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>> No. 27149 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 12:03 am
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Im 26 and I've only just come to accept I'm bisexual. That's a step I suppose, but I have this deep rooted sense that I am inferior for it. I don't know why, but I feel less than my straight peers. Like a sissy, beta skinny guy not worth a thing. I hate myself for it, it makes me feel weak and embarrassed. The only person on earth who has any knowledge of this is my girlfriend. Probably my friends suspect things. Bu! t I feel horrendous. I wish I was born a girl. That way I could feel like I do now without guilt. I'd be normal. I wouldn't hate myself for being a failed man. How do I get over this?
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>> No. 27150 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 1:22 am
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Explain why you think admitting that you've always sort of fancied men changes who you are in anyway?

Who instilled this rhetoric into you? Why do you subscribe to it?

On a lighter note, fucking a man up the arse and having him beg for more is one of the manliest things a guy can do.
>> No. 27151 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 1:30 am
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You need to learn how to own and internalise it. A key step of which is not giving a fuck what others think about it and realise it doesn't really matter ass long as you are living true to yourself.

You aren't "Anon the bisexual", you are "Anon", who happens to be bi among their other qualities.

>Who instilled this rhetoric into you? Why do you subscribe to it?
To be fair if you read the cunt off in the trump protest thread you would think you need to be a massive flaming bender in order to even call yourself not straight. You are right and they are wrong in my opinion, but sometimes the greatest enermy of the LGBT movement, is the LGBT movement. It alienates the people it is supposed to help Down-low wouldn't exist if it wasn't for batty boys.
>> No. 27153 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 1:04 pm
27153 spacer
For what it's worth, I think you're perfectly normal.
>> No. 27154 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 1:51 pm
27154 spacer
It's just the conflict of your typical masculine identity, with something that you see as typically feminine. You'll get used to it. I used to feel a similar way about indulging my massive petplay fetish, but you get used to it- As daft as it sounds in your present headspace, being open and honest with yourself really makes a big difference. Live your truth as the millennials would say.

You may even find that you can even feel much more confidently "masculine" before, with the security to get your rocks off in just exactly the way that best pleases you. It's a liberating feeling to no longer be trapped by the mentality of the average straight lad, who won't even let a bird finger his bum in case it triggers an identity crisis.

How does your girlfriend feel about it, if you don't mind me asking? If she likes it then you're onto a winner, a new life of awakened hedonism awaits.
>> No. 27191 Anonymous
25th July 2018
Wednesday 10:36 am
27191 spacer
Speaking as a 27-year old bilad I fucking love being bisexual, not because of anything trite like it opening up more doors sexually (I've done all that now and I'm happy just being in a relationship) but I just love getting the horn off seeing men I find attractive.

If you have an actual image issue (I don't know who you are or what you already do) then I'd recommend going to the gym. Once you're in a routine in which you can regularly see the results you learn to love yourself a lot more and you become a lot happier. Exercise and working out feels like it fed into my bisexuality in a positive way and if you feel uneven in some way it might help. I'm not saying you should build yourself up to the point you want to start blasting your way round sexually, just trying to recommend something that might boost your confidence further.
>> No. 27194 Anonymous
25th July 2018
Wednesday 11:19 am
27194 spacer
Hbomberguy's latest video is about H. P. Lovecraft, but in the first third of the video he also comes out(?) as bi, and relates his feelings about his sexuality to the feeling of being considered an outsider as in works by, and inspired by, Lovecraft. You might find it relatable.

>> No. 27195 Anonymous
25th July 2018
Wednesday 11:38 am
27195 spacer
>he also comes out(?) as bi

I assumed he was gay, so if anything he's just stepped back onto the threshold.
>> No. 27197 Anonymous
25th July 2018
Wednesday 11:46 am
27197 spacer
>a new life of awakened hedonism awaits.
Whatever you do OP, don't fall down this rabbit hole of degeneracy. No one cares if you like men, just don't let it define who you are, or ruin your existing relationships.

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