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>> No. 18242 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 6:58 pm
18242 Chess
Is there some sort of chess-training program or game that will help me get to grips with the rules and basic tactics of actual chess?
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>> No. 18243 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 7:03 pm
18243 spacer

I don't know. But I'd like to take a moment to warn everyone that, in a clear act of anti-intellectualism, Windows 8 DOES NOT have a chess game pre-installed.

The lizard people are winning.
>> No. 18244 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 7:05 pm
18244 spacer
This is a good introduction to the game.
>> No. 18245 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 7:21 pm
18245 spacer
I've found something pre-installed on this machine called "Chess Titans" but I feel like I'm moving my pieces around almost at random.
>> No. 18246 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 7:47 pm
18246 spacer

Press F1 and it will give you simple instructions. There are only 6 unique pieces so it's not as complicated as it might seem.
>> No. 18247 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 7:52 pm
18247 spacer
I'm starting to internalise the ways they can move thanks to the way the program highlights available squares, it's just the idea of applying any sort of tactics to what I'm doing is far beyond me. I suppose practice is the only teacher available.
>> No. 18248 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 7:56 pm
18248 spacer
Absolutely loads mate.

Learning the basic rules is perfectly straightforward, you can just read the Wikipedia page. It takes five minutes to learn the basics and another five to learn all the minor rules, there really isn't much to it.

You have several options in learning to play the game well. I think the best starting point is probably http://www.chess.com/learn-how-to-play-chess . Accessing all of the features on chess.com requires a paid subscription, but you can view some lessons and articles and play games for free. Don't be afraid to get stuck in and start playing - you'll get absolutely beasted, but you can't progress without playing and you'll learn more from human opponents.

An excellent site for tactics problems is http://chesstempo.com/chess-tactics.html . A tactics problem presents you with a position on the board and asks you to find the best move for black or white. Chesstempo has thousands of problems graded by difficulty level, and will automatically show you problems of suitable difficulty as you progress.

As you gain a bit more confidence in the game, have a look on YouTube - there are literally hundreds of channels offering teaching and analysing professional games.
>> No. 18249 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 7:59 pm
18249 spacer
That's brilliant, thanks.
>> No. 18250 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 9:06 pm
18250 spacer


I just beat the level 1 on Chess Titans, it's pretty easy and so a good place to start for a beginner.

The thing to keep in mind, with each move you make and each move the opponent makes is basically: what does this mean for me?

If the computer moves a piece somewhere, look at all the places that piece could move next. Are any of your pieces at risk? And vice versa, before you move a piece, make sure that it isn't going to be easily taken by your opponent afterwards.

Eventually you'll be able to think 'several moves ahead' which is just building upon this core/key idea.

Of course you can purposely move pieces into a position for them to be taken, this is where the strategy and tactics come in.

To me chess is always something better played on an actual board and with an actual person. You'd be surprised at the sorts of people who play so maybe ask around. You can get sets for under a tenner.

I'd personally rank the value of the pieces as such (ignoring the king because he's got shit to do).

Rook aka Castle
Bishop / Knight aka Horsey (I'd put those two on the same level though probably favour the Knight myself)

You don't want to be losing your Queen unless it means your taking theirs (or that victory will then be imminent and certain for you).

Assuming you understand the concept of checkmate, you'll want to take the time to understand 'stalemate'.

I can't speak of 'plays' beyond this. Look up 'fools mate' and I think it's called 'scholars mate'. The former is merely something to avoid, the latter is a powerful play that will ensure you a quick victory over anyone who isn't aware of it. Even if they are / or if they do something that prevents it, the strategy is a good one to apply.

Think that's it. I'm slowly getting drunk as my whisky quickly goes down. No amount of chess has prepared me for this.

pic unrelated
>> No. 18251 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 9:26 pm
18251 spacer
>vice versa

You've just reminded me how annoying I find my girlfriend's habit of saying vica-versa. I'm not even entirely sure she's wrong. It's a hard life being a cunt,
>> No. 18252 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 9:27 pm
18252 spacer
I did get as far as tempting the computer player to take certain pieces I'd left out as bait but then the plans fell through for other reasons I hadn't thought through. I'll keep at it. I have a friend I play with, I want to practice apart from that to try and beat her for once.
>> No. 18253 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 9:37 pm
18253 spacer

Sounds like a legitimate reason to dump her. When she inevitably asks why, simply reply 'Checkmate'.

Edgy and relevant, I know right!
>> No. 18254 Anonymous
11th February 2014
Tuesday 9:43 pm
18254 spacer

I'll bear that in mind if she ever decides to play for the other side.
>> No. 18255 Anonymous
12th February 2014
Wednesday 12:50 am
18255 spacer
The "vice" has two syllables. It rhymes with "nicer" or "icy". The single-syllable form is wrong and therefore preferred by Americans. If you want to be really authentic, you could read aloud the letters "VK", and in doing so identify yourself as a pretentious twat.
>> No. 18256 Anonymous
13th February 2014
Thursday 11:52 pm
18256 spacer
Is it not pronounced 'vee-chay'?
>> No. 18257 Anonymous
14th February 2014
Friday 11:07 am
18257 spacer
Only by plebs trying to sound clever by pretending they know Latin.
>> No. 18258 Anonymous
14th February 2014
Friday 6:13 pm
18258 spacer
Lads, how does one pronounce the name 'Camus', as in Albert Camus? I've always thought 'cam' as in 'camera' followed by 'us', but today I then heard it pronounced 'cam-oo'. I guess that's more in line with French.
>> No. 18259 Anonymous
14th February 2014
Friday 6:21 pm
18259 spacer
It's Camoo. He can-do, but Sartre is smarter!
>> No. 18267 Anonymous
15th February 2014
Saturday 6:50 pm
18267 spacer
Kill yourself.
>> No. 18273 Anonymous
15th February 2014
Saturday 11:24 pm
18273 spacer

Camus rejected nihilism.
>> No. 18274 Anonymous
16th February 2014
Sunday 12:54 am
18274 spacer

Who gives a shit.

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