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>> No. 18506 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 12:39 am
18506 spacer
Why did no one tell me this was so good? Everything just feels good and it all seems very fluid.

What other games do you think have fallen under the radar despite being hailed as great 5+ years ago?
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>> No. 18507 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 1:02 am
18507 spacer
Was it good? I don't know... I was surprised how they added elements of RPG to it and the story was somewhat OK. The cinematics were amazing though.

I got Frozen Throne as well, to complete the lot.

I spent so many hours playing the custom game stuff online.

Come to think of it, this was at least 10 years ago... Fucking hell....
>> No. 18508 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 1:06 am
18508 spacer
It was released 12 years ago.
>> No. 18509 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 1:06 am
18509 spacer
I got it in 2003 - a year after it all started.
>> No. 18510 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 1:30 am
18510 spacer
By far my favourite RTS. Loved the variety in missions, the RPG elements, and it perfected the balance of the base building/upgrading macro aspects and the use of individual units' special skills in the micro aspects. I'm still impressed with the art style, as it's managed to age very well graphically despite being nearly 12 years old. It was never particularly gorgeous looking, but it's sort of like WoW where it can be run on a toaster and still look pretty decent. The cutscenes are great too, that's definitely one of Blizzard's strong points.

Lot of nostalgia for custom maps. Never played skirmishes online because I was shit, but there were so many custom maps that I loved. Particular favourites are Polar Escape (the one where you navigate a very tricky map with slippy ice and enemies), the co-op Tower Defence ones which ended up descending into everyone raging when the player in charge of the major chokepoint disconnects, and of course Run Kitty Run with this running on a loop:

>> No. 18511 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 1:56 am
18511 spacer
The art style in my opinion was absolutely gash. The old artists from WC2 were not there anymore to provide that dark style, so they resorted to a sort of "winnie-pooh-esque" style of animation and art.

As for Custom Maps;

- Footie Frenzy, one of the absolute best. Basically 4 teams of 3, each has a base and they spawn footmen. You have a hero you can control and it's basically a tug of war between the 4 teams. Lovely.

- Angel Arena; This was amazing, a 100 unique heroes to choose from and a insane levelling system. You could get up to lvl 500 (as opposed to the vanilla 10), and just be outrageously powerful. There were tons of awesome artefacts to fight over and collect.

- CS-tower defence, a TD game based on the counter strike weapons, bizarre, but very fun.

- Battleships. This was a spectacular custom map, as someone went to the hassle of developing a ship RPG where you're either merchant or a fighting class boat. 2 teams, north and south, each needed to destroy the others base. The gameplay was superb because as a merchant you needed protection from your fighter buddies, and the fighters needed funding for better upgrades. A lot of camaraderie developed on this map. The issue was that a game could last for hours - so people left after 2 or so, I never stayed for a proper 8 hour session as some did.
>> No. 18512 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 2:07 am
18512 spacer
A lot of the WCIII custom maps have been ported over to StarCraft II. The SCII arcade is available for free.
>> No. 18513 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 2:11 am
18513 spacer
You can torrent WCIII and I think it has all the custom game modes. I'm just working through the campaign and it's pretty sweet.
>> No. 18515 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 4:26 pm
18515 spacer
I have recently played Arcanum and Planescape: Torment. The first has a relatively standart BBEG plot and an interesting setting: a post Industrial revolution world where technology competes with magic.

The latter is about an immortal man seeking who, what and why he is. A little absurd, quite unusual and sometimes bloody hilarious. Emphasis on dialogues, many situations can be solved through them. Oh, and the game does not force you to be the typical 'white knight to the rescue of the world'. I fancy that.
Oh, and the magic is marvellous. A real battlefield. Especially those 9th level spells. Search for 'Abyssal Fury' or 'Rune of Torment'.
>> No. 18517 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 5:22 pm
18517 spacer
When you get bored of the magic, give it a play through with charisma and intelligence maxed. It's a dialogue game at heart, anyway.
>> No. 18528 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 11:20 pm
18528 spacer
Both of the games I have mentioned are better played having invested some points in INT and CHR. More interesting that way.

I did one playthrough as a fighter nevertheless. For fun.
>> No. 18530 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 11:30 pm
18530 spacer
This is similar to Fallout 1 & 2, both games I cherish, but I just can't be kept entertained to finish.
It really bothers me, as I think it was the pinnacle of 90's RPG, where amazing story and dialogue replaced graphics and fancy gameplay. I just can't focus long enough on it.
>> No. 18532 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 11:42 pm
18532 spacer

You can complete 2 in like 20 minutes.
>> No. 18533 Anonymous
10th May 2014
Saturday 10:55 am
18533 spacer
By skipping almost all the content and with a prerequisite that you have a deep understanding of the entire game and its systems, presumably.
>> No. 18534 Anonymous
10th May 2014
Saturday 1:08 pm
18534 spacer
The first Fallout takes about 10 hours to finish quite comprehensively. Even if you're working 80 hours a week and have four kids from five different women, all of whom you need to have lunch with once per fortnight, it's well worth your time.

If concentration is the issue then I don't think this type of RPG is for you
>> No. 18535 Anonymous
10th May 2014
Saturday 1:25 pm
18535 spacer
>four kids from five different women

What has science done?!
>> No. 18536 Anonymous
10th May 2014
Saturday 1:50 pm
18536 spacer

See image

Also are the fallout pre-3 games really as hard as everyone makes out?
>> No. 18538 Anonymous
10th May 2014
Saturday 2:07 pm
18538 spacer
Probably, if you're totally unfamiliar with that style of RPG.

They've also aged terribly and play like absolute shite.
>> No. 18540 Anonymous
10th May 2014
Saturday 2:21 pm
18540 spacer

Ah okay. Also which is the best Monkey Island game?

Spoiler: it's this one.
>> No. 18541 Anonymous
10th May 2014
Saturday 2:31 pm
18541 spacer
>They've also aged terribly and play like absolute shite.
I hate to say it, but that was my take on them when I tried them a few years back. I also had a bunch of technical issues getting them running but can't remember the details - I think they're buggy as fuck without community fixes, anyway.
>> No. 18543 Anonymous
10th May 2014
Saturday 3:27 pm
18543 spacer
Nay. Not much.

…reminded me Morrowind, where there were no quest marks on the map and you had to find the damn cave yourself.
>> No. 18544 Anonymous
11th May 2014
Sunday 11:47 pm
18544 spacer
Nah. They're really hard at first though until you work out the combat system, and even then the early parts of both games are a total mare. Your skill levels are so low that you'll be lucky to land hits 50% of the time, and it can be somewhat confusing with regards to where to go if you're more comfortable with modern RPGs pointing the way. Fallout 2's early game is particularly frustrating, as in the first village the only real weapons available are spears and tribal shit like that. Great if you're starting off as a melee build, shit if you're doing anything else.

Also echoing that other person's recommendation of Arcanum. One of those games where it genuinely feels like a different experience depending on choices you make. Like if you're an elf, half-ogre or half-orc, you'll be met with a lot of racism. If you're more focused on magic, you'll be shunned by technological societies and have to ride on a special coach at the back of the trains so you don't disrupt the machines. Also there are ~30 party members you can recruit, but depending on your charisma, your intelligence, your reputation, your alignment, your technological/magical bias, they might shun you or join you. Makes for a different experience every time. Only issue is combat being silly. You can switch between real time clicking and Fallout-style turn based, so magic is quite overpowered as you can switch to real time and spam your spells before enemies even have a chance to get close to you.

If you've got a PS2 or a PS3 with a US account, I'd recommend the Shin Megami Tensei games that were on PS2. Quite punishing JRPGs, interesting settings in all of them instead of generic Tolkienesque worlds, brilliant writing, and a Pokemon-like catch 'em all aspect but instead of cute critters you're summoning various demons/mythological figures/Biblical characters. Nocturne (Lucifer's Call in EU) is set in Tokyo after the end of the world, and where demons now rule, it's probably the best traditional style JRPG. Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army is set in pre-WW2 Tokyo, and you play as a private investigator who is also a demon summoner, and you're investigating some mysterious happenings. My favourites, and probably the most well known games in the series, are Persona 3 and 4: mixtures of dating sim, RPG, and visual novel set in Japanese high schools. Sounds incredibly gay, but they're really fun and surprisingly well written. All of them are available on US PSN. Get them. They're great.
>> No. 18552 Anonymous
12th May 2014
Monday 7:36 pm
18552 spacer
>brilliant writing
I'm almost tempted to try, but... I've been playing JRPGs since I was a kid, and I'm now 30, and at this stage I feel like I've played enough to know that absolutely fucking none of them have "brilliant writing".

(I'm betting the voice acting is hideous too.)
>> No. 18553 Anonymous
12th May 2014
Monday 7:59 pm
18553 spacer
Have you tried that game set in post apocalyptic London where various knights templar have set up camp in the underground and venture out to fight demons? Its fucking awful but a nice idea.
>> No. 18554 Anonymous
12th May 2014
Monday 8:03 pm
18554 spacer
Voice acting is minimal in Nocturne and Raidou Kuzunoha, but there's a lot of it in the Persona games and it's actually rather good. Couple of characters sound bad, but generally it's good quality. I know good writing in a JRPG seems alien, but the SMT games really are well written. Manage to mix horror and humour very well. The Persona games are guilty of using a few too many anime tropes in the every day life aspect of things, but the overall stories are good and the characters have pretty good depth compared to anything Square-Enix have shat out over the last decade.

Like in Persona 4, the theme of it is people repressing certain aspects of their personalities, and these repressed feelings are exaggerated in the form of TV shows on a spooky channel that is only available on TVs viewed at midnight on a rainy day. It sounds pretty cheesy, but it's handled remarkably well.

I've been playing JRPGs for about 15 years, and I can safely say that the SMT games are the best of the genre.
>> No. 18555 Anonymous
12th May 2014
Monday 8:59 pm
18555 spacer
Hellgate London? No, it does seem interesting, but I think it died before I could get around to it.

In a similar vein, it's not that old, but The Secret World is worth playing if you're looking for a non-typical MMO or something with occult themes. Bunch of different areas to explore, and the first one is probably the most interesting as it's a very Lovecraftian New England town plagued by cosmic horrors and various North American mythological beasties. Incredibly interesting quests that amount to more than just "kill x number of y creature" or "collect z herbs" (though those sort of quests are still present). Heavy emphasis on investigation, like in one quest you have to look up various painters using an actual internet browser for clues to progress, or another quest there's a puzzle involving the "One For Sorrow" nursery rhyme. Combat system is fairly interesting too - lot of flexibility as you're not narrowed into a class, but unfortunately suffers the same problem as many MMOs with you just cycling through your hot keys. It's one of those games you buy, but there's no subscription fee, and there's plenty of content already but with microtranscations for expansions and cosmetics available. A very unique game, and criminally overlooked.
>> No. 18582 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 11:18 pm
18582 spacer
> and have to ride on a special coach at the back of the trains so you don't disrupt the machines.
Mage's Caboose. And once I hit Magic Aptitude 100, the conductor told me to sod off.
> so magic is quite overpowered
Dark Necromancy is. With MA = 100 and the Harm spell you can cut through enemies like a hot knife through butter. Even in real-time mode. Just be sure to stock up on fatigue restorers.
> Makes for a different experience every time.
Make a stupid character and annoy the constable in the first village.
>> No. 18599 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 1:08 am
18599 spacer
I tried playing Arcanum and I fucking hated it, I am so frustrated right now because of it.
>> No. 18600 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 1:14 am
18600 spacer
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wanted to like it so much but it was awful to play.
>> No. 18603 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 10:51 pm
18603 spacer
>> No. 18613 Anonymous
19th May 2014
Monday 10:48 pm
18613 spacer

The UI was confusing and horrible and I couldn't fight anything. Also the lack of auto-save was annoying, I'm too used to it nowadays and kept having to restart after dying.

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