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>> No. 4876 Anonymous
9th November 2019
Saturday 1:01 am
4876 One exercise a day
Mon: Chin up
Tue: Squat
Wed: Dip
Thu: Curl
Fri: Deadlift
Sat: OHP
Sun: Calf raise

5 sets each exercise. Takes about 10 minutes a day.

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>> No. 4877 Anonymous
9th November 2019
Saturday 4:14 pm
4877 spacer
>> No. 4878 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 10:04 pm
4878 spacer
Make it 10 sets aka GVT per exercise

>> No. 4873 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 1:36 am
4873 spacer

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>> No. 4874 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 3:36 am
4874 spacer
That bit where his beard does a dog leg below the ear. Punch it properly and he's KO.
>> No. 4875 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 9:24 am
4875 spacer

Again in English, please.

>> No. 4848 Anonymous
25th September 2019
Wednesday 1:13 am
4848 Teeth general
Let's have a general post about dental issues.

So let's say I (a 29-year-old) strongly suspect my lower left canine never fell out but can't actually remember and it's believable that it didn't. (I have a younger cousin well into his 20s who literally has two of certain teeth in his mouth because his mum was 'nicer' than mine). How do I ascertain whether or not this tooth is old or new? And if it's old what is the least painful way to rid myself of it? Is it even safe to try? And if it's new how do I fix my mouth because Jesus it's starting to hurt basically all the time now?

Pretend I have terrible anxiety that once prevented me from going to the dentist at all but now only prevents me from going to the dentist if I don't know what to expect. Also I brush them only once a month or less because I was forcibly kissed from a young age and so intentionally decided to make myself disgusting. Talk to me like I literally don't know what teeth even are.

How are your teeth?
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>> No. 4868 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 1:24 pm
4868 spacer
I don't mean to be a cunt, but there are occasions when the most straightforward route is the one that needs to be taken. I've spent some years now trying to convince my own father to overcome his own dental phobia so his jaw might stop swelling up and causing him severe pain once every 18 months or so. You might think me naive for expecting advice I can't convince my own dad of to be followed by a stranger on the internet, but I would say you're more naive for reckoning you can do anything about the phobia in the first place. What else is there? Otherlad waits for his jaw to become inflamed or the rest of his nashers to spill out of his head? There's nothing else for it than to visit a dentist.

Dentists do know better and that's likely why they're tired of how knackered a great many people's teeth are, and that includes my own.
>> No. 4869 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 1:25 pm
4869 spacer
>> No. 4870 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 1:30 pm
4870 spacer
Nah, that's just stupid. I don't believe you.
>> No. 4871 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 1:39 pm
4871 spacer

>> No. 4872 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 2:32 pm
4872 spacer

>What else is there?

First reply in this thread. If you go to a sedation clinic rather than an ordinary dentist, they can provide you with medication to manage the symptoms of phobia and make it easier for you to access dental treatment. Some people just need a sympathetic dentist that understands phobia, some need benzodiazepines to reduce their anxiety, some need to be fully sedated with nitrous oxide or IV sedation.

Bollocking a patient for not going to the dentist really isn't helpful, because it doesn't address the why. Some people just can't be arsed, but most people who avoid the dentist have a serious phobia.

>> No. 4862 Anonymous
30th September 2019
Monday 11:14 am
4862 spacer
Can't find the fucking thread, but on the subject of balding, the testosterone thing is a myth:

Ray Peat has a lot of interesting stuff, by the way.
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>> No. 4863 Anonymous
2nd October 2019
Wednesday 8:48 am
4863 spacer
Says the low=-test man with the full head of hair.
>> No. 4864 Anonymous
2nd October 2019
Wednesday 9:09 am
4864 spacer
This. Blatant Hairy psyops.

>> No. 3936 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:45 pm
3936 Fat bastard weight loss thread
Get in here fatlads.

I've made an effort to properly lose weight but have stalled in the last 2 months - and it's starting to creep up. I used to lift weights 3x/week and control the diet, but I can't lift for a while until some medical stuff gets sorted. This has taken a bit of a hit on my progress - or more likely,ive used it an excuse to slack.

What's your story?

P.s. I track calories and weight using my fitness pal.
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>> No. 4842 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 11:05 am
4842 spacer

A lot of what you're saying echoes my own fatlad story.

It took me a long time to realise that I'm just not the type of person who can 'willpower' myself into doing something, and I'm not the sort of person who can do moderation. I can too easily convince myself that the two pizzas tonight will somehow launch me into a new diet tomorrow, and do the same the next day, and the next, etc until I've effectively forgotten that I want to lose weight for another week or so.

The inability to moderate is the easy bit, if you start thinking of food as addiction, which it definitely is for me. You can't just have 'a little bit' of crack, so similarly I stopped allowing myself to have 'just one' bag of crisps or whatever, because it's never, ever just one bag. One cheat is basically failure in my mind and an easy way to convince myself the attempt at a diet is over, and that's not even getting into the actual chemical addictive properties of high carb/fat snack foods.

So my method, as shaky as it was, was to wait for one of those rare moments of actual determined focus on losing weight (I suspect you're in one now too) and jump on it. Try to eat well, 'proper food', but cut out junk entirely. Eat as much as I can for the first week or two, as long as it's whole food, or at least not crisps, sweets, and takeaways. Then as I get used to that, I'd start counting the calories. It's all about getting into a routine, and being honest with yourself that the first couple of weeks will be hell and you'll feel fucking useless and powerless, but you're definitely not. You can definitely eat properly for a day, then two days, then three, then a week, then a month.

I also found improving my mental state and general living helped. Apparently people who exercise regularly crave fewer junk foods, and I find that to be true - even just purposely walking once a day puts me in a fitness mindset and I find it easier to resist my trigger foods. Keeping my house tidy, keeping on top of errands and chores, these were all things I wasn't doing while sitting on my arse eating 5000 calories so when I started doing them, my whole mindset slowly and subtley changed. I felt less like a piece of shit who deserved to wallow, and more like a normal person who happened to have put on a load of weight, and I think, even just typing it now, I realise that's the key to it for me. Whenever I've felt worthless, useless, pointless, it's oh so easy to allow yourself to abuse your body, because why the fuck not?

I'm sorry for the rambling, but I know exactly where you're coming from. My only practical advice would be to take one day at a time, and try to think about what might actually make you accountable. For me it was simply proving that I could fight my own shitty brain, it might be something else for you, but like the otherlad says, long term thinking is needed.
>> No. 4843 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 1:17 pm
4843 spacer
> Keeping my house tidy, keeping on top of errands and chores, these were all things I wasn't doing while sitting on my arse eating 5000 calories so when I started doing them, my whole mindset slowly and subtley changed.

This worked for me too somehow, despite for a bit different situation.
Regarding being a lard arse back in the day, I did will-power myself out of it. Mostly by cutting out junk food entirely, my only sort of exercise at that time was walking.
Sage because I didn't have a BMI of 39, so can't really advise you in any way, mate.
>> No. 4844 Anonymous
8th September 2019
Sunday 11:37 am
4844 spacer
>wait for one of those rare moments of actual determined focus on losing weight

Unfortunately I can never make it past the two week mark. I think that's the point where you can really keep the habit up, but I always slip after a few days. I think that's the worst thing - I spend hours a day intensely hating myself for how much of a disgusting fat cunt I let myself once again become, but somehow cannot channel that into, well, losing weight.
>> No. 4845 Anonymous
8th September 2019
Sunday 2:50 pm
4845 spacer

Different lad here, feel a bit apprehensive giving this advice as I'm not sure it's the right thing, but when I need to focus on a goal I often set my environment up so that the only real outlet I have is working towards that end.

When I noticed computer games were becoming a timesink from real life activities, I sold my consoles. When I realised I'd get drunk on my own as a way to cope with anxiety, I stopped buying alcohol to keep in the house. When I noticed I was getting frustrated and developing nervous tics, I placed trainers and kit next to the door so I could go to the gym immediately.

Don't know how well this would work for your compliance problem, but I think there's a lot to be said for structuring your choices in such a way that you have only a few good options.
>> No. 4846 Anonymous
8th September 2019
Sunday 10:46 pm
4846 spacer

Do you think you could set yourself a challenge of sorts? Like, go veggie for a month, or something like that. Changing your diet, but also deciding to just try to eat differently than you usually do, not necessarily better than you usually do, just different - might be enough to trick yourself into getting into a new habit?

I realise it's hard, but the more you resign yourself to never being able to hack it, you truly never will. You've done it before, you objectively can do it again.

Tom Rollins.jpg
>> No. 4822 Anonymous
28th August 2019
Wednesday 11:14 am
4822 spacer
High reps or low reps? What do you prefer?

I'm a high rep guy. I usually train all exercises for 1 or 2 sets of 20.

High reps sets are much more stimulating and demanding than low reps. If I do less than 12 reps it doesn't feel like I've worked the muscle at all. High reps are generally safer and kinder to the joints too.
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>> No. 4829 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 11:21 am
4829 spacer

Normally I avoid Joe Rogan's podcast like the plague but this lad's actually quite insightful.

The weird thing is as well, it's only really western folk that work out knocking their pan in once or thrice a week.

I spent a good few months training with Indonesian lads and they're at it every day, because it's fun to them and not work. Changed my mindset about exercise, it did.
>> No. 4830 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 1:35 pm
4830 spacer
Besides training every day, what else was different about their approach?
>> No. 4831 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 2:00 pm
4831 spacer

It was a very small gym, only 1 room, so it was more social as well, they would egg each other on to get one more set in, or do races on the treadmill, things like that.

I think that's down to a cultural thing more than 'intensity vs consistency', though.
>> No. 4832 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 2:40 pm
4832 spacer

I think training consistently will act as a self-limiter on your intensity. Going in and smashing yourself every day isn't sustainable.
>> No. 4840 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 6:54 am
4840 spacer

I think so, there's definitely been days where I've skipped the gym due to soreness from going too hard a the day or a couple of days before. I can only speak for myself, but I'm quite all-or-nothing, and one missed day can quickly spiral into a missed week, so being consistent has worked out way better for me than being more intense in my work outs.

>> No. 4811 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 2:06 pm
4811 spacer
The old /fit/ boards at the other place had a link to a fitness primer. Single page, straightforward, very useful. I can't seem to find it.

Anybody know what I'm talking about and where it is?
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>> No. 4817 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 6:11 pm
4817 spacer

starting strength body.jpg
This. Starting Strength made me the man I am today.
>> No. 4818 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 8:48 pm
4818 spacer

Call me a verile young stud all you want, but I'm more of a stronglifts and tofu chap.
>> No. 4819 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 9:36 pm
4819 spacer

...Where's your willy?
>> No. 4820 Anonymous
11th August 2019
Sunday 10:02 pm
4820 spacer

Listen, some of us are growers and some of us are showers. My knob practically retracts into my body when it's soft, but is solidly average when erect. I'm sure this is the case for speedolad here too, and he doesn't have an actual microwilly.
>> No. 4821 Anonymous
12th August 2019
Monday 12:32 pm
4821 spacer
While we are at it, help me find another picture please.
It was some sort of a coloured hand-drawn infographic, at least partially about the difference in muscle build-up between body-builders and powerlifters/heavyweight fighters/etc. I think I saw it here originally; can't guarantee though.

>> No. 4807 Anonymous
13th July 2019
Saturday 12:50 pm
4807 spacer


405 lbs for 23 reps. Looks a bit fake to me.
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>> No. 4808 Anonymous
13th July 2019
Saturday 8:08 pm
4808 spacer
Aluminium plates

>> No. 4802 Anonymous
11th July 2019
Thursday 1:37 pm
4802 spacer
I've started working on my front squats. I really like the movement, and I think I'm now getting into a respectable "front rack" position (pictured). It's nice, stable enough to nearly match my regular/back squat.

Thing is, the outside of my collarbones are still bruising where I'm holding the bar. Can any weightlifters comment on whether the collarbones eventually adapt?
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>> No. 4803 Anonymous
11th July 2019
Thursday 8:38 pm
4803 spacer
why the hell are you doing front squats?
>> No. 4804 Anonymous
11th July 2019
Thursday 11:15 pm
4804 spacer

Why the hell not?
>> No. 4805 Anonymous
12th July 2019
Friday 8:20 pm
4805 spacer

>less control of barbell
>have to use less weight
>risky to shoulders and elbows
>makes breathing more difficult
>literally no advantage over back squats

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 4806 Anonymous
13th July 2019
Saturday 1:25 am
4806 spacer

Are you sure you're here legally?

>> No. 4745 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 8:24 am
4745 spacer
Started doing this workout 2 months ago and I'm already getting bigger and feel fitter.

Sumo Deadlift
Calf raise

All exercises for 3x20, 1 min rest. 2 workouts a week.

The high reps give me a massive pump and leave me breathless. The latest studies show that high reps are just as effective at building muscle as low reps. They're also easier on the joints and give you a good cardio workout.
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>> No. 4746 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 8:47 am
4746 spacer
Low reps are for wimps. High reps are what the real tough guys do.

A 5 rep set is all over in a few seconds. A 30 rep squat or 20 rep deadlift is a whole other kind of beast. Your muscles will be set on fire and you'll be breathing like a horse at the end of the set. It's the difference between a little scuffle in the street and going a whole round in the ring taking pounding after pounding.
>> No. 4747 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 9:24 am
4747 spacer

I changed my routine to try this following your post - I felt more knackered than I usually do and I reckon you're probably onto something, mate.

What sources are you looking at to suggest the higher repetitions are preferable to less repetitions at a higher weight? I'm curious about the studies you're talking about.
>> No. 4748 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 4:00 pm
4748 spacer
This is what happens to you after training heavy for years.

>> No. 4749 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 8:44 pm
4749 spacer

Well, that and taking more gear than the entire East German Olympic team.
>> No. 4750 Anonymous
13th January 2019
Sunday 4:51 pm
4750 spacer

>> No. 4737 Anonymous
13th December 2018
Thursday 8:00 am
4737 spacer
Do appetite suppressants actually work?

I'm putting on weight but I'm not overeating out of boredom or anything like that; I genuinely feel hungry a lot of the time.
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>> No. 4739 Anonymous
13th December 2018
Thursday 10:23 am
4739 spacer
Any really effective drug is going to come with side effects, so I'd encourage you to think about the underlying causes first.

The biology for hunger and satiety is a bit more complex than most people acknowledge. You might do well to read up on hormonal regulators like leptin and ghrelin, and what affects them. For example, losing sleep can affect how we experience hunger and how we digest food.

The solution to your problem could be something as simple as eating slower, giving you a chance to feel satiated before eating too many calories.

It's well known that people are capable of eating a lot more calories from hyper-palatable foods like chocolate or salted chips/skinny fries. Something as simple as adding highly satiating foods like protein or vegetables, in place of snacks, might help.

Also, are you on any drugs for which increased appetite is a known side effect? Antidepressants, steroids, etc.?

It's also worth asking, are you currently underweight or overweight? Often our perceptions of our bodyweight dont line up with the reality. Have you experienced any kind of disordered eating in the past?
>> No. 4740 Anonymous
13th December 2018
Thursday 11:14 am
4740 spacer
I drink quite a lot of water at work. This might sound daft but it feels a bit... thin and hollow is probably the best way to describe it; not filling. Perhaps I just need to add lemon or honey to it.

I'm not on any drugs. I'm about 5'11" and I'm not entirely sure on my weight; I think it's somewhere around 12 stone. I'm reaching the point where I'm going to have to go from 32" jeans to 34" ones.

I do eat vegetables with most meals. I think the issue might be that I follow a largely vegetarian diet and it simply doesn't fill you the way that meat does.
>> No. 4741 Anonymous
13th December 2018
Thursday 12:58 pm
4741 spacer
Did you change to this mostly veg diet recently?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you're consciously registering cravings and mid-morning hunger pangs more because you're naturally climbing a jean size as you get older. 34" is fine and the increase is expected at this time of year with the winter gorging and Christmas treats. Eat and be merry now but get on the old bike come January to burn it off before summer.
>> No. 4742 Anonymous
13th December 2018
Thursday 2:02 pm
4742 spacer
> I'm going to have to go from 32" jeans to 34" ones
I'm 5'7 and a healthy weight and my waist is about about 32" you sound fine.

From a medical point of view you sound perfecly healthy, my crude math says your BMI is 23.5 and your body fat is under 20% if you want to be slimmer you are probably at the point where exercise would be better then dieting.
>> No. 4743 Anonymous
13th December 2018
Thursday 6:49 pm
4743 spacer
Get some scales. Healthy BMI was 20-25, but lower bound was taken down to 18. Sorry to say, but it's highly unlikely you have some hormonal leptin secretion defect that's influencing your weight. The answer is the same as it's ever been; and it's as horrible as it ever was -- eat less, exercise more.

There's a proven link between increased stress and weight gain, and a link between <N hours of sleep and increased stress. Aside from the other bad side effects, this is one way in which caffeinated beverages might hurt somebody on a diet even though they're 0-calorie. They're also diuretics, which I think is bad for appetite regulation.

Check out -- https://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/being-overweight-linked-to-poorer-memory

That's another mechanism to link lack of sleep and overeating. Dr. Cheke's other research is interesting. The strength of your memory of how recently you eat, will influence when you eat next. If you eat with distractions (eg. using your phone, in front of the TV), you remember the episode less well, and eat your next meal sooner. She's investigating a hypothesis of a causal link between age-related memory impairment, and weight gain in middle age -- people gain weight in middle age; middle age is when memory begins to decline. Lots of interesting research, lots of academics and medics with lots of explanations as to why everybody's fat now. But there's a consensus on the solution, which is, "eat less, exercise more".

>> No. 4731 Anonymous
20th November 2018
Tuesday 10:00 pm
4731 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 4732 Anonymous
20th November 2018
Tuesday 10:33 pm
4732 spacer
I find posting without a comment to be highly obnoxious outside of /iq/. I won't just watch your damn video, justify it. Also who knew doing a leg exercise would make the legs grow more muscle?

Kim II.jpg
>> No. 4722 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 6:22 pm
4722 spacer
Any of you lads have or have had travel sickness and beat it?

I'm starting a job in January that is further than my current and I'd want to use that time on public transport doing something useful like reading. The problem is I can go about 1 minute of reading while moving before I feel dizzy and get a headache. I'm fairly certain it would then evolve into a migraine.

Looking out the window will get fairly boring.
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>> No. 4726 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 6:48 pm
4726 spacer
A few practical suggestions spring to mind. If you need glasses, wear them. Similarly, books with larger and easier to read print are likely to be less aggravating. Experiment with facing different directions and places on the vehicle and see what works best for you. If you don't want to take medication, I've found ginger really helps as an antiemetic.

The nausea, in my experience, is actually caused by trying to hold the book too steady. Your inner ear feels your body moving, but you're focused on a book you're doing your best to hold still. It's these mixed signals that make you feel sick. Personally I relax my hands and arms so the book moves along with any bumps or swaying.
>> No. 4727 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 6:48 pm
4727 spacer
It might come down to that, I do like owning physical books though which is why I'd rather read.
I'll have to try this.
>> No. 4728 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 6:54 pm
4728 spacer
I got over it just through repeated exposure. When I started taking flying lessons I would get it quite badly, but by the time I got my licence it was no longer an issue.

It would be unpleasant to put yourself through it, but you could find that by just forcing yourself to do it every day (stopping well before you actually vomit of course) could get your body used to the sensation.
>> No. 4729 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 8:06 pm
4729 spacer
The missus combats this by sort of leaning her head towards the window, so the movement outside is still in her periphery while she's reading. In my mind that seems like it'd make you feel worse, but it works for her. She's a bit odd though.
>> No. 4730 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 1:38 am
4730 spacer


marty feldman.jpg
>> No. 4700 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 12:12 pm
4700 spacer
Is creatine monohydrate worth taking? I just ordered some for 4 quid off ebay.
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>> No. 4716 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 3:44 pm
4716 spacer

I can just about read right there myself on the packet that it's telling you to mix it with something. What the fuck, is this a next level troll?
>> No. 4717 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 3:48 pm
4717 spacer

>> No. 4718 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:10 pm
4718 spacer

It's shit, all you do is feel dehydrated and piss a lot from chugging gallons of water. Also makes you swell up a bit like a girl's tits when she's on her monthly.
>> No. 4719 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:44 pm
4719 spacer
Stir it into a yoghurt. FFS lad, you're never going to make it.
>> No. 4720 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 3:34 am
4720 spacer


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