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>> No. 26538 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 10:13 am
26538 Mental health venting
I face dilemma as follows.

I'm the last two months I have been experiencing quite a lot of suicidal thoughts. Due to work, it's career suicide to talk about mental health issues in general, suicide even more so. This is tragic as I know I'm not alone.

I came back from seven months of fieldwork before this all started and I was in high spirits and didn't go down the hedonistic route that has been my habit for the last two decades.

A possible factor here are women issues. I've recently met a woman my age who id incredible, but very emotionally needy, something I am not great at dealing with. Another much younger woman is also on the scene, I suspect I am drawn to her from the point of view that I will soon be too old to fuck women of her age and calibre so am seeing it as a last hurrah. It's also been over a decade since I was in a live in/serious relationship. Meeting someone and maintaining a relationship is not facilitated by work for multiple reasons.

I just wanted to went. Thank you for listening/reading. I can't answer questions about work so don't ask.
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>> No. 26539 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:02 am
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I hope you're okay lad.

Please get in touch with the Samaritans or a mental health professional if you're feeling you can't keep a lid on it.

It is a bit shit regarding mental health though, I read an article somewhere about how many people have massive mental health problems but won't seek help because they're afraidit will hurt their professional life because there's rarely any nuance with it and any jobs will just automatically exclude them.

Hope it gets better lad, sorry i don't have much useful advice.
>> No. 26540 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:13 am
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We wish you a speedy recovery, double-oh.

Seriously, though, you're absolutely right about mental health and work. I'd highly recommend taking on private care from a qualified professional if you need it and can afford it.
>> No. 26541 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:15 am
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There's a point - why are medical conditions carefully considered for most jobs but depression (Ranging from 'I get a little down so take some mood bosters' to 'I couldn't keep a lid on it') largely lumped into one massive unhelpful category?

It does seem a bit strange.
>> No. 26562 Anonymous
30th April 2018
Monday 4:41 am
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OP here.

Thanks for the support. It's all stuff I already know, but somehow a bunch of anonymous autistic people bothering to reply is heartening.

I have got a lot of work to do linked to the unhealthy hyper masculinity I was exposed to in childhood and which work sort of consolidates. I've got a sort of action plan, which doesn't involve hookers and heavy drinking. I'm in much better physical shape than most men my age, but I've had an unhealthy relationship with my body, and fitness, due to military approaches to it. I'm starting a holistic relationship with my self and will eventually share this with others once I sort myself out.

I've already spoken to a few people offline and will follow on with this.

As a weird aside I've also fallen in love with an old friend and it seems she has similar feelings, the only minor issue being my fear of emotional intimacy, something we will work with. We will take it very slow and see how things go once I come back to town.

Again thanks.

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