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>> No. 18395 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 4:50 pm
18395 Roguelikes?
Anyone here into Roguelikes? I'm looking for some recommendations. I just finished DoomRL (on the easiest setting), which I'm told is very forgiving by the standards of the genre. It was quite good fun.

I'm not interested in ASCII mode stuff like the attached, tilesets being a must.

Are there any with gamepad support? Or on consoles?
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>> No. 18396 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 4:59 pm
18396 spacer
Dungeons of Dredmor is a very accessible roguelike, with pretty nice graphics reminiscent of The Curse of Monkey Island.
>> No. 18397 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 5:27 pm
18397 spacer
Keep an eye on The Consuming Shadow. It's Yahtzee's latest dabbling with freeware adventures, a Love-craft-esque roguelike based on his earlier point and click adventures.
>> No. 18398 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 5:37 pm
18398 spacer

Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead is a good one about surviving in a zombie apocalypse, you can either go for a mode with tons of classic zombies or not as many zombies but some of them are mutated ala left 4 dead and a few scifi things thrown in like triffids and UFO crash sites.

It's ASCII by default but there are some mods and tile sets here:
>> No. 18399 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 6:19 pm
18399 spacer
Thanks. It sounds like it's a bit of an arse to set up pad support, but doable.

Looks interesting, but I wasn't a fan of Eternal Darkness' sanity effects. Have you played the beta?
>> No. 18401 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 11:47 pm
18401 spacer
Binding of Isaac is one of my faves. It may not quite fit the bill as a proper roguelike though.

If you haven't heard or played it then its a top down game from one of the Meatboy creators in which you play as a disturbed young boy that fires your tears at enemies. Plays a little like the 2d zelda games.
>> No. 18402 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 12:28 am
18402 spacer
I was just going to say that Binding Of Isaac is most probably my favourite roguelike, mostly because it's not the standard fantasy setting that many of them feel they need to use.
>> No. 18403 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 12:45 am
18403 spacer

As a major lover of the Zelda game on the SNES (Link To The Past, I think) that sounds wonderful. I will investigate.
>> No. 18405 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 12:59 am
18405 spacer
Some rogue lites (random dungeons, permadeath, not necessarily top down turn based RPGs)
Rogue Legacy has pad support
Teleglitch and FTL do not.
All are worth your time however.
>> No. 18406 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 1:37 am
18406 spacer
If we're suggesting Roguelike-likes, Spelunky and Don't Starve both qualify.

Spelunky is a pretty tricky platformer with randomly generated levels, and it's rather fun. Also permadeath, and quite unforgiving. There is a freeware version which is a few years old, and an enhanced version which came out on PC last year with near characters, full gamepad support, and cute graphics.

Don't Starve is a survival game, again with permadeath and a hunger system and stuff. But it's less about combat and dungeon crawling, and more about gathering necessary materials and crafting. Good use of darkness, as at night if you don't have a light source, all sorts of beasties attack you. Unique art style too, looks like paper cut outs, quite sweet. I fucking hate the game and don't find it fun at all, but it has a lot of fans.

Sword Of The Stars: The Pit is good. It's on PC, and it's a spin off of the Sword Of The Stars strategy games but you don't really need to know the mythos. Not dissimilar to DoomRL, a very good roguelike for beginners, and it has clear graphics and simple controls. None of that memorising an action for each individual key stuff.

Also as for Binding Of Isaac, it's less like Zelda and more like Smash TV. One of those top down, four-directional twin-stick shooters. It's a good game, I've played probably 60 hours of it, but there is a lot of luck involved which can be frustrating (you get at least one item on every floor pretty much - you can be lucky and be unstoppable by the third floor, or get 5 levels down with fuck all of use).
>> No. 18407 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 1:52 am
18407 spacer

Quit being a pussy and install Dwarf Fortress.
>> No. 18408 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 3:47 am
18408 spacer
I secretly suspect that nobody really enjoys playing Dwarf Fortress, and the only people who claim to are fat insecure nerds trying to impress their internet sperglord friends.

Then again I used to think the same about Paradox games and Minecraft. I've now logged over 700 hours on Vicky II and feel a deep sense of cosmic dread at the idea of the number of hours I've sunk into MC. Perhaps one day I'll find myself playing Dwarf Fortress at the bottom of the Autistic Videogame Rabbithole.
>> No. 18409 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 5:53 am
18409 spacer

I've played DF a bit and I enjoyed it, but I had to use graphics. I'd say that the perception of DF is a lot worse than the actual experience. You get more autistic people in EVE and WoW.
>> No. 18410 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 7:23 am
18410 spacer
I didn't enjoy Isaac. It feels too much like early 00's Newgrounds, all floaty and insubstantial somehow, which is unsurprising since it's Flash under the hood. Getting the pad to work with it was an arse as well, I'm sure there are sound technical reasons why Flash can't just work with game pads but it was still irritating. Apparently it's getting remade into a "proper" game much like Spelunky did, at which point I suppose I'll try again.

I've played the shit out of Spelunky, both versions. Finally finished Hell the other day.

Tried Teleglitch and didn't like it - it does have full pad support, though.

Rogue Legacy got boring much more quickly than I expected, despite having enjoyed it a lot at first. Something about the upgrade cycle felt onerous.

Dwarf Fortress is a bit like Eve in that I enjoy reading other people's stories about the game but have no desire to play the game itself.

I need to check out Don't Starve.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.
>> No. 18411 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 8:04 am
18411 spacer
I suppose Nethack is worth mentioning, you can get some good tilesets for that.
Although I've tried it a few times and suck at it bad. It's one of the most recommended in the genre though.
>> No. 18413 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 9:13 am
18413 spacer
I'm supposedly a sperg and couldn't get into dorf forts. It's my understanding that it's an excellent game, though.
>> No. 18415 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 11:56 am
18415 spacer

It is quite excellent, but takes a while to get into. There aren't many games that allow you to bite off women's hand so you can carry them around in bag and animate them with magic so that they crawl over your foes and pinch them to death.

Or throttle a three year old with their own intestines. Or defeat sieging armies by dropping clutches of trained war cheetahs on their heads.

It's a very deep game. A new version is coming out soon, too.
>> No. 18416 Anonymous
7th April 2014
Monday 2:52 pm
18416 spacer

Or your executioner finds himself lacking an axe so he goes around punishing dwarves for their crimes by biting off their fingers instead and ends up ill with a mouth full of very old and very rotten dwarf bits.
>> No. 18417 Anonymous
8th April 2014
Tuesday 3:48 pm
18417 spacer
I second this. I couldn't survive more than a week there though.
Try to attract a dozen of zombies to a petrol station, then make it explode. Jack a working car (or fix a broken one), ram everything you encounter on a road. Grab a grenade launcher, use it. Grow some tentacles. Smoke crack. Make molotovs. Find a goo canister, let loose what's inside it. That thing shall be your only friend.
A decent game indeed.
>> No. 18418 Anonymous
8th April 2014
Tuesday 6:59 pm
18418 spacer
Prospector is wonderful: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Prospector

But I do have to say Nethack is my favourite roguelike by a mile.
>> No. 18419 Anonymous
8th April 2014
Tuesday 10:52 pm
18419 spacer
Desktop Dungeons. It's a puzzle roguelike more or less and it's a great coffee-break game. There's an inferior free version of it and some mobile clones, but I really recommend to grab it on Steam.
>> No. 18420 Anonymous
9th April 2014
Wednesday 2:45 am
18420 spacer
Wait Binding of Isaac is a roguelike? All this time I thought it was a top-down shoot-em-up like Robotron for some reason.
>> No. 18421 Anonymous
9th April 2014
Wednesday 3:59 am
18421 spacer

It is an arcade shooter, but it's also a roguelike. It has all of the key roguelike features - randomly generated dungeons, permadeath, discovery of magical items etc. Well worth playing, it's a fantastic little game.
>> No. 18426 Anonymous
11th April 2014
Friday 4:09 pm
18426 spacer
I've been playing a bit of Don't Starve. In a roundabout way it reminds me of those late 90s, early 3D fetch quest games where you had to run around finding 50 of this, 20 of that, 12 of the other, etc etc. I didn't like that design much at the time, honestly.

On my last game I got the science station which opens up a bewildering array of craftable things. Is this basically the whole game, just crafting and collecting and then crafting some more? Because if it is, that's probably not enough to keep me going. It's compelling and addictive in that spergy way but I'm not sure it's any fun.
>> No. 18428 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 4:30 am
18428 spacer
That was my main problem with it. I survived around 200 days, had a massive base, could easily replenish my supplies etc. Then I just though "what the fuck is the point in all this shit?", closed the game and haven't loaded it up since. That was ages ago, though. I've heard stuff about a vague narrative being added, as well as concrete goals, so I might go back at some point.
>> No. 18458 Anonymous
28th April 2014
Monday 11:24 pm
18458 spacer

Dwarf code.jpg

Soon. I literally cannot wait, yet also dread it. I used to be able to play week long marathons at uni when I had fuck all to do, now I'm working the grind and can barely squeeze in a few migrant waves here and there.

Dwarf fortress is deep, like the caverns of Moria, and you can get lost in both for equatable amounts of time. I'm saving some time up to take off when it comes out.

Toady is a genius, and once you learn the game, you barely even notice the barely functioning UI - it's like learning a new coding language and you learn the keyboard. Also has a pretty good modding community, I play mostly vanilla but use DFhack for some of the tools. I am led to believe Masterwork both increases usability with good tilesets and UI and also extends the already impressive complement of features in the game, adding inventive new creatures and items.

if you have a beast machine and dual monitors (I use my big living room telly), you can also use StoneSense to have a realtime isometric 3D display of your fortress that is pretty versatile and looks fantastic.

It's like Simcity on DXM, where apocalypse is inevitable and the shadows are creeping in while the walls drip with magma and the floor dissolves into decaying socks.

Sage for insane dwarf ramblings.
>> No. 18463 Anonymous
29th April 2014
Tuesday 5:24 am
18463 spacer

I also literally cannot wait, which is why I'm currently playing it in order to practise my skills so that I can more fully enjoy the new release.

Also, I only had time to install linux on my laptop and it's the only game I can play atm. Lucky I did have like five spare hours in which to compile the necessary files needed to run it and dwarf therapist.
>> No. 18489 Anonymous
29th April 2014
Tuesday 9:27 pm
18489 spacer

God yeah, I had a serious palaver trying to get it to work on Ubuntu, probably shouldn't have used that as my introduction to Linux though.

I've been playing a bit more recently in anticipation but it eats up time, also I have been checking for updates every single day.

>> No. 18495 Anonymous
2nd May 2014
Friday 1:29 pm
18495 spacer
>I'm currently playing it in order to practise my skills so that I can more fully enjoy the new release.

You might find your efforts in vien. In the past Toady has changed key aspects of the game that literally made 'practice' obsolete. I think it was the 2012 update that overhauled the way military worked and was controlled (there were a few others too which I forget).

I find it pretty difficult to make sense of Toady's updates so I don't really know whats in store for the next release. The only thing I know about is the changes to trees, which I'm obviously looking forward to (I prefer building above ground wooden forts).
>> No. 18496 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 4:19 pm
18496 spacer

Fair point, as I understand it, this release is pretty major, with huge changes to the game from the roots up, lots of interactions, social changes, the new trees, new combat system. It's going to be damn good.

I imagine old saves will not be compatible either.
>> No. 18558 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 1:22 pm
18558 spacer
>I don't really know whats in store for the next release
I was half expecting ridicule at my willingness to tell you how to do things while at the same time expressing no understanding of the matter.
Any practise is practise.
Forgive me, please.

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