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>> No. 18262 Anonymous ## Mod ##
5th March 2014
Wednesday 8:27 pm
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>> No. 27149 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 12:03 am
27149 spacer
Im 26 and I've only just come to accept I'm bisexual. That's a step I suppose, but I have this deep rooted sense that I am inferior for it. I don't know why, but I feel less than my straight peers. Like a sissy, beta skinny guy not worth a thing. I hate myself for it, it makes me feel weak and embarrassed. The only person on earth who has any knowledge of this is my girlfriend. Probably my friends suspect things. Bu! t I feel horrendous. I wish I was born a girl. That way I could feel like I do now without guilt. I'd be normal. I wouldn't hate myself for being a failed man. How do I get over this?
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>> No. 27150 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 1:22 am
27150 spacer
Explain why you think admitting that you've always sort of fancied men changes who you are in anyway?

Who instilled this rhetoric into you? Why do you subscribe to it?

On a lighter note, fucking a man up the arse and having him beg for more is one of the manliest things a guy can do.
>> No. 27151 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 1:30 am
27151 spacer
You need to learn how to own and internalise it. A key step of which is not giving a fuck what others think about it and realise it doesn't really matter ass long as you are living true to yourself.

You aren't "Anon the bisexual", you are "Anon", who happens to be bi among their other qualities.

>Who instilled this rhetoric into you? Why do you subscribe to it?
To be fair if you read the cunt off in the trump protest thread you would think you need to be a massive flaming bender in order to even call yourself not straight. You are right and they are wrong in my opinion, but sometimes the greatest enermy of the LGBT movement, is the LGBT movement. It alienates the people it is supposed to help Down-low wouldn't exist if it wasn't for batty boys.

>> No. 27138 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 2:34 am
27138 spacer
My 15 year old doggo is going for a 'check up' tomorrow, I don't think he's gonna come home. I just had a really emotional goodbye with my faithful friend of 15 years. He's the best dog ever. I'm crying my eyes out. I know it's for the best, I don't I've ever seen him unhappy until now.

Why can't dogs live forever?
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>> No. 27142 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 9:52 pm
27142 spacer
I'm sorry your furry pal is in a bad way, chap. It sounds as if he's probably enjoyed his life considering how much you clearly love him. Don't ever feel embarrassed for crying; pets are family. You have my sympathies.
>> No. 27143 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 10:52 pm
27143 spacer
My father lost two in quick succession last year. One was particularly hard, as she'd been part of the family from the age of two months to her death just shy of 14 years.

Every dog is the best dog ever. That's why we call them "man's best friend". If the worst should happen, take time to grieve just as you would as if you'd lost a close family member, because at 15 years together, that's exactly what he is.
>> No. 27145 Anonymous
20th July 2018
Friday 12:43 am
27145 spacer

OP here, My pooch is no more. Absolutely heartbreaking. I know time's a healer but my god this hurt even through I'd spend months, no years preparing myself for this. Everyone's been really nice even my boss. My family are devastated dealing with there great is hard in itself. I'm seen as a strong stoic type but just reduced to a big hulking bag of tears.

Thanks for your kind words ladm9s.
>> No. 27147 Anonymous
20th July 2018
Friday 6:11 pm
27147 spacer
You've lost a faithful friend and loyal servant. If you feel you're struggling, call the Blue Cross helpline on 0800 096 6606.
>> No. 27148 Anonymous
21st July 2018
Saturday 12:57 pm
27148 spacer
I'm so sorry for your loss mate, truly.

>> No. 27047 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 2:03 pm
27047 Where to meet birds
So, I've decided to try and not be that guy, a relationship-less virgin, into my mid-20s, which doesn't leave me with very long. I'm home from uni for the summer and have decided it's time to sort my act out.

The only problem - where to meet women?

I've completed tinder in a 15 mile radius, likewise for Bumble - zero (0) matches. I've messaged pretty much every girl on OKCupid with a match >75%; not one has replied.

What can I do now? The few local schoolfriends I am still in contact with are all male, everyone at my job is male, and all the women I talk to (from uni) are either in a relationship or otherwise not an option.

Going out to clubs doesn't work because a) I don't have anyone to go with, and b) when I try and do anything but stand at the bar drinking in a club (ie dance) I look like a tortoise trying to pilot a motorcycle.

Any ideas?
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>> No. 27119 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 12:28 pm
27119 spacer
Surely we can do better than advice from the idiot characters in The 40 Year Old Virgin.
>> No. 27134 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 11:18 am
27134 spacer
What prompted you to say this? Not trying to be a cunt about it, but just wondered if anything I said made you think I do.
>> No. 27137 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 1:26 am
27137 spacer
>>27134 It was just something someone said to me once and it stuck. Didn't know it was from a film.
>> No. 27144 Anonymous
20th July 2018
Friday 12:32 am
27144 spacer
I'd wager most women aren't as nervous I would be, either way.

Going to try some general meetup groups in the next couple of weeks.
>> No. 27146 Anonymous
20th July 2018
Friday 9:36 am
27146 spacer

Most aren't but plenty of them are.

I recently met up with a lass I'd been texting for a while and she seemed intimidatingly filthy over text, one of those highly experienced and hyper sexual types who was going to really put me through my paces. When it came down to it, though, she was too shy to make eye contact with me and wanted to snuggle up on the sofa more than anything.

Just try put yourself in their shoes. A lot of the averse reaction you get from approaching a woman in public is more of an instinctual defensiveness from years of dickheads going up to them like ERE LUV FANCY A PINT. If you start things off in a friendlier, less blatant "I aim to eventually shag you" kind of way they are much more receptive.

You're on the right track by just going to things, though. If you meet a girl over a hobby or activity you both enjoy it's pretty much the best outcome you could possibly hope for really.

>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 27131 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 8:05 pm
27131 spacer
A small update: I got the text to say she'd died about 30 minutes before I pulled into Euston when I went down last week. Funeral's tomorrow, had to take Thursday and Friday off as annual leave because there's no fucking way I'm going to be in a state to go in after putting her to rest. At least she's not in massive amounts of pain from having a broken back any more, that's something good to take from this I guess.

I don't often type this out unironically but allow me this once if you would lads: sigh.
>> No. 27132 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 9:32 pm
27132 spacer
Condolences, lad.
>> No. 27133 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 9:51 pm
27133 spacer
That's a kick in the teeth. I hope she gets the send off she deserves.
>> No. 27135 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 11:27 am
27135 spacer

Thinking out loud like that is what this board is good for. Don't be the type of aspie who tries to be a smarmy cunt in the blue threads, okay lad?
>> No. 27136 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 11:39 am
27136 spacer

I'm really sorry. Like you say, it's not going to make it any easier to deal with the loss, but there's comfort in the fact that at least she's not suffering any longer.

>> No. 27103 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 10:10 pm
27103 spacer
This is going to be a silly thread but I just want to get it down somewhere. I work very hard from day to day. I have a physically and emotionally demanding job, and I also put in time to gym (it requires a fairly high level of fitness), and I'm taking a correspondence course in the evenings/weekends.

Most of what I do, I do privately by choice. I chose my career, what to study, etc.. All my goals are set by myself, and I hold myself to a high standard in most things. I feel stupid even typing it out, but some days I come home, I'm wrecked, and I just want someone to cuddle and tell me I'm doing a good job. I'm so used to running off intrinsic motivation to do things, but I do often crave a recognition of my effort. I do occasionally get it in nice comments and so on, but consistent support and affection would be better.

I dont even know what I'm getting at, exactly. When I think of things that are missing, the first that springs to mind is that it has been a couple of years since my last relationship. But I'm not even sure these are the sort of things I could reasonably expect from a partner, especially when I wouldn't have much time to give back.

Reading back over this my only thought is to suck it up. Plenty of people do what I do without someone to pat them on the back at the end of the day. Yet knowing someone cares is important to your health. What am I really in need of?
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>> No. 27126 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 2:46 pm
27126 spacer
You puritan bastard. /emo/ has a proud and storied tradition of advising people to fuck their relatives, but me describing the urge to be mothered in Oedipal terms for jokes is the bridge too far? Naff off, Reverend.
>> No. 27127 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 2:54 pm
27127 spacer
The original auntie fucker wanted to fuck his aunt. This guy hasn't said anything about wanting to be mothered. It's about choice.

There is nothing inherently motherly about the support and affection which OP claims to desire. How can you have a relationship of any kind, between any people, without some measure of those things? Why bother with a relationship at all otherwise?
>> No. 27128 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 3:09 pm
27128 spacer
The original Auntie fucker told us his Aunt came onto him and he didn't know what to do, thought she was alright looking, etc. We convinced him she was up for it and it was probabaly fine.

The OP has described what most people would call needy, which has it wrapped up neat. Needing reassurance about your job or your life is something that is usually covered by having a healthy self-esteem. Looking for a relationship where the other person provides that support is a mothering relationship and that is what OP says he wants. I've been wth several guys who would get that support from their mother when I couldn't or wouldn't give it, so it rings true.

It's not a massive leap to suggest he wants a mother figure in his life based on what he has told us and my experience with men who want to mothered and you're the one chimping out here not him, so what exactly is your issue beside your oddly puritan views?

Do you want to tell us about your relationship with your Mother, Reverend?
>> No. 27129 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 7:32 pm
27129 spacer
This might be the worst /emo/ thread I've ever seen. Can we just not.
>> No. 27130 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 8:26 pm
27130 spacer

The phrase "don't feed the trolls" springs to mind.

>> No. 26986 Anonymous
9th July 2018
Monday 9:21 pm
26986 Low functioning autism
M8s, I think that I am fucked.

I live in a shitty council shared accommodation. Some weeks I get good flatmates. Last week was not one of those weeks. I got a British guy, approx 28 years old, he looked much older.

First, he was so fat that he looked like a pregnant lady. Second, he was wearing a shirt several sizes too small and his fat rolls were dangling out. Third, he smelled like an open sewer. I tried to ask him something three times, all three times he smiled robot-like and said: "Hi, I am Anthony!"

The next day his smell was even worse. I told him to take a shower, and he said: "Yes, in the morning." I replied: "No, we have to live in the same house. You smell like a dead man. Take a shower now." He looked at me like I tried to rape him.

Later he grabbed all his belongings and stormed out of the house, throwing his keys on the kitchen counter and looking at me like he was going to to kill me. I went behind him spraying some air refresher and he got even more offended. By the way, the ex-con other tenant agreed with me and said that I was alright in telling him to wash.

Now, the problem is that the crazy cunt went crying to the idiot social worker and to the scummy "Asian" landlord managing the place. The social worker just told me that he was "a bit slow" and that I had to be more lenient. I still had no word from the landlord, but he's the kind of person that would rent his proprieties to Satan himself if the council paid him.

Any advice on what to do? I am permanently disabled with multiple invalidating health problems, there is no way I can get a job or afford a private rent. I won't survive a week on the street or in an homeless hostel.

Fuck autism. Fuck social workers. Fuck scummy landlords. And especially fuck me for being poor, disabled and forced to endure this shit.
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>> No. 27040 Anonymous
11th July 2018
Wednesday 9:04 am
27040 spacer

I know a couple of people with one autistic kid and one normal one though.
>> No. 27042 Anonymous
11th July 2018
Wednesday 11:44 am
27042 spacer

I don't think they know the differance between autism and Adhd.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 27043 Anonymous
11th July 2018
Wednesday 11:55 am
27043 spacer
How hard is it to imagine a scenario where parents vaccinated one child and not the other?
>> No. 27046 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 1:04 pm
27046 spacer

I know a lot of families where one child is treated like gold and the other is treated like shite. It's the norm amongst dysfunctional families.
>> No. 27068 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 5:28 pm
27068 spacer
If my sister were struck by a bolt of lightning it would be my fault.
If I were struck by a bolt of lightning I must have done something to deserve it.

>> No. 26973 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 6:49 pm
26973 spacer
A gay friend has confessed he has feelings for me, but I'm straight. I suspected this might be the case. He's already said his feelings obviously aren't reciprocated, so I'm hoping that's a sign I wasn't giving any unintended messages.

a) How do I handle this? He's a work colleague and a valuable friend. I don't want to hurt any feelings more than they need to be if I can avoid it.

b) It's not the first time this has happened (both gay men and straight women) and I'm beginning to wonder if it's something I'm doing. I do tend to favour closer one-to-one friendships than having lots of mates, and I'm worried this is being misinterpreted.
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>> No. 26974 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 7:03 pm
26974 spacer
I had a best friend who was gay and had feelings for me. We ended up drunk at a house party and, before you knew it, he was inside me. It ended up ruining the friendship.

I wouldn't advise it.
>> No. 26975 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 7:48 pm
26975 spacer

Thanks... He seems aware I don't want anything to happen between us. It looks like this one may be salvageable. He seems to have taken my response as well as could be imagined.
>> No. 26976 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 9:47 pm
26976 spacer

It's probably a crush. Just don't mention it or make a big deal of it, jokes might give him hope, but it might be worth having a chat about boundaries going forward so >>26974 doesn't happen. The kind of frindship you seem to have sounds similar to my own with women. I am gay, but have had lots of women fall for me because of how I treat them compared to straight men, which is probably a similar situation to you having this lad develop a crush on you.

We are wired to become attracted to anyone who we consider a compatible mate, even if we are only aware of that attraction subconsciously, so it's nothing you're doing per se it's just that you have qualities as a friend they would also seek in a partner.

I've never developed a crush on a straight make friend, but my mates are all arseholes I'd never date. I've had confusing thoughts about certain women I've grown close too, but they were all tomboys who were a right good laff.

To put it perspective, you're probably just a nice person to be around m8.
>> No. 27070 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 6:54 pm
27070 spacer

Thanks for this post, I do appreciate it. Fortunate has been kind to me here, as we booked off our holidays concurrently and have had the opportunity to just communicate by text without any in-person awkwardness for a few weeks. I am hopeful things will be more or less as they were when we see eachother again.

looking outside.jpg
>> No. 26969 Anonymous
4th July 2018
Wednesday 7:16 pm
26969 spacer
Throughout my entire life I've always found it really difficult to fit in, even among people who share my interests. Pretty much everyone else seems to have this innate ability to just spark conversations with each other and socialise comfortably.

What is this and how do I seek treatment for it? I've considered that it's regular arseburgers, looking pretty weird, laconicism mistaken for arrogance and unfriendliness, or some mixture of the three. Oddly enough, pub strangers seem to like me when I drink, so maybe it's just plain old social anxiety.
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>> No. 26970 Anonymous
4th July 2018
Wednesday 9:16 pm
26970 spacer
Being the sort of person who knows what "laconicism" means puts you in a rather outsider position amongst most ordinary folk, for a start.

I feel your pain. I'm a complete introvert, to the point of seeming like a complete robot if I can't be arsed to hide it; socialising takes active effort on my part whereas it seems effortless for most normal people. The thing is you just have to learn how to affect the mannerisms of sociable people.

When somebody's talking at you about some shit you don't care about, you have to pretend you do. When you've got past the initial hurdle of meaningless smalltalk, you start to unlock new dialogue trees about things that might actually be of interest to you, and from there I feel like it becomes a lot easier to actually relate.

I've always been better one-on-one than with groups, but I've learned over time that it's not worth wasting my effort to try be someone I'm not and be one of those people out with big groups of THE LADS all the time. You can still be sociable by hanging out with one or two good mates at a time and bonding over a pint or some videogames.
>> No. 26971 Anonymous
4th July 2018
Wednesday 10:21 pm
26971 spacer
Read how to win friends and influence people, and the game. The skills contained within are directly applicable to you.

I feel like you have it back to front. What you need to do is learn self-empowerment and to get along without people. If you find the chatter of people inane avoid it.
>> No. 26972 Anonymous
5th July 2018
Thursday 2:39 am
26972 spacer

>What you need to do is learn self-empowerment and to get along without people.

Eh? I'm an introvert, that's the whole point. I could happily go without seeing another soul for weeks and easily entertain myself with various insignificant bullshit.

Being socially awkward is a totally different thing to just not being very sociable. OP doesn't sound like the first one or he probably wouldn't find a good reception from strangers in the pub.

>> No. 26903 Anonymous
25th June 2018
Monday 3:11 am
26903 spacer
How do I get over my fear of flying? I've never let it stop me going anywhere, but the entire week preceding a flight I'm shitting it, and every waking moment of the flight I have a elevated heart rate, sweaty palms... I'm just waiting for the plane to just start dropping. Every time it does any drop my mind tells me it's the start of a descent to death. I've tried low dose diazepam, didn't exactly cure my fear... I've not tried alcohol
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>> No. 26916 Anonymous
26th June 2018
Tuesday 12:09 am
26916 spacer

The one I remember most had a captain adamantly insisting he'd "spilt coffee" on his trousers. I think I'd have "spilt coffee" on mine too under the circumstances.
>> No. 26919 Anonymous
26th June 2018
Tuesday 12:47 am
26919 spacer


I read this in 1995, when I was 15, and thought I remembered a bit where they have an extremely rough plane landing and they could hear the pilot repeatedly saying something they couldn't quite catch and it turned out he was asking for a "valance sheet" which is a special thing pilots wrap around themselves after they crap themselves, so I've just looked on Google Books and Amazon's Look Inside and the book has nothing remotely like that. That also isn't what a valance sheet is. How weird.

I recently reread 101 Dalmatians because I thought I remembered a bit where they were hiding in library and a dictionary fell off the shelf and opened at the definition of "metaphysical" then all the books started floating around. I couldn't find that bit in any electronic version, so I bought the paper book with the exact same cover as the one I had as a kid, and guess what, there was nothing remotely like that in there either. I don't know what the heck book I was mixing it up with but it sounds pretty cool.

It was also the reason "metaphysical" was one of my favourite words when I was a kid, although I didn't know what it meant. The other was "precipitate" which I heard during a class trip to a power plant's PR exercise about how clean and environmentally friendly they, and nuclear power, were.
>> No. 26920 Anonymous
26th June 2018
Tuesday 9:00 pm
26920 spacer
Apparently the preflight checks are so in depth, that the plane will literally refuse to take off unless everything is 100% green.
>> No. 26921 Anonymous
26th June 2018
Tuesday 9:33 pm
26921 spacer

Extremely interested in this. Any good reading on the phenomenon you're talking about, or any good entry point into occupational psychology?
>> No. 26922 Anonymous
26th June 2018
Tuesday 10:11 pm
26922 spacer
Here's some bedtime reading:

>> No. 26865 Anonymous
17th June 2018
Sunday 3:54 am
26865 Non-physical ultraviolence aka my disabled dad
When I was little my dad used to kick the crap out of me. About 20 years ago I started fighting back and about 15 years ago he finally realised that I simply wasn't ever going to be the kind of kid who could be sorted out by "a good hiding" and that, while I could be forced to do things through physical violence, it simply wasn't ever, ever, worth it.

I don't want to get too much into it but he's been paralysed for the last year or so and it's made no difference to our complicated relationship as a point of pride for both of us. If anything, these days he is more honest about simply not giving a fuck about my feelings and I am more honest about resenting it. There used to be tension and it's gone now, we can actually chat sometimes even if we are in open verbal warfare most of the rest of the time.

What with it being father's day weekend we were arguing yesterday about rows from years gone by. Things he wishes he'd done differently. Things I wish I'd done differently etc. And then he drops a nuclear bomb.... out of nowhere....

In addition to my sister and I, according to him at this moment, he had two other children by two women. One living just around the corner from our local area and the other living abroad, one boy and one girl. I couldn't get much more information out of him than this, whether it was actually true or not (and I guess it still could be) he was obviously using it as a stick with which to beat me. I was actually happy in a way which I think surprised him so he changed tactic from his initial "lololol your inheritance" to "of course I don't want you to know about them, they're my NORMAL kids".

To my shame, and I have no idea why this mattered, but I really really cared to make sure that I was still the eldest. Psychologically I like being the firstborn I guess, it's literally all I've got, aint achieved nothing since. Once this was established we took a break. I rang him back twenty minutes or so later, blagged my way past his live-in nurse, and the conversation resumed.

He was lying. He just made it up. Why? Fuck knows why. I will never know because I immediately told that motherfucker he had blown his very last chance and hung up the phone. "Ten minutes ago you had two sons, now you don't have any". I don't block my worst enemies, but I blocked my dad.

How is this acceptable? Why is this acceptable? My dad is basically a normal person. I'm the non-functioning one. Do normal people really mess with each other's heads to this degree? I mean fucking seriously. What the fuck? He's tapped me once or twice since my 13th birthday, once as recently as three or four years back, but I would rather have a proper old fashioned "belts and blood" style beating than this shit.

I don't really need any advice or anything. Fuck my dad.
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>> No. 26882 Anonymous
17th June 2018
Sunday 11:52 pm
26882 spacer
OP here. I needed this. Thank-you lads.
>> No. 26883 Anonymous
18th June 2018
Monday 12:04 am
26883 spacer
My Dad dealt with me similarly. I took it up until I didn't and I beat him within an inch of his life. He kicked me out and then spent the next 10 years trying to build bridges only to self sabotage them, I can only assume out of spite, in ways I think he thought would hurt me psychologically because he was intimidated by me. He was, and is, a coward so I cut off contact and he cried down the phone to my Gran about it to try and get me to contact him again.

Yours sounds similar, lad. It's odd being the mature one in your relationship with your parents, but both of my parents are irredeemable children.
>> No. 26889 Anonymous
20th June 2018
Wednesday 3:25 am
26889 spacer
Just repeating what others have said, but holy christ your dad is a massive cunt, mate. And he is definitely not 'normal' in any sense of the word. I'm sorry, but I'm glad you've finally done what you needed to and cut the bastard out. You deserve better.
>> No. 26890 Anonymous
20th June 2018
Wednesday 6:09 pm
26890 spacer
How'd your Gran feel about it?
>> No. 26891 Anonymous
22nd June 2018
Friday 2:42 am
26891 spacer
I explained as simply as I could and she told me it was probably for the best not to contact him after I refreshed her memory about all the things he'd said he would do and didn't or changed his mind about last minute. She seemed to believe me when I told her I thought he did it deliberately.

>> No. 26793 Anonymous
8th June 2018
Friday 6:24 pm
26793 spacer
An incredibly attractive girl joined my team at work and for some reason picked me to flirt with.

She has been following me around, when I go for a break, when I get lunch, she always comes with me.

She's made a point of trying to sit next to me all the time and making me feel like the funniest man on planet earth by laughing at literally everything I say. She's been messaging me outside of work with inside jokes and just, in general, being a relentless flirt.

I bit the bullet and asked her what she was doing at the weekend over messages and she said that she was doing absolutely nothing, so I invited her out to which she just ignored it and moved on.

She's just messaged me again now asking me to Whatsapp her and give me her number but I'm in too much of a bad mood.

Not really sure where this is going but I stepped way out of my comfort zone and got a good kicking. It's weird how much flirting she has initiated for her to turn me down.

It's kind of ruined my Friday. Thanks for reading.
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>> No. 26884 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 7:13 pm
26884 spacer
Ah fuck, work drinks this week.

She won't go if I don't apparently, but she wants me to ditch my car and get drunk.

Apparently I should ask somebody to stay at theres or stay at hers, but if I stay at hers 'won't people think something's going on?'

Here we go.

On a side note I'm mildly worried that my cataloguing of this will somehow come to her attention and I'll look a twat. Do fit girls read britfa.gs?
>> No. 26885 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 7:16 pm
26885 spacer
There are no girls on the internet, lad.
>> No. 26886 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 7:46 pm
26886 spacer
There's at least one lass who posts here and she doesn't try to draw attention to herself. Much better than the fat lasses who posted on Britchan and when we had a few years back on here a few of them who tried to memeforce referring to themselves as "ladylads" even though "lassmate" is the far more logical wording.
>> No. 26887 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 7:47 pm
26887 spacer
>Do fit girls read britfa.gs?
You're confusing us with britsla.gs m8
>> No. 26888 Anonymous
20th June 2018
Wednesday 3:18 am
26888 spacer
Do not, I repeat, do not ditch your car.

Why does no one seem to have enquired as to the unknown mental and physical state of her probable-boyfriend? Do you really think you can take some crazy roid-raged lad called Darren who does MMA on the weekends and used to, I don't know, drown kittens for his dad for pocket money? You're the one on britfa, mate. You know it can't end well for you.

>> No. 26822 Anonymous
11th June 2018
Monday 10:50 pm
26822 spacer
I can't find a proper job and it's depressing me. I've got a degree, 2:1. I'm 25 and sick to fucking death of working a shit minimum wage job where I'm treated like a bellend by management and customers alike. I keep applying to job I think I could do but never hear back. Are there unknown tricks and hints to landing this mysterious grad job? Lord fucking knows I'm sick of stacking shelves.

Maybe I should take more of a change with more 'out there' jobs. I'm really frustrated with my life at the moment. I sometimes think about suicide although I know I would never ever do it. I think it's more of a indicator I've got to change my situation than do something drastic.

Just needed to rant.
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>> No. 26846 Anonymous
13th June 2018
Wednesday 2:23 pm
26846 spacer

I think most people prefer to hire someone a bit older. There's a perception we know what we're doing more than the younger folk. Saying that I rarely have to disclose my age on application forms anyway.

In your case, as a fresh graduate, you'll be on equal footing with the 21 year olds.
>> No. 26847 Anonymous
13th June 2018
Wednesday 6:25 pm
26847 spacer
For what it's worth, OP, I graduated with a BA and MA (which I paid for) in English Literature and I'm now 28, working in a pretty good job. I'm definitely not in the type of long-term career I want to be in, but it's an above-average salary for my area. More importantly, the experiences I've had over the past few years have been invaluable.

It's a fucked up system, but applying for jobs and getting hired is very much about tailoring applications, jumping through hoops, and dogged perseverance.

I won't try to offer advice, but I will tell you how things came together for me: I worked a load of various temporary jobs while doing my MA to pay off my loan. As I paid down my debt, I signed up to one of the better agencies handling healthcare admin around my hometown. While there, I was smashing out applications for permanent positions left, right and centre. I interviewed for a part-time permanent NHS job, landed it due to one of the doctors liking the cut of my jib, and stayed there for about two years. I earned a pittance but it looked fantastic on my CV. During this time I was in constant contact with my old university careers advisor, who put me in contact with a place doing private healthcare I.T. type work. After two interviews there, I'm now on a decent full-time wage.

These things tend to compound, one thing after another, step by step. The above probably isn't unusual, but it's not a typical 'grad job' route, either. No one expects you to stack shelves forever.
>> No. 26848 Anonymous
13th June 2018
Wednesday 7:33 pm
26848 spacer

Obviously you get a lot of fresh uni grads, but there's a good mix, particularly in certain areas or on certain schemes.

And no, nobody gives a shit about how old you are. I bombed miserably after uni for a while as I said and I work with fresh grads, I work with older people, I work with career changers.

There are people that are in their 50s and gunning through these things, I really wouldn't worry abotu your age at all lad.

20s is still very, very young.
>> No. 26849 Anonymous
13th June 2018
Wednesday 9:31 pm
26849 spacer
Makes me feel better about applying for a graduate position as a 30 year-old. Cheers for that.
>> No. 26850 Anonymous
13th June 2018
Wednesday 11:06 pm
26850 spacer
Lads OP here, I'm begging to think my depression and suicidal thoughts is more to do with my lack of important and overall happiness with life but I think getting the right job would really help with some of those feelings.

Thanks for all your replies and well wishes!

>>26848 That makes me feel a lot better!

>> No. 26758 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 12:03 am
26758 spacer
I've been with my gf for the past 4 years. I am 26, she 24.

I love her dearly, I don't think I'll find any one like her, she has shown so much forgiveness, so much love and care for me.

However... I am desperately looking to shag other girls. I haven't done that... although I have 'mildly' cheated numerous times by kissing girls on nights out etc. Recently however it's been really eating at me. I have an insane sexual appetite, she has quite the opposite. I've tried to address this with her so, so many times, she says she is going to work on it, and nothing happens.

I'm going to Tokyo on holiday soon. Last time I was there I resisted an incredible amount of urges, and caved to some others... I did feel guilty about these things, for a while, then it passed. I feel I have to process some sort of decision beforehand because I am an absolute animal when drunk. I change into someone who gives zero fucks in that moment.

I don't want to break up with her. I don't think I CAN. She's an ideal long-term partner, objectively speaking. She is intelligent, considerate, loving, achieving. I love her to bits. I would regret it.

I understand the common advice would be to "break up with her and shag away", but if I think about life in a calculated, sterile, 'sensible' way, then the optimum choice, the one that makes the most sense for my quality of life, my long term well-being, is to stay with her and just cheat occasionally to get it out of my system. Now I understand that isn't a very nice thing to say, but life advice generally revolves around making decisions, often difficult, that better yourself. Is that not right? Why does it differ on such an important area, relationships?
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>> No. 26815 Anonymous
10th June 2018
Sunday 5:01 am
26815 spacer

>I would like some real honest opinions on how you've read me as so

For me, it was that you didn't seem to show any sort of worry about how your girlfriend might feel. Your original post was mostly about how you should stay with her for your own benefit. It came across as you lacking any sort of empathy for your partner, and your later comments of 'well she doesn't know so it's fine' feels like a sociopathic lack of empathy. If you are truly concerned about how you affect her (beyond "she loves me so much I can't leave her"), then fine, but you have not managed to send that message to us thus far.

When your closing question is "is it okay to cheat on my girlfriend occasionally if it improves my life?" then you need to expect people to question your morals.
>> No. 26817 Anonymous
10th June 2018
Sunday 2:16 pm
26817 spacer
So you're going to drug your girlfriend to get her to say she wants have a threesome?

Lad. Sort yourself out.
>> No. 26818 Anonymous
10th June 2018
Sunday 4:15 pm
26818 spacer
> I have an insane sexual appetite, she has quite the opposite. I've tried to address this with her so, so many times, she says she is going to work on it

Excuse my ignorance, but how exactly do you work on increasing your sexual appetite?

Also, not to piss up your leg here, but somebody's low-key sexual desire can also stem from their partner just not having that certain something to get their juices running.

Why do I say that? My first girlfriend could never really arsed to have more than the typical Sunday-night-before-going-home sex, and even that sometimes didn't happen. We were together one and a half years. We were kind of mismatched any way you were looking at us, but my point is, she morphed into quite a sex perv together with her next boyfriend. He told me a few things about after when she, in turn, broke up with him. Apparently, she had developed a predilection for roleplay and a bit of s&m, and things like sex toys and butt plugs.

And that from somebody who really only used to want to have sex with me with the lights out.

The other side of the coin was that I used to secretly pretend in my head that she was somebody elsewhile we were having sex in the dark, because I, too, didn't feel overly stimulated by her. So we were both kind of not doing much for each other, in the end.
>> No. 26819 Anonymous
10th June 2018
Sunday 4:17 pm
26819 spacer

>Also, not to piss up your leg here, but somebody's low-key sexual desire can also stem from their partner just not having that certain something to get their juices running.

The fact that in >>26813 he says she used to shoot (and publish) amateur porn might speak to that being true. That's not typically something someone with a low sex drive does.
>> No. 26820 Anonymous
11th June 2018
Monday 1:50 am
26820 spacer

From this post I'm getting a distinct "the twist is she was on FabSwingers all along getting railed by black dudes and he never even suspected" kind of vibe. Be careful what you wish for going down this path mate.

2CB is awful by the way, get some proper acid or tryptamines at least. That way you can at least achieve the kind of introspection you might need to make sense of all this.

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