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>> No. 18301 Anonymous
27th February 2014
Thursday 3:01 pm
18301 Dark Souls II
So who's excited for this? I was pretty unsure about it, but having watched VaatiVidya's gameplay videos, it looks really good (though do bear in mind that his videos feature an annoying amount of shilling for Gamestop).

Apparently it's more accessible without being easier - fast travel available from the beginning, encouraged to go anywhere from the beginning rather than following a particular route like in the previous game, crafting has been streamlined somewhat etc. Combat looks to have been changed to be more punishing though, as you no longer have invincibility during ripostes/backstabs like you did in the first game, and the backstab window is a lot narrower, meaning fighting other players should be less about rolling around hoping to be first to backstab. Dying causes your maximum HP to decrease, with enough deaths reducing it to a minimum of 50%. Reversing hollowing restores it to 100%. I quite like that, as it's a return to the soul form thing in Demon's Souls but slightly less harsh. Also the game allegedly has a less awful framerate.

Couple of reservations though. I worry that it'll be just more of the same, and the areas I've seen described don't seem too dissimilar from those in the first game. There's even a Blighttown/Valley Of Defilement type area with poisonous mist, which is bad because they were the worst levels of their respective games.

So what builds are people planning? The stats have changed a lot, so that might take some getting used to. http://darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Stats
Expand all images.
>> No. 18302 Anonymous
27th February 2014
Thursday 3:43 pm
18302 spacer
I'm quite moist for it. I just went through Dark Souls for the third or fourth time the other day playing a character best described as a big cunt. Biggest armour I could find, biggest shield I could find and a zweihander to top things off as the biggest sword I could find. Fun was had.
>> No. 18311 Anonymous
2nd March 2014
Sunday 5:09 pm
18311 spacer
Doing another run through of the first to prepare for the sequel. Being a slightly less big, but a big cunt nonetheless. Stone armour, Black Knight sword, Bonewheel Shield. Very different from my usual playthroughs where I like to keep a low equip load and use a lot of magic. Struggling with the Stray Demon though. Hardest boss in the game I reckon, fucking hate it.
>> No. 18312 Anonymous
2nd March 2014
Sunday 6:28 pm
18312 spacer
Keep running around to the back of its right leg. From there the AOE attacks will be less likely to hit you. After the move where it flies up and tries to land on you there is a good opportunity for a few hits on it. Best of luck.
>> No. 18314 Anonymous
2nd March 2014
Sunday 7:17 pm
18314 spacer
Managed to do it and quite easily. Used that strategy, and used a super light equipment set so I could roll pretty quickly. Stray Demon seems pretty similar to the Capra Demon - if you can survive the tough entrance (the narrow area with two dogs and the big sword hit from Capra, and the fall damage and first attack from Stray) and get to a particular location, it's a doddle.
>> No. 18353 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 2:00 am
18353 spacer

I've probably sunk about 16 hours into it since Friday. The highlight so far being swearing fealty to the Rat King to protect his pestilent sanctum.
>> No. 18354 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 2:05 am
18354 spacer

>> No. 18359 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 3:25 pm
18359 spacer
Played about 25 hours. 15 on my current character, 8 on one before that (didn't like him), 2 on one before that (didn't like him).

Really enjoying the game, though a few minor issues. Not getting invaded nearly enough, think that's the soul memory issue that a lot of people are having. The difficulty is really fucked up, doesn't have the steady gradient that the previous game did. Like I'll face an easy boss like Flexile Sentry, then a super hard one like Ruin Sentinels, then not long after that a disgracefully easy one like Prowling Magus. Though I suppose that's the problem with it being a lot more open ended than the previous one.

Still, a fucking great game though. Loving my ultra greatsword collection.
>> No. 18360 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 7:13 pm
18360 spacer

Fucking Plebs.png
>> No. 18374 Anonymous
26th March 2014
Wednesday 6:36 pm
18374 spacer
So I pre-ordered myself a copy on Steam, and got another for no specific reason, maybe trading.
Well now I'm skint and want to sell it, anyone interested? A lot cheaper of course.

Anyway, I'm hyped as fuck, the first is the only game I had pre-ordered and instantly became my most favourite after playing it.
Tried not to read anything about it but had a little peek and am just more excited about the things I've heard, how it's a proper sequel like they're meant to be made.
>> No. 18427 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 1:38 pm
18427 spacer
How much are we talking here, pal o' mine?
>> No. 18499 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 6:49 pm
18499 spacer
Well there's a lot of buzzwords like unmemorable bosses, soulless etc, but I think they've done a fantastic job and am loving the shit out of it, maybe even more than the first.
>> No. 18500 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 7:11 pm
18500 spacer
I think its a bit of a slow burner. It took me a while to enjoy Dark Souls and each new area was punishing.

I have a similar feeling with this game now. I've yet to complete it and I'm currently drudging through the underground section after Drangleic castle. Dark Souls was a lot more enjoyable for me when I had an idea of how the game plays out and I could plan my route or what items to pick up. I know there are some NG+ additions which should be something to look forward to.

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