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>> No. 18148 Anonymous
17th January 2014
Friday 6:27 pm
18148 spacer
Any Ingress players on britfa.gs?
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>> No. 18198 Anonymous
24th January 2014
Friday 1:02 pm
18198 spacer
I had a look at it when I got my new phone. Basically when you sign up you choose a 'team'. Both teams have thousands of players. Basically landmarks have these beacon things that each team has to capture, you capture them by visiting them and (using your phones GPS) 'capture' them. I don't know how the game dynamics really work but that's the very basic explanation.
>> No. 18199 Anonymous
24th January 2014
Friday 6:40 pm
18199 spacer
Around October/November last year I got bored of playing League of Legends, the only game I could play at the time on a sub-standard Acer with integrated graphics, I downloaded this on my phone and began hitting portals around my local area on my way to work. It didn't take me long before I was googling how to cheat at it, two weeks later I was at level 6 and pissing off a whole bunch of hardcore local Ingress players by GPS spoofing.

I even remember once I was a spot where there was about 8 solid good portals all within 100 meters of eachother, I used to spoof there every few hours and farm them for XP/items and one night whilst hitting them another local lad popped up saying, "Anon, you must be either very good at climbing or you are invisible to get past that security in those gardens", I carried on by explaining I was standing at a point where I could reach the portal but unfortunately the lad was at the actual location at the time, he caught me red handed.

After this confrontation I knew the gig was up and immediately turned my city blue overnight but using everything I had in my inventory, pillaging green fields and pissing off the whole Ingress community here. I awoke to furious messages in global from the greenies proclaiming, "SPOOFER! SPOOFER!". I laughed and giggled like a little girl and then deleted my account before I got banned.

Shit game but friendly community, if you've got no life go for it.. possibly make some *REAL* friends there too.
>> No. 18202 Anonymous
28th January 2014
Tuesday 12:09 am
18202 spacer
After a breif skim over wikipedia I've come to the assumption that Ingress is basically 'king of the hill geo-cashing'. Couldn't this lead to real life physical violence inorder to stop opponents taking your factions portals?
>> No. 18203 Anonymous
28th January 2014
Tuesday 1:02 am
18203 spacer
From Wikipedia:

>Augmented reality (AR) is a live, copy, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

In practice, this means you point your device's camera at the real world, and something is rendered on the screen as though it were really there, so when you move your camera, the rendered elements move with it. The idea has been around for a while but it's only become popular recently in areas like smartphone apps, Google likes it, the Nintendo 3DS uses it. Search YouTube for examples.

With regards to Ingress, which I don't believe uses a camera, it means the game-relevant stuff is drawn over your phone's map, so as you walk around in the real world, you have to use your phone to see where the invisible 'portal' things are located and capture them.
>> No. 18238 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 11:13 pm
18238 spacer
It's a capture the flag type game. You pick a team and then capture areas or portals using your phone's gps. Portals are normally landmarks or points of interest. Players gain points by attacking the other teams portals and linking portals. It is addictive and very geeky.

>> No. 17996 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 10:42 pm
17996 spacer
Half-life being the only FPS I've ever completed, I want to try a few classics (pic related.)

Ideally I'd like to try a few outstanding ones, in terms of gameplay that is. Preferably with a SciFi/Fantasy setting.

Any suggestions for what I should go for after my current obsession? I'm thinking Quake.
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>> No. 18233 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 1:53 pm
18233 spacer

doom vr.png
Go to the /vr/ board on the other chan and find the Doom general. The OP[s] always contains a good guide on how to do things Doom-related and you'll find all kinds of interesting material.
>> No. 18234 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 3:00 pm
18234 spacer
Why does it have to be sent back to 1994? It's still published by id Software. Your money will still be going to the very people who made the game.
>> No. 18235 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 3:18 pm
18235 spacer

Will it? Or will it, in fact, go to Zenimax media and the Valve corporation?
>> No. 18236 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 3:25 pm
18236 spacer
Who cares? id made plenty of money at the time.
>> No. 18237 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 4:11 pm
18237 spacer
>Your money will still be going to the very people who made the game.
There's nobody left at id who was there when they were making Doom.

>> No. 17665 Anonymous
21st November 2013
Thursday 11:52 pm
17665 Building a retro gaming PC.
I understand the word retro here might offend or worry some of you old fogeys, but I can't do anything about that you old bastards.

I'm looking to buy or build a windows 98 machine that plays all the old classics, anywhere from the early 90s to 2002 (Baldurs Gate, Unreal Tournament and so on), at as best a quality as possible.

I know I can do all sorts to get them working on my current PC, but I really think nothing beats just playing them as they were meant to be, there's a tremendous amount of bugs and workarounds to deal with; its partly for the novelty as well.

Any ideas what I should be going for? I'm out of the loop for today's hardware, let alone stuff from a decade+ ago.

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>> No. 17964 Anonymous
9th December 2013
Monday 10:26 am
17964 spacer
>It needs a reboot, perhaps they can bring themselves to stop flogging the stinking corpse that was once Wipeout to make a new one...
They've released two games in the last five years, nine in total over just shy of twenty years. As repeat offenders go the Wipeout series is pretty well-behaved.

I also thought the PS3 game was the best of the bunch, too, and by quite a large margin. Not tried the Vita one.
>> No. 17966 Anonymous
9th December 2013
Monday 12:13 pm
17966 spacer

Yeah, but it hasn't been any good since the third instalment; I am only bitter because it was such a good game back then and it should have received far better treatment than a mere token effort each time a new piece of hardware comes out.
>> No. 17967 Anonymous
9th December 2013
Monday 12:33 pm
17967 spacer
Have you played the PS3 one? It was outstanding. I agree that the PS2 era games were somewhat mediocre.
>> No. 18103 Anonymous
6th January 2014
Monday 7:28 pm
18103 spacer
The portable titles were/are great as well. Playing 2048 on the bus is one of the few things I miss about my Vita.
>> No. 18143 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 7:07 pm
18143 spacer

They're not bad. The main disadvantage was mod incompatibility between original and enhanced, but more and more of the popular mods for original BG are being revised and updated for EE. Bugs have been polished now, at least for BG1 EE, and the lack of loading times is a fucking timesaver. It's very much worth the investment, especially if on sale. The additional content shouldn't really be considered as a marketing point, since there's not much added to the core game, but it's like having a BG install with a few lore friendly, stable mods preinstalled.

As time goes by it gets more and more worth it. Personally I've just tried pirated versions since I mod my game to oblivion and BGEE still doesn't have that level of ridiculous content available.

>> No. 18091 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 7:54 pm
18091 Steam
Well, I wasted about £200 on that bloody sale...good stuff though.

All the bioshocks (dlc for infinite), GTA collection, CSGO, Tomb Raider collection, Alan Wake, Castlevania, etc

A good use of money?

Oh, and gaming in 1440p is glorious.
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>> No. 18114 Anonymous
8th January 2014
Wednesday 4:14 pm
18114 spacer

Is your mum an effective monopoly then?
>> No. 18115 Anonymous
8th January 2014
Wednesday 4:21 pm
18115 spacer
Yes, she only sleeps with my dad who has an 85.5% market share.
>> No. 18116 Anonymous
8th January 2014
Wednesday 4:57 pm
18116 spacer
>It's an effective monopoly if one company dwarfs the other.
Er, no, it isn't. It's a monopoly if Steam precludes the existence of other digital stores (or physical ones), and that's quite obviously not the case. Apple have a monopoly on iOS devices, Microsoft have a monopoly with Windows Store on Windows RT, and on Xbox Live, etc etc. Valve do not have a monopoly on PC gaming and the existence of the Steambox doesn't, and can't, change that - short of becoming an entirely isolated ecosystem in itself.
>> No. 18117 Anonymous
8th January 2014
Wednesday 7:01 pm
18117 spacer
No, an overly large company can have a monopoly, it doesn't have to be the exclusive provider, it has significant market power.
>> No. 18118 Anonymous
8th January 2014
Wednesday 7:06 pm
18118 spacer

>> No. 15355 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 9:18 am
15355 spacer
Guess what's on sale?

Mount & Blade, that's what.

I wouldn't bother getting the collection and recommend getting just Warband instead. Vanilla is a bit lacking, and With Fire and Sword isn't that great in my view.


It's a very fun game; hard to pin down the genre, it's an RPG/grand strategy with a bit of RTS thrown in. Very much worth a purchase imo.

You can get the collection for £7.50 or just Warband for £3.75.

There's a new M&B game due in the future.
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>> No. 18090 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 7:18 pm
18090 spacer
M&B was never pitched at people with the best PCs. It's a Turkish game published by Paradox. This is more important when you're someone like me who only has a crap laptop and plays Warband on DirectX 7.
>> No. 18094 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 8:13 pm
18094 spacer
Another developer that doesn't bother his arse to finish his games, sadly. They are always half done and clear signs throughout where he's just said "fuck it" and decided to take money for the POS.
>> No. 18095 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 8:28 pm
18095 spacer

It's a game that works and is fun to play. What do you care if it has some arbitrary seal of "Completed" stuck on it? They're intended to be almost entirely open-ended anyway. It's not as though all "completed" games don't still have unresolved bugs even a decade after release.
Some gaming experiences are even improved by the process. When minecraft was fresh it was really enjoyable being able to look forward to updates and having time to experiment with them before even more stuff was added.
>> No. 18096 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 9:48 pm
18096 spacer

I was talking to the guy long, long before the first one came out as public betas. I know what the game was promised to be to the early adopters and why it ended up with broken and unfinished quests and content and then a series of cheap and shameless cash in pay-for mods to milk it.

When he spunked the budget on motion capture instead of finishing the fucking game content, quests, dialogues, etc. it was clear it was heading for the shitter. The same shitter that indie games were meant to avoid, sadly.
>> No. 18101 Anonymous
6th January 2014
Monday 12:19 am
18101 spacer
>When he spunked the budget on motion capture instead of finishing the fucking game content, quests, dialogues, etc. it was clear it was heading for the shitter
It's not that clear to me, or the other people in this thread who seem to have enjoyed it, or the majority of critics who've reviewed it etc. The games haven't been polished compared to £50 retail releases obviously, but that certainly doesn't make them bad.

>> No. 18070 Anonymous
4th January 2014
Saturday 10:13 pm
18070 spacer
Does anyone here play Supreme Commander?

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>> No. 18084 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 9:59 am
18084 spacer

The game does move very slow, the + and - keys should alter the passage of time. I have no idea how you could spend 90 minutes on the first level, maybe you didn't hear the instructions for an integral part of the game?
>> No. 18085 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 10:04 am
18085 spacer
I'll buy games when I feel they've finished them. Too many failed and abandoned betas and kickstarters for one lifetime.
>> No. 18086 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 10:16 am
18086 spacer


SupCom is a good contender to be an exception to that. Resource management is extremely important, the maps are fucking huge so there's a lot of scope for actual strategy (as opposed to a complex system of quickdraw rock-paper-scissors) and the units all move relatively slowly so there's no micro. The action queues are so extensive and flexible you can automate factories to produce battle-groups which are automatically picked up by airlifters and taken to a destination where they'll automatically converge on a battlefield in a co-ordinated strike with units built somewhere else entirely. The Westwood and Blizzard school of RTS is more micro-arcade than Cavedog's macro-many-spinning-plates approach.

Not that I've ever watched a high-level game of SupCom be played but the mechanics are there.
>> No. 18087 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 1:09 pm
18087 spacer
> I have no idea how you could spend 90 minutes on the first level
My attack forces keep getting destroyed. I didn't know about the +/-, that should speed things up.
>> No. 18088 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 2:51 pm
18088 spacer

I don't know if you're talking about the vanilla game or the expansion but neither should take more than 15 minutes for the first level. There are tutorials on youtube.

>> No. 18054 Anonymous
30th December 2013
Monday 7:13 pm
18054 FM2014
Anyone else find the match interface a bit annoying? I used to play Fm2012 and when a highlight started it would cut straight to the action. Now the action just plays in the background regardless of highlights. Does this annoy anyone else?

>> No. 17880 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 7:24 pm
17880 spacer
I'm currently watching the price of the new humble bundle as it started about 20 minutes ago. I've watched the average price drop from $6.99 to $3.99 as all the 1p guys get in first. I'm hoping to buy it at the bottom of the average price.
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>> No. 17881 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 7:31 pm
17881 spacer

Playing the humble market. Tomorrow, stock market domination.

llawrence fishburne.jpg
>> No. 17799 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 9:19 pm
17799 spacer
Anyone watching Brooker's programme? It's on Channel 4 right now, about how video games have entered popular culture.

It's a bit talking-head at the moment, but I'm hoping he offers some commentary later on.
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>> No. 17856 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 1:48 am
17856 spacer
>Speaking of which, whatever happened to Guitar Hero/Rock Band?
Proved it was just a fad combined with oversaturation. Those games were published by the two big baddies of the industry Activision and EA so they tried to milk them of their worth. Low sales of the later ones forced them to stop making them.

Also Rocksmith is out but it's a little more niche as it requires you to use a real guitar which as you can imagine is harder than to use than the plastic ones even if the game is designed to help complete novices on how to play a guitar.
>> No. 17861 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 4:23 am
17861 spacer
>Can someone explain how Parappa is so noteworthy? It's just another rhythm game with somewhat memorable characters. Rhythm Tengoku was way more influential from any perspective. Or am I missing something?
That's a bit like asking why Quake is noteworthy compared to CODBLOPS or whatever. Like >>17855 said, Parappa popularised the rhythm game genre. Rhythm Tengoku is a much better game on almost any metric you could care to apply (and it certainly isn't "the same game" a decade later), but it wasn't first. Parappa wasn't all that great in my opinion (UmJammer Lammy and the PS2 Parappa game weren't any better, either) but it did pretty much create a genre all on its own, and you can't say that of many games.

>whatever happened to Guitar Hero/Rock Band?
There is a limit to how much plastic crap people are willing to tolerate in their living rooms, and the novelty of that stuff wore off pretty quickly. I think that music games are as fundamentally compelling as Tetris, but Tetris doesn't require you to keep a bunch of Made In China junk by your TV. I remember seeing someone refer to Guitar Hero controllers as "virgin trophies" which says it all, really - the plastic guitar was never going to become a fixture of the living room. I believed otherwise at the time, but got just as burnt out as everyone else.
>> No. 17877 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 5:04 pm
17877 spacer

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 16.54.40.png
I don't know who this gentleman is but he was very awful.
>> No. 17878 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 5:21 pm
17878 spacer
He wasn't "One Direction on Dr Who bad". However, he was very apparently wedged in there by someone trying to appeal to the "imagery demographic of idiots" Charlie himself spent years warning us about.
>> No. 17879 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 7:23 pm
17879 spacer
They had Labrinth on there because it was a show about how Video Games Changed The World, and his musical style and accompanying videos are heavily influenced by video games.

You lot are woeful sometimes.

>> No. 17745 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 8:58 pm
17745 spacer
Steam sale is on. Just got Skyrim for under four quid. This makes me feel a bit better about pirating it.
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>> No. 17747 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 10:14 pm
17747 spacer
Ta for that, I'd probably have missed it.
>> No. 17749 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 10:50 pm
17749 spacer

steam sales.png

>> No. 17725 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 7:05 pm
17725 Full Steam Space Machine!

Steam-Box Prototype.

It will play games at 1080p/60 FPS which is doing all sorts of things to my knob. It's packing a muticore AMD CPU (don't know how many) and a discrete AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card.

Linux based, so will only play Linux optimised Steam games, but still looking pretty good. It's been touted to be $499, so more expensive than it's rivals but that could change.
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>> No. 17739 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 7:53 pm
17739 spacer
Sort out the punctuation, you tit.
>> No. 17740 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 7:54 pm
17740 spacer

It is his wife I feel sorry for.
>> No. 17741 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 7:55 pm
17741 spacer
Here, it looks like you could do with a bag of spuds...
>> No. 17743 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 8:38 pm
17743 spacer
I don't get this. I don't play games much. I do have a PS3, so is this like a gaming console? Plug it into a TV and buy games off SteamShop or whatever?
>> No. 17744 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 8:40 pm
17744 spacer

>> No. 17590 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 11:29 pm
17590 spacer
I'm throwing down the gauntlet. None of you can beat my top score on Super Hexagon.
If you don't already have it, it's on sale for about 80p here at the minute.
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>> No. 17703 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 2:54 pm
17703 spacer
Wait a minute, no I didn't. What kind of fucking idiot am I.
>> No. 17704 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 3:46 pm
17704 spacer

Don't worry ladm8. It made me giggle and that's more important.
>> No. 17705 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 4:08 pm
17705 spacer

Danny La Rue.png
I just played six games. Half were higher than >>17644.
>> No. 17706 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 4:58 pm
17706 spacer

You'll have to get your act together if you don't want me to double your score.
>> No. 17707 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 5:31 pm
17707 spacer
Bloody hell, are you a robot?

>> No. 17338 Anonymous
11th November 2013
Monday 12:36 pm
17338 spacer

I don't play footie games so it came as something of a surprise to hear that whilst obviously FIFA 2014 will get released on PS4, and already has been released on PS3, it was also released on PS2. It amazes me that people still buy new PS2 games. It's hard to imagine where from, do supermarkets stock them or something?
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>> No. 17637 Anonymous
17th November 2013
Sunday 7:07 pm
17637 spacer

People still wear those where I live.
>> No. 17638 Anonymous
17th November 2013
Sunday 7:15 pm
17638 spacer

What's it like in the ghetto?
>> No. 17639 Anonymous
17th November 2013
Sunday 8:28 pm
17639 spacer

A tracksuit is supposed to be worn to keep you warm when you're not on the field, e.g. a sub on the bench or a sprinter waiting for their race. Trousers with popper studs were designed for field athletes, who need to don and doff their tracksuit quickly to keep them warm between attempts, like so:

>> No. 17646 Anonymous
18th November 2013
Monday 11:56 am
17646 spacer

Also great for strippers.
>> No. 17651 Anonymous
19th November 2013
Tuesday 5:35 pm
17651 spacer

>It's an okayish game that they've been selling and simply repackaging and duping people into repurchasing for years now.

No, FIFA 08 onwards had massive improvements over FIFA 07, which in turn was build from the ground up to move away from the previous games, most notably the terrible terrible FIFA 2004.

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