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>> No. 19397 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 1:39 am
19397 Steam and social responsibility
Does anyone else find themselves mostly going offline in steam to avoid friends you made?

I pretty much only use steam for multiplayer games, and because when I'm online I just chat shit and make jokes, I get into conversations with people quite a lot, and they end up adding me. I'm fine with that, but I'm very particular/impulsive about what I want to play, plus I'm generally antisocial when I'm gaming (I chat shit for myself, other people just seem to listen to it and so that's how we get talking).

So 90% of the time I end up getting these people asking me if I want to play having to turn people down for games simply because I don't really want to play that game at the moment, nothing personal. Only, I feel like I'm being a dick. There are all these ostensibly pleasant gamers, asking me how I'm doing and if I want to play, and all I do is just either ignore them and pretend I'm not there, or just turn them down.

Anyone else get this kind of social pressure with steam? I feel like I'm at a social disadvantage by being pathologically polite, but it's still effort to be like that so instead I just go offline all the time.
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>> No. 19398 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 3:15 am
19398 spacer
Yes. The problem is there's always one person who can't leave you alone and demands your attention when you just want to play your game. Usually someone who wants to talk about his problems or something. Sorry, I don't really care about your problems dude, I added you so we could talk tactics away from the game's main chat so other people couldn't see.
>> No. 19403 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 9:07 am
19403 spacer
I dont have any friends on Steam. Not any proper ones anyway.
>> No. 19404 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 9:28 am
19404 spacer
Likewise, but then I rarely use it. I could never quite see the point, do people play pc games with their mates?
>> No. 19406 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 10:45 am
19406 spacer
I have friends on Steam, we never talk though. There's a couple of people I know IRL, but umm, we're not really friends anymore.
>> No. 19407 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 2:30 pm
19407 spacer
There are some people I met on Steam I've been talking to for nearly 5 years now. But I don't really feel that pressure because I tend to speak in a group chat rather than one on one.

My 13 year old brother had some trouble with Steam 'friends' lately. One of them kept hassling him to buy him games and threatening people who didn't comply. I told my brother to stop talking to him as he's trying to take advantage. This kid then posted a video on YouTube saying that if my brother didn't buy him a particular game, he'd tell everyone about my brother (fuck knows what he knows about my brother but not worth the risk). Anyway, gave this guy a firm talking to and told him to never speak to or about my brother again or there will be consequences. I don't know what those consequences would be to be honest, I'm not Liam Neeson in Taken.
>> No. 19408 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 2:34 pm
19408 spacer

Are you any Liam Neeson? He's pretty hard in The Grey.
>> No. 19409 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 2:36 pm
19409 spacer
Liam Neeson in Love Actually is as hard as I can be.
>> No. 19410 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 4:41 pm
19410 spacer
There is nothing wrong with saying "no".
Take these chances to practise, you may need this very useful skill in RL.

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