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>> No. 3769 Anonymous
24th March 2016
Thursday 6:32 pm
3769 Med lads?
So I've finally been given an appointment at a hospital to see about the lumpy cyst on my neck.

The more irksome problem; The appointment letter is asking me to bring a urine sample.
Does anyone here with more medical knowledge than me, have any idea why a urine sample would be needed? It's giving me a worrying feeling in the back of my head that I've been mixed up with someone else with a completely different problem.
And since they didn't put a sample pot in the envelope, I'm also going to have to find time to get there before work one day to pick one up.

And the other thing, the appointment is at the local hospitals general surgery, not the dermatology ward at a larger hospital that I was told I was being referred to. (Not really a problem I suppose, I guess the specialist saw the referral and decided it didn't really deserve his time. But on the other hand, it's also adding to the feeling that I'm the wrong patient.)
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>> No. 3770 Anonymous
24th March 2016
Thursday 8:44 pm
3770 spacer
Your urine can tell a lot about you, they probably just want to know some routine stuff before they admit you just in case you have any underlying conditions that would affect your treatment. They can test it for all sorts, sugar levels, proteins, signs of infection, that sort of thing.
>> No. 3771 Anonymous
26th March 2016
Saturday 5:56 am
3771 spacer
I end up going to hospital more than I'd like to admit I've had a lot of letters asking to bring a urine sample on them.

The thing is I've never brought one and when I got there I was never asked for one. Only times I've ever actually had to give a urine sample is when they handed me a pot to piss in themselves.

I would just forget about it and treat it as "worst case scenario I'll be asked to give a piss sample there"

Also that happens all the time "yeah we'll send you to x" then you end up at y with no explanation. The NHS is nice to have and all but it ain't beautiful
>> No. 3804 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 4:26 pm
3804 spacer

maxresdefault (1).jpg
>>3769 Here again.

Against the excellent advice of >>3771, I took a urine sample with me. Needless to say, they didn't ask me for it.

Anyway, the doctor explained to me that as my lump wasn't serious enough to get NHS funding for surgery. If I still wanted it removed, or if it got worse in future, I'd have to go back to my GP again and plead my case (read:exaggerate the pain as much as possible) and he would apply for funding again.
So then I asked, can I get a referral for private treatment? His answer was "Yes, I can remove it for you next week, it'll take about 10 minutes."

I understand that (for the most part) a cyst is purely cosmetic and the NHS can't pay for everything. But if I stuck with the NHS and needed to go back in the future, it would start adding up to 4, 5, 6 appointments, more courses of antibiotics, etc. and by the time all that is over and done with, the cost to the NHS is surely far greater than the cost of just whipping out a scalpel at the first chance. Never mind the value of my own time.

I've just started trying fountain pens, so I might recycle the piss pot into an ink pot.
>> No. 3805 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 5:14 pm
3805 spacer

That's a problem with doctors, not the structure of the NHS. They throw amoxicillin at just about everything despite the fact that something like 98% of staph/streps are already resistant to it.

I sometimes suspect that most GPs simply can't be arsed, and instead of doing their jobs properly, they use "take these for a week and see how you are" as a sort of filtering system in order to weed out those patients who'll get better naturally from the ones who actually need attention.

Gary Bartz Music Is My Sanctuary 544918.jpg
>> No. 3801 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:38 pm
3801 spacer
I'm a 23 year old male.

Since I was 18 I've had a tight sternum / upper chest area, with minor pain. I've also had acid problems since around the same time, and have been taking omeprazole (mostly) regularly since then. My dad has a hiatius hernia and acid problems also.

Anyway, the past 2 weeks I've been having heart palpitations, or something I have mistaken for palpitations. It is like a short sharp exhalation of air, from my nose after a spasm from my chest- area... (the "core" of me). It is very hard to pin down. It's like someone very quickly squeezes the air out of me. Completely involuntary. It's quite concerning. Sometimes I feel my heart beat, I think. This can happen 40 or so times a day. It gets worse throughout the day, it doesn't really happen in the morning, or if it does, it feels 'lighter'.

The doctor gave me an ECG in January - all clear. Blood tests last week - all clear. I mentioned my acid, and that I missed my tablets for a week or so, and he said it might be related, and re-prescribed them and told me to come back in a month of taking them again. He doesn't seem worried but I feel he's just pawning it off as Anxiety. I've been back on the omeprazole for 4 days now and its no different.

I was worried about a heart issue, but he said not to due to clear tests. However the ECG was in january, long before these palps... or whatever they are.

Anyone got a clue?
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>> No. 3802 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:51 pm
3802 spacer
Google tells me this could be esophagus spasms? Lots of hits relating to Acid problems. Although my acid has not felt bad during this whole time...
>> No. 3803 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:58 pm
3803 spacer
Then again, the palp/spasm thing has started today almost immediately after eating breakfast...

>> No. 3786 Anonymous
10th April 2016
Sunday 10:12 pm
3786 spacer
I'm looking for a 'recipe' for a chicken and rice based meal that I can cook in bulk, and eat all week. Something healthy, low-fat. Something I can keep in the fridge and just microwave all week. I'm fed up of cooking, I don't care about eating the same thing everyday either.
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>> No. 3797 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 1:33 am
3797 spacer
Chicken adobo.
>> No. 3798 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 11:04 am
3798 spacer
I think you lot are being too fussy about reheating frozen chicken. I've had it from time to time and never had a problem. Had frozen coq au vin last night, in fact.
>> No. 3799 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 11:36 am
3799 spacer
Most of the time I don't wash my hands after having a shit unless there's visible staining. Sometimes you can still smell it, but I've never had a problem.
>> No. 3800 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 11:41 am
3800 spacer
There's something desperately wrong with your analogy.
>> No. 3849 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 9:44 pm
3849 spacer
This is such an overrated album, the first song and the last were decent but it's somehow become the face of emo revival. They even made a new video for it and performed it in Reading. Ridiculous.

>> No. 3764 Anonymous
21st March 2016
Monday 4:01 pm
3764 spacer
Does anyone want to do couch to 10k with me?
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>> No. 3765 Anonymous
21st March 2016
Monday 4:08 pm
3765 spacer
I got halfway through couch to 5k and then suddenly there seemed to be no shortage of reasons not to go for a run - I'm too tired, it's too cold, it's too late at night, I've just eaten, I haven't eaten...
>> No. 3766 Anonymous
21st March 2016
Monday 4:27 pm
3766 spacer
Couch 4 life.
>> No. 3767 Anonymous
23rd March 2016
Wednesday 4:15 pm
3767 spacer
I did my first run two days ago but I only decided to do this after that, so today I took my first day.

I'm so unfit and I need to stop smoking. Pah!
>> No. 3768 Anonymous
23rd March 2016
Wednesday 8:08 pm
3768 spacer
Running's fuckhorrible, but I've been pounding out 15-20 miles a day on my bike this week. I'm annoyingly fat, and it must change.
Bring it on.
>> No. 3785 Anonymous
31st March 2016
Thursday 8:46 pm
3785 spacer
I'm on Week 2 now and I can see myself improving considerably already, it feels good but I still hate it. It's a great motivator knowing you could barely run for 1 minute last week and realising you can now do 2m30s.

Onwards and upwards.

>> No. 3756 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 4:42 pm
3756 Water bottles
The stainless steel water bottle that I use for the gym, running, walking, etc. has begun to accumulate calcium deposits. I'm aware I can clean them off, but it's still a bit of a nuisance for something I use regularly.

Plastic bottles I've used have tended to bleed the taste of plastic into the water, especially on hot days.

Is there a type of water bottle that doesn't have these problems? I've been recommended the following: Camelbak Podium, Clean Canteen (sp?), and the Bobble Bottle.

I know there are a few cyclists and runners on .gs, so I imagine you've all given this some thought a few times as well.
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>> No. 3759 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 8:10 pm
3759 spacer
I use a Voss bottle. It's glass, so I have to keep my eye on it. And it's heavy, but y'know, that's why I'm going to the gym, innit.
>> No. 3760 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 8:43 pm
3760 spacer
I use Camelbak Podiums on my bike. They're great. They're plastic, but the insides of them are coated in some special bollocks that's supposed to stop the bad taste. As far as I can tell, it works. They're only about eight quid, so it's worth you trying.

I've also heard that any rigid plastic bottle won't impart any flavour into the water, but I'm personally not a fan of non-squeezable bottles.
>> No. 3761 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 10:47 pm
3761 spacer
I have two Thermos bottles from this page; bought them in a multipack so I can rotate between the two and make sure one is always clean. They feel quite sturdy, and as long as I wash them regularly (I don't even have a dishwasher, but they are dishwasher-proof plastic) I don't get any nasty taste or whiff off them. They've been dropped whilst full a few times and held up so far in the ~3 months I've had them.
>> No. 3762 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 12:00 am
3762 spacer
I have one of those thermos intak ones. It's sturdy, doesn't leak and doesn't taste bad.
>> No. 3763 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 5:56 pm
3763 spacer
I'm unsure if anyone gives a shite, but I might as well follow up as OP.

I went for the Consol Grip and Go in the end, and at the risk of sounding like a covert marketer it is properly good quality (which is a relief, as they are fairly expensive at £9 - £13). The glass is thick, and the clear cap has a rubber plug/seal to keep things air tight. The top twists off easily and the neck is just the right width for me to glug.

The 1L is definitely too large to cycle or run with, but for hiking, camping, or if you're one of those big bastards that spends three or four hours lifting weights, then it's perfect. I've ordered a 500ml bottle as well and will probably use this for running and gymming.

Thank you for the suggestions, I will keep them on hand in case I smash the ones I bought like a pillock am in need of something in the future.

>> No. 3747 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 10:21 am
3747 Vitamins and nutrients
What do you lot use daily?
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>> No. 3750 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 6:39 pm
3750 spacer
I take a multi-vitamin + minerals tablet daily.
-I've been thinking of stopping this for the same general reasoning as >>3749, but I'd want to replace it with various individual supplements but I can't be arsed with the extra effort and cost. (Mainly B vitamins, iron, vitamin C are the main things I want that I get from the multi.)
Also, there is evidence that folic acid supplements are harmful, particularly in people with certain genes, as the body has a limited capacity to convert synthetic folic acid to a form which is useful to the body. (But unfortunately the better forms of folate supplement are bloody expensive).

My other main supplements I take daily are Magnesium citrate (about 100mg, I know I can tolerate a bigger dose but it's bloody expensive, so I've been thinking about buying a kilogram tub of food grade magnesium sulphate to use instead.)
And I take a tablet with 125ug and 100ug of vitamin K2. (Vitamin D is considered harmful by some experts when taken without K2. Rates of osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis increase in people who take vitamin D alone.)

Regarding Magnesium giving you the shits, vitamin D will tend to help cancel it out. In fact, I suffer with IBS, when I started taking a high dose of vitamin D, my frequent diarrhoea stopped practically overnight.

Other supplements I sometimes take but aren't that important to me are vitamin C, zinc, sometimes cod liver oil. I'm fairly sure I'm getting enough of these from food.

They're not strictly considered supplements, but I also take MSM daily (sulphur) unless I've ate a lot of onion that day. Sulphur is underrated as an essential mineral, because scientists have generally believed you get enough to live from amino acids which are essential in and of themselves. But some people are beginning to believe there are a lot of health benefits from getting a large amount of sulphur in other forms.) I also take L-arginine which is meant to be good for circulation, and L-carnitine because some people think it helps metabolise fat (it might make no difference but it's cheap enough that it doesn't hurt.)
>> No. 3751 Anonymous
18th February 2016
Thursday 6:49 pm
3751 spacer
I bought some quinoa lately after reading this;


It's supposed to be nutritionally dense and contains all the amino acids you need to synthesise protein.

My partner has been taking Centrum because she's pregnant. She likes it because Centrum doesn't taste mank like every other vitamin pill. Centrum do pills for non-preggos too.
>> No. 3752 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 2:13 am
3752 spacer
Why can't you hypercondriacs just eat properly and you wouldn't need these overpriced placebos? Getting 6 or 7 portions of fruit and veg in yer isn't that fucking hard ffs.
>> No. 3753 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 4:36 pm
3753 spacer

It's true for some things, but as for magnesium, intensive farming methods tend to mean it's hard to get from solid foods, drinking water can sometime give you enough magnesium, but most UK tap-water has too little.

And as for vitamin D, the combination of living in Britain and working in a windowless office makes supplements pretty important. Unless your diet includes liver and pate every single day.
>> No. 3754 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 5:11 pm
3754 spacer
Quinoa is really expensive though.

Spaced out.jpg
>> No. 3741 Anonymous
15th February 2016
Monday 4:04 pm
3741 spacer
I've suffered from both chronic anxiety and chronic pain for years and have recently managed to get a stable care plan in place as well as a combination of meds that work for me most of the time.

Dihydrocodiene for the immediate pain, Diazepam for the spasms caused by the pain and also for the worst symptoms of the anxiety and amitriptyline for the Neuralgia and also to help me sleep at night.

My anxiety has flared up quite bad recently though and they can't up my dosage of diazepam to get a handle on it as apparently they aren't allowed to and only specific conditions can receive stronger than 2mg doses and anxiety isn't one of them (With the exception of a fear of flying, they'll give you 5mg. I assume you have to be epileptic to get 10mg.), so I was given an SSRI called Sertraline by the doctor to help manage it instead. I started the course today and within 20 mins I was somewhat regretting it. I felt a wave of what can only be described as numbness wash over me. I no longer feel anxious, but I feel thick like I can't think. My lids are heavy, to be honest I feel like I'm heavily sedated, and I have a weird sharp stabbing pain behind my right eye. I have been on opiates and benzos for so many years that I'm intimately familiar with their side effects and the reason I mentioned them before was so I could give you a picture of what I'm on and rule them out, because I don't think it is them and also, now that I think on it, I haven't even taken any today so it can't be them.

Do any of you lads have any experience with drugs of this nature, or even just this one in particular? Is this just par for the course with SSRIs or should I consult the doctor and stop taking them? Panic attacks are shit and everything and I have crippling agoraphobia, but I don't think making me feel like this instead was what the doctor had in mind when he said he wanted to get my anxiety under control.
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>> No. 3742 Anonymous
15th February 2016
Monday 8:46 pm
3742 spacer
Caveat: I'm not a doctor, just a mentally ill nerd. Don't take anything I say as gospel truth.

Sertraline is the default SSRI because there is a good evidence base across a wide range of conditions, the risk of serious side effects is relatively low, it is well tolerated by most patients and it costs pennies.

There is a very long list of alternatives that you might get on better with. If you go back to your doctor and say that you're not doing well on sertraline, they should offer an alternative drug. You might also want to consider the timing of your dose - sertraline should be just as effective if taken at night, but the side effects may be much less of a problem.

In your case, interaction between your medications is likely to increase the risk of some side effects and make prescribing more difficult. I'd be slightly concerned about the interaction between amitryptiline and sertraline, as there is a risk of serotonin syndrome. If at you feel extremely hot and agitated, you should stop taking both drugs and seek immediate medical attention.

It might make sense to try switching the amitryptiline for an SNRI or an anticonvulsant. Several drugs are effective for the treatment of both neuropathic pain and anxiety, so you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. This would reduce the risk of side effects from drug interactions, but your neuralgia symptoms might briefly increase while you're switching drugs. Duloxetine or pregabalin would be plausible options. If you think this might be worth trying, discuss it with your doctor.

We don't really understand how or why antidepressant drugs work, so there's a lot of trial-and-error involved in prescribing. Most antidepressants can cause either drowsiness or insomnia depending on the patient, which is just weird. There's also an element of matching the right side effect profile to the right patient. Some side effects can be beneficial to some patients.

If want to swot up, you can read the NICE guidelines for Generalised Anxiety Disorder at the link below. These guidelines are the standard treatment approach that doctors are expected to follow. The guidance for drug treatment starts at paragraph 1.2.22.

>> No. 3743 Anonymous
15th February 2016
Monday 8:51 pm
3743 spacer

> I felt a wave of what can only be described as numbness wash over me. I no longer feel anxious, but I feel thick like I can't think. My lids are heavy, to be honest I feel like I'm heavily sedated...

Yep that's an opiate painkiller alright, the dihydrocodiene hard at work. It really does feel quite different to a benzo, doesn't it? You'll eventually build tolerance to the 'fun' (I personally never liked opiates) side effects but it might take you a while.

On a side note 2mg of diazepam is a pitiful dose for panic attacks, 5mg being bare minimum and while I'm at it diazepam is practically useless for epilepsy - 2mg of clonazepam will do the trick far better than even 20 or 30 mg of diazepam for treating seizures. I know doctors are trying to reduce benzodiazepine abuse by pushing SSRIs in their place but treating acute panic attacks with something which, at best, might treat day to day background anxiety is a road to nowhere.

Finally you might want to put threads like this in /A/ in the future as people have been known to throw shit-fits for any kind of 'drug' talk on other boards.
>> No. 3744 Anonymous
16th February 2016
Tuesday 12:15 am
3744 spacer

Considering the last time I took a painkiller was the night before, they really must be belters.


Thanks for this info, lad. Really good post, I appreciate it. I'll give it another try tomorrow night and if I'm OK in the morning I'll perhaps reconsider. You've given me some homework to do as well, so thanks. I have another appointment in 2 weeks so I'll have a chat with the doctor about it then if I feel it's still making me feel horrible and discuss alternatives.
>> No. 3746 Anonymous
16th February 2016
Tuesday 12:45 am
3746 spacer

> Considering the last time I took a painkiller was the night before, they really must be belters.

Apologies lad as I may have misunderstood your post. When you said "I started the course today" I assumed that you'd only started taking the dihydrocodiene today too, not just the sertraline; I therefore put two and two together and apparently came up with five. I have no real personal experience with sertraline but I hope you get whatever the problem is sorted out.

>> No. 2068 Anonymous
10th February 2014
Monday 9:17 pm
2068 Meditation
I've noticed a couple of you lads advocate meditation in the past. Do you use guides or talk-throughs? Do any of you attend classes? There seem to be a few different approaches and I'm interested to know about the experiences of others.
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>> No. 3735 Anonymous
29th January 2016
Friday 3:37 pm
3735 spacer
I also tried that breathing thingy yesterday. What I noticed was the tension of my abdominal muscles. A bit strange it was.
>> No. 3736 Anonymous
29th January 2016
Friday 3:48 pm
3736 spacer
I thought about getting a monk friend to do something but it would be difficult to keep anonymity etc. Also he would ask what it was for so I would have to show the site and there is a high chance of arse pissing etc being in top threads.
>> No. 3737 Anonymous
30th January 2016
Saturday 4:21 pm
3737 spacer

I'd be interested to read it. Even if you got them to just type out some anonymous advice, techniques, experiences, etc. that'd be a valuable addition to the thread.

As for not letting him know about the existence of .gs, just tell him you're collecting it for a proper forum, or you've a growing interest in it, or whatever.
>> No. 3738 Anonymous
30th January 2016
Saturday 9:22 pm
3738 spacer


Sensible advice, but part of me wants to let a monk with limited English loose in /IQ/.
>> No. 3739 Anonymous
30th January 2016
Saturday 10:30 pm
3739 spacer

I'm sure it'll one day lend itself to a proper good wordfilter.

>> No. 3633 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 11:45 am
3633 spacer
Any of you lads use preworkout? Last night I necked cold nescafe before my session and it certainly made a difference. Unfortunately it also kept me up until 2am.

As I usually work out in the morning, though, I'm thinking of making my own preworkout sludge, probably some combination of juice and caffeine.
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>> No. 3710 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 2:39 pm
3710 spacer
>You might also want to look into consuming your workout drink throughout your lifting as opposed to simply before (or, worse, after).

I occasionally read T-Nation. I know this isn't always the most reliable source of information, but it's easy reading and occasionally there's an inspiring idea in the writing. An article over there suggested that a pre-workout source of protein and carbs is actually far more effective for building muscle and getting stronger than anything consumed post-workout.

Are there any studies behind this from a better source?
>> No. 3711 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 5:00 pm
3711 spacer

T-Nation used to be pretty damn good before they turned into a full-fledged hype machine for their own products, and they still turn out a fairly decent quantity of scientifically backed articles.

Anyway to save you the 10 seconds of googling: http://www.jissn.com/content/pdf/1550-2783-10-5.pdf
>> No. 3712 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 5:10 pm
3712 spacer
Not meaning to derail the thread again but
>Clerisy's Homemade Pre-workout
Clerisy is a notorious troll on the other place and is in terrible physical shape, like a molten potato.
>> No. 3713 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 5:31 pm
3713 spacer

Cheers lad. Don't be offended but I did skim down to the 'Practical applications' heading because I'm a lazy bastard, but it is extremely useful to have nonetheless. It would seem to suggest 20-45g of protein, preferably pre and post-workout, is a sensible measure. Carbs post-workout don't seem to be of much use by these findings.
>> No. 3714 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 6:36 pm
3714 spacer

Yep, I'd personally go for ~50g protein both pre and post workout with 50g carbs in the preworkout drink. If you can handle being looked at like a bit of spacco (depending on your gym) then you can have half your preworkout drink before you train and sip the other half during training between sets. Then once you get home mix up another serving of protein and try to eat a proper meal an hour or two after that.

farage nhs.jpg
>> No. 3586 Anonymous
20th October 2015
Tuesday 5:55 pm
3586 The NHS fucked me up
This is mostly a rant about how inefficient the NHS is and how a lack of communication between departments has made my situation much worse, and could indeed have killed me.

Some backstory: I am a 20 year old male, whose parents both happen to be doctors. For about a year, I've had a form of arthritis that means I take methotrexate (an immunosuppressive drug also used in higher doses for chemotherapy) each week.

Fast forward to the start of University this year. I'm bed bound with fevers, vomiting, headaches... Some kind of virus, I thought, I'll take a few paracetamol and wait for it to pass. This continued for a week and a half, when my mum recommended I go for a blood test to check it isn't something more sinister, which I then do. Because of my medication the GP realises it's fairly important I get the results quickly, so he tells me to call on Thursday (the day after next) when they'll be ready.

So I call on Thursday, twice, and both times I'm told there are no results and to call again tomorrow. Friday, the same thing happens. I explained that it was urgent because of my medication, but was told "there's nothing I can do, call back on Monday". I relay this to my mum, who rings them up, telling them she's a doctor and they need to call the pathology lab and obtain my results, which will almost certainly have been ready since yesterday, which they then do.

The results were quite shocking - I was severely neutropenic (very weak immune system, susceptible to infection) and as such, needed to leave the house I was in immediately, since five of my 9 housemates were sick with various forms of freshers' flu. Had I waited until Monday I would have been at risk of developing potentially fatal infections.

I went home to my parents, who took me to the hospital they both work at. I was admitted onto the wards, and was given regular IV antibiotics and paracetamol, with daily blood tests. After two days, a nurse told me my immune system was completely destroyed and I needed to go into isolation immediately. I was then ignored for 6 hours, sitting in a ward full of sick people, coughing, sneezing and in one case shitting himself repeatedly, until I asked what was taking so long and they finally moved me into a private room.

For a further 2 days I had continued regular paracetamol and antibiotics. At one point, a nurse tried to give me my weekly methotrexate - had I taken it, it would have seriously harmed my already damaged immune system and liver. For some reason, no-one had marked on my charts that for the time being I absolutely cannot take it. Luckily I was sound of mind and told her where to stick it, but any confused or senile patient would probably have let them do it. Eventually my immune system recovered somewhat, so they let me go home. I was still neutropenic, but not as severely as before.

Out of curiosity my parents checked all the blood tests taken during my hospitalisation the next day and found some surprising/worrying results.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 3626 Anonymous
29th October 2015
Thursday 8:09 pm
3626 spacer
Because that's how organisations work. If the floor staff managed themselves they wouldn't need higher ups would they.
>> No. 3627 Anonymous
29th October 2015
Thursday 8:17 pm
3627 spacer
Yes, that is usually how the higher-ups try to justify getting paid to do fuck all.
>> No. 3628 Anonymous
29th October 2015
Thursday 10:02 pm
3628 spacer
And if the managers did the frontline work themselves they wouldn't need floor staff. That doesn't mean either party has "little to do with it".
>> No. 3629 Anonymous
29th October 2015
Thursday 11:14 pm
3629 spacer
Kids aren't responsible for better grades, teaching is.
>> No. 3630 Anonymous
30th October 2015
Friday 4:56 am
3630 spacer
Er, these aren't kids being taught by teachers, they're two different parts of a workforce doing their jobs. You really do seem to be grasping here.

>> No. 3564 Anonymous
14th October 2015
Wednesday 2:45 pm
3564 Alcohol intolerance. Afraid I have Non-hodgkin Lymphoma.
I am a 23 year old male.

For the past month or so I have noticed that after a lot of drinks, I begin to develop a sore throat on one side. I can drink casually with no pain. I.e, drinking a beer or so doesn't give any immediate or after pain.

It only hurts when I swallow (any liquid or solid), and when I yawn. It is on the middle right side of my neck. It feels like a sore lump when I swallow. I can not feel any actual lumps or swellings. Although the area is slightly tender to touch. It alleviates in a few days or so, until I drink heavily again, and wake up with a sore throat.

The doctor examined my lymph nodes 2 weeks ago, and said they were fine, although at the time I did not have said sore throat. I also had a blood test (looking for thyroid issues that could explain my anxiety) and they came back fine.

I am terrified I have NHL as my throat is very very sore when I swallow, and I have read that alcohol intolerance in the area of lymph swelling is a symptoms of NHL.
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>> No. 3580 Anonymous
15th October 2015
Thursday 2:52 pm
3580 spacer
I think hypochondria is going to ruin my life.
>> No. 3581 Anonymous
15th October 2015
Thursday 3:50 pm
3581 spacer
My nose is currently leaking like Thames Water. I must've destroyed at least half of the Amazon by now.

Sorry, I don't know what hypochondria is.

I'll be quiet.
>> No. 3583 Anonymous
16th October 2015
Friday 3:17 am
3583 spacer
My mum has a form of GERD that doesn't feel like heartburn at all but just manifests itself as a burning throat. I'm pretty sure I have the same thing but can't be bothered going for the swallowing barium while being X-rayed test or whatever she had. I remember doctors looking in my throat once or twice when I was a teen and saying it definitely looked inflamed (I was just there with glandular fever or something but that inflamed throat feeling's incredibly familiar.)

I'm just wondering if you have alcohol-induced throat GERD that's only getting inflamed and irritated on one side for some reason.
>> No. 3584 Anonymous
16th October 2015
Friday 3:26 am
3584 spacer

When it's inflamed, it's not a consistent sore throat. It only hurts when you swallow so naturally you feel compelled to swallow a million times to check if it still hurts.
>> No. 3585 Anonymous
16th October 2015
Friday 6:44 am
3585 spacer

Perhaps your hypochondria isn't so serious and you've developed metahypochondria.

>> No. 3560 Anonymous
8th October 2015
Thursday 3:18 pm
3560 Ears.
It wouldn't be frivolous to go to my doctor about my ears would it? Earlier I was out on my bike and the most tremendous pain forced me to stop dead. It was as though my left ear drum was being pierced right though. Fortunately I wasn't anywhere near traffic when this happened, because the pain was such that I really couldn't do anything while it was there.

I tried poking around a little myself but all I did was hurt myself again, and drag out a very small amount of deep red wax.
Expand all images.
>> No. 3561 Anonymous
8th October 2015
Thursday 3:35 pm
3561 spacer
No, go to your doctor.
>> No. 3563 Anonymous
8th October 2015
Thursday 3:46 pm
3563 spacer

It's probably something simple, go and speak the doctor about it. For what it's worth, I get this a lot and I've been checked out loads and it was never anything serious.

>> No. 3544 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 3:54 pm
3544 spacer
For the past week or so I have been worrying a great deal about a hard ridge type protrusion on the top of the skull. (It is longer than it is wide). It has a sort of bony circle at the base (near the back of my head). It is painless to touch and feels very very firm. I am a 23 year old male and I can't say I've ever noticed it before. I have had severe anxiety since noticing it and a series of panic attacks, as well as pretty bad migraines and nausea. I have seen 3 doctors and they have all said it was something like a sagittal suture, and not to worry about it. But I am terrified it is skull cancer, especially with my headaches and the fact I didn't notice it before. I'm really looking for some re-assurance here as like I said, this is driving me into a sort of depression.
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>> No. 3555 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 5:38 pm
3555 spacer

CALM have a web chat thing, if you'd like to talk to a trained listener.

>> No. 3556 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 6:26 pm
3556 spacer

You're happy to make this argument about the NHS, but if I was to make the counter-proposition that a private healthcare provider will diagnose like a car salesman pushing the optional extras, I bet you would soon see the flaw in the premise.
>> No. 3557 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 6:41 pm
3557 spacer
>>3555ye s, Thank you very much.
>> No. 3558 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 6:55 pm
3558 spacer
There's also 7cupsoftea and ... another site doing a similar thing whose name escapes me right now.
>> No. 3559 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 8:53 pm
3559 spacer
Okay so your heart transplant comes to 150,995, now, let me talk to you about bandage protection, stitch insurance, extended organ warranty and optional final balloon payments.
Your heart is a depreciating assets and really there is no point in owning, with our finance package you just pay 80000 in monthly installments over 3 years and then you either bring your heart in and swap it for a new one, you die and give it back or you pay 90000 optional payment to keep the heart.

>> No. 3464 Anonymous
19th August 2015
Wednesday 11:27 pm
3464 spacer
How do I build sexual stamina?

(A good day to you Sir!)
47 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3537 Anonymous
28th August 2015
Friday 1:53 pm
3537 spacer
Wow you take this subject deadly seriously. Did you have a traumatic childhood experience involving somatotypes?

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 3538 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 2:23 am
3538 spacer

>> No. 3539 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 3:34 am
3539 spacer

There you have it, OP, excessive alcohol consumption and lots of cycling.
>> No. 3540 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 3:41 pm
3540 spacer

Don't disrespect the Magnum Tonic Wine. It's carnival time, we all need the energy.

>> No. 3543 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 3:58 pm
3543 spacer
Are we helping OP here? I don't think we're helping.


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