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>> No. 26973 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 6:49 pm
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A gay friend has confessed he has feelings for me, but I'm straight. I suspected this might be the case. He's already said his feelings obviously aren't reciprocated, so I'm hoping that's a sign I wasn't giving any unintended messages.

a) How do I handle this? He's a work colleague and a valuable friend. I don't want to hurt any feelings more than they need to be if I can avoid it.

b) It's not the first time this has happened (both gay men and straight women) and I'm beginning to wonder if it's something I'm doing. I do tend to favour closer one-to-one friendships than having lots of mates, and I'm worried this is being misinterpreted.
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>> No. 26974 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 7:03 pm
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I had a best friend who was gay and had feelings for me. We ended up drunk at a house party and, before you knew it, he was inside me. It ended up ruining the friendship.

I wouldn't advise it.
>> No. 26975 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 7:48 pm
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Thanks... He seems aware I don't want anything to happen between us. It looks like this one may be salvageable. He seems to have taken my response as well as could be imagined.
>> No. 26976 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 9:47 pm
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It's probably a crush. Just don't mention it or make a big deal of it, jokes might give him hope, but it might be worth having a chat about boundaries going forward so >>26974 doesn't happen. The kind of frindship you seem to have sounds similar to my own with women. I am gay, but have had lots of women fall for me because of how I treat them compared to straight men, which is probably a similar situation to you having this lad develop a crush on you.

We are wired to become attracted to anyone who we consider a compatible mate, even if we are only aware of that attraction subconsciously, so it's nothing you're doing per se it's just that you have qualities as a friend they would also seek in a partner.

I've never developed a crush on a straight make friend, but my mates are all arseholes I'd never date. I've had confusing thoughts about certain women I've grown close too, but they were all tomboys who were a right good laff.

To put it perspective, you're probably just a nice person to be around m8.
>> No. 27070 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 6:54 pm
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Thanks for this post, I do appreciate it. Fortunate has been kind to me here, as we booked off our holidays concurrently and have had the opportunity to just communicate by text without any in-person awkwardness for a few weeks. I am hopeful things will be more or less as they were when we see eachother again.

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