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>> No. 17718 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 12:24 am
17718 spacer
Anyone play Dota here?
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>> No. 17719 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 12:57 am
17719 spacer
I'm sure we already have a Dota thread. Have you checked the back pages?
>> No. 17720 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 3:24 pm
17720 spacer

Yeah, I didn't see any.
>> No. 17721 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 3:57 pm
17721 spacer
LoL is superior.
>> No. 17724 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 4:24 pm
17724 spacer

I've played both and other than the ease and lack of risk in LoL I don't see why it's superior. Are you just being belligerent? Why do you think that?
>> No. 17737 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 7:49 pm
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>> No. 17755 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 11:15 pm
17755 spacer
For one, LoL doesn't carry on with the silly RTS interface but instead provides players with something that's optimised for MOBA games specifically.
And for people who are into that type of thing, characters are much more diverse and fun, shall I say, not just something straight from WCIII.
Oh, yes, and the community is less rancid. Even if just slightly.

There are still some things in DotA I would like to see in LoL.
>> No. 17758 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 12:28 am
17758 spacer

Fair enough. I find the interface to not provide enough information where it's needed. I won't argue about the community but playing a MOBA with anything but a 5-stack is a recipe for disaster. Which features would you like to see brought into LoL? I played Annie recently and the micro had room for improvement. I also dislike how the spells "feel", nothing seems to have an impact on the gameplay - which I imagine could be mostly me being used to one game more than another. For example I could be getting kited down but the game didn't make me feel like I was in danger. I don't know how to describe it, it's just me I suppose.
>> No. 17759 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 9:20 am
17759 spacer
I and other two chaps have a team, so sometimes we have to deal with two rude teenagers. There's also a 3x3 map which we play a lot, where we're saved from dealing with that nonsense. And there's ranked solo/duo where both teams are in the same mess.
The one thing I really like about DotA is how players can interact with the environment and especially the trees chopping part. LoL's classic map is very focused on layout of the forest (you need to know exactly where you can flash, it's also smaller, so shortcuts make more difference, etc.), and with decent vision game, there's no way to go around it. The ability to cut some trees even for a limited amount of time would really bring something new to the game, although I dare not to imagine how much rebalancing all champions would require for this to work, so it's just wishful thinking. Maybe they'll make a different map like this one day, who knows.
You should try playing different roles. I personally prefer to play support, but when I play mid or jungle it's a good change of pace. Many characters can be successfully played on several different lanes, so how you level-up and what items you buy may define your role as much as what champion you play. With some luck and planning, you can switch lanes with someone mid game, too. All this gives character selection in ranked more impact on the game, I feel.
Good enemy team is another thing. If they know what they are doing, you'll feel unsafe every time you get too far from your turret, but you have to take that risk during lane phase not too much gold and exp. In DotA, I felt, the game starts very slow. Fifteen minutes without a kill was nothing special when I played. I know it makes the game more strategic and all, but it also makes learning curve a bit too steep from a certain point.
>> No. 17760 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 10:40 am
17760 spacer

I think the steep learning curve offers some reward for playing well, but I understand what you mean - it did take me a good month of playing before I really felt comfortable with a small circle of heroes. The complex mechanics is what also attracts me to dota like the stacking and pulling, dewarding, rune control and all of that. I'm unsure if LoL has anything like that because I've only played ~20 games and nothing has cropped up like that yet.
>> No. 17761 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 12:04 pm
17761 spacer
There are some equivalents of those, less complex, though, so yeah. LoL most definitely has less depth, it's just I don't see it as a bad thing, but rather as a different angle with a better priorities set. Meta game, for example, feels very nice in LoL.
>> No. 17762 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 12:24 pm
17762 spacer

I will admit the newest season (correct me if I'm wrong on any terminology) feels really nice. The fact they've just reworked so much of the game and enforced a new meta, rather than let one develop, is pretty fun. I know a lot of people enjoy the simplicity of LoL over Dota. My brother especially feels like losing a game in LoL isn't even half as frustrating as losing one in Dota because you haven't invested nearly as much time learning all the mechanics and the lack of punishment allows for a more relaxed gameplay. I don't know to what extent he is right but there we are.

Have you looked into this Heroes of the Storm thing? I'm personally looking forward to it as a more extreme version of that LoL relaxed gameplay style that would be a nice change from Dota for me.
>> No. 17764 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 12:57 pm
17764 spacer
Yes, the new season is great, esp. for me as support. It's still tad bugged, but Riot is generally very responsive when it comes to bug reports. That's another thing I like in LoL, devs appear to be nice guys and put a good work in polishing their product. As for how much people may be invested in the game, my team has been stuck for a month now in the 3rd division of silver league, which is far from being anything near to pro, but when the day comes for provisional games (you have to win two out of three to move up a division after winning enough games in your current one, basically) it's always thrilling enough and loss feels meaningful with a lot of game analysis and trying to come up with better builds, character combinations and tactics, etc. So LoL is rewarding enough to keep exploring it, for me at least. I am not sure how things are in DotA with more experienced players.
Heroes of the Storm looks interesting. Was following it for quite a while now. If anything, it's good to see Blizzard doing something outside of their usual WoW/SC/Diablo cash cows, even if the new game is based on all those franchises. MOBA is still an emerging genre and the chances of someone making another breakthrough are relatively high and Blizzard may just have what it takes.
>> No. 17765 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 1:09 pm
17765 spacer

Steam have a lot to learn from Riot with their communication (diretide for example) and I respect that a lot. I think LoL will have a lot of competition from HotS, as far as I understand it a lot of WoW players left WoW to play LoL and I could see them moving back to Blizzard to experience the familiar characters and such. HotS is having a HUGE impact on Dota even now, a lot of characters are having to change in name and appearance in order to avoid potential lawsuits from Blizzard because they obviously owned Warcraft and as such own all the characters. I'm not sure I agree with MOBA being an emerging genre, I think it's going to peak fairly soon. Dota is already the most played game on Steam and LoL gains a ludicrously large amount of players a day - as much as I'd like to expand into cataclysmic Call of Duty sized numbers, I don't think it will. But HotS could change that, they made Warcraft popular and I'm sure they could make anything else popular if they wanted.
>> No. 17766 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 2:31 pm
17766 spacer
Always found DOTA to be rather boring. It's just all grind, isn't it? At least it isn't as bad as those loathesome tower defence games which have flooded the internet and seemingly sucked up any and all consideration and thought in design.
>> No. 17767 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 3:01 pm
17767 spacer
What do you mean grind? It's like saying that clicking units very fast is what RTS genre is.
>> No. 17768 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 3:03 pm
17768 spacer

It's grind for the first maybe 3-5 minutes. Not even that if that's what you want to do in the game. If you want a view of how anti-grind it is I suggest watching some professional matches - nerdy albeit but exciting stuff.

I'm not 100% what you mean by the tower defence comparison because a MOBA and tower defence aren't even remotely similar.
>> No. 17769 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 5:02 pm
17769 spacer
You attack or otherwise defend towers, thus being a tower defense game. It's pretty simple stuff.
>> No. 17770 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 5:21 pm
17770 spacer
Wow... Have you ever played video games? I've heard they are popular nowadays. There's this one about shooting people you absolutely should look into. Great stuff.
>> No. 17771 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 6:47 pm
17771 spacer

Stop being an infantile prick.

If you can't see the abstract comparison between the similarly homogeneous sea of DOTA clones and vast swathes of identical tower defence games, then I think it is you who needs to start paying more attention to videogames.

These sorts of games are the methadone to WoW's smack.
>> No. 17774 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 7:42 pm
17774 spacer

>These sorts of games are the methadone to WoW's smack.

Couldn't agree more.
>> No. 17775 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 8:26 pm
17775 spacer
Do you still call Warcraft a Dune 2 clone, grandad? You clearly have no grasp on the concept of video game genres. It's your right not to like it, but MOBA games are different. Some of them are more like DotA some of them are less so. Some of them even play more like platformers or third-person shooters.
I am not a big fan of fighting games, but I don't go around whimpering how every single one is just Street Fighter and everyone should stop having fun this instant.
>> No. 17776 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 9:10 pm
17776 spacer

I also press buttons on all my games. So they're all basically the same too.
>> No. 17778 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 10:02 pm
17778 spacer

You need to try a better strawman than that school level one.
>> No. 17779 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 10:12 pm
17779 spacer
It's hard to present anything but a strawman, when all you have is "those games are all the same and they are also shit, I tell you, you silly kids, and no, I don't need to explain anything".
>> No. 17780 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 11:02 pm
17780 spacer

Thanks for derailing a decent discussion, you jizzrag.
>> No. 17797 Anonymous
29th November 2013
Friday 7:12 pm
17797 spacer

Anyway, I like playing Dota 2.
>> No. 17798 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 2:47 pm
17798 spacer

Slark/Naga is my OTP. I mean, after KoTL and any female character, of course.
>> No. 17995 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 8:55 am
17995 spacer
I'm slowly getting into Dota 2 now. I've spent a good 10 hours messing around on the tutorial and bot matches, but i'm now occasionally not coming last on online matches.

There's so much shit to learn in that game though. I know i'd have to put a lot of time into it to become a "good" player.
>> No. 18002 Anonymous
20th December 2013
Friday 4:10 am
18002 spacer
I have gotten into it recently too.
Not particularly good, but am getting better. I have played ~50 games now, though some of those are on wraith night.

I have found learning to play is quite rewarding, plus most of the time you can learn as you play - so if you enjoy playing you will pick things up pretty fast.
>> No. 18138 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 5:14 pm
18138 spacer
I need to convince a team to let me ruin a game by picking Naga carry so I can rice for 30 minutus while they get wrecked and win the game single handedly by right clicking my illusions on the enemy base.
>> No. 18140 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 8:32 pm
18140 spacer
..good luck?
>> No. 18142 Anonymous
14th January 2014
Tuesday 12:08 am
18142 spacer
>>18002 >>17995

Learning is half the fun, really. Watch videos if that helps you learn, just find a hero you're good at and have fun with him!
>> No. 18144 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 8:37 pm
18144 spacer
I have been having fun (for the most part). I tend to play single draft so I can try out heroes I have not played before, while also being able to play heroes I enjoyed in the past if they come up.
The only thing I really dislike is people can get rather angry in chat, though I understand if you invest an hour into a game and you get stuck with a bad team it is frustrating.
This makes learning rather disheartening at times, even if it is not you getting the aggro.

Does not help that single draft often ends up with silly teams like all strength melee heroes or something.
>> No. 18145 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 10:40 pm
18145 spacer
Ranked is currently driving me up the wall. I haven't got a very impressive MMR but how Valve can think it's placed me well with people who go ring of health first infuriates the fuck out of me.

Anyway, if any of you guys are up for a game we could set up a chat on the in-game dashboard thing.
>> No. 18146 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 11:18 pm
18146 spacer
I am up for playing together.
I can safely say I do not go ring of health first - I generally go with the suggested items at the start.
>> No. 18147 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 11:51 pm
18147 spacer

Alright, the channel is 'britfags' - we'll see if we can play some games tomorrow or something.
>> No. 18149 Anonymous
17th January 2014
Friday 6:40 pm
18149 spacer
Sorry I was not about most of yesterday, can play tonight though. Will hang about the channel.
>> No. 18298 Anonymous
26th February 2014
Wednesday 6:39 am
18298 spacer

I completely understand how you feel. There's many posts on the internet about how Elo hell does not exist. With that I agree, you can move up. But the rate at which you get out of a low elo, is ridiculous. For example, a 3000 elo player would take a long time to move up to 3000 from 2000 merely because his team would be useless. I have this problem like you where there are players going boots first item every game. They really need to have an elo reset button once per account in my opinion in case your calibration matches went appauling. (Mine did and I'm assuming your's didn't go great too.)
>> No. 18299 Anonymous
26th February 2014
Wednesday 9:12 am
18299 spacer
I'm quite glad I don't care about the ranked matches, I just like playing the game. The ability draft I think is one of the most fun modes. It can be a complete gamefucker, but I enjoy it.
>> No. 18300 Anonymous
27th February 2014
Thursday 1:35 am
18300 spacer
I am REALLY enjoying mid right now in ranked. Especially with someone who can snowball out of control like Kunkka or even Slark. Also I'll drop into the britfags chat at some point so we can actually play at some point!

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