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>> No. 19189 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 11:04 pm
19189 Backgammon
Was taught how to play Backgammon the other day. Played 3 games, won 1 - lost 2. All three games though seem to come down to basically hoping to role doubles when all pieces were in each others 'homebase'.

I haven't read up on strategies but have played a few games online since then, it really seems like it comes down to chance more than skill.

Kind of disappointed, as had long wanted to learn how to play Backgammon, partly as I knew it was one of the oldest board games in existence.

Is it just me or is this the 'Deal or No Deal' of boardgames?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 19207 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 6:28 pm
19207 spacer

>> No. 19214 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 4:20 am
19214 spacer

If you want to learn an ancient game that is simple, surprisingly deep and entirely down to skill, try Go.
>> No. 19228 Anonymous
8th July 2014
Tuesday 12:01 am
19228 spacer
How about Nine Men's Morris?
>> No. 19229 Anonymous
8th July 2014
Tuesday 1:19 am
19229 spacer

You need evens for Morris, m8.
>> No. 19301 Anonymous
22nd July 2014
Tuesday 6:17 am
19301 spacer

Snakes and Ladders is better.

>> No. 19295 Anonymous
20th July 2014
Sunday 9:09 pm
19295 spacer
I could have sworn we had a Planetside 2 thread but a quick glance through the pages provides nothing.

Anyway they've just released a new map, which is top, it's a mix of Dagobah and Endor, it has dense tree cover overhead while still managing to stay surprisingly open for air and armoured engagements.


If you want to squad with me a bit then add Ohgee, I play NC on Woodman
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>> No. 19300 Anonymous
21st July 2014
Monday 7:30 pm
19300 spacer
Hey, so do I. Or rather, I did. The game's a massive rig-killer, so I'll wait until I get a better one before jumping back in.

>> No. 19276 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 1:00 am
19276 Ultimate General Gettysburg
Just a heads up to anyone remotely interested in the civil war, this game is bloody good, played through the battle a few times and while it's still in early access the AI is top notch with nine settings like Cunning, Defensive, Aggressive etc or just random if you don't want to know what you will be up against, it is very, very reminiscent of Sid Meier's Gettysburg

Also it's by the guy who made Darthmod for the Total War games.
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>> No. 19285 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 2:43 am
19285 spacer

Should nay fucken' run at shites wha' got tha' guns, daft pricks.

Doubly so when there's a swamp in the way. Oh, those silly Scotch, and about to make the same mistake come autumn.
>> No. 19288 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 7:33 am
19288 spacer

I thought I was being clever but history repeats.
>> No. 19290 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 2:28 pm
19290 spacer
I have a rule about not buying early access, but in the three and a half years when the creator has finally moved past version 0.999... then I'll probably pick this up.

I like that Darth guy too, no one else has let me kill quite so many Spaniards. His Napoleon mod is alright too! Hahey!
>> No. 19291 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 2:58 pm
19291 spacer

I don't see there being much wrong with the idea of independence. The prospect of a government that hasn't spent the last 50 years covering up paedophiles in cabinet is rather alluring, so I'm voting yes.

Having our own All-Gold Olympic team is just a juicy bonus.

Anyway, I digress.
>> No. 19292 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 5:01 pm
19292 spacer

He has said that early access will last 30-40 days, it started around the 20th of last month and basically all that needs going in is multiplayer and the odd patches.

>> No. 19097 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 3:11 pm
19097 Dawngate
Have any of you lads been playing this?

I just played my first few games and it's bloody awesome and a nice change of pace for me coming from LoL and more recently DotA, I'm actually having a fun when I play instead of slugging it out for imaginary internet points.
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>> No. 19100 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 9:39 pm
19100 spacer
I am downloading it now, was meaning to try it out.

swiggity swooty.jpg
>> No. 18718 Anonymous
9th June 2014
Monday 5:52 pm
18718 E3 thread
Many streams are available but I'm using http://media.mtvnservices.com/embed/mgid:arc:live:spike.com:64d8ba86-6cac-4baa-9013-318cc5ab810b

I'm not expecting to be amazed by anything but you never know.
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>> No. 19080 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 8:58 pm
19080 spacer

It's been a lovely, sunny day, video game types don't like that sort of thing. The smell of BBQ's, the sounds of laughter, bloody glare, it's a right pin to the urethra when you're trying to level grind.

>> No. 19081 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 9:14 pm
19081 spacer
You've been reading too much Crossed lad.
>> No. 19083 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 10:27 pm
19083 spacer

It's weird I'm a minority in finding comic-ised snuff films being so popular, umm, weird.
>> No. 19084 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 10:38 pm
19084 spacer
I thought they were just shitty.
Horsecock was funny though.
>> No. 19085 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 11:04 pm
19085 spacer
Hurrah, I leave this place for one day and miss yet another fifty-post cunt-off, and all because some prick has difficulty accepting the twin realities that demanding payment for something that's already been paid for is a cunt's trick, and hardware-accurate emulation is so fucking hard sometimes it's cheaper to just put the guts of what you're emulating inside the box.

Never change, .gs. Never change.

>> No. 13447 Anonymous
5th July 2012
Thursday 10:25 pm
13447 DayZ
For those of you that might not have heard of DayZ yet;

"DayZ is an open world survival horror video game mod for ARMA II. As a survivor with limited supplies, the player must search the world for supplies such as food, water, weapons and medicine, while killing or avoiding both zombies and other players, in an effort to survive the zombie apocalypse"

I'm downloading ARMA right now so I haven't had chance to review it myself, but it seems like a right laugh to be fair. This in terms of gameplay or graphics is a terrible video for me to post, but skip to 12:30 and I guarantee you'll be smiling.


The mod is in Alpha right now and is thus quite buggy on certain elements, the zombies movements, etc. and the game certainly feels like a sim, i.e not as slick as your average shooter, but the fun is in the freedom of this game. You make your own stories and adventure.

Everything you need for £15, cheaper than on steam, but purchasable through steam through this link - https://store.bistudio.com/arma2-combined-operations/
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>> No. 18283 Anonymous
18th February 2014
Tuesday 2:30 pm
18283 spacer
That's awesome.
>> No. 18717 Anonymous
8th June 2014
Sunday 1:15 am
18717 spacer
I tried this. I spent about ten minutes wandering around a forest trying to find anything while my character complained about being hungry, found a village with some food, he became hungry after a minute or two no matter how much veg I ate. I found a pitchfork, a crossbow and some ammunition. He complained about having a stomach ache. That was about it.
>> No. 18851 Anonymous
19th June 2014
Thursday 7:32 pm
18851 spacer

Did you ever consider looking at a map, or perhaps following the roads?
>> No. 18852 Anonymous
19th June 2014
Thursday 7:42 pm
18852 spacer
I had map? There were no roads until I found the village.
>> No. 18914 Anonymous
22nd June 2014
Sunday 8:43 pm
18914 spacer
does .gs like cozy overpoch servers?


>> No. 14247 Anonymous
14th October 2012
Sunday 12:48 pm
14247 spacer
Right lads. The PS3.

Is it worth getting one just for the Exclusives?
I have a 360 and that would remain the main console for anything multplat you see, but I am tempted by MGS4 and the like.
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>> No. 18647 Anonymous
28th May 2014
Wednesday 9:17 pm
18647 spacer

I thought this for about 6 months. They really needed a similar TV advertising campaign in the UK to what they did with the Wii.
>> No. 18648 Anonymous
28th May 2014
Wednesday 9:50 pm
18648 spacer
Speaking of PS3, I just realised I've never checked my message inbox. I just checked it now, and found my first bit of hate mail. I feel quite proud.
>> No. 18649 Anonymous
28th May 2014
Wednesday 10:26 pm
18649 spacer
If you ever play an online FPS even slightly well you'll get loads of shitlords hatemailing you.

This one time I was playing Black Ops (don't judge - I bought it for the zombies. Mostly.) and I somehow stumbled into a glitch where my character didn't die when he should have and just kept running about like the goddamn terminator. Naturally the match soon became me stabbing enemies whilst they emptied machine guns and rocket launchers into me (sometimes even killing themselves with the explosion - but not me). The amount of 'wtf hax' hatemail was golden. One guy even had genuine hacks and offered to boost my character for the 'secret'.
>> No. 18650 Anonymous
28th May 2014
Wednesday 10:49 pm
18650 spacer

It is bad on Fifa. So many sore losers and winners, so I stopped playing.

The most rage that I've had in a single exchange was from a guy on MW2, though. I'm not one to use the this kind of vernacular but "CoDbabbies" seems to fit most of the userbase.
>> No. 18651 Anonymous
28th May 2014
Wednesday 11:02 pm
18651 spacer
The best hatemail comes from playing Demon's/Dark Souls. I think because there is some weird expectation of honour, and if you don't bow before duelling with the person you've invaded it's considered poor form.

The hatemail I got was from my first and so far only online match on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle. Apparently I'm a "spamig bitch", even though the most popular character's fighting style is based pretty much solely around spamming punches.

>> No. 18632 Anonymous
28th May 2014
Wednesday 12:47 am
18632 spacer

Which one of you lads is purple aki in this video then?
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>> No. 18633 Anonymous
28th May 2014
Wednesday 12:55 am
18633 spacer

That seems like a very accurate dipiction of an average day in Americana. Also give me a bloody time code.

Dyslexi is better.

>> No. 12794 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 1:25 pm
12794 Pew Pew Pew
EVE online.
Anyone a regular player? Been playing for a week and seems like a bit of fun muck around with while doing other things. Wondering if it gets painstakingly dull once you advanced a fair way.
Also, I'm looking to join an easy going corp, got kicked from the last one after 2 days for jokingly calling the captain a cunt. Woops.
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>> No. 18622 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 1:06 am
18622 spacer
I wouldn't play Eve for 30 days if you paid me £200. I'd want something more akin to the wage of a decent accountant. It's about as interesting as accounting.
>> No. 18623 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 1:39 am
18623 spacer
Played solidly for 6 years, flunked my final year of uni because of it. Now i think its boring and shit.

gg life
>> No. 18625 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 3:09 pm
18625 spacer

too many buttons.jpg
I remember watching some YT videos on EVE years back and thought it looked like good fun. Managed to get myself sent an invite and downloaded/loaded it all up.

I think I played for about 10 minutes before deciding that there were too many buttons and too many menus.

They've changed their PS3 Dust game to become a lot more like what people have posted here regarding the menu on the left. I've found it a lot more complicated to use from how it was originally and stopped playing.

I am a bit of a simpleton, in fact, my 'friends' cruelly call me 'Simple Tim' because my name is Timothy but I just felt like there was nothing intuitive about it.

Still, have enjoyed looking at the pictures in this thread and reading a bit about it all again.
>> No. 18626 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 3:17 pm
18626 spacer
No, it isn't only you who is simple. I gave it 30 minutes and I never played it again.
>> No. 18627 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 3:19 pm
18627 spacer
You could say the same about dwarf fortress though, and I've played that for god knows how many hours.

images (2).jpg
>> No. 18506 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 12:39 am
18506 spacer
Why did no one tell me this was so good? Everything just feels good and it all seems very fluid.

What other games do you think have fallen under the radar despite being hailed as great 5+ years ago?
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>> No. 18582 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 11:18 pm
18582 spacer
> and have to ride on a special coach at the back of the trains so you don't disrupt the machines.
Mage's Caboose. And once I hit Magic Aptitude 100, the conductor told me to sod off.
> so magic is quite overpowered
Dark Necromancy is. With MA = 100 and the Harm spell you can cut through enemies like a hot knife through butter. Even in real-time mode. Just be sure to stock up on fatigue restorers.
> Makes for a different experience every time.
Make a stupid character and annoy the constable in the first village.
>> No. 18599 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 1:08 am
18599 spacer
I tried playing Arcanum and I fucking hated it, I am so frustrated right now because of it.
>> No. 18600 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 1:14 am
18600 spacer
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wanted to like it so much but it was awful to play.
>> No. 18603 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 10:51 pm
18603 spacer
>> No. 18613 Anonymous
19th May 2014
Monday 10:48 pm
18613 spacer

The UI was confusing and horrible and I couldn't fight anything. Also the lack of auto-save was annoying, I'm too used to it nowadays and kept having to restart after dying.

>> No. 17121 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 12:33 pm
17121 spacer
It completely slipped my mind to preorder the xbox one until today. Seems I've left it a bit late. I'm struggling to find places that will even guarantee it for Christmas, let alone the 22nd November release date.
Anyone know of anywhere still offering availability for release day?
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>> No. 18502 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 8:39 pm
18502 spacer
A lot of it is down to the custom OS and drivers. Consoles tend to use the hardware more efficiently, because there's less background programmes running.
>> No. 18584 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 12:14 am
18584 spacer
No longer needs the Kinect. New SKU for 350 quid.


Exactly the same amount they were peddling the original for with Titanfall bundled a few weeks ago.


Is there anything that Microsoft hasn't back-pedalled on relating to the Xbox One?
>> No. 18585 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 12:20 am
18585 spacer

How underwhelming it is compared to the previous consoles?
>> No. 18587 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 11:42 am
18587 spacer
Thats the Kinect buggered again then. Why should anyone make an effort if a large majority dont even have the device?
>> No. 18588 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 1:24 pm
18588 spacer
That happened faster than expected.

>> No. 18301 Anonymous
27th February 2014
Thursday 3:01 pm
18301 Dark Souls II
So who's excited for this? I was pretty unsure about it, but having watched VaatiVidya's gameplay videos, it looks really good (though do bear in mind that his videos feature an annoying amount of shilling for Gamestop).

Apparently it's more accessible without being easier - fast travel available from the beginning, encouraged to go anywhere from the beginning rather than following a particular route like in the previous game, crafting has been streamlined somewhat etc. Combat looks to have been changed to be more punishing though, as you no longer have invincibility during ripostes/backstabs like you did in the first game, and the backstab window is a lot narrower, meaning fighting other players should be less about rolling around hoping to be first to backstab. Dying causes your maximum HP to decrease, with enough deaths reducing it to a minimum of 50%. Reversing hollowing restores it to 100%. I quite like that, as it's a return to the soul form thing in Demon's Souls but slightly less harsh. Also the game allegedly has a less awful framerate.

Couple of reservations though. I worry that it'll be just more of the same, and the areas I've seen described don't seem too dissimilar from those in the first game. There's even a Blighttown/Valley Of Defilement type area with poisonous mist, which is bad because they were the worst levels of their respective games.

So what builds are people planning? The stats have changed a lot, so that might take some getting used to. http://darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Stats
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>> No. 18360 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 7:13 pm
18360 spacer

Fucking Plebs.png
>> No. 18374 Anonymous
26th March 2014
Wednesday 6:36 pm
18374 spacer
So I pre-ordered myself a copy on Steam, and got another for no specific reason, maybe trading.
Well now I'm skint and want to sell it, anyone interested? A lot cheaper of course.

Anyway, I'm hyped as fuck, the first is the only game I had pre-ordered and instantly became my most favourite after playing it.
Tried not to read anything about it but had a little peek and am just more excited about the things I've heard, how it's a proper sequel like they're meant to be made.
>> No. 18427 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 1:38 pm
18427 spacer
How much are we talking here, pal o' mine?
>> No. 18499 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 6:49 pm
18499 spacer
Well there's a lot of buzzwords like unmemorable bosses, soulless etc, but I think they've done a fantastic job and am loving the shit out of it, maybe even more than the first.
>> No. 18500 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 7:11 pm
18500 spacer
I think its a bit of a slow burner. It took me a while to enjoy Dark Souls and each new area was punishing.

I have a similar feeling with this game now. I've yet to complete it and I'm currently drudging through the underground section after Drangleic castle. Dark Souls was a lot more enjoyable for me when I had an idea of how the game plays out and I could plan my route or what items to pick up. I know there are some NG+ additions which should be something to look forward to.

>> No. 18395 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 4:50 pm
18395 Roguelikes?
Anyone here into Roguelikes? I'm looking for some recommendations. I just finished DoomRL (on the easiest setting), which I'm told is very forgiving by the standards of the genre. It was quite good fun.

I'm not interested in ASCII mode stuff like the attached, tilesets being a must.

Are there any with gamepad support? Or on consoles?
25 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 18463 Anonymous
29th April 2014
Tuesday 5:24 am
18463 spacer

I also literally cannot wait, which is why I'm currently playing it in order to practise my skills so that I can more fully enjoy the new release.

Also, I only had time to install linux on my laptop and it's the only game I can play atm. Lucky I did have like five spare hours in which to compile the necessary files needed to run it and dwarf therapist.
>> No. 18489 Anonymous
29th April 2014
Tuesday 9:27 pm
18489 spacer

God yeah, I had a serious palaver trying to get it to work on Ubuntu, probably shouldn't have used that as my introduction to Linux though.

I've been playing a bit more recently in anticipation but it eats up time, also I have been checking for updates every single day.

>> No. 18495 Anonymous
2nd May 2014
Friday 1:29 pm
18495 spacer
>I'm currently playing it in order to practise my skills so that I can more fully enjoy the new release.

You might find your efforts in vien. In the past Toady has changed key aspects of the game that literally made 'practice' obsolete. I think it was the 2012 update that overhauled the way military worked and was controlled (there were a few others too which I forget).

I find it pretty difficult to make sense of Toady's updates so I don't really know whats in store for the next release. The only thing I know about is the changes to trees, which I'm obviously looking forward to (I prefer building above ground wooden forts).
>> No. 18496 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 4:19 pm
18496 spacer

Fair point, as I understand it, this release is pretty major, with huge changes to the game from the roots up, lots of interactions, social changes, the new trees, new combat system. It's going to be damn good.

I imagine old saves will not be compatible either.
>> No. 18558 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 1:22 pm
18558 spacer
>I don't really know whats in store for the next release
I was half expecting ridicule at my willingness to tell you how to do things while at the same time expressing no understanding of the matter.
Any practise is practise.
Forgive me, please.

>> No. 13580 Anonymous
16th July 2012
Monday 4:54 pm
13580 spacer
Oh my.

Also a trophy patch for MGS4 was announced last week for anyone who didn't know.
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>> No. 18357 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 12:58 pm
18357 spacer
Solid ages prematurely
>> No. 18358 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 1:38 pm
18358 spacer
The voice is a little strange. According to Hideo he's meant to sound older than previous incarnations of Snake though that doesn't explain how Old Snake sounded better than that with Hayter.

Still, the game looks amazing in my view. Genuinely the only game trailer I've seen that makes me want to get an Xbone or PS4 (I'm still not going to but before I had absolute zero interest).
>> No. 18361 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 9:15 pm
18361 spacer

That's a genetic disorder, not actual aging. Snake and Big Boss spent very different lives.
>> No. 18493 Anonymous
1st May 2014
Thursday 4:18 pm
18493 spacer

that is all
>> No. 18494 Anonymous
1st May 2014
Thursday 5:12 pm
18494 spacer
Wot a lad is are snake.

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