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>> No. 24908 Anonymous
1st December 2015
Tuesday 12:01 pm
24908 Yet another find me a phone thead
I need a phone that's around £50-£70 that can use a 128gb SDXC and has wifi. I don't care about the camera or what the phone looks like. Ideally it would be nice to have a long lasting phone that wouldn't break and a decent battery life but I know that these things may have to be sacrificed. Is this even possible?
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>> No. 24996 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 11:03 pm
24996 spacer
The first of January 1970 is the start of unix time.

Why they chose that date for their Mac thing is anyone's guess.
>> No. 24997 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 11:35 pm
24997 spacer
Yeah, I get that it'll do some unix fuckery to your iphone, just doesn't seem a particularly convincing or compelling reason for anyone to follow the instructions.
>> No. 24998 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 11:37 pm
24998 spacer

The image is a typical chan prank, along the lines of "the system32 file is a virus, delete it immediately" or "you can charge your iPhone in the microwave".

There's a major bug in iOS that bricks devices if you set the time to the beginning of the Epoch. For some reason the clock underflows, setting the date forward by ~584 billion years. This crashes the bootloader, so the device can't be reflashed in recovery mode.
>> No. 24999 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 11:47 pm
24999 spacer
That's one of the stupidest bugs I've ever heard.
>> No. 25000 Anonymous
15th February 2016
Monday 12:57 am
25000 spacer
We're talking about iPhone users here, it doesn't need to be particularly convincing or compelling to work on them.

>> No. 24993 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 9:37 pm
24993 spacer
So I've fucked up recovery on my phone, I should add it works completely fine right now.

Previously I've rooted it and installed TeamWin onto it. One day last year, Android was bugging me to update. I clicked yes and didn't realise it won't update because I've rooted and installed TeamWinReceoveryProject (TWRP). So the update failed and I thought nothing of it.

So the other day I wanted to make a backup of my phone and tried to get into TWRP only I go into fastboot now and when I select recovery it just reboots. Anyway I can fix this so I have TWRP back?
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>> No. 24994 Anonymous
14th February 2016
Sunday 9:40 pm
24994 spacer
I guess I could try "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img".

>> No. 24989 Anonymous
5th February 2016
Friday 11:54 pm
24989 post error Locked
that thread has more than 150 post when you view it. why does it say 150 when clearly it is more than that
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>> No. 24990 Anonymous
6th February 2016
Saturday 12:14 am
24990 spacer

>> No. 24959 Anonymous
23rd January 2016
Saturday 2:08 am
24959 *chan history
I've just been going through some google searches for information on the history of the *chans and imageboards in general. Here are the few of worth that I've turned up.
Thing is I'm sure I remember better histories being linked to on gs before, I was hoping some of you might remember or know of yet more?
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>> No. 24978 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 12:28 pm
24978 spacer
>> No. 24980 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 1:07 pm
24980 spacer
What a treasure trove. Thank you.
>> No. 24981 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 1:42 pm
24981 spacer
You might like this 30GB torrent of '80s sound too.
>material represented includes tape experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indy, rock, diy, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials
>> No. 24983 Anonymous
1st February 2016
Monday 8:24 am
24983 spacer
Warosu is dead, lads, that's a good chunk of *chan history down the drain.
>> No. 24987 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 5:04 pm
24987 spacer
TVTropes have a bit about imageboards too, if you don't mind that place: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Imageboards

>> No. 23464 Anonymous
15th December 2014
Monday 11:15 pm
23464 Personal email and domain
Gents, I need help. Help with something so basic that I fear you will look down upon me and maybe even laugh.

I want to buy a domain and not host any site but try to use it as a personal email address. You know, like the kind Mike@Mikescoolwebsite.co.uk. I am not sure about the whole procedure. I tried to buy a domain name from godaddy a few minutes ago, and I was under the impression that an email address comes free with the domain name, but apparently that wasn't the case. They had some other extra options where they wanted me to pay £x/mo for an email address.

Also, I tried asking one of my mates, but he was sleeping, and after apologising for waking him up, he told me to buy a domain, and let him host it on his servers, because he will let me have as many email address as I want. I was happy with that, and I told him I will contact him tomorrow. But then I started thinking; since he has the servers, doesn't that mean he can basically look at all my private stuff?

Can someone hold my hand? Please?
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>> No. 24962 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 7:12 pm
24962 spacer

A mate of mine recommended DNSimple. I was about to sign up but then the tight bastard inside me wondered if I couldn't save myself $5 a month by going for some sort of free alternative.

It occurs to me that since my website is non-commercial and intended for local folk, I could just leave it as an IP address and disseminate a tinuyrl or something.

Given that I'm hosting from home, would this represent a security risk of some kind?

Thanks for the reply.
>> No. 24963 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 8:24 pm
24963 spacer
There's a risk of your IP address changing, meaning you'd have to regenerate the links each time, and potentially anyone submitting anything to you (form data, cookies, etc.) could end up sending it to the wrong place when that happens.
>> No. 24964 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 9:03 pm
24964 spacer

A lot of ISPs offer static IPs for free or for a tiny charge. And such ISPs generally offer much better service than the big providers anyway.
>> No. 24966 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 10:00 pm
24966 spacer

Dynamic DNS is available for free from a number of providers (afraid.org, freedns.io) although I can't vouch for the quality of service. These services will allow you to direct a domain name of your choice to a dynamic IP. They should be fine if you don't need absolute reliability.

If you don't want to spend £5 a year for a .org.uk, there are free domain names available for a few TLDs. There's no catch, but you should be aware that these free TLDs are frequently used by spammers. Email you send from an address with one of these TLDs is highly likely to be filtered as spam. If you aren't planning on running a mailserver, then this won't be a problem.

>> No. 24967 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 11:01 pm
24967 spacer
They're also generally considerably more expensive, and have some other limitations. TANSTAAFL, and all that. You're talking about spending an extra £20 a month to save £5 a year.

>> No. 24772 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 7:24 am
24772 spacer
I've got a gigabyte mobo ga-x58a-ud3r_v2. With a nvidia gtx geforce 470 in there right now. Will any gtx GPU fit in there?
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>> No. 24954 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 9:38 am
24954 spacer
Short version: they'll work, but there won't be much in the way of speed control.
>> No. 24955 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 2:10 pm
24955 spacer
The motherboard will be able to monitor the fans though, right? Is there anything useful the motherboard can do with that information, or will it be effectively like plugging them into the PSU?
>> No. 24956 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 2:48 pm
24956 spacer

Three pin fans don't support PWM control, so all the motherboard can do is check that the fans are running. You can only get speed control on three pin fans by using a dedicated fan controller. Some controllers (e.g. the NZXT Sentry) include a case temperature sensor and can automatically control fan speed. Cheaper controllers only provide manual control. If you want the fans to run at a slower fixed speed, you can use a simple inline adapter like this:

>> No. 24957 Anonymous
19th January 2016
Tuesday 12:39 am
24957 spacer
Modern motherboards can often vary the voltage on some 3-pin fan headers. Looks like you're in luck with a Asus Z170 Deluxe, from the manual both CPU and Chassis headers support DC control.
>> No. 24958 Anonymous
19th January 2016
Tuesday 9:34 am
24958 spacer
Well I don't know what it's doing but even with the two chassis fans, the CPU fan, and the GeForce's fan, it sounds whisper quiet. Maybe I just haven't given my new Skylake much to do yet.

>> No. 24688 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 7:36 pm
24688 spacer
This TV appears to have put itself into acid mode. Resetting the colour etc. settings to the default hasn't worked, and neither has the "factory reset" setting in the super-secret service menu. Spoke to two local repair firms - one wouldn't be drawn on what it might be, and the other suggested the panel might be shot, while interpreting random people on the internet suggests that it might just be one of two boards. The OSD colours look a little off, but this may just be because of the transparency. If it maters, onset was sudden.

Any ideas, lads?
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>> No. 24722 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 10:27 am
24722 spacer

The quality of the photos may make it difficult to notice, but the second still on the top row should look like this, and take my word for it that it does on the bottom set.
>> No. 24723 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 12:43 am
24723 spacer
Turned out to be one of the chips on the t-con board. £80 in all.
>> No. 24949 Anonymous
17th January 2016
Sunday 2:32 pm
24949 spacer
Elaborate mate.

My TV is dying on me. It looks like OP's picture but the difference is that it becomes okay after a few minutes. Maybe it is a different issue?
>> No. 24950 Anonymous
17th January 2016
Sunday 6:04 pm
24950 spacer
>it becomes okay after a few minutes
What happens if you turn it off and immediately back on once it's fixed itself?
>> No. 24951 Anonymous
17th January 2016
Sunday 6:47 pm
24951 spacer
It will be fine until the next morning. After waking up and turning it on, it goes mental again.

>> No. 24919 Anonymous
3rd January 2016
Sunday 12:47 am
24919 spacer

a most peculiar disturbance on my Dell XPS 630i hand-down piece of shit. Whenever I try firing up modern games (AC3, Alan Wake, Mass Effect..) without fail it will go mute mid-play.. then the sound comes back after a minute or so. With a vengeance, crackle and boom. Like it got stuck on the way. I have exhausted the webs, purged and redone drivers, tried other vidcard, other system, not using the sound card (SB X-Fi, so not too shabby) but just the built in chiphole, to no avail. It also may or may not put spikes on samples edited in Audacity. And may be rarer with low graphics settings. 64 bit system and drivers, 4gb RAM (uh, that was a lead, can't remember how..) Anyone ever heard of this, or made it better? Buffer underrun was mentioned.
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>> No. 24923 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 10:32 pm
24923 spacer
I bet that bird would give a great blow job.
>> No. 24924 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 11:14 pm
24924 spacer
You are very odd.
>> No. 24925 Anonymous
5th January 2016
Tuesday 1:22 am
24925 spacer
> Vista 64

I had a different machine in the same series (Dell XPS 420 with upgraded graphics due to some fortunate warranty timings, also a hand-me-down and now gathering dust) which came with Vista 64 and I tried and tried, but after running into problem after problem I gave up. It was a bloody nightmare and a half. The £80-ish it cost for Win7 at the time was easily the best money I ever spent to make the machine suitable for playing the games it was very much capable of running without a hitch. Sadly, genuine Win7 licenses are getting a bit more dear these days (some places offer keys for suspiciously low prices, so please do your own due diligence if legitimacy matters) but if you can afford it, go for it. Vista is a niche product at this stage no one designs or optimises for outside of certain specific corporate requirements, and it shows. If you can at all afford it, get Win7. Your life will be a lot easier.
>> No. 24926 Anonymous
5th January 2016
Tuesday 3:14 am
24926 spacer
Well, OP has said he gets the same issues with Mint, so it's not Vista for once.

Given that you get the same issues with Mint, that points to hardware. So tell us what hardware you haven't swapped out and you'll likely have your culprit. If it's the PSU (about the only thing you haven't mentioned yet), be aware that you may not be able to throw in a generic one as Dell cases of that era have all kinds of proprietary shit going on, including odd-shaped PSUs.

If you've tried swapping everything out and the issue is exactly the same across multiple OSes then that's basically the end of the road; personally I'd try clocking the CPU/RAM down a bit, and generally fiddling around in the BIOS (a reminder here to try disabling the on-board sound), but knowing Dell BIOSes there'll be very little flexibility. If it was a generic PC I'd suggest a cheap replacement motherboard, but again the Dell case is liable to make fitting that a headache (custom case headers/connectors etc), and for the price of a case, PSU and motherboard you might be better off buying a complete second-hand computer with a 7 licence. That'd be the minimum hassle route, and you could scavenge some bits out of the XPS - extra HDD/RAM, possibly better CPU etc.
>> No. 24927 Anonymous
5th January 2016
Tuesday 4:10 pm
24927 spacer

Good point mate, will need it either way. And now it's evident that 7 is the new XP, that's what happens.

You, sir, are a boss among the IT crowd. Didn't think you lot are clued up like that anymore. The corporate ones, that is.

Cheers all, abandoning thread.

>> No. 24893 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 7:39 pm
24893 Satnavs
Looking to buy a GPS/Satnav as a Christmas present, all suggestions welcome. Looking to spend ~£50 though I can stretch a bit.
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>> No. 24903 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 11:12 pm
24903 spacer
I would still use a decent dedicated unit if I had one, though. I generally don't like having my phone doing long-running operations for hours and hours sitting on the dash. Obviously if it's just nipping across to the next town somewhere unfamiliar a phone will suffice but if you're putting in serious mileage at the wheel (e.g. doing the Mongol rally or something) then I'd definitely spend the dough on a dedicated unit.
>> No. 24904 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 11:24 pm
24904 spacer
You do know it is 2015 and that you can buy an in car phone charger for a fiver, right? Right?
>> No. 24905 Anonymous
30th November 2015
Monday 11:52 pm
24905 spacer
No you tedious fucking cunt lad, I had no idea!
>> No. 24906 Anonymous
1st December 2015
Tuesday 12:12 am
24906 spacer
Mate, it just sounds like you are hiding something. Why are you beating around the bush? Come out and say whatever it is you want to say. Do you have a shit phone? Is that it?
>> No. 24907 Anonymous
1st December 2015
Tuesday 1:03 am
24907 spacer
The main reason I like having a separate unit is because my phone is already acting as my media player via bluetooth, and usually streaming Spotify (unlimited data).

Yes, I could run Google Maps navigation along with that, but I don't really like the nav blasting out of my car speakers, and it feels like a bit more of a hassle to change albums and shit on the go.

If you don't use your phone as part of your ICE then it's certainly better.

>> No. 24890 Anonymous
28th November 2015
Saturday 11:27 pm
24890 RAM
Quick question guys, I've got some RAM:

16GB Corsair/Crucial PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (2 x 8GB sticks)

I want to crack it up to 32gig. I know I'll have to upgrade windows that not a problem but what I'm not 100% sure on and will like some help with is will these ram sticks be combatable and turn it up to 32gig?


thanks guys.
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>> No. 24891 Anonymous
28th November 2015
Saturday 11:50 pm
24891 spacer

Are you asking whether or not your current corsair RAM will be compatible with different corsair RAM?

I'll answer anyway, but not necessarily. They need to have the same timings and bandwidth, just buy 2 more sticks of the same RAM and you'll be golden.
>> No. 24892 Anonymous
29th November 2015
Sunday 12:00 am
24892 spacer
Do all the numbers match the ones you have already? Chances are your motherboard has the RAM slots in multiple channels (e.g. four slots usually means two channels) so as long as you end up with each channel having a matching pair of sticks you should be fine. Be aware that the teeth are out of spec. They make the chips taller than they're supposed to be, and given the RAM slots are usually near the processor this means they intrude into the processor's airspace, which could be a problem if your cooling setup is anything other than the block that came with the CPU.

>> No. 24750 Anonymous
28th October 2015
Wednesday 10:56 pm
24750 spacer
Does anyone know who makes a trusted windows activator?
I usually use the one that comes with an installation image but I can't seem to find one that doesn't come from a shady as fuck site.
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>> No. 24755 Anonymous
30th October 2015
Friday 6:58 pm
24755 spacer
>> No. 24756 Anonymous
30th October 2015
Friday 10:24 pm
24756 spacer

>> No. 24757 Anonymous
31st October 2015
Saturday 2:12 pm
24757 spacer

>> No. 24758 Anonymous
31st October 2015
Saturday 9:56 pm
24758 spacer
I bet you that beast gets knotted on a nightly basis.
>> No. 24885 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 3:47 am
24885 spacer


>> No. 24879 Anonymous
18th November 2015
Wednesday 11:53 pm
24879 "Does this look like a Q to you? How about now?"
So today Sky announced their new Sky Q system.


The most interesting thing to me was that the new boxes will be capable of using both the built in powerline adapter and WiFi to provide whole house coverage - switching on the fly to provide the best method.

Does anything like that already exist or are they the first to do it?
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>> No. 24880 Anonymous
18th November 2015
Wednesday 11:55 pm
24880 spacer
Internet through power cables has been around for ages. I think it winds the HAM radio lads up.
>> No. 24881 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 12:00 am
24881 spacer
It does - totally interferes with certain radio bands.
>> No. 24882 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 12:45 am
24882 spacer
>Does anything like that already exist or are they the first to do it?

The first in a consumer device as far as I know. Redundant failover and load balancing is standard in commercial networking equipment, but it has been considered too expensive for consumer gear. Customers simply haven't been willing to pay a premium for reliability, but I think that's starting to change as the price of technology falls, expectations increase and the 2.4GHz ISM band becomes more crowded.

I think there's also a subtle perceptual thing going on; people seem to be far more tolerant of buffering on a personal device than on a TV. We're primed to expect that TV loads instantly and just works, but we're used to computers and tablets being a bit slow and unreliable.

Sky used to have a huge advantage because of the responsiveness of their receiver box - the old Virgin/Telewest/NTL boxes were often hideously slow and difficult to use. Virgin eventually caught up, so it makes sense for Sky to push for the same advantage in the shift to on-demand services. Virgin have a home turf advantage for VOD because they control both TV and broadband, while Sky are stuck piggybacking off BT's telecoms infrastructure.
>> No. 24883 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 12:45 am
24883 spacer

Yes, power line adapters have been a thing for years. I'm talking about an all-in-one box which is a broadband router or other consumer appliance with integrated power line adapter. That is totally new to me and I think it's a great idea.

>> No. 24763 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 6:47 pm
24763 spacer

Say I wanted to do some amateur vocal recording at home and try to get as close to studio-quality as possible. I've looked into it but it all seems quite complicated. Basically, what kind of processing equipment do I put in-between my microphone and my sound card to have it not sound like I'm talking through a wall?

If you're going to post something like 'first get a decent microphone', don't, then go away.
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>> No. 24870 Anonymous
9th November 2015
Monday 9:19 pm
24870 spacer
I just did one of those mosquito hearing tests, on this page: http://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_mosquito.php

The first sound file, the steady tone at 17.4kHz, I can hear in my right ear, but I can't hear it in my left ear. This scares me. Does it mean I've damaged my left ear somehow? Or could it just be my sinusitis throwing me off?
>> No. 24871 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 1:38 am
24871 spacer

Everyone's hearing is a bit damaged, that's the point of the mosquito device. Ageing and noise exposure gradually reduce your high-frequency sensitivity, working from the top down. Teenagers can hear frequencies that older people can't, it's just a fact of life.

Your left ear might just be gunked up with fluid or wax, it might be ageing slightly more rapidly, or you might have suffered a blow to the head or acoustic damage. Drummers develop hearing loss asymmetrically, because the left side of their kit is considerably louder than the right.

The very high frequency part of your hearing isn't very important, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. A typical cassette player rolls off above 12kHz and a telephone doesn't respond above about 3.5kHz, so you can suffer a substantial amount of high-frequency hearing loss without experiencing significant functional impairment. If you're really concerned, go to an audiologist.
>> No. 24872 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 1:54 am
24872 spacer
At first I thought it was a stereo problem, but if I wear my headphones the wrong way around I still get the same result. Same as you, I can hear the sound in my right ear but not the left.

I used to be a drummer, though, and spent a good chunk of time with a headphone over my left ear as a monitor in other situations, so if above commenter is correct then that's a pretty plausible explanation.
>> No. 24873 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 2:30 am
24873 spacer

Think about the layout of your kit. On the left side, you have your hi-hats and snare - they're very loud, and used almost constantly. On the right, you've got your toms, which are much quieter and generally only used for fills. The ride is less commonly used than the hats and generally played fairly quietly, as are other cymbals you might keep on the right like a splash or china.
>> No. 24874 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 5:30 pm
24874 spacer
It made intuitive sense, but since I know nothing about hearing loss I didn't want to make my post sound like a confident "that's it". Thank you for the additional deatail, though.

>> No. 24839 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 8:34 pm
24839 Contacts a bit knackered
I've had this HTC One M8 I know M8 for a few months now. At some point in the past, I sent a text to several family members, including my sister. Now, for whatever reason, every time I get a message from her, it gets lumped in with that older text, and when I reply it goes to everyone who got that original message. So far this has spoiled Father's Day and two birthdays. Even sending a fresh text message causes it to get lumped in with the others when a reply comes back. I can't seem to find any way of dissociating her messages from the thread. Even deleting the thread doesn't fix it.

How can I fix this without having to manually remove the other contacts from the message every single fucking time?
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>> No. 24840 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 8:53 pm
24840 spacer
You can get third party messaging apps which might do the trick.
>> No. 24841 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 9:03 pm
24841 spacer
Of the ones I've tried, none of them will do it. The one that I found that claimed to edit origins only shows her number while all the others are insistent there are four recipients.

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