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>> No. 15355 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 9:18 am
15355 spacer
Guess what's on sale?

Mount & Blade, that's what.

I wouldn't bother getting the collection and recommend getting just Warband instead. Vanilla is a bit lacking, and With Fire and Sword isn't that great in my view.


It's a very fun game; hard to pin down the genre, it's an RPG/grand strategy with a bit of RTS thrown in. Very much worth a purchase imo.

You can get the collection for £7.50 or just Warband for £3.75.

There's a new M&B game due in the future.
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>> No. 15356 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 9:30 am
15356 spacer
Last time I saw it, it was free. I don't understand.
>> No. 15357 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 12:31 pm
15357 spacer
Just play RISK lad.
>> No. 15358 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 12:34 pm
15358 spacer
I played the original and I was irritated by the amount of wasted potential. They spent a lot of time crafting city and town environments and then didn't use them for anything, at least nothing you couldn't do from a menu.
>> No. 15359 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 1:08 pm
15359 spacer
Aye the vanilla game is pretty crap compared to Warband. I honestly can't think of a single reason to play it.
>> No. 15360 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 1:40 pm
15360 spacer
But does Warband make good on the RPG and adventure elements that were missing from the original?
>> No. 15361 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 1:49 pm
15361 spacer
I think so. It's not a perfect game but it's very unique and innovative in its RPG, strategic and combat mechanics, definitely worth three fifty.
>> No. 15362 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 2:27 pm
15362 spacer
There are loads of great mods for Warband, it's a game well worth getting. At the moment I'm playing a mod called Brytenwalda, which lets you play in the dark age british isles after the germanic tribes had invaded. Incredibly well researched and very fun.
>> No. 15363 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 5:52 pm
15363 spacer
Nude mods?
>> No. 15364 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 7:23 pm
15364 spacer

yes, here are a couple


I don't know if there are male nude ones
>> No. 15365 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 8:27 pm
15365 spacer

I've been playing Mount and Blade ever since I bought the beta in 2005. WFAS is great if you're a fan of blackpowder arms and Eastern European history, and the vanilla game is still worth buying for the amazing mods alone:

Star Wars Conquest
Europe 1805 II

Europe 1805 is especially worth your time. You can sign up as an officer in the various armies of Europe, advance in rank and prestige, have statues erected in your honour, buy/rent out property, and manage towns and businesses in a more in-depth manner. Pic related, muh statue in Hannover.
>> No. 15366 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 10:21 pm
15366 spacer
After having asked as a joke... this pleases me.
>> No. 15428 Anonymous
5th April 2013
Friday 6:47 pm
15428 spacer
I think I'll try and run this on my Intel GMA 945 Express.
>> No. 15444 Anonymous
8th April 2013
Monday 12:20 pm
15444 spacer

Runs fine, just has to be on low settings. Incidentally I managed to track down a familiar-looking certified tournament master.
>> No. 15447 Anonymous
8th April 2013
Monday 5:58 pm
15447 spacer
Haha uncanny.

The RPG elements are mostly tacked on, they aren't very good at all, though I've been playing it for years and still get most of my kicks from riding around on horseback cutting down swathes of infantry.
The Clash of Kings and Brytenwalda mods are most excellent.
>> No. 15453 Anonymous
8th April 2013
Monday 9:03 pm
15453 spacer

That's a nice head you have on yor shoildehs.
>> No. 15471 Anonymous
11th April 2013
Thursday 8:04 am
15471 spacer
I've found the Napoleonic Wars expansion to be entertaining

Multi-player only, however
>> No. 15476 Anonymous
14th April 2013
Sunday 7:05 am
15476 spacer
Definitely worth the money. I don't think I've played a game that I had so much fun with since GTA San Andreas.

I wish somebody would throw a ton of money at the devs. It would be great to see what they could do with the concept if they had any sort of budget.
>> No. 15480 Anonymous
16th April 2013
Tuesday 9:23 pm
15480 spacer

I've got good news for you.

Also everyone who's new to game, make sure you're 'delivering couched lance damage' instead of manually using the left mouse button to lance - I actually played the game for months lancing manually until I realised you could deliver triple damage by couching.
>> No. 15492 Anonymous
18th April 2013
Thursday 10:24 pm
15492 spacer
You're probably just a bit dim then. Surely that's the most natural way to use a bloody lance?
>> No. 15493 Anonymous
18th April 2013
Thursday 10:56 pm
15493 spacer
I meant in the game, I know how lances were used historically. I might have tried couched lancing when I first played the game and just wasn't co-ordinating right.

What I did still worked - and it's still effective, especially when stabbing lots of archers quickly, it's just not as good for dealing maximum damage on individual targets.
>> No. 15494 Anonymous
19th April 2013
Friday 7:59 am
15494 spacer
Yeah I had the same thing, was holding the attack button when using a lance which still does nice damage at a charge but when you randomly see that red "You have delivered couched lance damage" and you kill a knight in heavy plate armour, in one blow.
It's like "woah"
>> No. 15609 Anonymous
28th April 2013
Sunday 11:17 am
15609 spacer
You're not going to believe what I just found.
>> No. 15610 Anonymous
28th April 2013
Sunday 12:03 pm
15610 spacer

This mod is for the original Mount & Blade (not Warband) but my god it's fucking funny.
>> No. 15611 Anonymous
28th April 2013
Sunday 1:10 pm
15611 spacer

That's brilliant.
>> No. 15612 Anonymous
28th April 2013
Sunday 1:27 pm
15612 spacer

It's pretty fun.
>> No. 15613 Anonymous
28th April 2013
Sunday 1:28 pm
15613 spacer

>> No. 15614 Anonymous
28th April 2013
Sunday 9:21 pm
15614 spacer
>> No. 15617 Anonymous
1st May 2013
Wednesday 6:16 am
15617 spacer

Fuck me that looks excellent, I actually snorted when I read the weapon smith options.
>> No. 18089 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 7:11 pm
18089 spacer

Some screenshots from Bannerlord. Seems like the graphics have taken a pretty big leap forward (they're almost on par with other games released around the time of M&B 1!).
>> No. 18090 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 7:18 pm
18090 spacer
M&B was never pitched at people with the best PCs. It's a Turkish game published by Paradox. This is more important when you're someone like me who only has a crap laptop and plays Warband on DirectX 7.
>> No. 18094 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 8:13 pm
18094 spacer
Another developer that doesn't bother his arse to finish his games, sadly. They are always half done and clear signs throughout where he's just said "fuck it" and decided to take money for the POS.
>> No. 18095 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 8:28 pm
18095 spacer

It's a game that works and is fun to play. What do you care if it has some arbitrary seal of "Completed" stuck on it? They're intended to be almost entirely open-ended anyway. It's not as though all "completed" games don't still have unresolved bugs even a decade after release.
Some gaming experiences are even improved by the process. When minecraft was fresh it was really enjoyable being able to look forward to updates and having time to experiment with them before even more stuff was added.
>> No. 18096 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 9:48 pm
18096 spacer

I was talking to the guy long, long before the first one came out as public betas. I know what the game was promised to be to the early adopters and why it ended up with broken and unfinished quests and content and then a series of cheap and shameless cash in pay-for mods to milk it.

When he spunked the budget on motion capture instead of finishing the fucking game content, quests, dialogues, etc. it was clear it was heading for the shitter. The same shitter that indie games were meant to avoid, sadly.
>> No. 18101 Anonymous
6th January 2014
Monday 12:19 am
18101 spacer
>When he spunked the budget on motion capture instead of finishing the fucking game content, quests, dialogues, etc. it was clear it was heading for the shitter
It's not that clear to me, or the other people in this thread who seem to have enjoyed it, or the majority of critics who've reviewed it etc. The games haven't been polished compared to £50 retail releases obviously, but that certainly doesn't make them bad.

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