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>> No. 27730 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 11:47 am
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Alright lads, feel like a bit of a twat posting this here but I've got a lot on my plate, albeit I don't want to delve too deep into things but anyway, I don't suppose anyone knows of any charities or foundations or the like that help/support people who want to/are trying leave controlling, very restrictive religious families?
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>> No. 27731 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 12:07 pm
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You're not a twat for posting that at all - I think thats the first request of this type we have ever had though.

Tell us what is on your plate.
>> No. 27732 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 12:18 pm
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I don't, but there is a Charity for LGBT eskimos in the UK called Imaan. They must deal with things of this sort regularly, assuming you are from an Islamic backround (sorry if that was preumptious, it's just my best friend is and had to move to London to escape his parents/siblings constant badgering to get married as it was the only plave big enough to hide from them and got dishoned for having a kid with a black lass).

They would come to my house to see if he was there, call me names, etc. It seemed like a fucking nightmare.
>> No. 27733 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 4:35 pm
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>They would come to my house to see if he was there, call me names, etc. It seemed like a fucking nightmare.

Aye, this is how they are, it's perceived as an honour thing and what's worse is the ones involved are minted. It's not just as simple as walking out the door, it's needing safety and protection.

Thank you though, I will look into that.
>> No. 27734 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 5:21 pm
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I read about the Safeguarding Agency in college, they claim to give advice and help about forced marriage, radicalisation and the like. Try to look them up, I know that they have several offices in the Birmingham area.
>> No. 27735 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 5:53 pm
27735 spacer
Apologies to "everything is crypto fascist lad", and derailing an emo thread but I have yet to meet the eskimo who didn't describe a family life that sounded abusive and controlling.

I had a friend in collage who all of her communication with others was read by her older brothers, I have friends in their mid-20s who rented a 2 bed room house, to pretend they slept in separate beds to their parents, and ended up getting married, only to stop having to deal with their parents bullshit.
I even had to take part in a charade myself once when I stayed at my girlfriends parents in turkey, we had to sleep in separate rooms, and I was just a friend. We are both in our mid-30s.

The honour culture really distresses me. It seems to put pressure on people where the only options are to deal with restrictions on their freedom and self-expression everyday (at the very least by just maintain lies about their behavior out of fear and 'repect') or to completely disconnect from everyone they know.
>> No. 27736 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 6:20 pm
27736 spacer
Every local council is required by law to have a safeguarding team, which is responsible for protecting adults and children from all forms of domestic abuse. Since 2015, "coercive or controlling behaviour" is legally defined as domestic abuse. You can refer yourself to the safeguarding team directly by calling the council, or you can speak to your doctor or someone at Citizens Advice. The safeguarding team is responsible for offering you multi-agency support including social work, housing and health.


Karma Nirvana offer support and advice for victims of religious and honour-based abuse through their helpline.


If you fear for your safety, get out of the house if possible and call 999. The police have a legal duty to protect you and will not leave you in an abusive situation.
>> No. 27737 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 6:28 pm
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We'll let the OP speak, but I can't help but notice they didn't post a picture of Mohammed.
>> No. 27738 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 8:20 pm
27738 spacer

>but I can't help but notice they didn't post a picture of Mohammed.

You don't know much about Islam do you.
>> No. 27739 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 8:24 pm
27739 spacer
that gave me a chuckle
>> No. 27740 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 10:11 pm
27740 spacer

It's a very common problem. Not everyone has the balls to defy his family and to start living his life the way he wants. I've lost a girlfriend because she preferred to appease her ultra Christard oppressive family rather than moving out and living her life.

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