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>> No. 27430 Anonymous
25th September 2018
Tuesday 10:37 am
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How does one measure shallowness?

I quite frequently find myself thinking 'why haven't I noticed this myself?', 'why didn't I cover this angle?', 'why I didn't even attempt to go harder here?'. That leads to a slightly uncomfortable situation when I see other people fare effortlessly when and where I had failed - because I didn't put enough thought in it. A bit annoying if it's just a video game, more so if it concerns some real life matter.

The same pattern emerges fairly everywhere. It also makes me question my judgement regarding various people in my life. I still trust my gut - it has served me reasonably well in my interactions. But whenever the time comes for re-assessment because I'd just discovered fresh pieces of information about something or someone, I start pondering if I'm actually naive and gullible despite fancying myself as mildly cynical and jaded about things. At times though I feel like it's a cheap negativistic variation of being cynical for the sake of it, not the introspective see-through-it kind.

I don't beat myself over these things, nor am I peaceful. No one likes being clueless. Recently, I've noticed ruminating about this too much. I might just dismiss it as what I've just named it - ruminations - but it's something that is too close to my 'core', that I need to figure out in order to know how to proceed and to go by about it. I actually might be a clueless shallow berk who thinks too much of himself and if that's the case, I would like to fix it.

Maybe you lads could give me some of your insight one more time. I'm disorientated.
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>> No. 27431 Anonymous
25th September 2018
Tuesday 12:25 pm
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It sounds like you are in need of a personal code to me. Like you need to explore forming opinions around ideas rather than events. I'd start by doing some research into critical thinking and then reading up brief summaries of the ideas of great philosophers and see what takes your fancy and explore the ideas deeper.

There is also an element of lack of self confidance, but I'm sure that would come with feeling you are a bit more informed in your beliefs.
>> No. 27432 Anonymous
25th September 2018
Tuesday 4:01 pm
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My problem with personal codes and stuff alike is that I tend to see them as a substitute for real thinking where instead of assessing a situation a person sticks to whatever he thinks is right, without considering the circumstances. Perhaps I'm somewhat extreme here but you get the point.

> There is also an element of lack of self confidance
Quite. I've been improving here over the course of last 3-4 years but it's still not really satisfying. Perhaps it goes even as far as lack of self-respect as I tend to think sometimes when I observe more assertive people. I could do better. I try; at times I think I might come off as a bit crass.
That isn't a skill that's easy and smooth to master though.

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