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>> No. 26123 Anonymous
2nd February 2018
Friday 11:52 pm
26123 spacer
What are some drugs that have the potential to improve your head and your life if used responsibly?

For example:

LSD - anecdotal evidence suggests that microdosing it boosts creativity. It's big in Silicon Valley if the clickbait articles are to be believed.

Ketamine - according to clinical trials it has shown promise as an effective treatment for clinical depression (more effective than SSRIs, at least). It is already being offered as a treatment in certain clinics, and Johnson & Johnson is currently developing an esketamine nasal spray that it hopes will meet FDA approval as a treatment for depression.

Shrooms - according to clinical trials psilocybin has also shown promise as an effective treatment for clinical depression (again, more effective than SSRIs, at least) and can apparently "reset" the brains of those suffering from depression.

MDMA - according to clinical trials it has shown promise as an effective treatment for PTSD

Amphetamine - it's already being used to treat ADHD and it's a well known study drug. I've heard that if you feel slow after a period of long-term depression, alcoholism, etc, you can 'repair' your brain and get the neurons firing again if you combine speed with activities requiring strenuous mental effort. On the other hand, I've heard stories of amphetamine abuse turning people into spackers.

What else is out there? Do any of you have experience in self-medicating with drugs? I felt this thread was more suited to /emo/ rather than /A/ because it's about using drugs responsibly to improve dire circumstances rather than to get high or have fun.
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>> No. 26127 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 12:13 am
26127 spacer
I've heard psilocybin is an effective treatment for chronic migranes.
>> No. 26128 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 12:46 am
26128 spacer
Top billing has to go to ibogaine as being the ultimate reset button for physical and psychological addiction to anything from heroin to alcohol.

Be prepared for a longish read: http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/ibogaine/
>> No. 26130 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 6:00 am
26130 spacer

When doing a misuse of drugs in society module this came up and someone in the lecture messaged the group chat saying it sounded like a fungus that would grow under your foreskin and now I can't take it seriously.
>> No. 26132 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 1:51 pm
26132 spacer
Fascinating, thanks.
>> No. 26133 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 1:59 pm
26133 spacer
acid is good because it's thought to be nonaddicting - you don't want to take it again having taken it. you take it once, enjoy and appreciate it for several months or weeks, then forget about it till it comes around again. In theory! It's been documented. It's also fun to imagine how (particular experience) would be "on acid" - which is something you can do sober in the meantime if you are bored.
You feel vulnerable and humble afterwards
>> No. 26134 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 2:11 pm
26134 spacer
In theory. As soon as I was coming down from my first trip I went around the guy's house to get more.
>> No. 26135 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 2:13 pm
26135 spacer

What does any of that have to do with self medication? Imagining how a "particular experience would be on acid" is nothing more than the sort of adolescent mental meandering that has led to dozens of tiresome Vice-tier articles on the subject.

Besides, there are plenty of psychoactive substances that are "non-addicting" (SIC), that doesn't mean that they're going to improve your life or teach you anything.
>> No. 26136 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 2:14 pm
26136 spacer
> When doing a misuse of drugs in society module
> someone in the lecture messaged the group chat saying it sounded like a fungus that would grow under your foreskin

Good luck with the GCSEs best beloved0.
>> No. 26138 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 10:41 pm
26138 spacer
While taking acid blotters for a summer many years ago with a very regular supply I'm pretty sure I developed a psychological addiction as I found it so pleasurable - I was tripping up to three times a week and the deleterious results on my state of health were largely due to the fact I wasn't sleeping or eating enough.
>> No. 26139 Anonymous
4th February 2018
Sunday 1:31 pm
26139 spacer
Keep hearing about Modafinil but still too much of a wimp to put my personal and financial details into a sketchy online pharmacy.
>> No. 26140 Anonymous
4th February 2018
Sunday 1:53 pm
26140 spacer

Modafinil seems to occupy a middle ground between caffeine and amphetamine. It's like a too-much-coffee buzz that lasts 12 hours and keeps you awake for 3 more on top of that. Keeps you alert but stifles creative thought and conversational skills. You might get a lot of physical stuff done but not much thinking, then if used regularly the lack of good sleep causes negative moods, paranoia, all the classic amphetamine problems, even if they go away more quickly than actual amp abuse, once you've had a few nights decent kip.

Phenibut seems to be a mostly good thing, when used responsibly. A 2-3g dose is really beneficial for conversational skills and socialising in general. It is addictive if used regularly and the tolerance thing is an issue, as well as it being something that'll give you a high (followed by a stonking hangover) if abused.

I'm still a fan of the classic piracetam/citocholine mix, the effects aren't as noticeable as either of the above but for long term use they seem the safest and overall helpful.
>> No. 26141 Anonymous
4th February 2018
Sunday 3:45 pm
26141 spacer
Modafinil makes my piss smell like pennies.
>> No. 26142 Anonymous
4th February 2018
Sunday 10:59 pm
26142 spacer

>LSD - anecdotal evidence suggests that microdosing it boosts creativity. It's big in Silicon Valley if the clickbait articles are to be believed.

Careful lad. One of my parents' friends from when they were young got pretty fucked in the head from LSD. Granted, he used to take slightly bigger doses of the stuff than what you plan to take, and for longer periods of time from what my parents have told me. But fact is, he spent two years in a mental institution due to persistent drug pyschosis, which LSD is quite quick to give you apparently. He was able to function again after he was released, but in the last 20 or so years, he has had a history of mental instability and recurring breakdowns. He's now in his early 50s, unable to work, lives in a council flat, and never got married or started a family.

I'm not saying you're going to go down that same path just from a few hits of moderately dosed LSD. But if you're not careful, it can become quite a lonely place.
>> No. 26143 Anonymous
5th February 2018
Monday 4:41 am
26143 spacer

Microdosing means to take a very, very small amount, usually less than 5 micrograms a day in terms of LSD. You won't be tripping from it.

That's a very different proposition to dropping doses a couple of times a week. I don't particularly buy the theory, but I think all it'll amount to is a waste of drugs, rather than psychosis.
>> No. 26144 Anonymous
5th February 2018
Monday 8:36 am
26144 spacer
Half a drop of LSD keeps me awake and wired without tripping. I know someone who abused the fuck out of this when they were younger though, they got a ton of work done but he says he probably shouldn't have relied on it so much like that. As for modafinil, I've found it improves my thinking in that it clears up mindfog, I can read a lot more and retain more information and I generally get a lot more shit done when I'm on it. Got some Armodafinil laying around that I need to try as apparently it's even better, so I can report back if anyone's interested.
>> No. 26145 Anonymous
5th February 2018
Monday 4:45 pm
26145 spacer

I'm not sure if I would classify Modafinil as a "drug" in quite the same way OP appeared to be doing; I took his post to mean "drugs" as in "illegal druggy-wugs" not licensed medicines.

In any case modafinil is very much a poor man's amphetamine; it works, for a given value of work (you can tell when it's kicking in when you have to head out the door to work but you're suddenly ten links deep in Wikipedia researching something you never cared about before), but there's very little solid drive behind it and tolerance seems to kick in within a week.

If we're going down the licensed pharmaceutical route, I should also mention how as someone who suffers from severe anxiety and panic disorder benzodiazepines basically make my life livable. Without them I wouldn't get out of bed and function. I wouldn't leave the house, never mind get to the gym, exercise, or interact with other people.
>> No. 26146 Anonymous
5th February 2018
Monday 6:56 pm
26146 spacer


Careful, lad. That stuff usually ends in tears. Have you tried pregabalin?
>> No. 26147 Anonymous
5th February 2018
Monday 9:58 pm
26147 spacer
> Careful, lad. That stuff usually ends in tears. Have you tried pregabalin?

I've been using benzodiazepines for six years now, I've never developed much of a "habit" and they aren't destroying my liver and other health markers. If I hadn't started using them when I did I would have been dead from liver failure years ago.

People who develop problems with benzos are, by and large, people who are trying to get high off them, eating whole blister packs of diazepam or dropping 4-6mg of alprazolam at a time.

I've never been high off benzos and never felt "benzo euphoria", and have no interest to. When I'm medicated I feel like the 220 volt current running through my body has been switched off and I'm able to go about my life and perform tasks (such as exercise and socialising) that have a massive knock-on effect on improving my overall mental health.

I realize that I'm probably something of an edge case, and that even then I have to careful to keep things on the straight and narrow.

Anyway, tl;dr - if it wasn't for benzos I would have drunk myself to death years ago.
>> No. 26148 Anonymous
5th February 2018
Monday 10:55 pm
26148 spacer

Good lad. Keep an eye on things though - if your dose starts to creep up, get straight to the doctor and figure out a plan of action.
>> No. 26149 Anonymous
7th February 2018
Wednesday 4:50 pm
26149 spacer
One of my mates at uni used to take minimal doses of mescalin regularly. He said something that they were about one fifth the usual dose that people take to get all out high on it. If he was to be believed, it helped him "be creative". He was studying architecture, and apparently, the mescalin dosages he took helped him focus on his drawings and sketches. I know nothing about architecture so I was unable to judge if he produced better architecture while he was under the influence, but the drawings he showed me did look quite nice.
>> No. 26150 Anonymous
7th February 2018
Wednesday 8:29 pm
26150 spacer

I'm not asking for a direct hookup, but how do you even go about getting benzos?
>> No. 26156 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 9:12 pm
26156 spacer

You either need a very sympathetic doctor, a private doctor who you pay £250 a pop to for a monthly "consultation" where he essentially acts as a very expensive drug dealer in a rather nice suit, or you buy them from naughty people on the internet. I suppose there are actual real life drug dealers who sell benzos but I've never met one, perhaps try your local uni haunts.
>> No. 26157 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 1:39 am
26157 spacer
Heroin addicts know how to get benzos, because they tend to get them prescribed or know someone who does. Every so often, a van will be robbed and the market will be flooded for a week and then nothing.

However, I get them prescribed at a low dose then hoard them and spunk them all in one go when I'm having an anxiety attack or I'm in a lot of pain. Getting prescribed 2 mg ones regularly is difficult, but not prohibitively so. Because it is such a low a dose, you should be able to get it on a rolling dispense weekly of say 2 a day and just save it for when you need it. 4mg for a hangover or 10mg for pain/anxiety is a system I have found works. Anything higher has horrible dissociative effects and if I'm forced to take it over a couple of days it affects my sleep pattern.

Otherwise they are golden. I miss Etizolam and Diclazepam.

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