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>> No. 26785 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 10:47 pm
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How does the whole "turning acquaintances into friends" thing work? Let's say you found a good drinking buddy one night, who then texts you the next day saying you should do it again soon.

Am I supposed to invite this guy for a pint or something now? What does "soon" mean? Tomorrow, a few days, next weekend? I've never invited anyone to go do anything so these uncharted waters feel unnatural and somewhat homo to me.


Billy No Mates
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>> No. 26786 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 10:58 pm
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Hard thing to judge really, but much like with dating a woman, don't make yourself seem too keen. Unlike with a woman, you can be more honest about your intentions.

If it was me I'd leave the door open, without being too specific. Something along the lines of saying it was a good night, let me know when you're up for it again, I'm free most Tuesday afternoons (for example). It hints at forming another meet up without explicitly coming across as "please spend more time with me I am lonely oh god."

I find in most friendships there is a natural dynamic where one party does most of the setting up, not all the time but just due to them being a more active type or whatever.
>> No. 26788 Anonymous
8th June 2018
Friday 2:10 am
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>I find in most friendships
Honestly though, are you speaking only from your own experience, or have you genuinely observed this behaviour in others?
>> No. 26789 Anonymous
8th June 2018
Friday 2:25 pm
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>leaving the house

You mug!

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 26805 Anonymous
9th June 2018
Saturday 9:19 am
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My own experience lad. I'm not some kind of self-styled David Attenborough sociologist, observing people's social lives from the cover of a bus shelter.

Anyway it's worked both ways around in various friendships throughout my lifetime. You see those eye-rolling Facebook memes saying things like FRIENDSHIP IS A TWO WAY STREET and such, which obviously is true. But in real life the subtleties of the dynamic between two individuals matters more than the universal law discovered by a page like FemaleThoughts.

Getting to know people is haphazard at best. I met my present day best mate in high school, but didn't even associate with him until we coincidentally landed in the same job years later. I say best mate, but really we hardly see each other- It's just a bond of experience I guess.
>> No. 26806 Anonymous
9th June 2018
Saturday 9:25 am
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