffering to cheat on benchmarks. They write drivers that maximise FPS, at the expense of latency and jitter. This is more or less the exact opposite of what you want with VR - a relatively low frame rate is acceptable, but latency isn't. Fortunately, Oculus have John Carmack on board, who is an absolute genius at low-level graphics hacking.
>> No. 21046 Anonymous
23rd October 2015
Friday 5:46 pm
21046 spacer
>frames are rendered based on the predicted trajectory of your head rather than the measurement at the beginning of the frame.
If it gets this wrong, wouldn't that introduce the kind of frame jitter you're trying to avoid?

>Part of the problem is that GPU manufacturers have been using buffering to cheat on benchmarks.
Quelle surprise.
>> No. 21047 Anonymous
23rd October 2015
Friday 7:22 pm
21047 spacer


>If it gets this wrong, wouldn't that introduce the kind of frame jitter you're trying to avoid?

Of course, if the prediction is wrong then you'll introduce error rather than reducing latency. Predictive tracking works well for Oculus because a) it only has to predict one frame in advance, a few tens of milliseconds and b) the motion sensor updates very quickly, allowing for fine measurement of velocity.

There is a blog post by Oculus about tracking prediction at the link below, which includes the graph to the left. The graph shows the tracking error in degrees during a rapid series of head movements, zero representing perfectly accurate tracking. The blue line shows error with prediction turned off, red shows the first iteration of their predictive algorithm and yellow shows the version used in the consumer Rift. As you can see, predictive tracking provides a huge reduction in effective tracking error.

>> No. 21048 Anonymous
25th October 2015
Sunday 11:04 pm
21048 spacer
So, Assassin's Creed, then.
>> No. 21052 Anonymous
28th October 2015
Wednesday 11:42 am
21052 spacer
Better than Unity, still not as good as AC2.
Some modern day story progression, not much though.
Victorian London very atmospheric, might feel better because it's home country, recognizable landmarks etc. Graphics worse than unity, but more happening, smoother etc.

>> No. 20934 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 12:12 am
20934 Metal Gear Solid V
Looked back to find the other thread, but it's over a year old and locked so decided to make a new one.

Less than two weeks until Phantom Pain is released, so finally got round to properly playing Ground Zeroes. Played it a bit at release and it was too different so I stopped playing, but now I've spent some time with it I think I prefer the gameplay to previous games in the series. Reminds me somewhat of Thief or Deus Ex, big open area with many routes to do the missions, instead of the previous games relative linearity. Really like the tagging enemies thing, encourages a very tactical and slow sort of stealth. Controls a lot better too, feels less rigid.

Main issues I have with it are relatively minor. Mainly concerns the stripped down codec, I'll miss all the optional conversations. And though Keifer Sutherland's voice acting is good, it's jarring for it to not be the voice used in every other game in the series.

Skull Face seems like an interesting villain though. Nice combination of weird enough to fit in with Psycho Mantis and The Pain and all that, but sinister and grounded enough to not seem out of place in what looks to be a very depressing story.

Anyway, MGSV hype.
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>> No. 21007 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 10:32 am
21007 spacer
It's one of those shitty delayed online releases like with GTAV. Apparently due out on consoles in early October, and on PC in January.
>> No. 21008 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 8:23 pm
21008 spacer
Who cares? It's MGS, the multiplayer will be token at best, these days all AAA games need to have some way of enabling 12 year olds to teabag each other online.
>> No. 21009 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 8:25 pm
21009 spacer

I can only assume you never played MGO for MGS4, as it was ace and it will make a welcome return. The reason it's being delayed is because the game released unfinished and is missing the final chapter as well as it's online mode.
>> No. 21010 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 8:27 pm
21010 spacer
What's so bad about multiplayer, lad?
>> No. 21019 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 11:56 am
21019 spacer


>> No. 21016 Anonymous
22nd September 2015
Tuesday 7:28 pm
21016 EGX 2016
It's that time of year again. I don't know if any of you lot have ever been but it's essentially the UK's answer to Gamescom / Tokyo Games Show. Not quite high profile enough for exclusive reveals but a good laugh in the typical British spirit with a good number of big name contenders.

I haven't been since the first Earl's Court expo but it's moved up to the NEC in Brum now permanently so I'm going up to check it out on the Sunday.

Anybody else thinking of going?

>> No. 9501 Anonymous
25th October 2011
Tuesday 12:14 pm
9501 spacer
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>> No. 21000 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 12:23 pm
21000 spacer
>The numbers you want to look at are CPU and HD temperatures. You don't really want those going far above 70 and 55 respectively. (On my desktop, full-on Prime95 gets the CPU no higher than 59C.)
70C is about right for CPUs, that's Intel's recommended max temp for their modern CPUs, anyway - the chips won't start falling over until >100C, but they'll still function fine at 80-90, you're just running the risk of shortening their lifespan. It's worth pointing out that some models of GPU have, by design, been running at 95C as their intended standard temperature for years now:

With respect, I'm not sure why you'd prioritise monitoring HDD temp as they never get particularly hot; unlike CPU/GPU, they don't get much hotter from working harder. Monitoring CPU/GPU temps is significantly more important as they fluctuate to a much greater degree, and both are dependent on heatsinks and fans to keep them cool. Heatsinks get clogged with dust, fans can break. HDDs just sit there.

The renderer on the PC port of GTA IV is fucking useless and not a good indicator of anything much, incidentally. But yeah, get speccy or hwmonitor and check what temperatures you're seeing with various games and go from there.
>> No. 21001 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 12:50 pm
21001 spacer
>With respect, I'm not sure why you'd prioritise monitoring HDD temp
In a laptop it's a good proxy for internal temperature, and unlike the motherboard you'll almost always get a reliable reading. High CPU temp? It's working hard. High CPU and HDD temps? You probably have a ventilation problem.
>> No. 21002 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 1:53 pm
21002 spacer
Interesting idea, but laptop HDDs aren't ever actively ventilated. In any case, it's usually obvious enough if you've got a ventilation problem - the CPU will be idling at a high temperature, and the fan will be constantly going at full blast. The HDD temp is irrelevant for diagnosing air flow issues.

I suppose that if you had high CPU at idle and low temps everywhere else that could be an indicator of poor heatsink seating/shitty thermal paste application, but that's kind of an edge case.
>> No. 21003 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 2:11 pm
21003 spacer
>Interesting idea, but laptop HDDs aren't ever actively ventilated.
They are, however, made out of materials that conduct heat, and come with working heat sensors. The temperature fluctuates a lot less than the CPU so to borrow an analogy from statistics you know you're looking at the man and not the dog.
>> No. 21004 Anonymous
4th September 2015
Friday 6:36 pm
21004 spacer
It's pretty obvious what you're looking at if you're seeing high CPU temperatures and ~0% CPU utilisation. I'm trying to imagine a situation in which the HDD temp reading would be useful; if you can't get a laptop's CPU to idle then you've got other problems.

>> No. 20951 Anonymous
30th August 2015
Sunday 2:17 pm
20951 Agar.io
Any fellow Agar players?

This has to be one of the most addicting games (probably due its simplicity) I've ever played, much better than Tagpro.

Share your strategies/high scores.
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>> No. 20980 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 4:33 pm
20980 spacer
It also helps to steer clear of threats altogether if you want to top the leaderboard with no allies.
>> No. 20981 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 4:34 pm
20981 spacer
Browser game thread?

This seems more interesting to me. The pace is faster, skill cap higher and there's less randomness.
>> No. 20993 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 2:21 am
20993 spacer
Is the screen supposed to randomly turn white to fuck you or is that just my browser.
>> No. 20994 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 11:30 am
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That'll be your browser.
>> No. 20998 Anonymous
3rd September 2015
Thursday 2:09 am
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