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>> No. 10417 Anonymous
8th December 2011
Thursday 11:41 pm
10417 Guild Wars 2
Well, this looks very promising...

Expand all images.
>> No. 10419 Anonymous
9th December 2011
Friday 12:26 am
10419 spacer
I should really finish my Guild Wars 1 character's quest to become a GWAMM and have 50/50 HoM
>> No. 10426 Anonymous
9th December 2011
Friday 7:40 pm
10426 spacer
Indeed, I've been interested in GW2 for a very long time.

Obviously only time will tell, but it looks as though they're just systematically ripping out everything that's shit about modern MMO convention, and replacing it with something better. Game designers these days seem to conform to the WoW template because they just think that's what an MMO is, wheras this looks like a team that honestly understands what and why an MMORPG should do.
>> No. 10434 Anonymous
10th December 2011
Saturday 12:41 am
10434 spacer
Related to what you were saying combat looks.... so much better than GWs combat was. I mean, it's combat like TES or something, but better, and multiplayer.
>> No. 10436 Anonymous
10th December 2011
Saturday 1:38 am
10436 spacer
I don't want to say it... because we've had so many MMO's fail to live up to the hype... but, WoW beater?
>> No. 10438 Anonymous
10th December 2011
Saturday 4:32 am
10438 spacer
I loved GW1 (well the original game and the first expansion at least; I haven't played the rest) so I'll definitely be getting this. I only hope that the perks you get from GW1 are cosmetic only as I traded my account for jelly babies a long time ago.

GW2, DotA2 and Diablo3... It's like all these games are just waiting to ruin my final year. Also when they first started on GW2 it was meant to be released 2010/early 2011. Hurry up damn you.

Well probably not, but I think if anything were to be a WoW killer it would be GW2. That said it really doesn't matter what's happening in WoW so long as GW2 has a large enough playerbase.
>> No. 10440 Anonymous
10th December 2011
Saturday 9:11 am
10440 spacer
No, no, I don't mean WoW killer. I think WoW will kill itself actually, what I mean is, will GW2 be better than WoW, because lets face it, WoW is the only decent MMO out there at the moment. I personally think it will.
>> No. 10441 Anonymous
10th December 2011
Saturday 3:12 pm
10441 spacer
Factions was the worst expansion. I'm surprised you enjoyed it.

Anyway, the rewards ARE purely cosmetic. If you max the title for having titles (so meta) in Guild Wars 1 it will transfer to 2. So you can be known as a "God Walking Among Mere Mortals" There's also the Hall of Monuments, which has some weapon and armor skins unlocks and another title you can unlock for 2, which has various ranks.
>> No. 10442 Anonymous
10th December 2011
Saturday 3:14 pm
10442 spacer
*For anyone who has GWs 1 and hasn't played in ages, this is what you can get for two, and reaching 30/50 isn't really hard at all*

>> No. 10443 Anonymous
10th December 2011
Saturday 5:19 pm
10443 spacer

95%+ of the time I was playing pvp so I probably have a distorted view on Fractions. I did like the art style though.
>> No. 10458 Anonymous
13th December 2011
Tuesday 12:02 pm
10458 spacer
Seems simple enough. I haven't even finished the first campaign, and I already have 3 rewards.

Depends how you define 'better'. It will be radically different, they've already confirmed that there will be no white mage class, and the party system is seemingly fully automatic and dependant on who's close by or doing the same mission as you.
Oh, and the PvP looks absolutely amazing. Easily the best implementation of PvP in any MMO ever.
>> No. 10459 Anonymous
13th December 2011
Tuesday 2:35 pm
10459 spacer
PvP is a major factor for me. With the exception of Warhammer online, which was shit, all the other MMO alternatives haven't really seemed too bothered to cater for the pvp crowd, especially the e-sports sort of thing, like wow arena. Which is weird imo, because I think there's a huge market for that. So do you think for an avid pvper this will be worth the switch over?
>> No. 10460 Anonymous
13th December 2011
Tuesday 3:45 pm
10460 spacer
We mesmer now.

>> No. 10461 Anonymous
13th December 2011
Tuesday 4:24 pm
10461 spacer
Always was a mesmer to begin with. They stopped laughing once I showed em that Mesmer was a good class that could carry the whole team on it's shoulders, especially after one too many tactical cockups.
Same freeform combat (but with all skills rebalanced for multiplayer), complex, destructible maps with all sorts of goodies like stationary weapons, and the same amazing tournament structure that made GW1 the best for PvP. There's demo videos floating around the web of the clocktower map that show it off quite well.
>> No. 10465 Anonymous
14th December 2011
Wednesday 2:13 pm
10465 spacer
Still think Asura Elementalist for starters, tempting as mesmers look. I really should do some of those hall of legend things or whatever they're called. Bought the GW pack in a steam sale and have yet to touch it.
>> No. 10467 Anonymous
15th December 2011
Thursday 3:18 am
10467 spacer
Closed beta starts on Friday, along with other cool stuff.

>> No. 10468 Anonymous
15th December 2011
Thursday 12:27 pm
10468 spacer
Closed beta for friends and family only. Still, nice to know that the game is coming along nicely, with the chance for public beta next year.

And am I the only one who thinks that the new Mesmer is basically a sith lord?
>> No. 10555 Anonymous
20th December 2011
Tuesday 1:13 am
10555 spacer
I really hope they eliminate ridiculous money grind. Working on the aforementioned stuff for titles in gws 2. Obby + some of the titles are stupidly expensive.
>> No. 11045 Anonymous
22nd January 2012
Sunday 11:56 am
11045 spacer
I personally think this will become the market leader, or the 'best' MMO on the market, and I know that was said about SWTOR, but to be fair, they nearly pulled it off with absolutely no innovation (its basically WoW in space with cutscenes) and EA down their backs for a rushed release. TOR was the first blow to WoW's crown, and GW2 will be the nail in the coffin. (Along with a few other releases this year)

Anyway this is a great thread compiling all the news and information we have about the game so far, thought I'd share;


Should get a .gs guild going when it lands!
>> No. 11051 Anonymous
22nd January 2012
Sunday 2:08 pm
11051 spacer
All MMOs end up boring and the same in the end. All that happens with each new release is shinier graphics and a content reshuffle (reshuffle but the same old being shuffled, note).

It ends up getting boring just like the last did.
>> No. 11070 Anonymous
24th January 2012
Tuesday 12:51 am
11070 spacer
>I personally think this will become the market leader
Do you think that WoW is going to lose a significant amount of its current subscriber base any time soon? I've watched lots of people around me go through phases of playing it and they're rarely short. I'd be really surprised if players started deserting it en masse.
>> No. 11083 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 1:59 pm
11083 spacer
I didn't say soon, but I think eventually GW2 will take the crown. WoW is in decline and that's plain to see; there's already a shitton of people (a lot of high profile 'professional' guilds and teams from various games) just waiting for the switch to GW2. I've played since the start of WoW and people have definitely got fed up. They've been fed up since WOTLK really, its just there's been no good alternative. TOR is out , and I guess that's been the best we've had so far, but its just too similar, and lacking in a lot of areas we'd expect to be fully covered for a 2012 MMO release (competitive ranked arena, etc.) Plus, considering a lot of people see MMO's as a long term game, they aren't going to quit for TOR now with GW2 around the corner. So WoW it is. But mark my words, in a year and a halfs time, GW2 will have more players than WoW. I will personally bump this post in humiliation and shame if it doesn't.


^ fantastic dev interview about PvP and how they're doing it.
>> No. 11086 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 5:19 pm
11086 spacer
>in a year and a halfs time, GW2 will have more players than WoW
Bet accepted.
>> No. 11087 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 5:33 pm
11087 spacer
I worded it wrongly... in a year and a half from its release, it will.

>> No. 11088 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 5:59 pm
11088 spacer

>They've been fed up since WOTLK really, its just there's been no good alternative.

Exactly. I've been playing since 2006 and felt that the peak of the game was TBC. Some things in WotLK were really cool though; Ulduar is one of the best raid encounters ever in terms of art, mechanics and story.

Cataclysm just feels so bare. Especially the new encounters. Other than the last two encounters with Deathwing, I don't know or care who I am fighting. The scenary is so similar too. Inside tentacle monsters twice, outside and on top of a temple I've seen hundreds of times and on a flying boat.
>> No. 12156 Anonymous
2nd April 2012
Monday 2:31 am
12156 spacer
Bump. Anyone got any news or info on it? Haven't been following for a while. Would like to know how PvP is coming along.
>> No. 12157 Anonymous
2nd April 2012
Monday 10:10 am
12157 spacer
Here you go lad, loads of info on the new persistent "World vs World" pvp mode.
World versus World (also known as WvW, WvWvW, World PvP, and Casual PvP) is a Player versus Player game mode where three servers, or worlds, are matched against each other to compete for rewards and resources that can potentially benefit their respective server. Matches are held on random, large-scale maps that allow hundreds of players of all levels to participate at any time.

World PvP is intended as a casual form of PvP, designed to be a more relaxed bridging point between PvE and structured PvP. The idea is that players of any level or PvP experience can not only participate, but make an impact with how they play.

Also revealed is the Minimum specs for the game, which seem a bit steeper than originally thought. But considering it was possible to run the original game on half the minimum requirements, I'm none too bothered.
Requirememnts are:
Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better
NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI Radeon™ X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
25 GB available HDD space
Broadband Internet connection
Keyboard and mouse

>> No. 12182 Anonymous
2nd April 2012
Monday 6:39 pm
12182 spacer
Half the minimum? Christ... It ran on Windows 98 despite being released 7 years later. And it required 128MB RAM and dialup.

How can you have half the requirements.... They were barely existant.
>> No. 12186 Anonymous
2nd April 2012
Monday 8:43 pm
12186 spacer
Official minimum requirements were a 1Ghz P3, 500mb of RAM, and a Radeon 8500 or Nvidea Geforce 3.
I did it on a 600mhz P3, 250mb RAM, and a 'may as well not be there' Trident Cyberblade. I reckon that was pretty good, though I'm intrigued as to what you got it running on.
>> No. 12187 Anonymous
2nd April 2012
Monday 9:28 pm
12187 spacer
I have the prophs box with me here

Minimum System Specifications:
Intel Pentium III 800Mhz or equivalent
CD-ROM Drive
2GB Hard Disc space
ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX series video card with 32 MB of VRAM
16bit sound card
Internet connection
Keyboard and mouse

You quoted recommended
>> No. 13223 Anonymous
2nd June 2012
Saturday 2:27 am
13223 spacer

So Hodor from Game of Thrones is giving away free beta keys... he seems like a really sound lad to be honest. Like a genuinely nice guy. He took all that time to write out all the entries on paper so he can do a pick out of a hat.

>> No. 13227 Anonymous
2nd June 2012
Saturday 8:29 am
13227 spacer


Oh yes, he's a cracking chap.
Heard of him first back when I was still actually listening to the Yogpod
>> No. 13388 Anonymous
28th June 2012
Thursday 4:20 pm
13388 spacer
I took them from eye of the north, not prophs.

Sage for autistic bickering.
>> No. 13390 Anonymous
28th June 2012
Thursday 4:23 pm
13390 spacer

28-8-12, exactly 2 months from now. Hopefully, they won't be dicks and delay it outside the US.
>> No. 13962 Anonymous
25th August 2012
Saturday 2:23 pm
13962 spacer
bump for release

500KB/s :(
>> No. 14241 Anonymous
12th October 2012
Friday 10:18 pm
14241 spacer

Is it any good?

I'm debating buying it but my financial situation isn't great right now so I would rather not waste my money on a shitty game.

I know I can just about trust you guys to give an honest opinion, I don't trust the reviews and with MMOs, I find it's best to leave it a while for everything to settle down before you make a decision anyway. Any of you chaps playing it willing to share your experiences?
>> No. 14242 Anonymous
12th October 2012
Friday 11:14 pm
14242 spacer

I'll tell you one thing, it's definitely not worth the fifty bloody quid they're asking for a download.
Brand new copies of the game are currently going for about £30 on eBay and that's what, a month after release, so the prices are going to continue dropping.
It's an alright game, and a very beautiful one, but it feels a bit gimmicky at times and after playing around with it and WoW, I didn't feel a whole lot of innovation to this genre or motivation to spend time on it.
It's all a bit 'harvest ten bear arses' in the end, no matter how glossy they make it look.
>> No. 14243 Anonymous
12th October 2012
Friday 11:42 pm
14243 spacer

I suspected as much.

And yes when I saw that they were asking fifty fucking notes, my monocle fell out, so aghast I was. Gonna see if it's any cheaper in the real shops tomorrow and if not I'll just re-install a Total War game and waste the weekend on that instead.
>> No. 14245 Anonymous
13th October 2012
Saturday 9:08 pm
14245 spacer

Well, it's actually 5 fucking notes, or 3, or 1.
>> No. 14265 Anonymous
16th October 2012
Tuesday 10:45 pm
14265 spacer
I'm probably just corrupted by years of WoW, but yeah I'm not sure about GW2.

By all means it is a good game; beautiful world, graphics, spells aren't bad, but its just not the type of things I'm looking for in an MMO. It feels like its missing something, and I think its because of the lack of gear progression or real end-game. You just feel like another preset clone warrior. There's no real roles in the game so in the end it just feels a bit 'arcadey' to me. It's all well and good focusing on getting more skillful as the game goal, but in other MMO's I have that and a stupid gear/role distraction.

PvP gameplay wise isn't bad but its seriously missing content. There's 8v8/5v5(tournament) 'structured' pvp, but its just conquest over and over, no Arena/CTF, etc. and there's no incentive to do it, no ranked rating or anything.

World PVP is just scrubby zerging at 5am when everyone on the other server is in bed.
>> No. 14266 Anonymous
17th October 2012
Wednesday 10:22 am
14266 spacer

Or 10. Or 8. Or 7. Or 6. Or 4.

Fucking smartarse.
>> No. 14282 Anonymous
19th October 2012
Friday 5:36 pm
14282 spacer
No matter what your opinion of it is, WoW has actually broken the MMO market. Blizzard own this market and there isn't much that can be done about it. Aside from the fact that the MMO market is naturally a monopolistic entity, Blizzards budgets are an order of magnitude larger than their competition.
>> No. 14304 Anonymous
22nd October 2012
Monday 9:14 pm
14304 spacer
Really desperately tempted to buy this lads.

Cheapest I can see it for online is about £33. I'm broke and bored out of my tits recently so if I buy a new game, I want it to be one that will last me a good while as well as be entertaining.

How's the duelling and WvWvW aspects? Is the average skill level stupidly high such that it will prevent me enjoying myself if I jump in and try to play it? I've never been much into PvP in MMOs, it has always seemed to me that FPS deathmatches offer much fairer competition. What's it like in this case?

I suppose the most important aspect for me though is the kind of loot and gear on offer. Oblivion and Skyrim barely managed to satisfy my constant craving for newer, shinier gear, but I seem to be getting mixed opinions on how the gear progression is in GW2. Some seem to think it's perfectly balanced while others tell me you'll be wearing the same shit for 40 levels before getting the decent stuff... What's the truth? As far as I can see personally there's plenty of variety.

Sell it to me chaps... I want it but I don't want to feel the bite of buyer's remorse. And if so, any of you chaps playing it that I can tag along with on some dungeons or something?
>> No. 18307 Anonymous
28th February 2014
Friday 11:19 am
18307 spacer
>But mark my words, in a year and a halfs time, GW2 will have more players than WoW.
GW2 launched August 28th, I can't find accurate user figures but it's down a bit from 400,000 as best I can tell. WoW has something like 7 million.

Right, so. We never agreed a wager but I'll settle for a quick blowie. Gender not that important. Location negotiable.
>> No. 18310 Anonymous
1st March 2014
Saturday 11:50 am
18310 spacer

You level fast in this game so I'd honestly wouldn't bother getting the best gear for your level as you level. When I started playing the only thing I used which was the best at the level were weapons I crafted just to boost my crafting. Once you hit the level cap you can focus on getting the best loot. That said they introduced a new kind of gear which is better than the end game gear on release, but that stuff takes time to get so you'd want to get a full exotic set first then work on ascended.

WvW and sPvP can require some skill depending on what you fight. If you join hot joins in sPvP you'll have a barrel of the mix, some good players that will dominate you and some which you'll stomp. Same with WvW, if you follow your servers zerg you'll come across either smaller enemy zergs or even bigger ones which run away or crumble as soon as one of them die. At the same time you'll come up against a guild group and die before you know what hits you.

From there you'll have a trial and error learning moment where you'll start to avoid dying or live longer in such fights. It doesnt take much skill or thought you just need to learn the basics and what to look for.

But before you jump into PvP I'd focus on leveling and getting the best gear you can first, then have a mix of pvp and pve. And most importantly... enjoy the playthrough, try not to rush things.

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