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>> No. 20358 Anonymous
25th May 2015
Monday 1:50 am
20358 spacer
Anyone own a copy of Artemis? Maybe we could get a game going between us, I've played before with friends at home, but never online. Could be interesting.
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>> No. 20372 Anonymous
25th May 2015
Monday 3:11 pm
20372 spacer
Every time I've tried to run any online game in wine, it's unplayable. Ridiculous lag, silly bugs...you need every microsecond of twitch for online gaming. Wine just doesn't cut it. Wine is OK for single player/offline stuff, but anything competitive and you might as well not bother.
>> No. 20373 Anonymous
25th May 2015
Monday 3:30 pm
20373 spacer
I don't think it would be too bad online, both have voice chat, which is all you need really. I'm going to try out Quintet that was mentioned above, seems you can join servers for matchmaking.

Hopefully we can get a game running between us.

Do we exchange steam details?
>> No. 20374 Anonymous
25th May 2015
Monday 3:30 pm
20374 spacer
>you need every microsecond of twitch for online gaming.
This is largely untrue. In certain games and once you reach a certain skill level it's true. Otherwise not. I seriously doubt Civilization players are necessarily performing poorly because of suboptimal FPS and ping.
>> No. 20375 Anonymous
25th May 2015
Monday 4:14 pm
20375 spacer
>This is largely untrue.
No, it is not. Well done on finding the edge case (turn based games) where it doesn't matter. Any type of game where you don't wait your turn though (such as this), it will matter.
>> No. 20377 Anonymous
25th May 2015
Monday 4:32 pm
20377 spacer
You're shifting the goal posts, inadvertently I'm sure. Of course it will matter to some extent or other. The question is how much it matters. What you professed before and what I was contesting - and I tried to communicate this by quoting nine of your words - is the idea that you need every microsecond of performance. I can perform better than most at Counter-Strike with a 135ms ping; I cut my teeth on transatlantic servers. In days gone by I could perform in the 98th percentile at StarCraft II with a 250 ping. One ought to persistently focus on the self long before blaming suboptimal tools.

>> No. 19997 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 8:26 pm
19997 Cloth board game
I assume this is the right board for this as it relates to UHU, but is primarily game based...

So, I'm creating my own board game with a cloth board. I'm using a large piece of woven linen covered in Flexible Caulk to give a base texture and weight to the cloth. There is to be two islands for play, made using flocks, static grasses and gravels. I'm having a massive issues trying to figure out a way of making water to surround the islands. I've tried looking at videos for some examples, but all the ones I've found are for solid base/wooden/styrofoam boards ala Warhammer and other wargames. Anyone have any ideas how I can create a realistic water effect that is flexible enough to be on a cloth board and rolled up like a treasure map? Maybe clear acrylic silicone over blue/green paint or something?

Picture is of the original template I made from paper to make the cloth board.
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>> No. 20343 Anonymous
22nd May 2015
Friday 12:12 pm
20343 spacer

It looks really nice, well done lad. My only gripe is that the cards don't seem to match the theme of the rest of the game. Totally understandable though, it'd take a fucking load of work to have lovely fantasy illustrations.
>> No. 20349 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:11 am
20349 spacer
Yeah I know what you mean, I was trying to stay away from the classic fantasy illustrations and put in a bit of my own comic booky style. Let it stand out on its own. But then the miniatures are classic fantasy......

Need to learn to sculpt, that way I can make characters and the boss from scratch in my own style.

Thanks ladm8, put alot of time and effort into this, lots of all nighters.
>> No. 20351 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 1:54 pm
20351 spacer
>Bahl's Deep

>> No. 20352 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 2:44 pm
20352 spacer
It looks good, though you've rather buggered your anonymity on here by giving yourself an artist credit on the cards. Still, your wizard wears purple and is clearly clutching a mug of tea, so there's that...
>> No. 20353 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 6:47 pm
20353 spacer


Yeah, that's true. But we're all bruvlads here right?

>> No. 20109 Anonymous
16th April 2015
Thursday 1:32 am
20109 spacer
Hello GamesMaster. I'm trying to get back into gaming and wonder if you can help.

My first experiences with playing computer games was on an Amstrad ZX Spectrum, a Commodore 64 and an Atari ST. I have frustrated memories of the Dizzy series and shitty KungFu Master style games. Done the Mario thing on NES & SNES. And Street Fighter II and Star Fox. I briefly owned the original XBOX and enjoyed playing Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. I ended up giving it to my little sister cos I was too busy getting high and chasing that sweet tang (Not my sister's tang by the way - I'm not from the Fens).

My Mrs currently has an Ipad. I recently found myself playing Shadowgun:Deadzone on the shitter. I like hiding in the shitter. ITZ my safe place. The game is pretty boring though.

Anyhow, I hate cut scenes and crappy stories some retard game writer agonised over. I want to wack in my tape I shoplifted bought from the local paki discount corner store, wait twenty minutes for the pixels to do their thing and then frantically start shooting shit and running away with my legs held tensely in the air as my wife calls me a silly spastic. I guess I like Doom. But possibly with multiplayer. And on my new laptop (see pic).

Oh, and I don't want to have to learn how to operate a mouse / trackpad / 50 key option-combo-super-fiddle to play the fucking thing. I have a mouse and full size keyboard that I can use with my lappy. And my hand-eye coordination is as about as good as your dads. Cos I'm probably almost as old. And I'm normally really, really stoned. I don't mind buying a games controller. Although I'll need help setting it up. And I'd begrudge spending more than a tenner on a game.

Thank you Games Master. I'd really like to hear your suggestions. Cheers in advance
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>> No. 20184 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 10:38 pm
20184 spacer

I think Madcatz released some USB pads in the sega saturn pad style, meant to be for fighters but it's 10 buttons and a d pad, so you can't really go wrong.
>> No. 20185 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 11:06 pm
20185 spacer
Skip to 3:08, her reaction is priceless.
>> No. 20186 Anonymous
23rd April 2015
Thursday 8:15 pm
20186 spacer

Mad Catz Street Fight IV Fight Pad[1].jpg
I have one of these, garish designs aside they're fantastic pads, I use mine for any 2D game I play. My only complaint would be that the d-pad is just a little bit too big - it's a good design choice for rolling a fireball in SF but not so great for snapping back and forth in platformers.
>> No. 20187 Anonymous
23rd April 2015
Thursday 11:09 pm
20187 spacer

Get an arcade stick for that. With a box gate and my Guile and Blanka were untouchable.

chargers for life
>> No. 20188 Anonymous
24th April 2015
Friday 8:20 pm
20188 spacer
I never managed to find an arcade stick I was comfortable with. I know all the crazy Japanese arcade pros use various Sanwa parts and there's this whole cottage industry built around it and all that, but I'm absolutely useless with one.

>> No. 16725 Anonymous
30th August 2013
Friday 6:57 am
16725 spacer
What are you all playing at the minute? I'm currently on Lego LOTR.

I'm not so sure of the aesthetic choices in this game. They make everything realistic except the stuff that can be interacted with, which is made of lego. So you get stuff like this happening. Also the way they all only speak lines ripped from the movies is a bit strange.

On the other hand, this is one of the better LOTR games I've played. It's not easy to turn a story revolving around two midgets walking to a mountain into a videogame and they tried their best.
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>> No. 19974 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 4:44 pm
19974 spacer
Stick a pad in. Still the Best GTA.
>> No. 19975 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 4:56 pm
19975 spacer
Just wait for the forced aircraft sections. I played the game for the first time on PC, and most of it was OK but any bit to do with flying was unbearable. I eventually realised I wasn't having fun and uninstalled it.
>> No. 19976 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 4:57 pm
19976 spacer
Unless I'm mistaken I think he's referring to the mouse randomly not working when you play it on Windows 8.
>> No. 19992 Anonymous
13th March 2015
Friday 6:37 pm
19992 spacer

The problem is that I don't know what button JOY6 is and that's how the instructions tell me what to push, etc. Zero's missions were much easier with a pad though.
>> No. 19993 Anonymous
13th March 2015
Friday 7:21 pm
19993 spacer

I have been playing a spot of Nethack recently and despite a good decade of playing it on and off I'm still no better at it. The problem seems to be that after clearing out the Gnomish Mines, which for years beat me, and getting to the Player Level to get the Player Quest, the game thereafter shits on me.
Are any of you experienced enough at this Roguelike enough to offer any useful tips?

>> No. 19820 Anonymous
13th February 2015
Friday 2:24 pm
19820 Dungeons and Dragons
Would a game of D&D work on this board? If I Dm'd you chaps/lady chaps could say what you wanted and I'd make all the relevant rolls.
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>> No. 19943 Anonymous
2nd March 2015
Monday 5:22 pm
19943 spacer
What on earth is a gew-gaw?
>> No. 19944 Anonymous
2nd March 2015
Monday 5:24 pm
19944 spacer
Like a widget for display. Fancy schmutz.
>> No. 19945 Anonymous
2nd March 2015
Monday 7:44 pm
19945 spacer

Okay then, I shall take the disgusting gew-gaw and enter the cave.
>> No. 19982 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 9:46 pm
19982 spacer
>> No. 19985 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 11:13 pm
19985 spacer

Falconhoof's no here pal, he got chibbed by that mad cunt fae the high flats.

>> No. 19865 Anonymous
16th February 2015
Monday 8:56 am
19865 Project Zomboid
So, I'm probably going to end up buying this, and I was just wondering whether there's anyone here that plays it? Partly because I'm worried about it being early access despite having been released in November 2013, and also because it's all about 'dat co-op and no one I have on Steam owns it.

Steam store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/108600
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>> No. 19931 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 1:57 pm
19931 spacer

And how long is that? L4D came out way back in '08. The Walking Dead came to TV in 2010. After that, the zombie niche grew into a full on popular culture phenomenon. That's when hipsters like me who liked zombies before it was cool started to turn our noses up at the idea.

The problem is that zombies are like nazis these days- sometimes they are even zombie nazis, that's how bad it's got- in that they are used as just a generic enemy that everyone can safely kill, maim and dismember without feeling a shred of guilt. Along the way, writers and creators have utterly forgotten what it was that made reanimated corpses such a compelling antagonist, and there's no need to even try rediscover what that was because there will always be a legion of cunts who buy anything vaguely zombie related regardless.
>> No. 19935 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 2:59 pm
19935 spacer
>sometimes they are even zombie nazis, that's how bad it's got
I remember seeing Nazi zombies in some vaguely pornographic b-movie back in the late nineties and it must have been an old film even then. Lots of bush.
>> No. 19939 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 6:19 pm
19939 spacer
Well according to Wikipaedo:
>The game was first released in April 25th, 2011 as tech demo

I guess I'm not really being precise when I say it started 'before the zombie glut', what I mean is it was around before I started booting up Steam and seeing yet another one on the Store page and reacting with revulsion.

Anyway, I thought it was an urge to copy DayZ that has caused a plethora of zombie games, and as we know that started in 2012.
>> No. 19940 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 7:35 pm
19940 spacer
Who cares? Do you lot like Project Zomboid or not?
>> No. 19941 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 7:47 pm
19941 spacer
I care.

>> No. 18503 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 10:53 pm
18503 Unreal Tournament 4 will be Open Source

A new age begins.
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>> No. 18640 Anonymous
28th May 2014
Wednesday 7:22 pm
18640 spacer
I made this a while back:


I never got round to finishing my shock rifle tricks movie, which was made to as an homage to a youtube video doing the same in UT99.
>> No. 19707 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 8:29 am
19707 spacer
Here's some alpha builds if anyone's interested:

Windows 64 bit:



I hope they still have that sexy voice from UT2004.

If you feel like supporting Epic Games, they've got this launcher "you'll never have to worry about whether you have the latest build, and build updates are incremental, so the weekly downloads will be much smaller". It does cost ~£10 per month though.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 19708 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 8:48 am
19708 spacer
Anyone know if there's an IDE for developing UE stuff on Linux?
>> No. 19932 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 2:01 pm
19932 spacer

>If you feel like supporting Epic Games, they've got this launcher "you'll never have to worry about whether you have the latest build, and build updates are incremental, so the weekly downloads will be much smaller".


>t does cost ~£10 per month though.


Why can't you just buy a bloody game these days. Fuck's sake.
>> No. 19937 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 3:39 pm
19937 spacer
>>19707 here

I'd say UT4 is very similar to UT3 in terms of gameplay, weapons, look and feel. Bit of a damp squib really.

>> No. 19844 Anonymous
15th February 2015
Sunday 5:56 pm
19844 spacer
What do you lot reckon to this interview, then?


On the one hand, opening an interview with "Do you think that you’re a pathological liar?" is pretty fucking rude, personally I would've put the phone down on the cunt at that point. On the other, Molyneux's over-promised and under-delivered on every single game for the last decade and a half, and the last one more so than the rest, so he's probably due a bit of shit.

It's a pretty weird interview, anyway.
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>> No. 19887 Anonymous
17th February 2015
Tuesday 6:57 pm
19887 spacer
I hear some musicians do too.
>> No. 19888 Anonymous
17th February 2015
Tuesday 7:32 pm
19888 spacer
During the development of Black and White, Molyneux ordered one of the artists to model penises for the creatures. The artist was so incensed he threatened Molyneux with a knife. Molyneux insists there were no Class A drugs involved. The knife-wielding artist in question, Mark Healey, left the company and co-founded Media Molecule, who made Little Big Planet.

This is all according to Peter, who -as mentioned- cannot be trusted.
>> No. 19889 Anonymous
17th February 2015
Tuesday 7:33 pm
19889 spacer

How else do you explain Windows ME?

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
>> No. 19890 Anonymous
17th February 2015
Tuesday 9:38 pm
19890 spacer
I've always known that rock & roll is the devil, but this is just too much to bear.
>> No. 19891 Anonymous
17th February 2015
Tuesday 11:16 pm
19891 spacer

Oh god, I love MM even more now!

>> No. 19727 Anonymous
16th January 2015
Friday 1:06 am
19727 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
You guys playing the demo? It's amazing. It really is. General MH thread.
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>> No. 19728 Anonymous
16th January 2015
Friday 3:30 am
19728 spacer
Need to give it a try, but I can't imagine it being very comfortable to play on a handheld. I've played MH3U on Wii U, and it's quite fun but I reckon I could only enjoy it for a long time if I had friends who played too, as teamwork is super important. Also it's a tad grindy when trying to get materials for crafting, so it reminds me somewhat of an MMO but with engaging combat. It's awful playing single player, and online randoms are shit. Though if I decide to get the New 3DS, I'll get MH4U with it.

But might wait for the Toukiden remake/sequel on PS4 in March. Looks like faster paced Monster Hunter but with Japanese folklore monsters.
>> No. 19866 Anonymous
16th February 2015
Monday 9:10 am
19866 spacer
Got MH4U yesterday, just doing all the weapon tutorial quests to see which ones most appeal to me. Mostly doing solo, so think I'm going to mainly use the Switch Axe and Gunlance. Hunting Horn seems interesting, but probably more useful in multiplayer when you can buff your entire team.

>> No. 19510 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 2:14 pm
19510 spacer
So, Destiny.

...anyone get it? I have been doing the rounds on it, feeling it out and trying to decide whether or not to get it, but it appears to be pretty lacking in content for what it was supposed to be.

In State of the Gaming Industry news, it cost 500 million dollars to develop and market and it has only shipped 8 million, across all 4 platforms, when it needs to sell 17 to break even and there are more pre-owned copies than new ones in my local Game. We may see a policy change from the big devs and not for the better, as The Sims 4 has bombed because it is a massive downgrade due to EA ripping the heart of the game and making it an elaborate shop window.
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>> No. 19721 Anonymous
11th January 2015
Sunday 12:14 pm
19721 spacer
I'll add you mate, I'm level 20 now after playing it pretty solidly the last two days.

I dunno. It doesn't really grip me like Halo did or Call of Duty 4. I mean, the only thing that's keeping me going is the fact I haven't done it all yet, rather than me playing it for sheer enjoyment.
>> No. 19724 Anonymous
12th January 2015
Monday 1:32 pm
19724 spacer

There's nothing different because it's Phantasy Star Online, but with less distinction between the different character types.

I'm really enjoying playing it, mind, because I loved Phantasy Star Online and nobody else did, but my friends are all getting on board with Destiny because it plays practically identically to a Halo game. As an RPG guy myself, I'm enjoying the looting and whatnot, but the perks that come with the levelling system seem basically moot, since I'm just going out and pulling right trigger regardless.

I would like to see, as you say, some more variety added to the game. It would be nice to get to the point of doing high level strikes and find that certain enemies were basically invincible if you're X class so you need to have one of each in your party.

The only noticeable different between characters being slightly different grenades and super-charged attacks and a different melee animation is bothering me quite a lot.
>> No. 19725 Anonymous
12th January 2015
Monday 2:53 pm
19725 spacer
It plays quite differently to Halo.

I should know, I've logged many thousands of hours on Halo... It's similar in some respects, but it feels quite different.

There aren't any big set pieces like in Halo, which is a shame. It's all quite repetitive in terms of style - there's no big vehicular assaults, no sniper set pieces, no tight, claustophobic parts (I'm thinking the third level from Halo 1 and The Library), there's no epic assaults such as Assault on the Control Room, it's all just short to medium distance skirmishes until you hit a boss character who is just a matter of blasting a thousand times whilst intermittently warding off a wave of Dregs or whatever.

The fact you have to shoot something thousands of times to kill it is really fucking annoying. I did a Vanguard mission earlier with three others and we were there for about three quarters of an hour trying to defeat this single boss enemy - admittedly we did die near the end the first time so had to do it all again, it was just boring though, frankly.

I don't think I'm giving it enough credit though - I have played it a shittonne in the last few days and have enjoyed a lot of it, but it has a lot of issues and they're bugging me.

In terms of Halo the one I played most was Halo 3 for the multiplayer, and it had a simplicity I miss in modern FPS's. Because it was really a matter of having a range of weapons, grenades and quite basic scenery you could end up playing really very in depth and tactically if you had a team. Fewer variables that ultimately, for me, made for a much more engaging experience. I can't see the same happening for Destiny, controlling parts of a map and holding them, prioritising weapons, timing weapon spawns...
>> No. 19726 Anonymous
12th January 2015
Monday 3:33 pm
19726 spacer
>It plays quite differently to Halo.
From the point of view of someone like me who has played a comparatively superficial amount of the Halo series (completed the first, played bits of the rest), the way Destiny plays is more or less indistinguishable from a Halo game. It sounds like you're so close to the series that the differences seem huge, but gameplay-wise it felt the same to me.

(Not meaning to have a dig btw, just offering a different perspective.)
>> No. 19740 Anonymous
19th January 2015
Monday 11:03 am
19740 spacer
I'm at the point now where I'm level 20 and everything is just a grind to get better gear. For the most part it's really fucking boring, but the strikes and that are actually quite fun with mates.

Has anyone managed to do the weekly strike? Hard as fuck.

>> No. 19578 Anonymous
15th October 2014
Wednesday 4:55 pm
19578 spacer
Anyone else playing this one?

The sound design alone is shitting me right up. I haven't played enough to call it a good or bad game, it feels a bit clunky and it drops you in without offering much help but I suspect that's kind of the point. As crossover games go it feels surprisingly faithful to the original, to their credit.
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>> No. 19584 Anonymous
16th October 2014
Thursday 9:33 pm
19584 spacer
I refuse to watch even a minute of gameplay until I can play it myself. As someone who loves the Alien films, I want this to be one of those 'experiences' that seem so rare these days.

One question: does the main character run around in some skimpy knickers with half her arse hanging out?
>> No. 19585 Anonymous
16th October 2014
Thursday 9:39 pm
19585 spacer
>does the main character run around in some skimpy knickers with half her arse hanging out?

You wag.
>> No. 19590 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 5:18 pm
19590 spacer

>>19585>>19585I guess this is the "scary game" thread.

I've been playing The Evil Within. So far it's been a bit predictable, pic attached, within the first fifteen minutes you're being chased by a big guy with a chainsaw and a mask, and hiding from him in a cupboard... been there before. The run and hide kind of horror didn't last, it turned pretty quickly into "Resident Evil 4 + stealth". Which is ok I guess. Somehow it feels less than the sum of its parts.
>> No. 19591 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 5:27 pm
19591 spacer
I was a bit disappointed from what I saw of the gameplay. I was expecting it to be more horror than what it is, if that makes sense. It seems like they're going with gore mostly, which isn't scary, it's just gore. I'm only basing that on the opening level though, so perhaps it gets better.
>> No. 19712 Anonymous
5th January 2015
Monday 2:54 am
19712 spacer

I've only played it on Hard and it has literally been the only game that has ever actually scared me and made me panic. I've only been having a go between 1am and 6am with all the lights off and wearing headphones. Fucking amazing.

>> No. 16698 Anonymous
28th August 2013
Wednesday 6:18 pm
16698 News: Skinner Box renamed "Cookie Jar"
Is anyone else wasting their time on this?

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>> No. 16837 Anonymous
2nd September 2013
Monday 1:49 pm
16837 spacer
I use Selenium IDE firefox plugin I use for webtesting. Set it to click the fucker about 10 times a second, and if it spots a golden cookie it'll click that as well. Takes the 'fun' out of it.

Means I can get back to work though.
>> No. 16962 Anonymous
20th September 2013
Friday 10:25 pm
16962 spacer

Urgh. Why am I doing this? I've cheated once, to get 15 cookies so I could get True Neverclick.

I've got 98 upgrades, 88 achievements and 3 secret achievements. Kill me now.
>> No. 16963 Anonymous
21st September 2013
Saturday 12:01 am
16963 spacer
>I've cheated once, to get 15 cookies so I could get True Neverclick.
Fuck's sake, lad. Is it so hard to wait for a golden cookie?
>> No. 16964 Anonymous
21st September 2013
Saturday 12:18 am
16964 spacer

I wanted the Cheated Cookies Taste Awful achievement.
>> No. 19709 Anonymous
23rd December 2014
Tuesday 10:07 am
19709 spacer
This game has been updated, have a look, if you've still got your old save, you can get prisms now.

>> No. 19626 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 1:20 am
19626 (To)Morrowind Never Comes
Someone, anyone, please convince me to play this damnable game.
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>> No. 19643 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 8:37 pm
19643 spacer

The only way you'll enjoy Morrowind is if you're able to see past the game mechanics and imperfections long enough to get a buzz from exploring what feels like a genuinely alien world, where for just a moment you're sucked into the illusion that you're not uncovering a predetermined story but have found something original, put there especially for you. This kind of detail is the only thing in my mind that really allows the game to be considered a classic. For all of the elements that date, there is something clever about the idea of plonking the player character in the middle of an extremely detailed environment with no hint of where to go next. It only clicks when you strike on a good pathway or two that lead you throughout the game, or a few things that give you some context for the places you're exploring beyond the boilerplate responses of most of the NPCs.

It demands quite a lot from players, but you have to treat it like you actually care for your character, a vulnerable ex-prisoner in a hostile land. You want to interact with the right NPCs, secure a bed, storage, some money. If I remember right there's around a dozen factions and guilds to join depending on the inclination of your character, all with separate story arcs, all cooperating or competing in a surprisingly realistic way. It's probably a matter a taste, but I actually like how uncompromising the game is on this; if you decide to run around the wilderness and eat animal meat, stumbling from one town to the next, then it actually makes some sense that nothing will ever happen for your character. No one will hear your name or care about you. However, if you go out and deliberately try to make a reputation for yourself, the ball starts rolling and before you know it you're embroiled in a criminal turf war, or doing favours for crooked politicians, or crushing a rebellious union, or freeing slaves, or performing miracles for commoners, or assassinating wizards. Christ, I could shit up an entire thread with the level of detail I put into some of the characters I lived out in this game.

If you love lore and have a little bit of imagination, you can get absolutely lost, crafting your own characters stories. The politics, the mythology, the books, they all borrow from historical cultures and have all been put together with a great deal of care. The first-person perspective is no coincidence, also, the idea is you get immersed completely in the life of your character. It's about as truly 'sandbox' as a computer game can be, just enough visual aid and play mechanics to keep you engaged, but mostly it's about making your own fun with a beautiful template.

I can totally understand why that wouldn't tickle the fancy of everyone, but for a few years it had me transfixed. If I could get someone to pay me to play Morrowind, I'd be sorted in life.

My only big criticism of the game is that the NPCs are painfully inanimate. They're mostly there to fight with or deliver text. As rich as the dialogue is, your imagination will be filling in a lot of blanks for what is essentially a character model wandering about a set route. Mods can improve this and help the behaviour match the writing.

I also have no idea what the story is behind the image I've attached to this post.
>> No. 19644 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 9:14 pm
19644 spacer
That was beautiful.

>crafting your own characters stories
This is what I miss most about it and old RPGs in general, as opposed to "everyone is a jack of all trades all the time". I used to RP the shit out of my characters.
>> No. 19645 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 9:19 pm
19645 spacer

>I also have no idea what the story is behind the image I've attached to this post.

You don't want to know m80.
>> No. 19646 Anonymous
29th October 2014
Wednesday 10:23 pm
19646 spacer
>> No. 19705 Anonymous
2nd December 2014
Tuesday 4:29 pm
19705 spacer
> also have no idea what the story is behind the image I've attached to this post
The half-naked guy in the picture is a character from a Russian trash film called "Green Elephant". Don't watch it if you're a sensitive person, it's gross.

>> No. 19592 Anonymous
26th October 2014
Sunday 12:57 pm
19592 spacer
Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas is 10 years old today.
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>> No. 19700 Anonymous
28th November 2014
Friday 9:18 pm
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I saw the retribution coming, but I felt the pain when Kate was killed, and then I felt incredibly guilty when the game ended and Patrick calls you up distraught and sobs at you that he's all his mother has left.
>> No. 19701 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 6:57 pm
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Don't. Kate dumps you and never answers the phone again in the other ending. Bitch.
>> No. 19702 Anonymous
29th November 2014
Saturday 8:54 pm
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What she does is within reason and actually fits in with Niko's character (a man who's done terrible things trying for a better life.) GTA IV was quite a masterpiece of character development in that respect.
>> No. 19703 Anonymous
30th November 2014
Sunday 2:06 pm
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It's nice to see people looking back after V and appreciating IV more. To me IV felt so atmospheric and much more like a living city than V's purpose built adventure playground.
>> No. 19704 Anonymous
30th November 2014
Sunday 2:11 pm
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That's why I enjoyed it, even before V. Most people hated it for that very reason. San Andreas was also an adventure playground, really. It feels like it was made for the player, but IV feels like it's a city existing independent of the player's actions.

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