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>> No. 26762 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 12:31 am
26762 How do you give up on someone?
I know I have to do it and I've literally done it before but that doesn't make it any easier. There's a person, I love him, but I'm done with him. I love eating pizza and playing video games with him but I just can't handle his inability to admit wrongdoing, the suddenness and the brutality with which he reacts to perceived criticism, nor the extreme lack of self-awareness which guarantees he will never be able to grow beyond the aforementioned.

I have given this person a second chance and a third chance after they have sunk to physical violence. If my sister told me this about someone she knew, any person, who had treated her like this I would kill the person. That feels silly to type, it sounds stupid to make out like I'm being abused by this person but they are obviously comfortable continuing to hang out with someone whom they must know is only still there because they are afraid by this point.

I have blocked him. Deleted him. But I know the next time I get drunk I'll be the one dialling him. How do I stop myself from calling someone I love who I know is bad?
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>> No. 26763 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 1:18 am
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I don't know how old you are but you need to grow out of liking bad boys even if you're in your twenties or thirties or something. It's very dumb to get burned again and again by the same person.
>> No. 26764 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 1:22 am
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Please, please remake this thread with a different image. It's the most horrible thing I've ever seen on the internet.
>> No. 26765 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 1:52 am
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I actually DID get over my bad boy thing. This person is like a nephew/step-son type thing based on a relationship from way back before I learned the lesson. He is early 20s and I am nearly 40. Eating pizza and playing video games isn't a euphemism, it's what we actually do. I just never expected he was like his dad. This is literally the third man in the same family I have to ghost.
>> No. 26766 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 1:53 am
26766 spacer
Delete his number too. Violence is intolerable. Actively look for someone better.
>> No. 26768 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 3:10 am
26768 spacer
You've said it already - you've done it before.

Think about any person you've walked away from in your past - if it's long enough ago, there's no way you'd go back to them now, right? It's likely you feel nothing for whoever you gave up on in the past, because time really does work wonders.

You just need to remember, no matter how bad it feels right now, that there'll be a day not too far in the future where you've forgotten entirely what the fuss was about in the first place, and you'll feel great for being away from him, and a little daft for not doing it sooner.

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