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>> No. 27647 Anonymous
19th October 2020
Monday 9:48 pm
27647 spacer
I need a WhatsApp bot that will forward any messages/content from one "home" group chat to any other group chat it's added to. Fine if it can do more but that's all it needs to do.
I can spend a little bit of money on it if it needs a dedicated device and sim card of some sort.

Please help.
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>> No. 27701 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 3:56 pm
27701 spacer

>> No. 27687 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 12:21 pm
27687 spacer
I'm a silly sausage. I used alcohol gel to clean my laptop screen at some point in the past. Some residue must have remained when I closed the laptop, creating something that looks like a permanent smudge. The smudge, incidentally, perfectly matches up to the trackpad and a little protrusion in the keyboard.

Cleaning it with a cloth dampened in warm soapy water appears to remove the smudge temporarily, but it reappears when the screen dries, suggesting the alcohol has damaged the outermost layer of the screen.

Is there any way I can lessen the appearance of this damage?

I did not take the OP picture, but it's like a far less extreme case of the attached (a few mm in thickness).
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>> No. 27692 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 8:33 pm
27692 spacer
I have the same problem but I hardly notice it while the screen is in use. Same pattern, btw. Short of getting a new device and religiously using a microcloth to divide the keyboard and the screen it will happen.
>> No. 27693 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 10:39 pm
27693 spacer

Is this a troll post that will actually melt my laptop?
>> No. 27694 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 10:47 pm
27694 spacer

It won't melt your laptop, it'll just completely remove the anti-glare coating. That's why they tell you not to use window cleaner on your monitor. If your anti-glare is damaged, it might be preferable to completely remove it.
>> No. 27698 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 7:37 pm
27698 spacer
It didn't melt the scanner so I'm guessing it won't melt your laptop, unless these things perhaps react differently on whatever a laptop screen is made of.
>> No. 27699 Anonymous
18th December 2020
Friday 5:46 pm
27699 spacer
Scanners are plain regular glass.
Laptops, tablets and phones have special coatings. Some laptops still have plastic screens.

>> No. 27676 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 12:19 am
27676 spacer
Lads, help me out with some troubleshooting as I'm at a bit of a loss. I've not been able to get to a professional repair place for months and when I tried a local place a few months back they told me to fuck off because of Covid.

Laptop seems to be suffering from some mysterious process causing it to often slow to a crawl and then sometimes it will freeze, fan runs into overdrive and I have to unplug it and put it away for the battery to discharge.

Assumed initially that it was poor internal cooling causing it to overheat so I cleaned the inside and later bought an external cooling pad but no joy. Speccy does not show anything unusual on temperature when it slows.

Nothing unusual on task manager, have done a reset to see if any apps were causing it, issue seems to be system-wide from testing different apps. Disabled dogshit Lenovo plugin.

I guess I will have to buy myself a new laptop soon which is annoying as I'm looking to get a mortgage in the new year and want to show my life as boring. Plus if I can fix it but still buy another laptop then I can give this to my mum who will just use it for facebook.
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>> No. 27685 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 4:03 am
27685 spacer

Those specs look very recent - are you still under warranty? I wouldn't bother troubleshooting anything weird if I can just get an RtB.

Failing that, my first course of action would be to open up Resource Monitor and wait to see if anything weird happens; any runaway process that is using up all of your CPU should make itself known. If that reveals nothing, I'd use msconfig to reboot into minimal Safe Mode to see if the problem still occurs. If it doesn't, then I'd use Device Manager and msconfig to disable every non-essential driver and background process, then re-enable them one by one.

Caveat: I admin Linux boxes in a professional capacity, but am very much a non-expert when it comes to Windows.
>> No. 27686 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 8:56 am
27686 spacer
Is there no warranty or what have you? Have you tried bitching really hard about it to customer support? Looks like a newish laptop so I'm sorry if that's not an option.
>> No. 27695 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 1:15 am
27695 spacer
>7gb dual channel
>> No. 27696 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 1:29 am
27696 spacer
Gig for GPU m8
>> No. 27697 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 2:01 am
27697 spacer
Ah, so the system shares a pool of memory. Fair enough, never had a Laptop with an APU in it before.

>> No. 26838 Anonymous
29th November 2018
Thursday 5:55 pm
26838 spacer
What do you get up to when you're on the internet?

I seem to have found myself in a bit of a rut; unless I'm specifically looking something up then the main things I'm doing online are visiting here or news sites. I don't use social media. All of the other forums I used to visit have either died or I lost interest in over time. I no longer read webcomics, following YouTube channels or whatever else I used to spend my time doing. I must be doing fewer things when I'm online than at any other point over the past two decades.
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>> No. 27440 Anonymous
27th April 2020
Monday 10:44 am
27440 spacer
It's really active, no one gives a fuck about your profile picture you spacker.
>> No. 27672 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 6:01 pm
27672 spacer
I've recently started visiting a forum I was quite active in from 2006 until I got bored of it c. 2013. It's like fucking groundhog day and I'm glad I left. I never thought I'd particularly grown up and matured but going back there has really shown me that I've moved on with my life since then.
>> No. 27673 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 8:04 pm
27673 spacer
Wow, okay, rude.
>> No. 27674 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 10:34 pm
27674 spacer

Guess he out grew us and took up watching Rick and Morty.
>> No. 27675 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 11:06 pm
27675 spacer
Considering I check Carol Vorderman's Twitter account on an almost daily basis, with the sole intention of posting any pictures of her on /iq/, I don't think I'm going to outgrow this place any time soon.

>> No. 27582 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 2:47 pm
27582 VR
Do any of you lads have a VR set up? I'm seriously thinking about getting a Rift S. VR is now at a price point where I think I could justify it to myself, but the question is - will the novelty wear off - are there enough engaging experiences yet or will it be a cool toy for a bit that then doesn't have anything else to offer?

I was thinking about getting it partially for games, and partially as a way of getting cardio in in a more fun and less COVID-getting way than going to the gym.

The Rift S seems to be the best value option but I don't like the fact it's owned by Facebook - is stretching that extra £100ish to get a Vive Cosmos worth it? Also, I have a Ryzen 3600X and RTX 2060, will that be good enough?

Thanks lads. Thads.
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>> No. 27620 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 12:14 am
27620 spacer

An ACTUAL PROFESSOR has done studies on the caloric expenditure of popular VR games.

>> No. 27621 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 12:33 am
27621 spacer
About 1 hour on drums and 30 mins of Beat Saber.
>> No. 27622 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 2:39 am
27622 spacer
Well, I'm glad it was more fun than an hour of walking.
>> No. 27633 Anonymous
20th September 2020
Sunday 9:56 pm
27633 spacer
GTA V VR mod works surprisingly well. It's very fun to explore the world map in full VRw.

However, the mod renders the left and right eye alternately, so each eye is always one frame offset from the other, though this can be disabled at the cost of losing stereoscopic effects (which doesn't affect the game all that much, imo). What it does mean though is that now I've come out of about an hour of playing it, the real world feels very strange indeed.

The game is fully playable though, although the Menyoo's laser sights option is a good one to turn on.
>> No. 27671 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 12:02 am
27671 spacer

2ish month update:

I'm still using it every day, even if just to crack one out, and the novelty hasn't worn off. Been playing Fallout 4 VR for the past couple of weeks, and despite its many, many problems it's far more engaging in VR than it ever was in 2D. Weirdly it almost feels like the Nuka-World DLC was made for VR but it has never officially been released.

At this point I'd say I've got my money's worth out of it, and think that whilst VR still has a way to go, especially with the Quest 2 launching at £299, it's something that I think is worth looking into for more people.

>> No. 27659 Anonymous
23rd October 2020
Friday 11:38 pm
27659 Streaming one PC to another.
How do I stream what's happening on one PC to another, whilst giving the second PC control of what I'm doing? I'm basically talking about a broader version of Steam's Remote Play technology, but one where I don't have to run Half-Life to use it. I've got a rubbish laptop and a quite snappy desktop, so it would be nice to be able to use the desktop around the house, so I can edit video files in the garden, call people names in the bath, that sort of thing.

I know this seems like quite a basic thing to figure out on my own, but I've been looking around and I just get conflicting search results about live streaming.
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>> No. 27666 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 12:58 pm
27666 spacer
Congratulations, you've invented Remote Desktop.
>> No. 27667 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 1:13 pm
27667 spacer
That's not true, the only guides for desktop streaming on Steam are for doing the exact same thing I talked about doing in my post. Feel free to show me where the desktop streaming option is on Steam, maybe I'm just being blind, but I can't see it in Steam's settings, broadcasting, profile.

This is exactly what I asked for in my OP so, err, thanks, I don't understand why you're trying to sound smug though. Plus, that's a Microsoft application and is therefore likely radiating a serious amount of black magic and I'm already running Windows 10 AND 8.1 on the laptop so I really don't need any more of that. I had to have my motherboard consecrated just stop the PC from attacking me in my sleep.
>> No. 27668 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 1:21 pm
27668 spacer
Well, I use the app on my Samsung TV. The app itself has a 'desktop' button but I find that doesn't work very well so I rarely use it.

I start up the app and connect to Steam - it starts in Big Picture mode. I minimise Big Picture mode and boom, there's the desktop, with full mouse and keyboard control.

How does your experience differ?
>> No. 27669 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 2:04 pm
27669 spacer
I tried the Big Picture Mode method but whenever I try to stream it from the PC I just get a pop-up telling me "Laptop is no longer available for streaming" and then it immediately reconnects. I have no idea why. I'm doing the exact same thing with my method anyway, I can use literally any application on my PC, it's really a moot point.
>> No. 27670 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 8:49 pm
27670 spacer
>This is exactly what I asked for in my OP so, err, thanks
Yes, that's why we suggested both it and VNC. I have no idea why you ended up dicking around with Steam after that.

>> No. 27648 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 5:09 pm
27648 spacer
Which internet browser is the right one to use these days? I've been using Opera for close to a decade but I feel like it's starting to annoy me now with intrusive features and have only stuck with it because it's such a pain to get used to a new browser.
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>> No. 27654 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 9:37 pm
27654 spacer
I use Firefox. I don't understand, simply out of ignorance on my part, why it's dismissed out of hand by some people now. It does everything I like and I have uBlock on it. Actually I have uBlock AND Ad Block Plus because a very long time ago one the other didn't block some adverts, so I installed the other to compensate. Now which one is the good one is lost to time and they exist in what I'd like to think is a dualistic balance. I also have so many bookmarks and so much browsing history saved at this point that moving to another browser would be a like a mini house move and unless there's some big new breakthrough in browsing the web that has passed Firefox users by, I don't see the need to change. Though the history and bookmarks are probably transferable on some browsers, what with this being space year twenty-twenty, but I don't care so it's a moot point.
>> No. 27655 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 10:13 pm
27655 spacer
>I use Firefox. I don't understand, simply out of ignorance on my part, why it's dismissed out of hand by some people now.
I used to use it until it started eating up all my memory. Try watching porn on an underpowered laptop with Firefox.

I have been using Chrome, but I can't really find anything to replace is with. With that being said, I haven't actually done any research.
>> No. 27656 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 10:26 pm
27656 spacer
If you're on a Mac or iDevice, sticking with Safari, particularly now in v14, does a lot of privacy blocking. I haven't found a single reason to use another browser. I also separately run piHole to block ads on all devices in the house. But as I said, v14 of Safari seems to now be doing a LOT of privacy blocking on its own.

On my Windows machine, I use Chrome, but again, in conjunction with piHole.
>> No. 27657 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 10:29 pm
27657 spacer
Is that the brave coin thing? How does it work exactly?
>> No. 27658 Anonymous
23rd October 2020
Friday 8:21 am
27658 spacer
On the surface of it, there are some unobtrusive pop-up ads you can opt in to and at least some of the as revenue gets paid out to you. Actually setting it up though is a pain in the arse, as is keeping it running at a worthwhile rate. It does seem to be legitimate though, at least £30 made its way to a real bank account in the past couple of months.

>> No. 25165 Anonymous
25th April 2016
Monday 6:33 pm
25165 spacer
I asked my son what he did at school today. In coding he learned how to create a game in Scratch. He's in Year 4. He's looking forward to being in Year 5 because then he can go to their after school programming club.

When I was at university, nevermind at school, they made us do the European Computer Driving Licence and that was little more than being able to do the very basics on Microsoft Office.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is do you think I should buy him a Raspberry Pi? Although I'm known as the techie guy at work (today's task was showing someone how to add a web page to their favourites) my computer knowledge is rather limited so I wouldn't really know what to do with it.
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>> No. 27642 Anonymous
19th October 2020
Monday 7:21 pm
27642 spacer
What's he already got? Access to his own HDMI TV? Spare keyboard and mouse lying around? Someone to write Micro SD cards?
>> No. 27643 Anonymous
19th October 2020
Monday 7:22 pm
27643 spacer
I think all his parents have for him is a very basic laptop for doing homework.
>> No. 27644 Anonymous
19th October 2020
Monday 7:33 pm
27644 spacer
I might suggest a Micro:bit (v2 if you can) or two, instead of a pi?
The hassle of VNC and it stopping working in a million ways make a pi a bit annoying in that setup. Or, if you do go the pi route, make sure you also get him a micro-SD card write so he can get back to a useful system when things stop working.
Micro:bit gets all the 'fun' of programming, with easy to see and comprehend IO devices, and no chance of bricking it. Getting him two lets him play radio games - remote control fart machines etc. (if V2) Who wouldn't like that?
Of course, if he's already deep into it, a pi makes more sense. But I reckon Micro:bit is a far better bet if he's starting form scratch.
>> No. 27645 Anonymous
19th October 2020
Monday 8:22 pm
27645 spacer
As someone at the very tail end of that, it was frustrating. The year after I finished my A-Levels they started doing computingat both GCSE and A-Level at my school - meanwhile, I'd done IT GCSE/A-Levels. The A-Level was little more than business with a technical skew.

Then again, a poor teacher can completely ruin your interest in a subject, and realistically may cause kids to get out of programming rather than into it. Thankfully I got taught programming properly and in a way that suited me at uni (assembly up), but the way it was taught was very... autistic. Normal people really didn't get it, and I effectively became a programming teacher for a good number of my course mates as it simply wasn't clicking for them that to understand programming you have to think like a computer. Of course, to the uni lecturers, they already did and so it wasn't really something they even thought of. I honestly think that many of the people I went to uni with who would, if taught well, be very competent programmers have sworn off it as the teaching must have been so confusing to them.

I also notice a lot of people want to "learn coding", but realistically unless you have some goal you want to accomplish then it's like learning how to paint but not actually wanting to paint.
>> No. 27646 Anonymous
19th October 2020
Monday 8:32 pm
27646 spacer
Thanks, lad. I'll see if I can get the new one when it's out next month.

>> No. 27634 Anonymous
30th September 2020
Wednesday 11:41 pm
27634 Youtube Playlist
I have never used my Youtube account. I barely log into it. If I found music I liked, I would bookmark it. So I thought it would be worthwhile to create a playlist of all those 3000 bookmarked youtube links on my account. I am a bit stuck as to finding a way of doing this. The manual way of clicking each one and then adding it to my playlist would probably take me weeks.

So I exported my bookmarks, and now I have all the links on a nice text file, but I am unsure of what to do next.

Is there anyway of converting my links on the text file into a playlist?
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>> No. 27636 Anonymous
1st October 2020
Thursday 1:04 am
27636 spacer
Looks like it'll be this one you need, actually:
>> No. 27637 Anonymous
1st October 2020
Thursday 5:59 am
27637 spacer
I'd never used mine until very recently - and in the end only for exactly the purpose you describe; finding things I want to watch, and then watching them later on the Apple TV. They get us all in the end.
>> No. 27638 Anonymous
1st October 2020
Thursday 7:55 pm
27638 spacer
That looks complicated, but I don't mind trying new stuff if it will work. I just don't want to pay for it.

You would think that they would make it easier for people like us.

I remember, years ago, you could play around with the web address to create an untitled playlist, but that doesn't work any more.

Anyone got any ideas?
>> No. 27639 Anonymous
2nd October 2020
Friday 12:04 am
27639 spacer
As far as I'm aware, you have three options:

1. Use the API (reliable, easier than option 2, may cost you);
2. Write a bot which directly interfaces with YouTube as if it were you clicking the mouse using something like Selenium for Python (unreliable, will take a lot of time, hard);
3. Manually make the playlist

For more info on Option 2:
>> No. 27640 Anonymous
4th October 2020
Sunday 11:55 pm
27640 spacer

2020-10-04 23_44_48-Command Prompt.png

For downloading youtube videos I use youtube-dl which is a command line tool, you pass it the ID at the end of the URL, like in pic - guide here:

There is a switch in documentation (-x, --extract-audio) to extract the audio only and you can specify the format (--audio-format mp3) for example, perhaps this may be of use. I assume you can just use a batch file to do a whole bunch of them in one go.

>> No. 27623 Anonymous
17th September 2020
Thursday 9:09 pm
27623 spacer
I blocked all the websites that I constantly refresh for the past week, leaving only an hour before bedtime as a space to peruse them (this particular post being an exception because I got drunk with a m8). It was frustrating at first, but I realised that being able to manage one's attention in this way, in a world where you're overloaded with gigatonnes of absolutely useless information, is basically a superpower. Every metric of my life has improved from not being glued to a screen that keeps providing endless novelty. After blocking websites that are built around exploiting the novelty impulse, I'm starting to relive those halcyon days of the internet when I used it solely as a tool to find information relevant to what I was doing, rather than as a form of entertainment to while the hours away.

Networked technology is the devil!
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>> No. 27628 Anonymous
17th September 2020
Thursday 9:58 pm
27628 spacer
None of my extensions will turn back on now either. What the fuck?
>> No. 27629 Anonymous
17th September 2020
Thursday 10:14 pm
27629 spacer
It's easier to build discipline when you can free yourself from constant distraction and can occupy yourself with fulfilling hobbies.

Werks on my machine m8. I just turn it on for 15 hours every morning. Are you using Linux or summat?
>> No. 27630 Anonymous
17th September 2020
Thursday 10:19 pm
27630 spacer
Something went wrong when it tried to install its extension for firefox and it just fucked the whole thing up.
>> No. 27631 Anonymous
18th September 2020
Friday 1:50 pm
27631 spacer
I really barely use the Internet any more. I browse this place on my lunch break, I make a few controversial posts on lefty Rudgwick subs, and I'll stick youtube on when I'm eating. But the whole thing has really rather lost its appeal. I think I've already read all there is about the subjects I used to get lost in deep wiki walks and so on for.

So much of the Internet is just vapid shite now,, and it's harder to find the stuff that isn't because Google massages its results to put shopping and entertainment sites above anything else.
>> No. 27632 Anonymous
18th September 2020
Friday 3:34 pm
27632 spacer
Google may massage your results to do that.

I often search up technical standards documents, etc, and often find that using Google to get to the IEEExplore page is easier than its integrated search.

>> No. 27594 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 3:13 am
27594 spacer

This is the future.

>> No. 27570 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 1:19 pm
27570 http://algorithmsilluminated.org/datasets/problem3.5.txt
How many inversions does this list of numbers have?

(Warning: large list, 100,000 numbers)

My code says 2,407,905,288

>Wat is inversion?

>The number of pairs (i, j) of array indices with i<j and A[i] >A[j]

An asc-sorted list has no inversions, a dsc-sorted list has n(n-1)/2 inversions.
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>> No. 27576 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 10:31 pm
27576 spacer
See >>/emo/29163
>> No. 27577 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 11:10 pm
27577 spacer

Oh, I remember now. I'm still developing the circumcision ring.
>> No. 27578 Anonymous
18th August 2020
Tuesday 8:49 am
27578 spacer

Surely just use a cigar cutter?
>> No. 27579 Anonymous
18th August 2020
Tuesday 9:51 am
27579 spacer


Is this some sort of reference to me not being married?
>> No. 27581 Anonymous
19th August 2020
Wednesday 12:42 pm
27581 spacer
That sketch is forever seared into my mind.

>> No. 27538 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 7:22 pm
27538 spacer
I'm tempted to pick up a pair of wireless earbuds for listening to audiobooks on the go. From what I've seen though, it would appear that connectivity is an issue with many sets having to be returned because either one bud won't connect or the sound quality will be incredibly poor. Have we now reached a point where the bugs have been ironed out in this technology?

For background: I've used a pair of £40 wireless TaoTronics for about a year now for both in and outdoor use. They've been fantastic but wear and tear is starting to build up and using over ears for summer walks is quite unpleasant.
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>> No. 27542 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 9:37 pm
27542 spacer
As someone with comically small ears this is interesting for me. Do you know which version you bought? I've been looking at the TaoTronic SoundLiberty 79 model but now I'm paranoid one will fall out.
>> No. 27543 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 9:45 pm
27543 spacer

I have the SoundLiberty 77's and the 53's. The 77's do work for me with the smallest ear bits (they come with three sizes, I think), but if I don't get them in exactly right, they don't form a proper seal in one ear which is incredibly annoying, though I doubt it'd ever fully fall out.

I reckon you should just go for it. The 77's are fancier than the 53s, the touch controls work better and they last longer, charge wise, so I assume the updated 79's are even better. If they don't work out, you can still return them - I assume you're buying from amazon, anyway.
>> No. 27544 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 10:00 pm
27544 spacer
If you don't care too much about sound quality and you're willing to buy from Aliexpress, you can get Xiaomi wireless earbuds for around a tenner.
>> No. 27568 Anonymous
2nd August 2020
Sunday 6:25 pm
27568 spacer
Anyone had a problem where the bluetooth between the two headphones will go out of sync so you get an echo effect? It seems to do it both on my phone and laptop but only after a few minutes of listening.

Would be a shame if they're fucked and I have to mess about sending them back.
>> No. 27569 Anonymous
10th August 2020
Monday 11:20 am
27569 spacer
Update: I emailed TaoTronic directly. They sent me a replacement pair and I didn't have to return the ones that don't work properly.

Seems a bit of a shame to chuck the old ones but I can't think of a use for them.

>> No. 27551 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 10:22 pm
27551 Padded Mouse Mats
Yeah, that caught your attention, didn't it? Sicko.

But in all seriousness, are padded mouse mats worth it? Or is there no real different? It's only about ten quid for one but if it's just going to cause my wrist more bother then I'd like to know before hand. Get it? "Hand"! Anyway.
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>> No. 27563 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 3:28 pm
27563 spacer

31MpR2 sPvL._AC_SX425_[1].jpg
I use a gel wrist rest to keep my wrist from resting on the hard edge of my desk. Works like a charm.
>> No. 27564 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 3:42 pm
27564 spacer

They keyboard ones can be very good too.
>> No. 27565 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 5:02 pm
27565 spacer

ergonomic management keyboard.jpg
I have a combined Fellowes wrist-pad-mousemat as well as an ergonomic keyboard and a vertical "Anker"* mouse. I don't know if any of them, or the combination, are more to thank for ending my RSI than simply getting bored of Minecraft did, but the weird mouse and keyboard layout are fantastic at putting people off wanting to borrow my machine.

*Just to pre-empt any "wanker" jokes, it's extremely difficult to use it left-handed.
>> No. 27566 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 6:46 pm
27566 spacer

My desk has drawers in it that prevent you from sitting at ideal ergonomic height. It's alllmost there, but it always feels as if you're sat just an inch or two too low unless you put up with squeezing your legs against the bottom of them. Whoever was designed it must have had an extremely long torso, or very stumpy upper arms.
>> No. 27567 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 6:50 pm
27567 spacer

(forgot half the bloody post, mods, fix deletion already)

Because of this, I find using a wrist wrest actually increases the sensation of strain on my tendons. It's nice having a bit of padding to stop that protruding bit of your wrist getting sore, but overall increases discomfort. Which is a shame, because my fancy mechanical keyboard came with a very nice leather one.

TL;DR Sort out your desk/chair height first m8. Your elbows should form a right angle and your forearm be horizontal, and your spine should be snugly pushed in by the chair.

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