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>> No. 26504 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 10:30 pm
26504 How to look older?
In the past week I've
-been id'd for an energy drink
-picked out of a heavy crowd at a bar and id'd by an angry doorman
-called 'little girl' by a nurse
-sold a child ticket by a bus driver
-mistaken for my 15 year old sister
-been dismissed by a woman when I tried to join in a group conversation about education ("when you're older and you go to university, you'll realize...)
-cooed at by a woman in a bakery when I went in to ask about a job ("oh I'm so sorry love, but you have to be 16 for a job")

I'm 24 years old, and despite everyone assuring me that I am so lucky to look so young (usually following a flurry of apologies and embarrassed looks), it's getting me down. I want people to meet me and take me seriously, not fob me off because they think I'm 15. I want to be able to attract people and date - I've had one relationship since I came out of my teens and that with a rather psychopathic character who I think got off of fact that I looked so young. I feel anxious about pursuing my career this year as I feel I'll get strange looks.

I'm 5f1 so I'm not that tall, but I don't think every short lass gets it like this.

I don't even save myself money by buying child train tickets. It just hurts.

What can I do to make myself look older?
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>> No. 26505 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 10:41 pm
26505 spacer
>I've had one relationship since I came out of my teens and that with a rather psychopathic character who I think got off of fact that I looked so young

Let me guess, he introduced you to this place?
>> No. 26506 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 12:03 am
26506 spacer
Gain a drinking problem and start smoking heavily, that'll age you in no time.

Really all I can think of is maybe go for a more mature clothing and makeup style, difficult to say without knowing what you usually dress like.
>> No. 26507 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 12:38 am
26507 spacer
it was a she, and no she was eastern european, one of the really shithole parts, and I don't think she knew what an internet forum was
thinking about it ive been hanging around here almost a decade now. or rather I remember britchan dying and then moving over here. and look now like i looked then

whats a mature clothing style? I try to wear blouses and trousers instead of hoodies and jeans, but I don't really notice a difference. I'm not a big fan of makeup in general, but I wear mascara. not sure what mature makeup style is. dark lipstick?

I don't want to look haggered and aged, just >my< age
>> No. 26508 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 12:43 am
26508 spacer


>> No. 26509 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 1:06 am
26509 spacer
Baltic or Slavic? They're different brands of shithole. Poland is a mix of the two. I new a lass who ate garden peas from the tin, claimed you couldn't get them in Polska. Also, she ate pike. Had me bring her one from the canal which she steamed and made fishcakes with.

Dye your hair black and cut it short, wear red lipstick. Popping out a sprog will do it too.
>> No. 26510 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 1:08 am
26510 spacer
>mistaken for my 15 year old sister

Superdry, olive green; size XL
>> No. 26512 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 9:15 am
26512 spacer
Being more assertive will make you look older. I have noticed this a lot, particularly at work: to the point were I have to take a few years off my guess at how old particularly alpha people are.
>> No. 26514 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 12:01 pm
26514 spacer
My missus still gets this and she's 30 this year. A bus driver wanted to sell her an under 16s ticket the other month. I don't get it, she looks young but more like 20ish than a teenager to me, though I've known her since we were both 13 so maybe that's why. She's short like you though, too, though I'd have thought the massive boobs or the lip piercing would have given the game away too, but there you go.

For her part, she straightens her curly hair, wears prominent lipstick and eye shadow/liner (sorry I don't know exactly what she does because I'm a bloke) and wears a lot of blouses and shirts and such. She also wears boots often which make her a little taller, but I assume almost all short women already do that. I can ask her directly later for more details, if you'd like, but her eye makeup definitely makes her look older.

I suspect a lot of it comes from the fact it's weighing on you so heavily, though - the missus is confident and decisive, doesn't particularly give a shit anymore, and that comes across in just about everything she does, if she's talking there's no way anyone would mistake her for that young because she talks like someone who has their shit together - she doesn't, particularly, but she sounds like she does. If you're in your head about this, and it's knocking your confidence, then that might well have the effect of making you look even younger as you shrink into yourself. Assertiveness and directness makes you look so much older, though I appreciate it's a difficult attitude to just suddenly adopt. Fake it till you make it, though.

Sorry that I'm mostly rambling here, but I hope there's something of use to you in there.
>> No. 26515 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 12:11 pm
26515 spacer
I can see OP's predicament, as I have always looked young for my age as well. I'm in middle age now, but I did get carded all the way into my early 30s when I was out with friends.

Quite honestly? It may seem like a curse to you at the moment, but youthful looks will pay off for you a bit later in your life. Women get judged more on their physical age than men, as everybody knows, and that means that regardless of what you will bring to the table in terms of character and being a good person (which I have no doubt you do, going by your post), in the end, youthful looks are always an advantage.

Don't try to look older, OP. Nature will do that to you in due time even with the best of genes. I can see that it kind of hinders your success in the dating world, I used to know a lass who looked not a day older than twelve at age eighteen, and she was with a 22-year-old bloke who looked 22. They got shocked looks now and then when they were kissing in public, and one guy apparently even shouted "Fuck off you paedo" at him from across the street once.

Again, thank nature for blessing you with youthful looks. When you get to be my age, it will come in handy more than you can ever imagine now.

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