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crash bandicoot.png
>> No. 20850 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 10:15 pm
20850 spacer
I don't know if you're all aware of this, but Crash Bandicoot was originally going to have animated cutscenes.

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>> No. 20853 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 11:05 pm
20853 spacer
Oh fuck you, I'm going to spend the next two weeks playing CTR and Crash 2.
>> No. 20922 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 12:19 pm
20922 spacer

The girl in Crash Bandicoot ended up being his sister, if I remember right. They changed quite a lot of stuff in the final product. I can't say I'm not glad they did, what we got was brilliant.

Rumour has it that Sony are going to make another All Stars game, so there might be a Crash game off the back of it or before it as a way to reintroduce him to people. I don't think Sony own the rights to Crash though, but if it means a new game I'll definitely give it a try.
>> No. 20923 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 12:33 pm
20923 spacer
I don't understand this obsession with third-rate stories being bolted onto games. Just give me good gameplay. They made the right choice.
>> No. 20924 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 1:28 pm
20924 spacer

Well said, that man.

The only time I want story is if it's an RPG.
>> No. 20928 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 8:06 pm
20928 spacer


>> No. 20888 Anonymous
5th August 2015
Wednesday 11:24 pm
20888 Elliot, you idiot!
Here we go again.


Are we ever going to get another decent Jagged Alliance game?
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>> No. 20895 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 8:56 pm
20895 spacer
Are we ever going to get another poster who plays Jagged Alliance other than me?
>> No. 20897 Anonymous
9th August 2015
Sunday 1:02 am
20897 spacer
Have you played 7.62 High Calibre? It's realtime with pause, but closer to JA than you might think.
>> No. 20898 Anonymous
9th August 2015
Sunday 8:58 am
20898 spacer
I'll give it a look, cheers. Blue Sun?
>> No. 20899 Anonymous
9th August 2015
Sunday 3:29 pm
20899 spacer
Go for it, looks like it mostly does general improvements without changing too much.

>> No. 20793 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 1:44 pm
20793 British Fallout Mods
Anyone know of any Britain, or even just England, centred Fallout 3/NV mods? The best I can find is some half decent armour sets and a shitty little overhaul mod.

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>> No. 20824 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 8:30 pm
20824 spacer
Electro-City. It adds more lights to the wasteland and installs solar-powered lampposts on the highways so you can see what you're doing when you leave at night. This is especially useful if you install Fellout which makes it REALLY REALLY DARK at night, doubly so when combined with the Realistic Wasteland mod mentioned above. Also I like a star-dome replacement mod to make it look more pretty, and also replacing the pipboy with the Readius so when you wear the Ranger Armor you get to have both gloves. For that you need NVSE.
>> No. 20825 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 9:03 pm
20825 spacer


Oh, boy it really does. I took Early Riser after checking it out, because it's bedtime anyway once the sun's down.

Getting trapped in a midnight sandstorm is a riot.
>> No. 20826 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 1:34 am
20826 spacer

There's a cool weather mod you can get as well. It will rain or sandstorm massively etc. The rain is acid rain.
>> No. 20827 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 1:41 am
20827 spacer
I installed Nevada Skies. At night I couldn't see my arse in front of my face, so I had to install the Brighter Nights .esp. During sandstorms I couldn't see anything either so I disabled them too. Weather is one thing but making the game unplayable isn't exactly fun.
>> No. 20828 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 2:19 am
20828 spacer


Realistic Wasteland Lighting is great, especially when combined with the washed out version of NMCs texture pack . The vanilla game never quite nailed the atmosphere of being in a scorching hot desert, and the other weather/lighting mods I've tried made the environments too dark, even during the daytime.

>> No. 20789 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 2:48 am
20789 spacer
Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, has died. Aged 55 of a preventable cancer, pretty scary stuff.

He was a truly great games developer, but didn't get involved in the development of games very often nowadays, being the CEO, but when he did they were great. He worked on Super Mario Sunshine as well as LoZ The Wind Waker and Metroid Prime.

He wasn't a celebrity outside of gaming circles in the same way Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were outside their own respective fields, but by rights he should have been. The man was a true prodigy of video game programming and has accomplished feats that would make John Carmack blush. He single handedly coded the game Earthbound from scratch after a team of devs couldn't pull it together and make it work. He coded Pokemon Gold so well and so efficiently it allowed the Gamefreak team to add the region from the Red and Blue into the game as well on the same sized cartridge. His accomplishments aren't sexy or sensational, but they were great nonetheless and his death is a massive loss to the industry.

Rest in Peace, m8.
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>> No. 20800 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 7:01 pm
20800 spacer
Not really. His team unfucked a project that had been in development for four years, and it took them a year to do so.

(This sort of thing has not been that uncommon an occurrence in the games industry, with all due respect to Iwata and co.)
>> No. 20801 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 7:10 pm
20801 spacer
I wonder what will happen to that puppet. Imagine if they kept on using it in Nintendo Direct.
>> No. 20802 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 8:15 pm
20802 spacer

It will be buried with him.
>> No. 20805 Anonymous
14th July 2015
Tuesday 12:39 am
20805 spacer
Imagine some sort of Halloween Direct where it bursts out.

>> No. 20807 Anonymous
14th July 2015
Tuesday 2:06 am
20807 spacer


>> No. 20765 Anonymous
5th July 2015
Sunday 7:48 pm
20765 spacer
Having a load of fun playing this. Fast responsive movement like the arena FPS classics with multi-stage objectives and an interesting loadout/progression system.

Free to play. There's a bit of a grind if you want specific characters or loadouts which can be bypassed with RL cash, but it's not pay-to-win.
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>> No. 20767 Anonymous
5th July 2015
Sunday 8:14 pm
20767 spacer
The mechanics are pretty good but the player base is fucking terrible in my experience. No communication or teamwork, clearly little interest in working with others, it's the sort of thing you invite when you make a game free to play.

>> No. 20592 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 3:16 am
20592 spacer

It's broken and in a way I don't think is fixable, thanks to our lovely friends at Nvidia and their custom .dll file. There is exactly 1 game with Gameworks that actually works and that is MGS: Ground Zeroes. The rest are Steam library herpes.

Thank the lord for Steam refunds. My 290X should run this fine, but it wont go above 30 on Low settings. What a fucking disappointment.
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>> No. 20749 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:50 pm
20749 spacer
Nothing says 'I am not a bore' like recycling an internet meme from a batman film, and then asking for information which is easily available from the web.
>> No. 20750 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:51 pm
20750 spacer
Why are the red doritos labelled as nacho cheese, instead of the chilli heatwave we know and love?
>> No. 20751 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:51 pm
20751 spacer
You're a big bore!... for you.
>> No. 20752 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:52 pm
20752 spacer
Don't question the dorito pope, shitlord.
>> No. 20753 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 12:11 am
20753 spacer
Your thought process, from what I can tell:

"These people are talking about something I don't care about. Instead of just moving the fuck along, what I think I'll do is I'll start talking about something I do like to talk about, apropos of nothing. I know! I'll talk about gamergate, because like all people who like talking about gamergate, I am literally incapable of discussing or even thinking about any other subject."

Did I miss anything out?

>> No. 20682 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 1:04 pm
20682 spacer

>486, 4MB of RAM, 3.7MB of HDD space


>> No. 18479 Anonymous
29th April 2014
Tuesday 6:16 pm
18479 spacer
Would we be interested in a Minecraft server again?

Answers in the form of what hosting service to use and what mods we need, thanks.
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>> No. 19762 Anonymous
27th January 2015
Tuesday 10:49 pm
19762 spacer
Update: Most of the chickens seem to be in the nether. I'm trying to wipe them out but accidentally stabbed a pigman so am fucked.
>> No. 19763 Anonymous
27th January 2015
Tuesday 11:08 pm
19763 spacer
Also the golems aren't gone.
>> No. 19839 Anonymous
14th February 2015
Saturday 12:03 pm
19839 spacer
I forgot how grindy starting out in this game is. I think I may just become a farmer.

>> No. 20673 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 3:20 pm
20673 spacer
Are there any decent basic tutorials for a complete newcomer?
I know the console versions have one built in.
>> No. 20674 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 5:35 pm
20674 spacer


>> No. 20667 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 4:53 am
20667 spacer
Anyone ever played Don't Starve? They've brought out a co-op version called Don't Starve Together. It's pretty good, anyone fancy a game? Say a time and I'll throw up a server.
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>> No. 20668 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 11:38 am
20668 spacer
We discussed it in the roguelike thread, one lad said he thought it was boringly repetitive and I agreed when I tried it. I could imagine co-op making it quite fun, oddly enough, but I'm not buying it to find out, sorry.
>> No. 20669 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 12:04 pm
20669 spacer

Just from the title this sounds like a game about working-class survival in Cameron's Britain that a mildly stoned Charlie Brooker might make while he was recovering from the flu. I really hope it's that.
>> No. 20670 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 12:37 pm
20670 spacer
Does anyone know how to gain enough strength and stamina to defeat the JobCentre heavies? I had resolved early on that I'd violently resist any benefit sanctions given to me but by the time my JSA advisor grew tired of my excuses I'd become too hungry and weak to resist. The heavies are easily able to pin me down until the police arrive. Do I really have to steal some protein bars or something?
>> No. 20671 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 1:48 pm
20671 spacer
You need to seek out dodgy Dealer Dave who hangs out around Spar at midnight for some special Soap bar, which allows you to mess with time & space.
>> No. 20672 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 3:53 pm
20672 spacer

Don't forget the mini-game in the Spar itself doing the weekly shop where you have to complete a series of puzzles such as working out if a 3 for 2 deal on Birdseye fish fingers is actually better value than Spar own brand and which of the badly-labeled beers are in the "any three for a fiver" offer, all while keeping a running total in your head so you don't get overdrawn and hit with fines by your bank.

>> No. 19430 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 1:19 pm
19430 PS2 era classics
Afternoon chaps.

I never gave my PS2 as much attention as I should have. I spent a great deal of my youth sat in front of my PS1, but I feel I always neglected the PS2, because at that time I was just about the right age to start doing things like listening to loud rebellious music and having sex with girls. So as such, now that I'm getting to an age where the novelty of sex has worn off and my "rebellious" music tastes from back in the day are starting to turn up in nostalgic CD compilations, and games for it sell for peanuts, I thought I might dig it out and see what I missed out on.

Pictured are all the games I currently own. Question is, what games of the era should I hunt down? I've orderd a few obvious ones like MGS2 and 3 from CEX, but I wondered if you lads know of any hidden gems I should try to pick up.

Also, general PS2 nostalgia thread I guess. Does it count as retro yet if we are two generations on?
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>> No. 20630 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 11:10 am
20630 spacer
The Kingdom Hearts games are pretty solid hack'n'slash RPGs if you can stomach the Final Fantasy/Disney crossover universe.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army, despite its very J sounding name, has good action RPG combat and fairly novel exploration - more investigation based than just wandering around a big map looking for the next cutscenes. Lot of flexibility in party structure, as it has a Pokemon style mechanic of capturing demons that can be used to aid your interactions with the world when investigating and also when in combat. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (Lucifer's Call in Europe) has a pretty traditional turn based system, but it's more lethal than most games, and there's a lot of flexibility in the development of your own character's skills and abilities, plus the demon capture/summoning to make up your party, as well have a branching plot where choices actually matter.
>> No. 20631 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 11:53 am
20631 spacer

RPGs without job systems are always arse, but ones that let every character be every class are also arse.

It's finding a balance, which I think Bravely Default got down well, but I digress

Dragon Quest VIII is a masterpiece though. It's the only turn-based RPG I still enjoy as much as when I first played it, so I would recommend it.
>> No. 20632 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 12:02 pm
20632 spacer

Being able to choose from different weapons that changed how each character played made that game immense. Also, Beast Wars: Japanese Social Club edition. The 3 brickmen were invincible.
>> No. 20633 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 2:32 pm
20633 spacer
On the back of this JRPG discussion, I've always been really taken with the Digimon World games, for some reason.

For decent job systems, Final Fantasy Tactics will always be my favourite. It does a better job of being a D&D-style game than most of the D&D games do. War of the Lions and Tactics Advance are games that I would consider unmissable (NB: neither are PS1/PS2, though WotL is a remake of the original Tactics on PS1).

Then again, if you're after an incredible solid RPG from an older and better time that isn't big silly hairstyles and the power of love ultimately saving the day, you can't really go too far wrong with the D&D games. Character design is basically the only point in playing them, because the stories are inexpertly told and not exactly riveting, but if you have an affinity for the D&D rulesets then you'll have a blast. Neverwinter is my go-to, I'm probably going to install it on my Surface so that I can play it on trains.
>> No. 20634 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 2:37 pm
20634 spacer
Battleship Gunner.

>> No. 18284 Anonymous
19th February 2014
Wednesday 2:24 am
18284 spacer
Will this be the fabled return of the Prodigal son of PS, Crash Bandicoot, or is there another?

I want it to be Shenmue 3 so bad I might cry if it isn't, even though it most likely will never happen.

Any theories?
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>> No. 20512 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 4:03 pm
20512 spacer
Time to dust off the Dreamcast, by the looks of things.
>> No. 20516 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 10:02 pm
20516 spacer

Screenshot 2015-06-16 at 22.01.30.png
That poor bloke.
>> No. 20536 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 1:13 pm
20536 spacer

What was the deal with Shenmue anyway, wasn't it pretty much Quick Time Event: The Game? I can't find myself getting hyped about the third one. Nor a FFVII remake in fact, the only reason anyone likes it is because it was their first RPG as a child.

Doom 4 looks pretty fun, although as I feared, they've horribly fucked up the weapon balance. Shotguns looked completely piss-weak and the plasma rifle looked like an anaemic UT link gun. Doom was such a brilliant game because of its simplicity, and the razor sharp balance of gameplay elements. It seems they really can't get their heads around this- They could call it Quake 5 and I would be happy, but if it takes more than one shotgun blast to kill a basic grunt, then Doom it ain't.

i don't even know what I'm rambling about now anyway. E3 was a lot better this year sure, but fuck me it's like gamers actively just WANT to throw themselves back to the mercy of giant companies who want nothing but their cash. The disastrous cash-grabs of the last couple of years are entirely forgotten because your favourite corporate surrogate parent showed a fancy trailer for some games you like with bigger numbers on the end that people have been saying they should do for a while. Fuck me. Gamers deserve their industry to be in the state it's in, they really do.
>> No. 20538 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 2:42 pm
20538 spacer
I have transcended the earthly domain of consoles, and movie/franchise cash ins and rehashes.

I only play pc games. And at that, only ones that work natively on Linux.

Loved FF7, but can't get excited for this. It won't be as good, they will just dumb it down.
>> No. 20558 Anonymous
19th June 2015
Friday 6:15 pm
20558 spacer
>What was the deal with Shenmue anyway, wasn't it pretty much Quick Time Event: The Game? I can't find myself getting hyped about the third one.
It was one of the first games with a believable 3D representation of an open, living world. It predated GTA III by a year or two but it's been more or less forgotten by comparison; Rockstar's game was an actual game (and was hugely successful), whereas Shenmue was a walking-around-80's-Japan simulator with a few gameplay bits tacked on now and then. It did not become the Dreamcast's killer app, despite having the highest budget of any game ever when it was made, and played a significant role in the commercial failure of the system.

The Shenmue games attracted a small but very vocal fanbase, comprised of players who enjoy exploring purely for exploring's sake. I doubt their numbers have swelled much since 2001, and Yu Suzuki says he wants to keep the game design the same, so fuck knows how anyone involved expects Shenmue 3 to make money. It's being pitched as "one for the fans", but the problem with that is that it still costs a tremendous amount of cash to make an open world game like Shenmue - the Kickstarter cash won't come close to covering it, Sony have said they'll cover some of it, who knows how it'll turn out. I suspect that signing ~2000 collector's editions will be the least of Suzuki's worries.

lego worlds.jpg
>> No. 20384 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:26 am
20384 This kills the Minecraft: Lego edition
I've just discovered some new digital crack. Fuck you Lego for producing an altogether excellent time waster and another hours sink for me to waste my life playing. Seriously though, it's a good game you should check it out on Steam.

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>> No. 20433 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:34 pm
20433 spacer
Wait a minute. Have people been proclaiming their mirth audible dishonestly?
>> No. 20434 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:36 pm
20434 spacer

I've found when digging underground with the excavator it's easy to get caught on pieces which makes the machine impossible to move. Thankfully the developers thought of a solution - the bazooka.
>> No. 20435 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:38 pm
20435 spacer

Kick them into the sea! Kick them into the sea with a giant boot made of hate!
>> No. 20436 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:39 pm
20436 spacer
I've been punching things to make money. Especially other people.
I met a scuba diver and stole his face, then I punched him.
I built a house, it was full of money.
I lagged a bit.
I found a plane, it doesn't explode when you crash it, it just bounces back up.
Some dramatic music whenever I touch anything I haven't touched before.
>> No. 20482 Anonymous
13th June 2015
Saturday 3:03 pm
20482 spacer
Surely all breeding would be done through glory holes, in order to minimise the risk of eye contact?

>> No. 18556 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 1:05 pm
18556 spacer
Any of you lads been playing Rust? It's a survival game. If you do, fancy meeting up on the UK2 server? I've got a base already we can use.
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>> No. 19586 Anonymous
21st October 2014
Tuesday 11:26 pm
19586 spacer
>> No. 19587 Anonymous
22nd October 2014
Wednesday 12:14 am
19587 spacer
Just a story I got from it.

A friend was really into the game so he had lots of loot. I fresh spawned and found his base, he tells me that him and two other guys are going to raid someone elses base because that someone pissed him off (a whole nother story). So the 4 of us while waiting for nightfall get kitted out. It's a big mission and we don't know what to expect so take lots of ammo, armour, c4 etc.

It starts to get dark and we all set out on our trek to this guys base. Coming over a hill we can just make it out. There's an entrance with a small building, then a path leading to a tower base, and the whole thing is surrounded by spikes. Very well made and looking base.
We find a little glitch over the spikes and get to the base of the tower. Blow the walls and make our way in. But there's nothing fucking in it! We figure the guy bailed (with being threatened a few hours earlier), and we probably just caught some peoples ears with the explosions so decide to get out of there asap.

On our way out, one guy has one C4 left, so he decides to check the building at the entrance. And bloody bingo, it's full of guns, armour, and lots of other goodies. We start to fill our boots but hear a gunshot... "Who the fuck was that?", "Not me" x3. Next second a storm of bullets start flying at us, we take cover and with it being pitch black can only shoot at where we see the gunfire light come from, which was in many directions. One of our guys fucking legged it ha. But the rest of us stood our ground not wanting to lose all this precious loot. Sadly we got slaughtered.

And that was it! Bloody amazing experience,
>> No. 19588 Anonymous
22nd October 2014
Wednesday 1:35 am
19588 spacer
>with it being pitch black can only shoot at where we see the gunfire light come from
OP here. Next time put your gamma up, you can see in the dark.
I used to not do that, but every chucklefuck does so it's the only way to get a level playing field.
>> No. 19589 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 10:39 am
19589 spacer
Not a fan of the new update, no towns kinda ruins it for me.

Also turns my graphics card into an oven for some reason.
>> No. 20480 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 8:35 pm
20480 spacer


>> No. 20382 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 12:12 am
20382 Steam now offering 14 day refunds
Just refunded Watch Dogs because I found that it was shit.

It's a pretty good system, in my limited experience.


Terms and conditions; http://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/
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>> No. 20383 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 2:09 am
20383 spacer
It's a long time coming. This may end up killing some of the weaker early access games - good.
>> No. 20385 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:34 am
20385 spacer
Good idea, but open to abuse.
>> No. 20386 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 10:05 am
20386 spacer
You may want to read the terms. On the face of it they do a reasonably job of excluding most abuses.

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