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>> No. 27854 Anonymous
18th December 2018
Tuesday 6:08 pm
27854 Lost job opportunity cos of CCJ
Idk what to do mang, I just had an interview for a £130+ a day job and got shut down for having a CCJ.

I don't have £500 lying around, I work minimum wage and have barely gotten on my feet since uni. I shouldn't have taken out another card but here we are. It's the last piece of debt I have (beyond my overdraft) but it's just fucking *there*.

Any decent job seems locked off because of this thing, and apparently the one I just applied for needs to be satisfied for a year.

idk what the hell to do, I've got shit credit rating and fucked myself over future because I kind of figured I'd be able to at least get decent work, but nah man, unskilled at 27, 2:2 in humanities, studying for AAT but it just feels pointless because no decent firm would hire me.

It was £130 a day and I already know the role, now I'm making half that a day helping accountants who are billing that per hour.
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>> No. 27855 Anonymous
18th December 2018
Tuesday 6:18 pm
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Could you talk to Citizens Advice? There may be a way for you to spread the cost over a few months.
>> No. 27856 Anonymous
18th December 2018
Tuesday 7:17 pm
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You're working for an accountancy firm and studying for the AAT? You should have decent prospects once you've got experience and qualifications under your belt.
>> No. 27857 Anonymous
18th December 2018
Tuesday 7:24 pm
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What was the job?

There are a bunch of jobs (banking, finance and accountancy, sounds like you're in the last group) - where you need reasonably good credit - there is a big difference between missing a couple of payments, which will limit your ability to get a loan or mortgage, and an actual CCJ. How much is the CCJ for? Have you satisfied (ie paid) it? What story did you have around that? Did they specifically ask you about whether you had any judgements against you?
>> No. 27858 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 1:31 am
27858 spacer
This. Certain regulated professions can only admit individuals who are "of good character" or "a fit and proper person". That means no unspent convictions, no undischarged bankrupcies, no defaults, no CCJs, no disqualifications. Your record doesn't have to be totally unblemished, it just needs to have no massive black marks.
>> No. 27859 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 1:14 pm
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Regrettably it's not for a firm, it's first line tech support for some accounting software. Since we're talking about it all day a lot of people study for accounting qualifications during downtime. There's a lot of very smart, very unmotivated people there.


PPI Claims handling for Santander. I took out a couple of credit cards in uni, paid back one but just tried to pretend the other one didn't exist. I'd kind of forgotten about it, somehow, and applied for jobs in the meantime (this was a few years ago) and actually got through at least 2 interview processes where I was asked if I had a CCJ and I said 'no'. Wasn't until a third interview I got a call and asked if I knew anything about it. In the past couple of years I've just kind of mentioned it if asked directly otherwise not brought it up.

>How much is the CCJ for?

£370 odd last I remembered. I'm currently racking up some council tax fees as well, which wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't on SSP at the moment. Which wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't currently a fuck up in the payroll dept affecting all employees on SSP. Felt like I was so close to scraping by but with an upward trajectory. Now that feels shot.

> Your record doesn't have to be totally unblemished, it just needs to have no massive black marks.

Got no criminal record but presumably my credit rating is disgraceful. Other than the CCJ there's nothing else I can think of that's on paper, other than the lingering feeling that I should have been more responsible with my money and not become a raging depressive alcoholic through my early twenties. But hey I survived so there's that.

>There are a bunch of jobs (banking, finance and accountancy, sounds like you're in the last group)

This is the real bugger, because I feel like I'm quite good at it and my dad was an FCA so even if he has connections I might be able to benefit from, I probably can't get into any decent.

Thanks for the responses guys, it was a pretty shitty post but I needed some ideas about the reality of it and it's feeling a bit more tangible an issue now.

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