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>> No. 26193 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 6:52 pm
26193 All things pass. But fuck this.
Buried dog today. He was a good boy (99.99% of the time).
Fuck's sake, the house is empty.
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>> No. 26194 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 7:25 pm
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You are doing the right thing burying at home. I did.
>> No. 26195 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 8:10 pm
26195 spacer
I'm so sorry mate. I had a close call recently with mine. He went under anaesthetic at an old age, but came around okay. I realised just what a force he's been in pulling an otherwise distant and unreliable family together. I hope you grieve well for him and maybe find something/someone else to start a new chapter.
>> No. 26196 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 8:23 pm
26196 spacer
Commiserations lad. When I have done this in the past, I always found digging the hole oddly cathartic.
>> No. 26201 Anonymous
6th March 2018
Tuesday 4:34 pm
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>> No. 26202 Anonymous
7th March 2018
Wednesday 2:26 am
26202 spacer
The cat I grew up with lived until he was 16 (a bloody good age!) I loved that cat more than anything else, When he went I was heartbroken, But I've still got 1000 good memories and 'D'ya remember whens' about him. Pet are just as much parts of the family as humans.
>> No. 26238 Anonymous
14th March 2018
Wednesday 9:58 pm
26238 spacer

My parents' cat lived to the biblical age of 18, almost 19. She was an outdoor cat, and even in old age she would spend countless hours hunting mice and other small wildlife in our back garden.

My parents live in a small village, and their property borders right on a small forest, which was of course ideal surroundings for a cat. Our vet told us that that was probably the reason why she was so healthy for so long. Because she got plenty of exercise hunting her own food or just roaming the area every day.

But then at some point, leucosis set in, which is basically cat leukemia. It's a communicable disease that is spread by a virus. Poor cat was really beginning to waste away. I remember the day before we had her put down, she was so small and skinny that I could lift her up with the palm of my hand. A healthy adult cat's weight is about 5 kg, which you'd struggle to lift like that, but she weighed little over 1 kg.

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