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>> No. 26969 Anonymous
4th July 2018
Wednesday 7:16 pm
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Throughout my entire life I've always found it really difficult to fit in, even among people who share my interests. Pretty much everyone else seems to have this innate ability to just spark conversations with each other and socialise comfortably.

What is this and how do I seek treatment for it? I've considered that it's regular arseburgers, looking pretty weird, laconicism mistaken for arrogance and unfriendliness, or some mixture of the three. Oddly enough, pub strangers seem to like me when I drink, so maybe it's just plain old social anxiety.
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>> No. 26970 Anonymous
4th July 2018
Wednesday 9:16 pm
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Being the sort of person who knows what "laconicism" means puts you in a rather outsider position amongst most ordinary folk, for a start.

I feel your pain. I'm a complete introvert, to the point of seeming like a complete robot if I can't be arsed to hide it; socialising takes active effort on my part whereas it seems effortless for most normal people. The thing is you just have to learn how to affect the mannerisms of sociable people.

When somebody's talking at you about some shit you don't care about, you have to pretend you do. When you've got past the initial hurdle of meaningless smalltalk, you start to unlock new dialogue trees about things that might actually be of interest to you, and from there I feel like it becomes a lot easier to actually relate.

I've always been better one-on-one than with groups, but I've learned over time that it's not worth wasting my effort to try be someone I'm not and be one of those people out with big groups of THE LADS all the time. You can still be sociable by hanging out with one or two good mates at a time and bonding over a pint or some videogames.
>> No. 26971 Anonymous
4th July 2018
Wednesday 10:21 pm
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Read how to win friends and influence people, and the game. The skills contained within are directly applicable to you.

I feel like you have it back to front. What you need to do is learn self-empowerment and to get along without people. If you find the chatter of people inane avoid it.
>> No. 26972 Anonymous
5th July 2018
Thursday 2:39 am
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>What you need to do is learn self-empowerment and to get along without people.

Eh? I'm an introvert, that's the whole point. I could happily go without seeing another soul for weeks and easily entertain myself with various insignificant bullshit.

Being socially awkward is a totally different thing to just not being very sociable. OP doesn't sound like the first one or he probably wouldn't find a good reception from strangers in the pub.

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