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>> No. 19660 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 12:40 pm
19660 Railroads! vs. Transport Tycoon and War Thunder reviews
Hi .gs, my friends and I are looking for a bit of feedback for our game channel on Youtube. We've recently released two new reviews:
Transport Tycoon vs. Railroads! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEo56FG_xu0
War Thunder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4FOG3C2Kag

Let us know if you like the videos or have any suggestions for the channel, thanks.
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>> No. 19673 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 4:40 pm
19673 spacer
I bet you're some kind of noob that can't even use signals properly.
>> No. 19674 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 4:58 pm
19674 spacer
He probably doesn't even use a patched version, the pleb.
>> No. 19676 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 10:14 pm
19676 spacer
Great feedback, guys.

We do like a bit of floopy doopy and some visual wankery, but you've made me realise perhaps game reviews aren't the place for it.

We did have some ideas for sketches and web shows, so maybe we'll keep it more confined to that.

So far I'm thinking the next 'episode' needs to be punchier, quicker to the point with less fluff, agreed? Any more suggestions?
>> No. 19677 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 10:26 pm
19677 spacer
The presenter is a bit rubbish. The way he narrates is just a bit flat and the stuff he talks about switches between what sounds like reading the back of the CD case out and pointlessly in depth mentions of why the game got removed from Steam or some other rubbish. That's all pretty much irrelevant to the gameplay experience.

I'm pretty impressed by the way the videos are cut, though. Your Premiere guy has potential. Not that the presentation is terrible. But in both cases you're trying to imitate what already exists. Doing a decent job of it, but don't do that, you can't master someone else's style. It's already been done. Explore your own.
>> No. 19678 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 11:20 pm
19678 spacer
> We do like a bit of floopy doopy and some visual wankery, but you've made me realise perhaps game reviews aren't the place for it.

(War Thunder Review)
Very much so. Floopy doopy works in let's plays (sort of), but in a review I expect information first, entertainment second (just for reference, I'm the kind of snobby prick that watches the 10 minutes TotalBiscuit spends fawning over FOV sliders because I care about options). I watch game reviews to answer the question "Is it worth my time to play this game?" Floopy doopy witty banter that isn't embedded in information about the game is worthless to me though shame on you for not mentioning Sopwith the game, therefore not feeding my personal nostalgia. In all it seemed almost like a journo trying to expense a day out at a museum by doing a bit about it than a genuine review.

On the plus side the camera work was in keeping with the theme, the sound was good, the elocution of the speaker was very occasioanlly a bit mumbly but otherwise great.

>> No. 18769 Anonymous
16th June 2014
Monday 7:50 pm
18769 Ubisoft may have gimped PC version of 'Watch Dogs' intentionally
It seems that Ubisoft actually limited the graphic performance of Watch Dogs on PC, when contrasted with the console editions. A modder found this out and has worked out how to restore the 'original E3 settings' (ie, a game which looks like the 'bullshots' shown in gaming conventions prior to release).

Why this was done is unclear. Some anons are alleging that Ubisoft was pressured by Sony and other console makers into limiting the PC graphics capabilities in order to make their consoles look less inferior by comparison. In any case Ubisoft haven't yet commented on the situation.

http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=390114 (the modder)

http://kotaku.com/modder-finds-files-for-better-graphics-in-watch-dogs-p-1591448324 (press coverage, not essential reading but a quick synthesis of what's going on)
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>> No. 19302 Anonymous
22nd July 2014
Tuesday 6:21 am
19302 spacer

>GTAV managed to make my PS3 do a surprisingly good impression of my PC's GPU

Get the same game on PC when it comes out and compare again. Wait a few months for the mod scene to get on the case and compare again.
>> No. 19470 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 11:52 pm
19470 spacer


Seeing as this is the official shitty ports thread, Dead Rising 3 is the latest to be added to the list.

Minimum specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 or AMD FX-4100
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB or AMD Radeon 7970 2GB
File size: 30 GB

I mean, come the fuck on Capcom! Reports are coming in from people saying a GTX 780ti can't even max it with a stable frame rate.


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 19471 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 11:56 pm
19471 spacer

8 GB of RAM minimum! For one of those crappy Nipon looking games too? Jeez.
>> No. 19559 Anonymous
21st September 2014
Sunday 1:28 am
19559 spacer

Speaking of Capcom, fuck Capcom ports.

They suggested I disable services to try and fix it, which would render steam unfuckingusable anyway.

>> No. 19560 Anonymous
21st September 2014
Sunday 1:31 am
19560 spacer

I'd imagine they want to increase the number of zombies on screen at any one time.

Adventurer Mode Final (Small).png
>> No. 19230 Anonymous
8th July 2014
Tuesday 4:34 am
19230 spacer
New version of Dwarf Fortress is out;


I am shitting my pants in excitement.
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>> No. 19460 Anonymous
28th August 2014
Thursday 6:09 pm
19460 spacer
These days, most of my time spent playing DF is on the embark screen trying to come up with interesting combinations of skills and items for my expedition party. When I actually get into the game I remember why I stopped playing in the first place. Before you know it 30 minutes has gone by designating tunnels, buildings and various other jobs, only to hit space and realise none of it has actually begun yet.
>> No. 19461 Anonymous
28th August 2014
Thursday 6:59 pm
19461 spacer
You've got to be in the right mood to start a new fortress. Once you've settled into the right mindset, you find the patience you need.

The new version still has some annoying bugs that leave it less playable on fort mode than the previous one. Adventurer mode too is left a little wanting. Both still have fun new features though (trees are great!)
>> No. 19462 Anonymous
28th August 2014
Thursday 8:12 pm
19462 spacer
I tend to do the early stuff like and entrance hallway and then let it play until the first jobs are about halfway plus done, then plan the next move.
>> No. 19468 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 11:33 pm
19468 spacer

Yeah you never want to lay out too many new jobs at once. Or too many on the right.
>> No. 19545 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 6:34 pm
19545 spacer
test if country is ranebanned

(A good day to you Sir!)

flawless victory.png
>> No. 19345 Anonymous
7th August 2014
Thursday 2:46 am
19345 spacer
I used to be able to absolutely stomp on public fps games about a year or so ago. I stopped playing for a while and I've suddenly found myself with a bit of free time. I don't know what's wrong with me, I just can't aim for shit. It's not even funny, I'm too bad to be in the "haha he's funnybad" category, I end up with a KD of about 0.3 on every game I play and half of the new updates for older games have gone right over my head. I wouldn't even be making this thread but it's been a week now and I'm still just as bad as when I restarted.

I suppose I'm stuck with EUIV and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for the rest of my manchild life now. With that in mind, can I get any recommendations for fun multiplayer games that don't involve twitch aiming or other skills that can be unlearned?
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>> No. 19427 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 8:39 am
19427 spacer

Tried turning the sensitivity down?
>> No. 19428 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 6:37 pm
19428 spacer

Not even hats. Virtual cards. You can't even play games with them.

It's no more stupid than any of the other bizarre shit people do. Some people juggle geese.
>> No. 19457 Anonymous
28th August 2014
Thursday 6:17 am
19457 spacer

If you get all the cards you can combine them into things which you can showcase on your profile, it helps raise your level too.
>> No. 19458 Anonymous
28th August 2014
Thursday 5:52 pm
19458 spacer
What is the game in OPs pic?
>> No. 19459 Anonymous
28th August 2014
Thursday 6:08 pm
19459 spacer

>> No. 19397 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 1:39 am
19397 Steam and social responsibility
Does anyone else find themselves mostly going offline in steam to avoid friends you made?

I pretty much only use steam for multiplayer games, and because when I'm online I just chat shit and make jokes, I get into conversations with people quite a lot, and they end up adding me. I'm fine with that, but I'm very particular/impulsive about what I want to play, plus I'm generally antisocial when I'm gaming (I chat shit for myself, other people just seem to listen to it and so that's how we get talking).

So 90% of the time I end up getting these people asking me if I want to play having to turn people down for games simply because I don't really want to play that game at the moment, nothing personal. Only, I feel like I'm being a dick. There are all these ostensibly pleasant gamers, asking me how I'm doing and if I want to play, and all I do is just either ignore them and pretend I'm not there, or just turn them down.

Anyone else get this kind of social pressure with steam? I feel like I'm at a social disadvantage by being pathologically polite, but it's still effort to be like that so instead I just go offline all the time.
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>> No. 19406 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 10:45 am
19406 spacer
I have friends on Steam, we never talk though. There's a couple of people I know IRL, but umm, we're not really friends anymore.
>> No. 19407 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 2:30 pm
19407 spacer
There are some people I met on Steam I've been talking to for nearly 5 years now. But I don't really feel that pressure because I tend to speak in a group chat rather than one on one.

My 13 year old brother had some trouble with Steam 'friends' lately. One of them kept hassling him to buy him games and threatening people who didn't comply. I told my brother to stop talking to him as he's trying to take advantage. This kid then posted a video on YouTube saying that if my brother didn't buy him a particular game, he'd tell everyone about my brother (fuck knows what he knows about my brother but not worth the risk). Anyway, gave this guy a firm talking to and told him to never speak to or about my brother again or there will be consequences. I don't know what those consequences would be to be honest, I'm not Liam Neeson in Taken.
>> No. 19408 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 2:34 pm
19408 spacer

Are you any Liam Neeson? He's pretty hard in The Grey.
>> No. 19409 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 2:36 pm
19409 spacer
Liam Neeson in Love Actually is as hard as I can be.
>> No. 19410 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 4:41 pm
19410 spacer
There is nothing wrong with saying "no".
Take these chances to practise, you may need this very useful skill in RL.

>> No. 16845 Anonymous
6th September 2013
Friday 5:29 pm
16845 MMORPGs
Like a lot of you here I'm sure, I spent a lot of time playing World of Warcraft. I played it for years and years and it was a great laugh, even if it did severely stunt my growth as a functional human being.

Very slowly, my interest in the game and faith in the developers dwindled, and I eventually quit the game. I played for about 5-7 years, honestly that time is a blur. Since then there hasn't been a game that has hooked me like that. I've not been able to recreate that obsession.

I've heard from quite a lot of people that the first MMO one gets themselves attached to is the pinnacle of gaming fun. That nothing will recreate that sense of joy and adventure, and it's a lost cause trying to find something to stand up to it.

Is that true? It sounds exactly how I'd imagine a drug addiction works. You get that initial high, you love it, then the rest of your time is spent chasing that initial high, to no avail.

I don't know whether to believe that or put it down to other factors, such as growing older, gaining more responsibilities and less time to lose yourself in. Maybe WoW was a truly excellent game that hasn't been topped MMO wise since?
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>> No. 16987 Anonymous
23rd September 2013
Monday 1:00 pm
16987 spacer
As a few people have said, EVE is the type of game that even non-players can find stories of entertaining.
If you have the time, please do regale us of your old-times.

All I'm really doing at the moment is mining .6 systems and the occasional worm hole (which don't seem to be nearly as dangerous as they say).
>> No. 17050 Anonymous
29th September 2013
Sunday 10:03 pm
17050 spacer
>All I'm really doing at the moment is mining .6 systems and the occasional worm hole (which don't seem to be nearly as dangerous as they say).

You say that, but then Vladmir and Boris uncloak their 3bill T3's and chase you down for the sole purpose that you are in "their" hole.
But, you're never, ever, ever safe in a wormhole. Wormholes can be worse than 0.0 in the sense that people bring their biggest shiny most expensive PvP built cloakies because they make a ton of isk from the wormhole and can afford to lose faction fit command ships and slaved clones everyday. If you've truely found a wormhole with no player presence whatsoever, its probably because it isn't very high-yield and people have moved onto bigger and better things, or the owners recently left.
None of my stories are really interesting, usual corp drama and some 0.0 fights, nothing worth reeling off
>> No. 17051 Anonymous
30th September 2013
Monday 8:16 pm
17051 spacer


>> No. 19395 Anonymous
16th August 2014
Saturday 11:00 pm
19395 spacer
I'm bumping this because I know a few of you play Eve and I want to hear your stories. Even if it is guild bullshit.
>> No. 19396 Anonymous
17th August 2014
Sunday 9:46 am
19396 spacer

>> No. 19338 Anonymous
5th August 2014
Tuesday 6:53 pm
19338 Club Nintendo Beg Thread
Longshot, brass-necked cheeky bastard beg-thread request: if you have any space Club Nintendo codes you don't want, can I please have them? It would make a very shitty year much happier.

My e-mail is evenmonkeysfallfromtrees@outlook.com
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>> No. 19341 Anonymous
5th August 2014
Tuesday 7:11 pm
19341 spacer

Ah sorry mate that O was meant to be a Q
>> No. 19342 Anonymous
6th August 2014
Wednesday 12:08 am
19342 spacer

UK codes don't work on the Yank Club Ninty, do they?

I assume you are a Yank, because the UK catalogue has shit all worth cashing your stars in for unless you want a Yoshi branded wank rag.
>> No. 19343 Anonymous
6th August 2014
Wednesday 12:10 am
19343 spacer
Still doesn't work, but thanks anyway.

No, I'm in the UK, and there's a couple of little things I'd like. Thanks for stopping by though, lad.
>> No. 19344 Anonymous
6th August 2014
Wednesday 12:35 am
19344 spacer

>there's a couple of little things I'd like.

As far as I can see, the only things worth the hundreds of pounds I spent earning stars is the CDs and the Yoshi egg bag.

If you are begging for coins you either don't have too many to begin with, and I worry any I gave you would be used to buy a Pikmin keyring or something, or you are only a couple short of that Yoshi bag and are looking for a cheeky freebie which also, sort of, annoys me.

If it is the CDs, they are up on PirateBay and you can save the stars for something more worthwhile. They last for 2 years anyway, so they aren't going anywhere.
>> No. 19367 Anonymous
8th August 2014
Friday 8:13 pm
19367 spacer
>They last for 2 years anyway, so they aren't going anywhere.
That's what I thought, then as the Mario Kart thing came around I remembered years ago I entered in all my old Gamecube and DS codes, every one I could find which took hours and had a few thousand stars. Couldn't decide what to get, then lost them all.

>> No. 19315 Anonymous
28th July 2014
Monday 9:47 pm
19315 E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
This is a fucking great game. It takes about 2-3 hours to really get into, because there isn't a good game manual and no comprehensive tutorial system, and at first glance it's a bog standard FPS, but there's real greatness in this thing. You can fucking deflects bullets and cut people's heads off with an exploding sword. You can hack into people, clone yourself to provide back-up, it's a blast.

I got it for about 70p off steam, I haven't tried the multiplayer yet.
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>> No. 19327 Anonymous
29th July 2014
Tuesday 11:58 am
19327 spacer
After watching some lets plays, the over feel is meh... Using an outdated engine, it looks average at best. The convoluted story and setting add more to me not caring.
>> No. 19328 Anonymous
29th July 2014
Tuesday 12:01 pm
19328 spacer
Lad, sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
>> No. 19329 Anonymous
29th July 2014
Tuesday 3:46 pm
19329 spacer
ꜰᴀᴄᴇ ᴍᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴀ ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ ᴏʀ ꜱᴜꜰꜰᴇʀ!
>> No. 19330 Anonymous
29th July 2014
Tuesday 6:36 pm
19330 spacer

Just had a go with the fucking minigun on that CQB level in the abandoned mine. Jesus Christ, what a fucking beast. It's like playing Space Hulk.
>> No. 21595 Anonymous
7th May 2016
Saturday 3:58 am
21595 spacer
I never thought it was that great to be honest, the fact that so few weapons are armor piercing really limits your choices. Apart from that it was a lovely experience, I'm pretty sure heavily influenced by french sci-fi.

>> No. 19189 Anonymous
4th July 2014
Friday 11:04 pm
19189 Backgammon
Was taught how to play Backgammon the other day. Played 3 games, won 1 - lost 2. All three games though seem to come down to basically hoping to role doubles when all pieces were in each others 'homebase'.

I haven't read up on strategies but have played a few games online since then, it really seems like it comes down to chance more than skill.

Kind of disappointed, as had long wanted to learn how to play Backgammon, partly as I knew it was one of the oldest board games in existence.

Is it just me or is this the 'Deal or No Deal' of boardgames?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 19207 Anonymous
5th July 2014
Saturday 6:28 pm
19207 spacer

>> No. 19214 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 4:20 am
19214 spacer

If you want to learn an ancient game that is simple, surprisingly deep and entirely down to skill, try Go.
>> No. 19228 Anonymous
8th July 2014
Tuesday 12:01 am
19228 spacer
How about Nine Men's Morris?
>> No. 19229 Anonymous
8th July 2014
Tuesday 1:19 am
19229 spacer

You need evens for Morris, m8.
>> No. 19301 Anonymous
22nd July 2014
Tuesday 6:17 am
19301 spacer

Snakes and Ladders is better.

>> No. 19295 Anonymous
20th July 2014
Sunday 9:09 pm
19295 spacer
I could have sworn we had a Planetside 2 thread but a quick glance through the pages provides nothing.

Anyway they've just released a new map, which is top, it's a mix of Dagobah and Endor, it has dense tree cover overhead while still managing to stay surprisingly open for air and armoured engagements.


If you want to squad with me a bit then add Ohgee, I play NC on Woodman
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>> No. 19300 Anonymous
21st July 2014
Monday 7:30 pm
19300 spacer
Hey, so do I. Or rather, I did. The game's a massive rig-killer, so I'll wait until I get a better one before jumping back in.

>> No. 19276 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 1:00 am
19276 Ultimate General Gettysburg
Just a heads up to anyone remotely interested in the civil war, this game is bloody good, played through the battle a few times and while it's still in early access the AI is top notch with nine settings like Cunning, Defensive, Aggressive etc or just random if you don't want to know what you will be up against, it is very, very reminiscent of Sid Meier's Gettysburg

Also it's by the guy who made Darthmod for the Total War games.
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>> No. 19285 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 2:43 am
19285 spacer

Should nay fucken' run at shites wha' got tha' guns, daft pricks.

Doubly so when there's a swamp in the way. Oh, those silly Scotch, and about to make the same mistake come autumn.
>> No. 19288 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 7:33 am
19288 spacer

I thought I was being clever but history repeats.
>> No. 19290 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 2:28 pm
19290 spacer
I have a rule about not buying early access, but in the three and a half years when the creator has finally moved past version 0.999... then I'll probably pick this up.

I like that Darth guy too, no one else has let me kill quite so many Spaniards. His Napoleon mod is alright too! Hahey!
>> No. 19291 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 2:58 pm
19291 spacer

I don't see there being much wrong with the idea of independence. The prospect of a government that hasn't spent the last 50 years covering up paedophiles in cabinet is rather alluring, so I'm voting yes.

Having our own All-Gold Olympic team is just a juicy bonus.

Anyway, I digress.
>> No. 19292 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 5:01 pm
19292 spacer

He has said that early access will last 30-40 days, it started around the 20th of last month and basically all that needs going in is multiplayer and the odd patches.

>> No. 19097 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 3:11 pm
19097 Dawngate
Have any of you lads been playing this?

I just played my first few games and it's bloody awesome and a nice change of pace for me coming from LoL and more recently DotA, I'm actually having a fun when I play instead of slugging it out for imaginary internet points.
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>> No. 19100 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 9:39 pm
19100 spacer
I am downloading it now, was meaning to try it out.

swiggity swooty.jpg
>> No. 18718 Anonymous
9th June 2014
Monday 5:52 pm
18718 E3 thread
Many streams are available but I'm using http://media.mtvnservices.com/embed/mgid:arc:live:spike.com:64d8ba86-6cac-4baa-9013-318cc5ab810b

I'm not expecting to be amazed by anything but you never know.
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>> No. 19080 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 8:58 pm
19080 spacer

It's been a lovely, sunny day, video game types don't like that sort of thing. The smell of BBQ's, the sounds of laughter, bloody glare, it's a right pin to the urethra when you're trying to level grind.

>> No. 19081 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 9:14 pm
19081 spacer
You've been reading too much Crossed lad.
>> No. 19083 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 10:27 pm
19083 spacer

It's weird I'm a minority in finding comic-ised snuff films being so popular, umm, weird.
>> No. 19084 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 10:38 pm
19084 spacer
I thought they were just shitty.
Horsecock was funny though.
>> No. 19085 Anonymous
23rd June 2014
Monday 11:04 pm
19085 spacer
Hurrah, I leave this place for one day and miss yet another fifty-post cunt-off, and all because some prick has difficulty accepting the twin realities that demanding payment for something that's already been paid for is a cunt's trick, and hardware-accurate emulation is so fucking hard sometimes it's cheaper to just put the guts of what you're emulating inside the box.

Never change, .gs. Never change.

>> No. 13447 Anonymous
5th July 2012
Thursday 10:25 pm
13447 DayZ
For those of you that might not have heard of DayZ yet;

"DayZ is an open world survival horror video game mod for ARMA II. As a survivor with limited supplies, the player must search the world for supplies such as food, water, weapons and medicine, while killing or avoiding both zombies and other players, in an effort to survive the zombie apocalypse"

I'm downloading ARMA right now so I haven't had chance to review it myself, but it seems like a right laugh to be fair. This in terms of gameplay or graphics is a terrible video for me to post, but skip to 12:30 and I guarantee you'll be smiling.


The mod is in Alpha right now and is thus quite buggy on certain elements, the zombies movements, etc. and the game certainly feels like a sim, i.e not as slick as your average shooter, but the fun is in the freedom of this game. You make your own stories and adventure.

Everything you need for £15, cheaper than on steam, but purchasable through steam through this link - https://store.bistudio.com/arma2-combined-operations/
71 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 18283 Anonymous
18th February 2014
Tuesday 2:30 pm
18283 spacer
That's awesome.
>> No. 18717 Anonymous
8th June 2014
Sunday 1:15 am
18717 spacer
I tried this. I spent about ten minutes wandering around a forest trying to find anything while my character complained about being hungry, found a village with some food, he became hungry after a minute or two no matter how much veg I ate. I found a pitchfork, a crossbow and some ammunition. He complained about having a stomach ache. That was about it.
>> No. 18851 Anonymous
19th June 2014
Thursday 7:32 pm
18851 spacer

Did you ever consider looking at a map, or perhaps following the roads?
>> No. 18852 Anonymous
19th June 2014
Thursday 7:42 pm
18852 spacer
I had map? There were no roads until I found the village.
>> No. 18914 Anonymous
22nd June 2014
Sunday 8:43 pm
18914 spacer
does .gs like cozy overpoch servers?


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