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>> No. 28076 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 2:34 pm
28076 spacer
Which memory sticks/flash drives, if any, would be able to handle playing games off if I copied the files over to them?

Specific games I'm thinking of are Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Skyrim.
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>> No. 28077 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 3:35 pm
28077 spacer
It's a good question.

Personally I would think about buying a little M.2 drive and putting it in a USB case - that would rock.
>> No. 28078 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 7:55 pm
28078 spacer
Most decent-quality USB 3 flash drives will approach hard drive levels of performance, which may or may not be acceptable to you. Do be careful about where you buy from, because Amazon and eBay are full of counterfeits.

The better (but more expensive) option is to go with an external SSD. The Samsung T5 500GB is available for under £70 and has all the performance and durability you'd expect from a Samsung SSD.

If you've got an older laptop with limited storage, I'd recommend just installing a decent-sized SSD. It's not all that difficult, SATA SSDs are cheap as chips these days and you'll see a huge increase in responsiveness if you're still booting from a hard drive.

trent daria headphones.gif
>> No. 28060 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 8:58 am
28060 MP3 player + headphones
It's been a long, long time since I last did cardio and in the interim I lost my iPod Nano. I know phones seem to do everything these days but I'm a stubborn dinosaur who likes owning his data and I'm looking for a good MP3 player to use. Amazon is predictable full of dodgy-looking Chinese garbage but perhaps one of you good fellows has a recommendation.

I also need some decent noise-cancelling headphones, both for gym use and general commuting. I'm not a trenchant audiophile but they should have a good bass, and if possible I'd rather not shell out more than I have to for Bose or Beats (though I hear rumours the latter are crap anyway). Anyone else in my boat or similar?
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>> No. 28071 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 7:48 pm
28071 spacer
No, they use liquid fuel.
>> No. 28072 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 7:57 pm
28072 spacer
He means to plug his phone in.
>> No. 28073 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 8:29 pm
28073 spacer
There is absolutely no reason to not use your phone and cheap Bluetooth earbuds.
>> No. 28074 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 3:13 am
28074 spacer

This is pretty much the sort of thing I'm looking for. What kind of battery life does it have?


I've given several already in the thread, but if you want to add the 7 gazillion remotely exploitable bugs in the Android bluetooth stack to the list....

Very definite sage for infosec autism.
>> No. 28075 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 1:57 pm
28075 spacer
Thanks, I'll check those out.

Agreed, I suppose I thought .gs was full of boomers like me who wouldn't care for using their phones. Which I can do, but like you said the bulkiness and battery life really aren't ideal. I liked MP3 players because they were tiny, lasted a long time and did a single thing very well. There was no real reason for that tech to change.

I'll take a look - it's not really snobbishness that's motivating my choices, I'm just wary of getting a dud. The quality of Chinese tech has undoubtedly improved in the last decade anyway. So I might give it a bash and report back.

Stop pretending to be me, ladchapm7.

>> No. 25884 Anonymous
25th April 2017
Tuesday 11:09 am
25884 spacer
I'm in the market for a laptop, but I'm not sure if I can get away with meeting all my criteria.

- It'll be purely for business, the most demanding thing it will be opening is numerous Chrome tabs.
- It needs to run Windows software, with MS Office.
- I want it to be lightweight and no bigger than an A4 pad.

Is there any chance of me getting this for around £200?

I've been seeing refurbished X series Thinkpads from as little as £100, but maybe this is dodgy?

Do you lads know of something better?
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>> No. 28055 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 4:37 pm
28055 spacer
What about the parts? I've been planning to build my own PC out of fancy new pieces for several years now; my current one is 11 1/2 years old but it runs just fine. If this is a time when I can be confident I'll be at home to receive a fat new case and motherboard and other bits that won't fit through the letterbox, perhaps I might finally take the plunge.
>> No. 28056 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 5:58 pm
28056 spacer
Everything I've heard about PC parts at the moment is that crypto and chip shortages have rendered a lot of things way more expensive than they should be.
>> No. 28057 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 6:44 pm
28057 spacer
A lot of PC parts are cheap at the moment - I bought one of my kids an i5 processor for hardly any money compared to the RRP. But graphics cards are absolutely fucking mental. You'll pay 400 quid for a card that would have cost 100 pounds a year back - I don't know what to do about that other than wait. 3090 cards are over two grand now, which is just a mental amount of money to pay.
>> No. 28058 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 11:01 pm
28058 spacer
That's wonderful; that's exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you very much. Now I just need to wait till Monday for those parts to drop even further in price, and soon I'll be tearing around with my brand new 64GB RAM, 12-core CPU, and 3dfx Voodoo 2 graphics card.
>> No. 28059 Anonymous
25th December 2021
Saturday 1:06 am
28059 spacer
Those fuckers are expensive nowadays m8

>> No. 28036 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 8:23 am
28036 spacer
I heard that these things are dangerous and cause fires, according to London Fire Brigade. They said they should be avoided in all circumstances.

I think it's a bit extreme, what about you?
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>> No. 28043 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 4:25 pm
28043 spacer


Am I misreading you or are you saying an extension like the one pictured would be preferable?
>> No. 28044 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 4:32 pm
28044 spacer
Yes, that's far preferable.
>> No. 28045 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 4:43 pm
28045 spacer
Not him, but they're definitely preferable. Just make sure the lead is unwound, or at the very least not forming loops. Self-inductance isn't anywhere as near as dangerous as one of those old blocks potentially blowing, but it can potentially reduce the amount you're able to usefully draw.
>> No. 28046 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 6:02 pm
28046 spacer
I wouldn't use one of those old blocks because most plugs have some kind of USB charger attached to them now and their irregular shapes mean you can only plug one thing into them at a time.
>> No. 28047 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 9:41 pm
28047 spacer
It's not an inductance thing, it's just resistive heating. If it's all coiled up, there's nowhere for the heat to go. As I have failed to explain to my beloved when she tells me yet again that the pressure washer is broken, having been using it on the 100m extension lead still on its spool, smelling of hot pvc. Fuck's sake. /101/ worthy.

>> No. 28019 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 4:19 pm
28019 Fan heaters that don't suck.
This is pushing it a bit for /g/ , but -
can you get fan heaters with continuously variable output? I've got a heater in my little office, but it clicks from 1KW to zero, while still running the fan, so I get a blast of cold air.
I'd rather it was more subtle, and backed the airflow down a bit, backed the heat off a bit based on the incoming air temperature. Obviously tune it so it's not hunting wildly.
Is this something one can buy, or do I have to build my own?
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>> No. 28026 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:37 pm
28026 spacer
I mean the air movement relies on wind alone. The fan is simply a mechanism to turn the generator.
>> No. 28027 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:41 pm
28027 spacer
Perpetual motion.
>> No. 28028 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:44 pm
28028 spacer
A kW PFC stage isn't terribly expensive, as it's the front end of a moderate PC power supply. I could then PWM the output of that (which is basically 450V DC) into a series pair of regular elements.
Probably have horrible flicker & harmonics, but fuck it. Hm, I could just use the whole PC PSU, and switch in and out power resistors mounted to a massive blown heatsink, fed from 12V. That would be relatively sanely priced, not too offensive to the mains supply, quiet and reliable.

You're all right (except jumper lad), I should ditch blown air and get a panel or a convector. If I can rest my feet on it, so much the better.
>> No. 28029 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 10:28 pm
28029 spacer

It would, but the need for it to be windy to stay warm seems impractical.
>> No. 28030 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 4:14 am
28030 spacer

IIRC the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater does have continuously variable output, but it's also £400.

>> No. 27993 Anonymous
8th November 2021
Monday 8:37 pm
27993 spacer
I'm quite a fan of the Moto G series of phones. My G5S has served me well for about 4 years now, but the screen is now smashed up. Would a G9 be a good replacement phone, or are there better budget handsets about now?

Dual SIM and a lot of storage is a plus.
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>> No. 28014 Anonymous
20th November 2021
Saturday 2:41 pm
28014 spacer
I went with an X3 Pro because I wanted a bit of extra RAM and storage (8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage). I spent about 250 GBP on it, all in, with a couple of fancy outer cases. I could have probably spent less if I'd waited for the right sale day, but regardless, I'm very happy with it.

Also, to clarify, I purchased the phone from a Swedish vendor for delivery within the EU, and I haven't encountered any UI-based ads. There was an option for "Personalised ads" when setting up the phone that I turned off.

Thanks for the recommendation ladm9s.
>> No. 28015 Anonymous
21st November 2021
Sunday 12:09 am
28015 spacer
You almost tempted me too with your Chinese knockoff but I just ordered a Pixel 6. Spent an extra £200 to stay with EE to boot. Oof.
>> No. 28016 Anonymous
21st November 2021
Sunday 8:58 am
28016 spacer

The X3 isn't perfect, I will say. It's a bit heavy, unnecessarily big, and plastic feeling, but in terms of hardware crammed into an affordable package it's the best phone I've ever had.
>> No. 28017 Anonymous
21st November 2021
Sunday 4:07 pm
28017 spacer
>Spent an extra £200 to stay with EE to boot
Same. 3 and O2 might have better prices, but I enjoy being have a phone signal.
>> No. 28018 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 3:10 pm
28018 spacer
Just got it. I did a speed test and while EE don't rate the indoor 5G coverage as good at my house, I can get around 400 Mbps download. Very impressed.

>> No. 27992 Anonymous
2nd November 2021
Tuesday 12:18 am
27992 Cypherpunks
Just watched a really interesting video about the history of cypherpunks and cryptography. Thought I'd share it with you lads.


What do you think about governments banning cryptography?

>> No. 27991 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 4:02 pm
27991 spacer
Can anyone recommend exam revision software? Assuming I've already typed up my notes into a Google Doc and want to make flash cards or organise the information it in a visual way, has anything helped you lads cram for an exam?

I tried Anki in the past and found it completely unintuitive, from creating a deck to actually copying over information.

>> No. 27454 Anonymous
18th May 2020
Monday 8:38 pm
27454 spacer
Later on in the year I'll be converting my garage and setting up a home office.

I've got a habit of getting carried away and buying things with higher specs than I'll actually need. For the job itself I won't need a computer to do much more than running Word, Excel and a few online tools.

If you had a budget of, say, £1,000 how would you allocate that between the computer, monitors, desk, chair and other equipment? I've been advised to also get a large whiteboard for one of the walls and I wouldn't mind a decent sound system eventually.
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>> No. 27466 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 5:20 pm
27466 spacer

I went a similar route with scaffold planks. So very easy to do.
>> No. 27987 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 11:58 am
27987 spacer
I guess this thread is as good as any. I need to fund a home office setup, ideally as cheaply as possible. I'd like to replicate the setup that I will be giving back to my old employer, which is:-

2 x Dell E2214Hb monitors.
1 x Logitech 1080p HD webcam.
1 x Dell OptiPlex 3050.

Amazon have 22" and 24" Dell monitors for £90 each and a similar webcam for £58. It's the base unit itself where I'm most likely to come unstuck; it's primarily going to be used for online meetings and typical office work, so it won't need to run anything intense, but I may need to reign myself in.



>> No. 27988 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 3:24 pm
27988 spacer

You can get an identical machine on eBay for well under £200.


Those monitors go for about £40.
>> No. 27989 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 4:53 pm
27989 spacer
Thanks lad. There's a mini tower for £200 with a 15% off coupon so I may go for that one. I've never had a mini tower before, are they any good?
>> No. 27990 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 5:54 pm
27990 spacer


SFF systems are fine if you avoid the slightly gutless T-series processors. You can run dual monitors, but you'll need adapters or suitable cables because you only get one Displayport and one HDMI port. You lose the option of installing a full-size graphics card, but you can still whack in a half-height card like a 1650 Super if you want to do a bit of gaming. They're meaningfully more compact than full towers, but unlike the micro systems they have proper desktop CPUs and a small but useful amount of expansion options.

Make sure to get one with an SSD, because booting from a hard drive is unacceptably slow.

>> No. 27978 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 4:02 pm
27978 RAID drives from a dead machine
I just fired up a machine I've had in storage for a few years, and one of the power supplies crapped out in a cloud of smoke after a few minutes. The machine seemed healthy enough up until that point - appeared on the network, had the expected shares, but didn't allow RDP connections for some reason - I didn't have a monitor plugged in so was a bit blind.
There's a fair amount of specialist reading material on the machine, spread across 5 RAIDed 2.5" SATA drives. Only 500Gbyte or so in total.
So - if a replacement PSU doesn't fix it, are RAIDed drives standard enough that I can bang them into an external reader, one at a time, on a second machine, and recover my stash onto a single drive? I wouldn't be comfortable using an outside contractor, as there's work stuff on it as well as filth. It's an HP Proliant DL360 using whatever nasty built-in RAID controller it shipped with, and I have no idea how I set it up.
There's this, http://www.freeraidrecovery.com , but it looks like a free lunch being offered by attractive Russian ladies (hence the pic), which is nice and all, but I'm a tad cynical.
Inb4 'RAID is not backups. Yeah, I know. Most things are backed up, but there might be a month or two of smut, as that was never automated.
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>> No. 27982 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 9:12 am
27982 spacer
Yeah, it has 2 PSUs (700W, ffs, in a 1U server), but I idly only fed power into one, and am now too chicken to only power it from the other one. Replacement coming from ebay, for a tenner.
I hadn't seen how cheap whole machines are now - so yeah, if I have to, I'll get one and play swapsy. Dunno if the raid configuration is held on a disk or on the raid card, though, so could still be a pain. With any luck it will fire up fine with the new PSU, and I can pull it all into a VM and flog the box for a pittance.
>> No. 27983 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 3:41 pm
27983 spacer
>and am now too chicken to only power it from the other one
Just do it. The worst that'll happen is that it will crap out in a similar way.
>> No. 27984 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 6:19 pm
27984 spacer

I have an old DL360, but given you're talking about 2.5" drives, I think you have the model or so after mine. I believe mine is a G3, which is a 1U server with 2x5.25" hard drives. It is actually brand new, only run for 2 hours, despite being almost 15 years old.

If you get stuck, and it might help, would happily send it or parts.
>> No. 27985 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 2:11 pm
27985 spacer
Thanks, all. Cheap ebay PSU sourced, machine fired up and filth harvested and backed up then wiped, no harm done. Box shoved in a rack to be ignored for another decade. It's not even worth provisioning as a VM server or anything, so much power and noise for only moderate grunt.
>> No. 27986 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 5:10 pm
27986 spacer
>so much power and noise for only moderate grunt

I have two DL585s and a couple of Sun Sparc's that are in exactly the same category. If I thought there was any gold in them, I would probably recycle, but it seems a shame to just scrap/throw them away.

>> No. 26256 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 12:25 am
26256 spacer
I would like a nice chair to comfortably waste my life in front of computer screens on. Where's a good place to try out a few? What lesser known options should I know of? Are Aerons entirely a meme at this point? Budget doesn't matter.
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>> No. 27973 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 11:36 am
27973 spacer
As you're that big, you should really try some out first. I would spend the money with these guys, have used them, and if you're lucky one of their stores is near you.


I've recently stopped using my Aeron and now use a Varier kneeling stool, or have the desk at standing height. I know this is heresy.
>> No. 27974 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 11:59 am
27974 spacer

The Size B and C Aerons are suitable for users up to 158kg. You'll probably want the Size C, which has a generous amount of extra width.
>> No. 27975 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 12:55 pm
27975 spacer
Unfortunately all those shops are in the SARF. My arse isn't wider than any standard office chair I've sat on so far, but it's close. I intend to lose the weight again (I lost 35kg 2014-2016 and kept most of it off until 2019), but I've been saying that, well, since 2019. Anyway, that's a conversation for /emo/ and /fat/.

I'll have a hunt round ebay and the like and see if there are any local.
>> No. 27976 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 3:28 pm
27976 spacer
Well, it went from 'starting to go' to 'gone' in short order. Since I need to work I went to the local furniture recycler and got a standard office chair dealie for £40 delivered. It's fine.
>> No. 27977 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 5:10 pm
27977 spacer
Someone's been listening to my phone calls - only today i was complaining about this standing desk.

>> No. 27960 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 1:02 pm
27960 spacer
The filters are getting on my tits. How are they buypassed?
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>> No. 27967 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 9:31 pm
27967 spacer
It gets worse. I've got no way of proving it because I don't want to allow everything, but I suspect that if you decline, you get re-prompted more often. I also notice that frequently if you open the "legitimate interest" section (which is a hilarious bit of fiction", even though it remembers that I've opted out of the consensual ones it's "forgotten" that I objected to the LI ones and I have to object again.
>> No. 27968 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 9:40 pm
27968 spacer
>I think a lot of the warnings you see are added by JavaScript, as well, so if you block all JavaScript you can get rid of a lot of paywalls and cookie warnings. Don't do it everywhere, though, because JavaScript is a whole new monopoly unto itself and blocking it will destroy a lot of websites.
I keep telling people that JavaScript was a mistake.
>> No. 27969 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 11:21 pm
27969 spacer
Javascript is a reasonable Scheme that is a victim of it's naming and syntax that mirrors Perl but worse in its life cycle. The proliferation of languages that offer type safety and saner syntax which compile down to JS is both proof of a lisp's adaptility and this particular implementation's failings. The post-hoc standardisation of the language based on how brosers implemented it, much like SGML and then XML parsing became a compatibilty issue. But it's here to stay, in it's multiple incarnations, and the dream of the universal VM is one step closer
>> No. 27970 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 11:24 pm
27970 spacer
Or, in other words, JavaScript was a mistake.
>> No. 27971 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 11:37 pm
27971 spacer
No argument there.

>> No. 27826 Anonymous
14th March 2021
Sunday 8:42 pm
27826 spacer
What browser extensions do you lads run on these days?

Outside of the usual ones you expect:
I made this thread because I only just found out about this and feel like you fuckers have been holding out on me. Block/marks content in youtube videos that is advertising, audience interaction, non-music or what have you.

>I don't care about cookies
You whitelist sites to avoid getting those annoying cookie/privacy popups when you google something in private browser mode. It simply auto-accepts rather than anything fancy.

>Enhancer for youtube
Improves youtube UI and functionality so videos start expanded, I can set video quality preferences and have the site coloured the way I want.
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>> No. 27955 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 2:38 pm
27955 spacer
That or they're not using it and just put it on the list of ones they posted here to get a response.
>> No. 27956 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 3:32 pm
27956 spacer
Which is what I'd assume, considering some people have proven themselves very sensitive to such things on here. And it worked, so good for them.
>> No. 27957 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 3:34 pm
27957 spacer
It only took three months but yes.
>> No. 27958 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 3:51 pm
27958 spacer

Which one in the list does that?
>> No. 27959 Anonymous
30th July 2021
Friday 4:15 pm
27959 spacer

Emoji Now Emoji Keyboard.

>> No. 27921 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 1:35 am
27921 spacer
I'm at a bit of a loss. I've got the standard problem mobile phones get where it now struggles to accept charge from the USB port having bought the phone in December 2018. Same problem exists when using another charger. Following tips online I've tried cleaning the lint out using the teeth on a plastic comb, it's got a lot of fluff out but no change. Can't remove the battery because we live in the future. Any tips you can give?

I'd rather not have to buy a new phone but its a necessity so I can't send it off to be repaired.
13 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 27945 Anonymous
9th July 2021
Friday 4:45 pm
27945 spacer
The only thing I've heard about repairing phones that are wet, that is reliable, is storing them in a bowl of uncooked rice; I guess you could get the same result with a plastic container and loads of silica gel packets.
>> No. 27946 Anonymous
9th July 2021
Friday 4:48 pm
27946 spacer

Someone posted before that as water has crap in it, even when it's dried it can cause problems/short circuits, so you have to wipe it down with alcohol to remove that. Though, now you've turned it on it may be too late.
>> No. 27947 Anonymous
9th July 2021
Friday 5:55 pm
27947 spacer
Cat litter crystals are supposed to work better than rice. Worked for me when I dropped my phone in the toilet.
>> No. 27948 Anonymous
9th July 2021
Friday 6:15 pm
27948 spacer
A bag of silica gel packets will be a lot cheaper than the minimum amount of cat litter crystals you can buy.
>> No. 27949 Anonymous
9th July 2021
Friday 6:40 pm
27949 spacer
Lads, you're being daft. Water isn't magical, it makes a circuit where one shouldn't be - a bag of rice or cat-litter can damage your device far more for the same reason you don't use your laptop in the sandpit at your local playground.

Like >>27946 says, after resisting the urge to turn it on while it's drying you have a problem of mineralisation. A wipe down is needed but it's probably fucked.

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