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>> No. 26569 Anonymous
1st May 2018
Tuesday 10:26 pm
26569 Bit of a weird one
So I don't have much to add or ask about this, but I think it was mental enough that I should just say something about it some place.

Today at college I came quite close to hanging myself in the bogs with my belt. I say college, but I am an adult and everything it's just the easiest place to study a degree from where I'm living. Anyway, I was all noosed up and ready to go when I thought about Mum and how she'd feel, but as for my own emotions on the matter I was good to go. I also walked up to the highest part of the college (indoors still) and looked down without wincing a bit, and I can't stand a big drop, so I was definitely on one, so to speak. I wasn't planning on jumping, mind you, I was a bit more in control and just wanted to see where my head was at.

Off to bed now, but I thought this ought to go somewhere, but telling anyone at the college itself just feels a bit like I'm taking the micky, given what an abject student I've been. As if I would be only saying it for the pity points.
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>> No. 26570 Anonymous
1st May 2018
Tuesday 10:47 pm
26570 spacer

Hope you're okay lad. The fact you resisted is a very good sign. Stick with us.

>but telling anyone at the college itself just feels a bit like I'm taking the micky, given what an abject student I've been. As if I would be only saying it for the pity points.

I understand that thought process but I can tell you from experience it's a bad idea to stay quiet. Not only can they (occasionally) be useful in suggesting or providing counselling and that sort of thing, with no pressure, it's also a direct explanation of why you have not been a great student. Trust me, it'll help your studies no end. You won't be the first or the last to have this discussion with them. If you'd gotten really ill and it fucked up your studies I'd bet you'd have told them, right? This isn't any different, especially not these days when people actually tend to understand that mental problems are actual problems.

Good luck anyway.
>> No. 26571 Anonymous
1st May 2018
Tuesday 11:44 pm
26571 spacer
You can speak here whenever you like lad.
>> No. 26572 Anonymous
2nd May 2018
Wednesday 12:25 am
26572 spacer
Sticking a noose around your neck is one of those glaring red flags, like severe chest pain or bleeding out of your arse. You need urgent medical help. Tell your GP, get yourself to A&E, call an ambulance, whatever it takes to get seen by a doctor.
>> No. 26573 Anonymous
2nd May 2018
Wednesday 12:27 am
26573 spacer

Also, you can call The Samaritans at any time on 116 123. It's completely confidential and calls are free from any network. They're no substitute for proper medical care, but they can administer first aid until you can get seen by a professional.
>> No. 26641 Anonymous
13th May 2018
Sunday 10:00 pm
26641 spacer
I used the Samaritans alot when I was down but whenever I would hear an older womens voice down the blower I got really horny and nine times out of ten I would wank while she was trying to help me.

Don't give up OP, you owe it to your future self. Think about it, your future self might be really happy but you'll betray him by ending it now plus you'll never get to experience that happiness.

Wait with us for awhile, see how things turn out because you never know.

I also gota add that you will decrease the chances of your happiness by eating junk food, fizzy pop, being a slave to tablets,tv and porn. Porn is a biggie, keep watching that filth for a few more decades mate and you can kiss your libido and testosterone levels goodbye.

Look at yourself as an ongoing project, you want to be happy right? Well start lifting weights, people with big arms and six packs are really happy because they look great and they have high test because they are horny all the time.

Filter your tap water also..

And listen to music you like too.

And dont wank every day, do no fap alright? Month 2 here and Im feeling fresh and clear in mind.

So to recap:
-No Junk food
-Filter your tap water
-Lift weights and became a bodybuilder
-No porn
-Eat healthy
and do nofap starting today!

Live a wholesome and honest life, prove to the npcs you cross on the street that we dont have to be dead inside. Prove them wrong mate, prove us all wrong!
>> No. 26642 Anonymous
13th May 2018
Sunday 10:15 pm
26642 spacer
Not sure if this is meant as some parody or not. Am approaching 50 here, eat badly, drink tap water, love my junk food, enjoy pornography and masturbation, would rather be seen dead than in a gym or 'lifting' (but have climbed mountains that most of you couldn't manage). And life has felt largely good over these endless years and I've been successful at what I've wanted from it.

I think this advice is well-intentioned yet not universally applicable by any standards. Most of you young cunts should just turn your smartphones off when you are out of the house and see how much better it feels to be free of that noise, there's my probably terrible advice.
>> No. 26643 Anonymous
13th May 2018
Sunday 10:47 pm
26643 spacer
I think it's clearly a pisstake, no-one would seriously suggest filtering your tap water as the key to happiness.
>> No. 26644 Anonymous
13th May 2018
Sunday 10:49 pm
26644 spacer
The world can alienate people like us who arent really into the hyper fast paced way of things like smartphones and social media.

Meditation is good for switching off your mind if you have racing thoughts, no offence but if you love your junk food then your complexion and health will deterate thus making you look like shit.

We live in a shallow world, It's about how we navigate and tolerate with the soulless npcs that have created this nightmare world.

Chances are that if you look like shit you'll feel like shit and thus you will get treated like shit, its the primal part of of our brains man, I see a fucking ugly fat loser and I want to kick him down a flight of stairs. You've felt this way before don't deny it.

So how do we deal with this illogical,superficial, fucked up way that people look at life and other humans?

Well we cant change it so we've got to adapt, get big arms im not joking, get big fucking arms! There are lots of 30 year old women who will go with a 50 something suger daddy.

Just adapt, inside they will never know who the real you is, (the loser, beta chan poster) So you've to project an image that will please the npcs, npcs react well to physical prescience, whether you like it or not you got to plan along to their fucked up game.

Not a piss take these are my beliefs and because im an open minded person im willing to except that I might be wrong and that my views might need revision or refinement one day .
>> No. 26649 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 12:03 am
26649 spacer

He sounds like someone who spends too much time on 4chan's /fit/ board.

- no porn
- no "fap"
- lift weights

The only thing that's missing is "activating your almonds".


> fizzy pop

At least we finally what Peter Kay's been up to and why he canceled his tour; he's not sick he's stumbled over a banner link and onto 4chan/fit/. Once he's got up to 1/2/3/4 he'll be back to talk about Garlic Protein Powder.
>> No. 26652 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 1:52 am
26652 spacer
>I see a fucking ugly fat loser and I want to kick him down a flight of stairs. You've felt this way before don't deny it.

No, and you're a psychopath if you feel like that lad, and what's with use of words like 'beta' (ffs, do you really believe in that false dichotomy) and this incomprehensible npcs jargon?
>> No. 26653 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 1:58 am
26653 spacer

He's from 4chan, just wait for the mods to ban him.
>> No. 26656 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 6:46 am
26656 spacer

>get big arms im not joking, get big fucking arms!

This gave me a hearty chuckle.
>> No. 26658 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 1:32 pm
26658 spacer
I'm not a pyscho I'm just more in touch with human/my own nature.

The world is tough out there, nobody will give a shit about you or your sadness outside of family/therapy or chans. Time to toughen up.

You are fucking weak (no offence), we all are, weakness never got anyone anywhere, it sounds cruel but the world is cruel so you have to adapt.

I spent many years as a beta, I got trampled on and taken advantage of. This is where my awareness of the harsh reality of human nature manifested.

Do you have loads of money so you can do whatever the fuck you want? Most of us don't so we have to rely on things like personality "as long as you have a good personality" they say.

Well guess what? I have a shit personality and so do you, we are weak. But we can win them over by being big guys with big fucking muscles, they don need to know about our true selves. They work on a superficial level so have to play the game. If you can't beat them join them.
>> No. 26659 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 1:37 pm
26659 spacer
Classic incel philosophy.
>> No. 26660 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 1:59 pm
26660 spacer
Doesn't sound to me like you really unpacked what I had to say, just a cheap one liner. Challenge yourself.
>> No. 26661 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 2:12 pm
26661 spacer
A massive part of what causes boys to "grow up" is the realization that being loved requires hard work. This impetus begins a journey where a boy grows into a man by gaining strength, knowledge, resources, and wisdom.
>> No. 26662 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 3:31 pm
26662 spacer

It's fascinating how you manage to characterise yourself as a weak, useless individual while still projecting an air of superiority over 'them', meaning the rest of society.

I understand your plight as someone overlooked by society, but you'll learn very quickly that the only true way to make your way in this world is to be actually happy and legitimately fulfilled. And that 'normal' people are far deeper than you think, probably more than you are, and they will reject you out of hand when they realise all you can do is talk about the gym and how much of a loser you used to be.

I suggest reading less Red Pill and more Aurelius.
>> No. 26663 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 3:51 pm
26663 spacer
Out of shape here and don't much care and have enjoyed the intimate company of more women than you ever will. Amusing how you assumed I might aim as high as a thirty year old who wants a sugar daddy as I approach twenty years older than that, if I get those 'big arms' that is. Have been besieged by women of that age and younger in recent years. Not much long term future in these couplings but it's passed some time.

Funny too how you assume that any user here would also reject social media. This is not a 'chan board' and never was. Things are different here.

>I have a shit personality
That's a bit I wouldn't disagree with - you want to push fat lads down stairs you nutjob.

There is no such thing as alpha and beta, or chad and stacey. I deeply detest the whole Red Pill thing and the pernicious and damaging effect it has had on lonely young men. What the chap above says, try reading something else.
>> No. 26664 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 7:35 pm
26664 spacer
> There is no such thing as alpha and beta, or chad and stacey. I deeply detest the whole Red Pill thing and the pernicious and damaging effect it has had on lonely young men.

I'm not That Lad (obviously) but my own life experience strongly suggests that some people do a lot more shagging, and shag a lot more people, than the majority do. I'm not sure if I'd go as far as to compare it to the 80/20 principle but it's got to be somewhere close. I've known lads who've shagged more lasses in a week than I've shagged in my life - they're just natural born shaggers.

> the pernicious and damaging effect it has had on lonely young men

I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to improve yourself, generally, especially if your natural tendency is to look like you live behind a hedge on an A road, live off fast food and sugary drinks, do no exercise, or do much reading beyond your computer screen.

I think where the harm comes in is where certain susceptible people can find themselves ruminating over and over on a subject they can't change - how much shagging they or someone else may or may not have done prior to today.

In "incel" communities you see this insecurity manifest itself as "I'm never getting a gf because .... "

In TRP/MGTOW communities you see this insecurity manifest itself as "I never should have married / I'm never going to marry a slut who fucked her way around uni (or college as the yanks call it for some unfathomable reason) and her early twenties because why should I buy the cow when all those other fuckers spunked their milk on it for free" I love me a mixed metaphor.

Both of these are highly dangerous and damaging thought patterns to get into and if allowed to rattle around in the bicamaral echo chamber of the mind and a sympathetic internet forum then the end result can only be misery and self pity. Neither of which, ironically, are particularly attractive to women.
>> No. 26744 Anonymous
5th June 2018
Tuesday 12:14 am
26744 spacer
OP here, yeah, nah, think I'll just fucking kill myself. I'm an inconsiderate, incapable, immature shit for brains and I need to stop this charade before it becomes any more pathetic. I think I'll demand to see a GP like a proper pyscho bastard tomorrow, then live homeless for a while, then just try giving a train a smooch on the lips or something.

I'm just fucking useless and no one likes me, least of all me. In fact I'm worse than useless, I impede those around me just by my proximity.
>> No. 26751 Anonymous
5th June 2018
Tuesday 4:11 pm
26751 spacer
OP before you do anything else, call The Samaritans on 116 123 and tell them what you've told us. I know people who have been in your position and talking to them really helped them.
>> No. 26752 Anonymous
5th June 2018
Tuesday 5:05 pm
26752 spacer

I did that before seeing you post, they told me to call 111, now I’ve been stuck at a station trying to get to a hospital for fuck knows how long.

Or I was, it showed up as I typed that. Now it’s either an hour + walk to the hospital or I go home spend most of the evening going stir crazy in my room and trying to drown out the suicidal bollocks with bullshit. I could just punch the fella next to me or something instead, see how that pans out. I just don’t give a fucking shit anymore.

I’ll be here until 17:40 charging my phone.
>> No. 26754 Anonymous
5th June 2018
Tuesday 6:39 pm
26754 spacer

Don't be afraid to dial 999 and ask for an ambulance. Suicidal thoughts are a medical emergency.
>> No. 26755 Anonymous
5th June 2018
Tuesday 8:28 pm
26755 spacer
Blegh, too fucking late I'm back home. They've got an 89 year old pick up off the floor because their kids are lazy bastards anyway.

I'll have another go tomorrow.

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