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>> No. 12794 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 1:25 pm
12794 Pew Pew Pew
EVE online.
Anyone a regular player? Been playing for a week and seems like a bit of fun muck around with while doing other things. Wondering if it gets painstakingly dull once you advanced a fair way.
Also, I'm looking to join an easy going corp, got kicked from the last one after 2 days for jokingly calling the captain a cunt. Woops.
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>> No. 12795 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 2:01 pm
12795 spacer
Thought I'd finally take a look at EVE, since it's been intriguing me for a while. But bloody hell, £10 a month?! They must be 'avin a giraffe.
>> No. 12796 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 3:28 pm
12796 spacer
It's ridiculously cheap compared to other mmog's!
Also on topic, this is a pretty interesting mash-up; http://www.dust514.org/. Nerds on their PCs, hire other nerd mercenary Corps on their Playstation 3's to fight over planets in an FPS game, which in turn has real consequences in the EVE universe. Despite the cheesy and quite bland trailer, the concept sounds innovative.
>> No. 12799 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 5:33 pm
12799 spacer
That actually sounds like quite a cool idea. Never tried EVE as it seems more like a second job, but I'd be into this.
>> No. 12800 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 8:15 pm
12800 spacer
Yeah! reading a little further, it seems space ships and stuff in orbit above the FPS site will be able to orbital bombard PS3 players, likewise, players on the ground can interact/destroy orbiting ships.
This cross platform shit seems so future!
>> No. 12801 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 8:37 pm
12801 spacer
>> No. 12802 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 11:24 pm
12802 spacer
Yeah OP, we've discussed EVE a number of times on /w/, and there's always some yearning for a .gs corp that goes nowhere. But personally i couldn't get into EVE because of the expens-

What?! It's only a tenner now? I'm certain it was more last i checked. That actually sounds reasonable.

Incidentally since the introduction of PLEX the idea is that you stop paying once you become good enough because you are able to buy game time with ISK.
>> No. 12803 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 12:47 am
12803 spacer

It's just gone down as they introduced cheaper rates for paying in pounds yesterday - i think it was 15 euro before.

There used to be a few of us on there but the britfags channel has been quiet for a long time - i'm still on there now and again though not as much due to working more than usual.
>> No. 12804 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 1:12 am
12804 spacer
Must have missed those, I wouldn't have looked twice if it was any more than that.

As for Plex, I've spoken to a few people who grinded away their 14 day trial and got enough for the PLEX, even with shitty skills and ships. Though that doesn't sound so fun and for the sake of a tenner, why bother? But it's perfectly feasible.
After a bit of reading, seems you can easily nullify the more tedious aspects of the game. Set up a mining Macro in 2 minutes and leave it running while you do other things. Hey you got a few million credits! Time to go blast things.

A Britfa.gs Corp would be wonderful, though seems I made it out here a little late.
I find some of these videos hilariously dramatic;

>> No. 12805 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 4:19 am
12805 spacer
I wouldn't recommend joining now anyway, ship and material prices are still ridiculously high after the whole Burn Jita debacle.
>> No. 12806 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 1:20 pm
12806 spacer
I don't play this but looking at that image makes me want to ask something.

>"accepted currencies for purchasing game time"
Is this what it sounds like? You don't buy hours/minute to play this do you?
>> No. 12808 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 2:24 pm
12808 spacer
Well not in as small units as hours and minutes, but yes, of course you do. Most professionally-made massively multiplayer online games charge a subscription fee, and in return the developers keep on developin'.
>> No. 12809 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 6:33 pm
12809 spacer
If anyone does sign up the channel name is 'britfa.gs' and I'll say hi if I'm around, I've had two accounts for almost 2 years. Sometimes the antics of goonswarm etc can be quite amusing - further info on the 'burn jita' stuff here: http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/04/28/nowhere-is-safe-in-eve-online-as-goonswarm-suicide-bombs-galactic-trade-hub/

And other shit like this that you don't get in most other games: http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/707481/huge-eve-online-theft-amazes-45000-worth-of-in-game-cash-looted/
>> No. 12810 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 8:46 pm
12810 spacer
Fancy posting a buddy account invite? I'm about 80% sure I'll subscribe, so, free plex
>> No. 12811 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 9:03 pm
12811 spacer
It's a nice game if you can get a decent group of friends going. I daresay this is probably a great time to start getting into it as CCP is busy trying to prove that they're not incompetent.

Who knows, if some lads start materialising I might even log in and change the channel MOTD.


You need to post a receiving email for the buddy program thing I think.
>> No. 12812 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 9:14 pm
12812 spacer

From what I've seen, the burn Jita stuff was a welcome shake up. Though some of the people I spoke to seem to think the point of the game is to become some online magnate, accumulating a vast wealth they'll never enjoy.
>> No. 12813 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 9:40 pm
12813 spacer

I've sent you an invite now and I suspect I know who >>12811 is! I'd agree it's a good time to get into it, the last update was the best in a while since they returned to adding stuff people actually wanted.

If you end up subscribing and I get a plex out of it I'm happy to give you half or the equivalent in ships/isk or whatever.
>> No. 12822 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 1:21 am
12822 spacer
So, is there a .gs corp or not? How many of us are there?
>> No. 12823 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 1:38 am
12823 spacer
Cheers! Activated and all that, will be on tomorrow night most likely
>> No. 12824 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 10:58 am
12824 spacer

Oh no, I get that; sorry. It was just the way it was worded was as if you actually paid for minutes and hours rather than just a flat out monthly subscription.
Cheers though, lad!
>> No. 12839 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 10:43 pm
12839 spacer
According to the channel "SUDDENLY, NOONE; MILLIONS OF NOONE"
>> No. 12840 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 10:50 pm
12840 spacer
Can anybody recommend a decent start up guide for the game? It looks rather complex...
>> No. 12841 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 11:07 pm
12841 spacer
There's 5 or 6 missions at the first base you come to that guide you through the basics and throw loads of free ships your way. Frequent trips to wikipedia after that.
Though to be honest, it's not bad. It feel a little clunky at first is all.
>> No. 12863 Anonymous
5th May 2012
Saturday 5:45 pm
12863 spacer
Keep posting about EVE please. It's a fascinating game and I like reading about it while I work up the courage to actually pay the subscription fee and play it beyond the free trials I've done in the past.
>> No. 12868 Anonymous
6th May 2012
Sunday 3:02 am
12868 spacer
I'm somewhat frustrated by the skills levelling system in this game. It could be a little more involving, as I don't feel like I'm making the most of my £10/month when all I can do is sit around and wait for hours and days on end.
>> No. 12871 Anonymous
6th May 2012
Sunday 12:24 pm
12871 spacer
Why don't you actually use your £10 a month to go out and make some cash?

To be honest when I start playing EVE I'm going to see if I can run a few of those scams posted on that blog. Apparently all you have to do is say in the public channel that you're leaving the game and will give back any ISK wired to you ten times, and the money flows in. And judging by the bloke on the blog's success there are always some careless rich idiots around willing to try it.

Pulling sophisticated confidence tricks must be one of the funnest parts of the game. It's like a real-life, no-risk Hustle.
>> No. 12879 Anonymous
6th May 2012
Sunday 3:58 pm
12879 spacer
I'd like to play it but it;'s bloody expensive.
>> No. 12897 Anonymous
7th May 2012
Monday 12:09 pm
12897 spacer
A tenner...
Or try your hand at scamming 500 mil and a months subscription, like this lad >>12871
>> No. 12900 Anonymous
7th May 2012
Monday 2:21 pm
12900 spacer
£120 a year.
>> No. 12902 Anonymous
7th May 2012
Monday 2:51 pm
12902 spacer
I'm not entirely familiar with the value of EVE Online's currency but I get the impression a decent player should be able to make 500 million ISK in thirty days easily.
>> No. 12903 Anonymous
7th May 2012
Monday 2:55 pm
12903 spacer
>a decent player
>> No. 12910 Anonymous
7th May 2012
Monday 8:07 pm
12910 spacer

I'm a complete noob, been playing for a couple of days and made 100 mil.
>> No. 12915 Anonymous
8th May 2012
Tuesday 1:19 am
12915 spacer
And there you are. You should get a PLEX before the week is out. How have you been making your money?
>> No. 12926 Anonymous
8th May 2012
Tuesday 6:03 pm
12926 spacer

I have had a fair bit of help from a ladm8, getting the first wad of cash is the hard bit, then I can mindlessly scoot around buying low and selling high. Once you've got the skills and collateral, I can see it becoming much easier/fun.
>> No. 13034 Anonymous
17th May 2012
Thursday 1:48 am
13034 spacer
Any incursion runners here? After the nerf it seems that the noble sport of Sansha popping has died. Hardly any fleets, even in specialised channels. I need a PLEX within 10 days too
>> No. 13035 Anonymous
17th May 2012
Thursday 2:10 am
13035 spacer

Get thee to the britfa.gs channel, lad!
>> No. 13355 Anonymous
21st June 2012
Thursday 10:58 pm
13355 spacer

Still pewing
>> No. 14607 Anonymous
10th December 2012
Monday 11:17 am
14607 spacer
You know who you are, Jan or San or Fam, whatever your toon's called. My graphics card dun blown up. Drop me an email at Ducksindecline@gmail.com. ta
>> No. 14651 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 9:56 am
14651 spacer

That Mac fit.

I...I... why?
>> No. 14665 Anonymous
15th December 2012
Saturday 5:05 am
14665 spacer

I think they just zoomed into one of their targets, it's probably a domi or something considering the drone bay size, so despite the nos and laser turret (I suppose for agro because they're too cheap to fit rails) it's pretty much what you'd expect from a PvEer.
>> No. 14671 Anonymous
16th December 2012
Sunday 3:34 am
14671 spacer
When I see sentences like this I wonder whether I actually want to get into MMOs if this is how I'll start talking.
>> No. 14672 Anonymous
16th December 2012
Sunday 10:14 am
14672 spacer
So did you see that ludicrous display last night?
>> No. 15655 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 10:55 pm
15655 spacer
Im starting EVE soon. Played it before and had fun watching the market so imma go hauling. Might try industry and sell ammo on the way. Could anyone advise me on skills?
>> No. 15656 Anonymous
6th May 2013
Monday 4:59 am
15656 spacer


If it's purely industry you want, I highly advise you to train skills in shield and armour manipulation because the second you step in to a trade hub like Jita or Amarr you'll have people scanning your cargo down. To be honest, without an established corp or friends to help you, you won't get far industrial wise.

I've just returned from the Delve region (null sec), after having a falling out with the CEO of my corp and him for a joke "accidentally" going too far and killing my Rokh (it's fine, I went in to their POS, helped myself to a PLEX they had in a container and destroyed the other 4, totally lost 2 billion ISK to them)

I'm currently in the Genesis region, I would tell you to come and say hi, but well we're supposed to be anonymous. Any other questions feel free to ask in this thread and I'll check it.
>> No. 15685 Anonymous
11th May 2013
Saturday 7:34 pm
15685 spacer
I didn't reply sooner because I typed that last message on XBL.

Does the in game browser work yet?

I've done a little research and thought pumping intelligence and memory in character creation would be a good idea. The governing attributes to electronics, engineering, mechanics, what seem to be the general 'staying alive' skills; then industry for my market blunders.
am I correct in thinking attributes only reduce training time, or do they grant bonuses other too?

As for joining a corporation, I was hoping to float around high sec space for a while; exploring.

>I would tell you to come and say hi, but well we're supposed to be anonymous.
Are you building my computer?
>> No. 15686 Anonymous
11th May 2013
Saturday 10:54 pm
15686 spacer
Eve is definitely the most fascinating MMO game. I'd never want to play it but I do love reading about it.
>> No. 15687 Anonymous
12th May 2013
Sunday 12:17 am
15687 spacer
Is Wiglaf still playing?
>> No. 15688 Anonymous
12th May 2013
Sunday 10:12 am
15688 spacer
I quit playing about a year ago because it was taking up too much of my time, but the browser was pretty good then. Could handle youtube and google documents with no issues.

I'd be up for joining a .gs corp if one were to appear...
>> No. 15690 Anonymous
13th May 2013
Monday 5:19 pm
15690 spacer
I was entertained to see more people playing System Shock 2 than EVE Online on Steam last night.
>> No. 15692 Anonymous
13th May 2013
Monday 7:03 pm
15692 spacer

Yep attributes reduce the time, if you select a skill and look through it's attributes you'll see that it tells you the 2 key skills that effect the skill. You can either pay to remap (expensive, this needs a PLEX) or you can throw implants in (needs cybernetics skills) to boost your attributes up. I've just finished my tech 2 armour and shield skills because I'm working towards a Tengu now.


You should take a look on twitch tv, you see all sorts on there. You should get the trial and give it a whirl for 2 weeks.


It is very time consuming, I'm not in another corp yet. It's kind of nice being a free soul left to my own thing. I've been taking great delight in flying a Manticore in to low sec space and telling them I'm about to bring a mining fleet in (it's even better when they call for reinforcements and you end up going from 3 on local to 20)


EVE has it's own launcher too which according to the numbers right now there are 47something thousand people playing.
>> No. 16055 Anonymous
1st June 2013
Saturday 12:49 pm
16055 spacer
Two weeks and 4 deleted characters later and I'm fed up with EVE already. Its a shame my aspergers traits have chosen the game as a 'special interest'; I can't stop thinking about it.
>> No. 16059 Anonymous
1st June 2013
Saturday 9:27 pm
16059 spacer
How's it a special interest if you're fed up with it?
>> No. 16060 Anonymous
2nd June 2013
Sunday 6:14 pm
16060 spacer
>I can't stop thinking about it.
>> No. 16062 Anonymous
3rd June 2013
Monday 1:55 pm
16062 spacer

stiff upper lip.jpg
Obsessive compulsive action doesnt really qualify as "special interest", have more self-control and stop snivelling about it.
>> No. 16068 Anonymous
3rd June 2013
Monday 8:42 pm
16068 spacer
As a 'sufferer' of OCD and aspergers I can say with confidence that I know difference between the two. but no worries, maybe my words translate badly.
>> No. 16265 Anonymous
1st July 2013
Monday 11:32 am
16265 spacer


>> No. 16285 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 1:12 am
16285 spacer
Its strange how everyone is so paranoid and touchy in EVE. I targeted a potential corp mate in an attempt to send a few friendly missiles his way but instead of laughing off a few tens of damage to his rechargable shields, he got all shitty with me and proceeded into some kind of mental breakdown. I found it funny how he insisted of his general kindness only seconds before announcing he and his friends will grief me from the game. The dudes name is LUCIA28, if anyone would like to have some fun with him. He is very easily wound up and I don't think his first language is English.
>> No. 16292 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 11:39 am
16292 spacer
Lucia is a female name, mate.

Sage for bringing that up.
>> No. 16298 Anonymous
11th July 2013
Thursday 8:03 pm
16298 spacer
If you can't blow up someone's 100m isk ship and their 500m pod without everyone having a good chuckle about it over comms, then you're in the wrong corp.
>> No. 16303 Anonymous
12th July 2013
Friday 2:40 am
16303 spacer


What. The. Fuck. This is PANDEMIC FUCKING LEGION...ouch.
>> No. 16335 Anonymous
16th July 2013
Tuesday 4:05 pm
16335 spacer
I've never played EVE bar apart from shelling out a tenner for a subscription, playing about fifteen minutes, cancelling my subscription two weeks later after not having the willpower to learn.

I really do enjoy reading some of the stories though. The corporate espionage side of things is fascinating.
>> No. 16346 Anonymous
16th July 2013
Tuesday 7:36 pm
16346 spacer
It's one of those games that's far more entertaining to read about than to play. Like Dwarf Fortress.
>> No. 16538 Anonymous
31st July 2013
Wednesday 6:20 pm
16538 spacer

Sounds like a cunt. Now that we've crushed TEST I'm going to be looking for things to do, let me know where she hangs out the most and I'm sure we can arrange a small party to come and shoot whatever she is flying.


If you ever change your mind and decide to come back let me know. I'll arrange a private chat or 2 and help you with anything you're stuck on.
>> No. 16540 Anonymous
5th August 2013
Monday 3:03 pm
16540 spacer
Thanks for the offer.
>> No. 17205 Anonymous
26th October 2013
Saturday 5:26 pm
17205 spacer
Just thought I'd push this thread up. Recently returned to high sec from 0.0 after a I got disenchanted by the lack of a clear plan and regular leadership and as such I'm stuck in low sec doing archaeology sites to keep the ISK turning over. I know we have a few other EVE ladm8s, anyone interested in meeting up?
>> No. 17206 Anonymous
26th October 2013
Saturday 6:18 pm
17206 spacer

I'm on the other side of the gate and waiting, m7.
>> No. 17217 Anonymous
31st October 2013
Thursday 11:32 pm
17217 spacer
PVP really is where its at. After running a PVE mission runner for a month, then an mining industrialist, I decided to finally give PVP a go. After only a few days my adrenaline was running like never before. Even as a shitty PVPer with only 1 win to my 30+ losses, I'm no longer scared of lowsec and beyond. After flying my destroyer headlong into a faction cruiser and its frigate escort and almost winning I can barely even think of going back to mission running in highsec. The only problem with soloing factional warfare is the cost but I've been funding my escapades with my mining character.
>> No. 18596 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 3:45 pm
18596 spacer
I stopped playing Eve a good 6 months ago but I still think about it on a weekly basis. How are things in Minmatar space, are we still losing the Mar/Matar war?

I really like the idea of running a high sec mission running corp but I can't think of many ways to recruit members. All I've got so far is renaming cans in starter systems and advertising in local chats. What else could I do to run up some interest? Maybe I could plan some kind of publicity event ..
>> No. 18597 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 6:59 pm
18597 spacer
You can recruit me by paying for my subscription.
>> No. 18619 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 12:35 am
18619 spacer
If anyone is thinking of giving this eve a try, humble bundle is doing a eve bundle. You could get 30 days of playtime from the starter pack for 1p if you want.
>> No. 18620 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 12:36 am
18620 spacer
I once got 30 days free trial for free.
>> No. 18622 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 1:06 am
18622 spacer
I wouldn't play Eve for 30 days if you paid me £200. I'd want something more akin to the wage of a decent accountant. It's about as interesting as accounting.
>> No. 18623 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 1:39 am
18623 spacer
Played solidly for 6 years, flunked my final year of uni because of it. Now i think its boring and shit.

gg life
>> No. 18625 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 3:09 pm
18625 spacer

too many buttons.jpg
I remember watching some YT videos on EVE years back and thought it looked like good fun. Managed to get myself sent an invite and downloaded/loaded it all up.

I think I played for about 10 minutes before deciding that there were too many buttons and too many menus.

They've changed their PS3 Dust game to become a lot more like what people have posted here regarding the menu on the left. I've found it a lot more complicated to use from how it was originally and stopped playing.

I am a bit of a simpleton, in fact, my 'friends' cruelly call me 'Simple Tim' because my name is Timothy but I just felt like there was nothing intuitive about it.

Still, have enjoyed looking at the pictures in this thread and reading a bit about it all again.
>> No. 18626 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 3:17 pm
18626 spacer
No, it isn't only you who is simple. I gave it 30 minutes and I never played it again.
>> No. 18627 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 3:19 pm
18627 spacer
You could say the same about dwarf fortress though, and I've played that for god knows how many hours.

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