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>> No. 13447 Anonymous
5th July 2012
Thursday 10:25 pm
13447 DayZ
For those of you that might not have heard of DayZ yet;

"DayZ is an open world survival horror video game mod for ARMA II. As a survivor with limited supplies, the player must search the world for supplies such as food, water, weapons and medicine, while killing or avoiding both zombies and other players, in an effort to survive the zombie apocalypse"

I'm downloading ARMA right now so I haven't had chance to review it myself, but it seems like a right laugh to be fair. This in terms of gameplay or graphics is a terrible video for me to post, but skip to 12:30 and I guarantee you'll be smiling.


The mod is in Alpha right now and is thus quite buggy on certain elements, the zombies movements, etc. and the game certainly feels like a sim, i.e not as slick as your average shooter, but the fun is in the freedom of this game. You make your own stories and adventure.

Everything you need for £15, cheaper than on steam, but purchasable through steam through this link - https://store.bistudio.com/arma2-combined-operations/
Expand all images.
>> No. 13448 Anonymous
5th July 2012
Thursday 10:30 pm
13448 spacer
The mod is blowing up in popularity right now, especially for on in alpha. Looking at the steam sales its brought ARMAA into the top spot I think or top 10.
>> No. 13450 Anonymous
5th July 2012
Thursday 10:33 pm
13450 spacer
I've been considering this since seeing it in the other thread. I'd be tempted if my PC was connected to the internet.
>> No. 13451 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 1:17 am
13451 spacer
I pussied out after hearing the ambient music.

Sucks that new players have no weapons. I spawned in an area with only two possible directions. One was a city with a bunch of zeds and the other was a dock with a bunch of zeds. Then I opened a door on myself and broke my leg. I heard the music and just thought "nope nope nope"

Doesn't help I kept going in servers where it was night time and I couldn't figure out my flash light.
>> No. 13456 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 1:51 am
13456 spacer
But but I had a thread for DayZ already :(

>>12978 is not allowed to play, ever.
>> No. 13457 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 2:09 am
13457 spacer
Sorry mate I did have a look around but thought that was just a Stalker thread. I guess there's no point deleting this if it can server as a more obvious dayz general. Though who am I kidding there's only 3 of us here, we all know where it is.

Come on, that sounds great.
>> No. 13458 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 2:34 am
13458 spacer
Not really. Plus given the large map and the spawns seem somewhat random it's difficult to meet up with friends.

There is no way I'm playing DayZ without a gun or someone to die with me.
>> No. 13459 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 2:49 am
13459 spacer


Then there's this shit
>> No. 13460 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 3:04 am
13460 spacer

"Wow" is pretty much all I can say. I liked how organised the guys robbing him were, rather than just shooting him in the head and being all 'lol u ded fag'. God damn.
>> No. 13462 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 12:12 pm
13462 spacer
Quite interested in playing this, would it be worth playing about in ARMA 2 to get a feel for it or would it be better to just jump right in?
>> No. 13463 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 1:42 pm
13463 spacer
While I haven't played Day Z, I have played a lot of ARMA 2 and getting the feel of it is quite tricky at first. Still, you've got an easier time of it with not having to worry about squad commands and such.
Get Arma 2 Free if you want to try it out.

On a related note, do you think 'Combined Operations' will get any cheaper? £15... Nah, I'm too tight.
>> No. 13464 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 1:43 pm
13464 spacer
At least play through the tutorials before you jump into DayZ. Also look at the wiki for some tips.

Though the wiki has fed me lies before. For example it said Zeds cannot go indoors. They can and they've climbed ladders to get me to my surprise (I.E. almost shit myself)
>> No. 13465 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 2:03 pm
13465 spacer
Thought as much I'll give it a go when I have some free time.
>do you think 'Combined Operations' will get any cheaper? £15... Nah, I'm too tight.
As am I, I was going to wait till the summer sale and hope they put it in there.
>> No. 13468 Anonymous
6th July 2012
Friday 10:58 pm
13468 spacer
I wonder why it's taking so long for Valve to start it?
>> No. 13470 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 12:44 am
13470 spacer
No idea but it gives me more time to save up pennies to blow on games so I can sit inside and avoid the sun for a little longer.
>> No. 13474 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 8:58 am
13474 spacer
Is there some kind of .gs Steam group for this?

I know there is a krautchan one, but I'd like to play with some of you lads.


>> No. 13486 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 10:03 pm
13486 spacer
Just got this, should I delve straight in or get used to Arma 2 a bit first? I wouldn't mind joining a few of you, don't want to end up like the chap in OP's video.
>> No. 13487 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 11:23 pm
13487 spacer
I would recommend playing the tutorials and at least the first mission of the single player campaign, so you get used to how ARMA II works, because it is incredibly complex - no standard first-person shooter this.
>> No. 13489 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 11:38 pm
13489 spacer

And then people treat it like real life
>> No. 13490 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 11:48 pm
13490 spacer
Crikey, he sounds exactly like Chester from Sifl & Olly

>> No. 13500 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 11:35 am
13500 spacer
As a hardened Stalker veteran, am I likely to enjoy this?

So far the community atmosphere and general survivalist nature of the game reminds me of exactly what I loved about my days roaming the Zone and posting enthusiastically about it on /v/.

Worth a go?
>> No. 13504 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 9:07 pm
13504 spacer

It was really interesting to read his full story of it, I forgot I was reading about a video game for a moment.

>> No. 13506 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 9:44 pm
13506 spacer
ARMA II is 20% in the Steam sale.

You sneaky bastards. I'm sticking two fingers up at that.
>> No. 13507 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 9:55 pm
13507 spacer
I just downloaded it. Oh my.


Also, is there a .gs /e/ IRC?
>> No. 13508 Anonymous
12th July 2012
Thursday 9:56 pm
13508 spacer
We have 10 days of sales, chances are it'll be on the dailys.
>> No. 13533 Anonymous
14th July 2012
Saturday 2:23 pm
13533 spacer
Yeah, with 25% off.
>> No. 13585 Anonymous
16th July 2012
Monday 6:50 pm
13585 spacer

This guy is fucking crazy
>> No. 13588 Anonymous
16th July 2012
Monday 7:46 pm
13588 spacer
Hahaha, awesome. He even sounds like a maniac.
>> No. 13592 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 1:00 am
13592 spacer
My adventures in DayZ wasn't all that fantastic.

I spent maybe an hour just wandering around. Prone when passing civilized areas. Then I found a barn with a Lee Enfield. I shortly found out why it's nicknamed the "dinner bell". I spent about 10 minutes legging it from 15 zeds bleeding until I ultimately fell over and died from blood loss.
>> No. 13593 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 1:46 am
13593 spacer
If you run through a house or indoor area the zombies slow down and you can lose them.
>> No. 13594 Anonymous
17th July 2012
Tuesday 3:04 am
13594 spacer
Funnily enough I tried that. I needed to go somewhere to bandage myself so I hid in a building. They got in so I ran around the building and found a makarov. Unfortunately they got me before I could even shoot the damn thing.

On my next respawn I saw in the chatter about these bandits who got themselves a helicopter. I made my way to a nearby airfield to look for some loot and they were there of course. I managed to keep myself hidden. All I had was a hatchet. After they left I got myself a M9 from the control building.
>> No. 13617 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 8:18 pm
13617 spacer
Laptop user here. Is it possible to play without a mouse? Picking things up (ie looting) appears to be done entirely via the mouse wheel and I don't have one.
>> No. 13618 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 8:25 pm
13618 spacer
You can access the 'scroll menu' with the [ and ] keys but really, playing an FPS without a mouse, I think that's the least of your worries.
>> No. 13621 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 11:33 am
13621 spacer

you can press enter as a substitute for middle mouse (but not the numpad one)
>> No. 13626 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 11:53 pm
13626 spacer
>> No. 13627 Anonymous
22nd July 2012
Sunday 12:44 am
13627 spacer
Somebody make a muhfuggin .gs Steam group
>> No. 13633 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 2:22 am
13633 spacer
Christ, now that they've taken guns out of the hands of new characters it takes a year and a half to find one. The thing I hate about ARMA is you can never tell which buildings have insides and which are just scenery.
>> No. 13637 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 11:44 am
13637 spacer

See through glass= Good
Not see through glass= Don't bother trying.

Well, that is my experience so far anyway.
>> No. 13638 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 1:22 pm
13638 spacer
Many houses have both.
>> No. 13639 Anonymous
24th July 2012
Tuesday 12:50 am
13639 spacer
>>13627 it exists. I am in it.
>> No. 13659 Anonymous
25th July 2012
Wednesday 3:44 pm
13659 spacer
I too am in it. I agree that it's more fun to wallow in a smug sense of superiority than to actually play any video games.

>> No. 13660 Anonymous
25th July 2012
Wednesday 4:50 pm
13660 spacer
Further to this, I didn't actually realise how many buildings loot actually spawns in. I got one of those interactive maps and I saw there were shitloads, not just inside houses but in innocuous looking sheds and even the doorsteps of houses. Now finding a gun is much easier, and once you know which types of buildings to look for you don't even need a map that much.

For some reason I forgot what this lad said about the Lee Enfield. After arriving at Pusta and witnessing a lad break his leg being chased by zombies, I finished them off, bandaged him up, and promised I would search the town for morphine. I promptly started shooting at the zombies and then had to guiltily abandon him as I legged it a mile down the hill. Once I lost them I made my way back to him and snuck into the town, but I'd only just started looking when I was kicked for having a ping over 150. I doubt he survived, poor chap.
>> No. 13663 Anonymous
26th July 2012
Thursday 1:28 am
13663 spacer
Well that was a wonderful session. After a near-miss on a server full of scripters that did that 'make everyone teleport around you and then kill them' trick, I've been finding more food, drink and ammo than I can carry, and I killed 45 zombies. Haven't been shot at once. Probably because I'm too far north to run into anyone. Entering Pustoshka tomorrow.
>> No. 13683 Anonymous
27th July 2012
Friday 12:53 pm
13683 spacer
The only person I have met so far blew me up.
>> No. 13701 Anonymous
27th July 2012
Friday 7:53 pm
13701 spacer
I worked my way up to 78 zombies today. Was going to camp in a supermarket full of food for ages when the server kicked me off, so I headed north. I was taking out the zombies around a barn when I saw a bloke peeking out from one of its doorway. I hid behind a wall and typed, 'Are you friendly?' He remained silent but fidgeting. 'Are you friendly you bastard, talk to me or I'll shoot you where you stand.' A couple more seconds of silence, and just when I was deciding what to do bullets whizzed from somewhere offscreen to my left into my head. Sneaky fucking bandit scumbags!
>> No. 13717 Anonymous
30th July 2012
Monday 12:47 am
13717 spacer
Just got Arma II Combined Ops today and slowly installing Day Z. Anyone care for a Britfags survival effort?
>> No. 13718 Anonymous
30th July 2012
Monday 1:11 am
13718 spacer
Sure, I am also a bit new too though.
>> No. 13719 Anonymous
30th July 2012
Monday 1:18 am
13719 spacer
Remember lads, run through the tutorials and maybe the first mission of the campaign before jumping in headfirst. It's important to understand how the inventory system, action menu, and keyboard controls work. For the purposes of DayZ you can ignore the myriad instructions given on the communication menus of the number keys, because you have no teammates to communicate with.
>> No. 13721 Anonymous
30th July 2012
Monday 3:01 am
13721 spacer
As I just found out, bootcamp does not work if you have dayZ enabled, so if it does not work for anyone just disable dayZ in the extensions menu then restart ARMA.
>> No. 13883 Anonymous
10th August 2012
Friday 2:10 am
13883 spacer


>> No. 13920 Anonymous
18th August 2012
Saturday 8:49 pm
13920 spacer

This happened to me earlier.

Me and the bloke legged it and found shelter in a house, but when I found a revolver in the shed round the back... Vengeance was indeed sweet.
>> No. 13921 Anonymous
18th August 2012
Saturday 8:55 pm
13921 spacer
>Minecraft model
Yeah fuck that, I've not got DayZ yet with WarZ being on the horizon, but they can kiss my ass now.
>> No. 13922 Anonymous
19th August 2012
Sunday 2:34 pm
13922 spacer
Who's kissing your arse? It's a free mod.
>> No. 13925 Anonymous
19th August 2012
Sunday 3:05 pm
13925 spacer
A free mod of a full-priced game nobody owns. I made the mistake of buying a Steam copy of ARMA:CO. It doesn't run because of an invalid CD key (that at no point I'm prompted to enter).

Minecraft model?
>> No. 13926 Anonymous
19th August 2012
Sunday 6:02 pm
13926 spacer

You need to run steam in Administrator mode and run both Arma EXEs from there before trying to play Day Z, or some bullshit like that.

Go download Day Z Commander, much more hassle free way of installing and playing, helps eliminate a lot of the fuss of having the same version as the server you're trying to play on and blah blah blah.
>> No. 14002 Anonymous
7th September 2012
Friday 2:47 am
14002 spacer
Our favourite psycho meets his match. Goddamn being more creepy than Ceremor is an accomplishment
>> No. 14003 Anonymous
7th September 2012
Friday 9:44 am
14003 spacer
Looking at the screenshots and videos, DayZ is set in Europe, WarZ is set in the US. I don't know if that's deliberate but the landscape reflects it quite strongly. WarZ also has a Just Cause feel to the graphics.
I think I prefer DayZ.
>> No. 14004 Anonymous
7th September 2012
Friday 10:26 am
14004 spacer
It's set in Europe because the original Arma2 map is set in a (fictitious) Euro country.
>> No. 17695 Anonymous
24th November 2013
Sunday 1:43 am
17695 spacer

13598598102553460736_screenshots_2013-11-10_00003 .jpg
Apologies for bumping a thread from the last page but me and a few lads have bought an epoch server and are looking for players.

Uk server. max of 40 players, with very decent ping in main land Europe as well.
Friendly, active admins and restarts on a required basis, though this might switch to timed if we get more regular people online instead of the occasional random one.
No AI enabled, no AS50's, decent amount of vehicles though not ridiculous.
Enabled custom features:
Refuel at gas pumps via scroll menu (not auto refuel as in drive past * and fill up, it takes time)
Godmode trading cities
>> No. 17697 Anonymous
24th November 2013
Sunday 1:54 am
17697 spacer

Interested. Would be a couple of weeks before I have time to join, but defo up for it.

Have you already started looting all the good shit so we are just lambs to the slaughter, or are we playing reasonably fair?
>> No. 17698 Anonymous
24th November 2013
Sunday 4:01 am
17698 spacer
We play fair, Come join when we're online and find out.
>> No. 17699 Anonymous
24th November 2013
Sunday 9:10 am
17699 spacer
Same applies to me, I used to play a fair bit, can't at the moment though.
>> No. 18060 Anonymous
31st December 2013
Tuesday 9:52 pm
18060 spacer
Any of you lot buy the standalone?
>> No. 18135 Anonymous
11th January 2014
Saturday 9:38 pm
18135 spacer
Oh man, I completely lost it when I realised they started playing ''WU TANG CLAN AIN'T NOTHING TO FUCK WITH'' after they mugged the guy
>> No. 18136 Anonymous
11th January 2014
Saturday 11:56 pm
18136 spacer
It's a shame it doesn't end with the Bricktop 'now fuck off!' sample and play out with the Snatch theme.
>> No. 18137 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 2:41 am
18137 spacer
Never Skype with Ceremor.
>> No. 18139 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 6:43 pm
18139 spacer
What's that chicken noise at 13:48?
>> No. 18156 Anonymous
18th January 2014
Saturday 1:01 pm
18156 spacer
Probably my favourite Bro Team video.

>> No. 18214 Anonymous
3rd February 2014
Monday 8:30 pm
18214 spacer
>>18136 Oh jesus christ, that would have been perfect.
>> No. 18239 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 1:29 pm
18239 spacer

Giant Bomb had a go at it.
>> No. 18278 Anonymous
18th February 2014
Tuesday 1:05 pm
18278 spacer
I ended up buying the standalone after reading through this thread. It's been rather bittersweet so far.

When I first started I met my first player after about 2 minutes. He was called Peter and he was angry as a result of someone who insisted they were friendly killing him. He screamed at me that he trusts no one. I explained we both clearly have no items on us so there is little reason for us to kill each other. He agreed but kept shouting at me and demanded I follow him to "Elektro". I didn't know what I was doing so I agreed. We ran for about 15 minutes the whole time he kept muttering and shouting "The place is a fucking warzone!" "You can't trust anyone" "Fucking bastards".

Eventually we came across a town and he finally seemed happy. He told me to "stay low, stay fast" as he crouched. I told him I didn't know how to crouch (I was too excited to get into the game I didn't look up my controls or any tutorials). He told me how to then started shouting at me again, telling me to keep low and follow him.

As we darted through the town I saw a few more players, they ignored us and ran by and although some of these players had nice clothing and weapons I stuck with Peter who kept shouting orders at me. Eventually we got behind a building and he started swearing and screaming again. Apparently this was where he had died and someone stole all his items. We took shelter in the building as he decided our next move. Inside he pointed to a tin opener which he told me to pick up then handed me a tin of beans. He explained how I eat and told me to do this often. Next he found a backpack and a brown shirt. He told me to put the brown shirts on, for better camouflage, and tear my old one into rags for if I am shot I can use it to stop the bleeding. Then he handed me the backpack and told me to keep everything I find, if I later find something better I can throw something away.

Suddenly we heard a gun shot. Peter was not happy. He went into a tirade of swearing and panic. Then he was filled with rage and demanded we find The Gunman and kill him. I thought this a bad idea seeing as neither of us had weapons but Peter had been good to me so far so I felt I owed him. He gave me more instructions as we darted round the town until we eventually came to a tall building. Peter explained the gunman was up top. I was to follow him up the ladder to the top and keep low. We climbed one ladder and there was a second one leading to the roof. Peter told me to wait and he'd go first to check it out. I watched as he climbed.

Suddenly, the unthinkable happened. I don't know if it was a glitch or Peter did something wrong but suddenly he fell. His body hit the ground in front of me. His voice still rang out. A tirade of profanities and rage. I kept shouting "WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?" in the desperate hope I could help. He never responded, he just kept shouting until his voice faded.

I was alone.

But not for long.

I saw something at the corner of my eye by the ladder. I turned to see another player who had just climbed down. The Gunman. "Give me your fucking backpack!" I did as he told me. Next he demanded the rest of my items, including my clothing. As I stood, a shell of a man, he told me to leave quickly or he'd kill me.

I left the building barefoot, not sure where I was or where to go, and ran down the street. As I ran I heard the gunshots as The Gunman sniped down on me. His fourth shot was fatal.

This time after I spawned I met two players after 30 minutes of walking alone. They called me an ugly cunt and shot me dead.
>> No. 18279 Anonymous
18th February 2014
Tuesday 1:08 pm
18279 spacer
You should probably quit now, or you'll end up jaded and insane like Peter.
>> No. 18283 Anonymous
18th February 2014
Tuesday 2:30 pm
18283 spacer
That's awesome.
>> No. 18717 Anonymous
8th June 2014
Sunday 1:15 am
18717 spacer
I tried this. I spent about ten minutes wandering around a forest trying to find anything while my character complained about being hungry, found a village with some food, he became hungry after a minute or two no matter how much veg I ate. I found a pitchfork, a crossbow and some ammunition. He complained about having a stomach ache. That was about it.
>> No. 18851 Anonymous
19th June 2014
Thursday 7:32 pm
18851 spacer

Did you ever consider looking at a map, or perhaps following the roads?
>> No. 18852 Anonymous
19th June 2014
Thursday 7:42 pm
18852 spacer
I had map? There were no roads until I found the village.
>> No. 18914 Anonymous
22nd June 2014
Sunday 8:43 pm
18914 spacer
does .gs like cozy overpoch servers?


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