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>> No. 18148 Anonymous
17th January 2014
Friday 6:27 pm
18148 spacer
Any Ingress players on britfa.gs?
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>> No. 18150 Anonymous
17th January 2014
Friday 7:14 pm
18150 spacer
I've seen one of my nerdy friends play it once when we travelled together. Never heard of it otherwise.
>> No. 18197 Anonymous
23rd January 2014
Thursday 11:53 pm
18197 spacer
Can you explain it in a nutshell? The wikipedia article is scary.

>augmented reality.

>> No. 18198 Anonymous
24th January 2014
Friday 1:02 pm
18198 spacer
I had a look at it when I got my new phone. Basically when you sign up you choose a 'team'. Both teams have thousands of players. Basically landmarks have these beacon things that each team has to capture, you capture them by visiting them and (using your phones GPS) 'capture' them. I don't know how the game dynamics really work but that's the very basic explanation.
>> No. 18199 Anonymous
24th January 2014
Friday 6:40 pm
18199 spacer
Around October/November last year I got bored of playing League of Legends, the only game I could play at the time on a sub-standard Acer with integrated graphics, I downloaded this on my phone and began hitting portals around my local area on my way to work. It didn't take me long before I was googling how to cheat at it, two weeks later I was at level 6 and pissing off a whole bunch of hardcore local Ingress players by GPS spoofing.

I even remember once I was a spot where there was about 8 solid good portals all within 100 meters of eachother, I used to spoof there every few hours and farm them for XP/items and one night whilst hitting them another local lad popped up saying, "Anon, you must be either very good at climbing or you are invisible to get past that security in those gardens", I carried on by explaining I was standing at a point where I could reach the portal but unfortunately the lad was at the actual location at the time, he caught me red handed.

After this confrontation I knew the gig was up and immediately turned my city blue overnight but using everything I had in my inventory, pillaging green fields and pissing off the whole Ingress community here. I awoke to furious messages in global from the greenies proclaiming, "SPOOFER! SPOOFER!". I laughed and giggled like a little girl and then deleted my account before I got banned.

Shit game but friendly community, if you've got no life go for it.. possibly make some *REAL* friends there too.
>> No. 18202 Anonymous
28th January 2014
Tuesday 12:09 am
18202 spacer
After a breif skim over wikipedia I've come to the assumption that Ingress is basically 'king of the hill geo-cashing'. Couldn't this lead to real life physical violence inorder to stop opponents taking your factions portals?
>> No. 18203 Anonymous
28th January 2014
Tuesday 1:02 am
18203 spacer
From Wikipedia:

>Augmented reality (AR) is a live, copy, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

In practice, this means you point your device's camera at the real world, and something is rendered on the screen as though it were really there, so when you move your camera, the rendered elements move with it. The idea has been around for a while but it's only become popular recently in areas like smartphone apps, Google likes it, the Nintendo 3DS uses it. Search YouTube for examples.

With regards to Ingress, which I don't believe uses a camera, it means the game-relevant stuff is drawn over your phone's map, so as you walk around in the real world, you have to use your phone to see where the invisible 'portal' things are located and capture them.
>> No. 18238 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 11:13 pm
18238 spacer
It's a capture the flag type game. You pick a team and then capture areas or portals using your phone's gps. Portals are normally landmarks or points of interest. Players gain points by attacking the other teams portals and linking portals. It is addictive and very geeky.

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